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Velocity in a sentence

A plot of velocity vs.
And its velocity is huge.
They had lost velocity and.
At the velocity that you recede.
The velocity peaks and he launches.
Velocity of the Mississippi, vii, 174.
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It's hard to achieve escape velocity.
This example shows the velocity of money.
I struck water at an incredible velocity.
The problem is the intercept velocity.
Velocity now at only half a per cent light.
Also, Hermes has a lot of velocity right now.
Since it is a measure of velocity rather than.
His personal velocity was the same as the ship.
No, but I have several that are high velocity.
High velocity? That could have done it, surely.
The tornado gains velocity, sucking objects into.
Three good ABUs, velocity at 2257 feet per second.
She’d come at us with maximum maternal velocity.
The velocity of light is 186,000 miles per second.
The sand storm spins with such velocity the mech.
Average vertical velocity over the path is about 3.
But there’s a problem with the intercept velocity.
The velocity indicator started to count down slowly.
This in turn helps create higher velocity in the business.
What’s our relative velocity and distance to MAV?
He unleashed a volley of electric bolts at a high velocity.
When the Creation event occurred, space had infinite velocity.
Velocity is a measure used to determine the speed of completion.
The inflated membrane shot up with frightful velocity into the air.
I bet he has used all his fuel to gain as much velocity as possible.
It was capable of firing a large calibre, low velocity bullet which.
Harry Morgan was able to increase his velocity by locking the Cygnus.
Weapons with standard bullets and high velocity muzzle speeds had been.
Kandras increased velocity and, suddenly, there it was on the scope at.
He could have hit escape velocity and be on his way to the next galaxy.
The car rocked from the impact as if hit by a high velocity cleaning jet.
The manner in which the velocity of light was ascertained is interesting.
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