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Velocity in a sentence | velocity example sentences

  1. A plot of velocity vs.
  2. And its velocity is huge.
  3. They had lost velocity and.
  4. At the velocity that you recede.
  5. The velocity peaks and he launches.

  6. Velocity of the Mississippi, vii, 174.
  7. Do your own testing with link velocity.
  8. It's hard to achieve escape velocity.
  9. This example shows the velocity of money.
  10. I struck water at an incredible velocity.
  11. The problem is the intercept velocity.
  12. Velocity now at only half a per cent light.
  13. Also, Hermes has a lot of velocity right now.
  14. Since it is a measure of velocity rather than.
  15. His personal velocity was the same as the ship.

  16. No, but I have several that are high velocity.
  17. High velocity? That could have done it, surely.
  18. The tornado gains velocity, sucking objects into.
  19. She’d come at us with maximum maternal velocity.
  20. The velocity of light is 186,000 miles per second.
  21. The sand storm spins with such velocity the mech.
  22. Three good ABUs, velocity at 2257 feet per second.
  23. Average vertical velocity over the path is about 3.
  24. But there’s a problem with the intercept velocity.
  25. The velocity indicator started to count down slowly.

  26. This in turn helps create higher velocity in the business.
  27. He unleashed a volley of electric bolts at a high velocity.
  28. What’s our relative velocity and distance to MAV?
  29. When the Creation event occurred, space had infinite velocity.
  30. Velocity is a measure used to determine the speed of completion.
  31. The inflated membrane shot up with frightful velocity into the air.
  32. I bet he has used all his fuel to gain as much velocity as possible.
  33. It was capable of firing a large calibre, low velocity bullet which.
  34. Harry Morgan was able to increase his velocity by locking the Cygnus.
  35. Weapons with standard bullets and high velocity muzzle speeds had been.
  36. He could have hit escape velocity and be on his way to the next galaxy.
  37. Kandras increased velocity and, suddenly, there it was on the scope at.
  38. The manner in which the velocity of light was ascertained is interesting.
  39. The car rocked from the impact as if hit by a high velocity cleaning jet.
  40. They put time at one (1) and deduct the square of the velocity any object.
  41. Another very important concept when you build backlinks is link velocity.
  42. At its present acceleration rate, it will hit us at a relative velocity of 2.
  43. The total velocity of the energy (ether) from the body of Buddhic Plan is more.
  44. The office seemed to be spinning now, whirling around me with increasing velocity.
  45. Buttworst’s, speeding though the students’ problems with the same velocity as.
  46. But the momentum of the car’s velocity sent the chassis up and over the barrier.
  47. Einstein was referring to light's constant velocity in a vacuum), and the quality of.
  48. If they’d come out of the jump with standard phase-shift velocity any debris would.
  49. The alien ships reached a cruising velocity at about a billion kilometres from Neptune.
  50. A team’s velocity is more useful measure, if we monitor that in at least few sprints.
  51. Momentum is the product of velocity and mass and velocity is a product of speed and time.
  52. The stranger blocked most of her hits, but as her velocity and force escalated, more fell.
  53. Expansion must initially be of an exponential, inflationary velocity because this reaction.
  54. This velocity range is maintained based on the hydraulic design of the system; Pump is not.
  55. And in that moment he was flung back at a speed too fast for his velocity meter to calculate.
  56. The high velocity rounds punched through him and exited out of his back in a spray of red mist.
  57. That is, the position must be less than the velocity of propagation (c) multiplied by time (t).
  58. At our present velocity it will take us hours to cross the system to T’Chau, said Jhordel.
  59. We are within one meter of projected path and two centimeters per second of projected velocity.
  60. Terminal velocity depends on shape, which causes drag, and mass, which determines the pull of gravity.
  61. The river glanced by with its ordinary velocity, but the canoe was nowhere to be seen on its dark waters.
  62. We need a booster capable of not only escaping Earth’s gravity but matching Hermes’s current velocity.
  63. He reached for the stalks, and the ship moved slowly forward and upward as the velocity increased smoothly.
  64. Like a speedometer in a car, it tells you your option price’s velocity relative to the underlying stock.
  65. So, including the MMU safe speed, we need to get the ship within twenty meters per second of his velocity.
  66. My average velocity over the 3-hour period was equal to distance traveled divided by time or 150/3 = 50 mph.
  67. Their relative velocity seemed unbelievable, and Arthur had hardly time to draw breathbefore it was all over.
  68. He seemed swimming with his utmost velocity, and now only intent upon pursuing his own straight path in the sea.
  69. Years ago the snowflakes had been whipping by, but they had shed enough velocity that they now went by sedately.
  70. In towing, it is of importance that the engine admit of any inferior velocity or power, till some momentum is had.
  71. Each particle with the Field of Attraction absorbs Ether from the ambient, ethereal field with a certain velocity.
  72. The momentum index oscillator is used to estimate the direction, velocity, and turning points of market movements.
  73. Astrophysicists have now ascertained, by calculating the velocity of radio waves and colour of the light spectrum i.
  74. The greater the velocity and volume of monergy, the greater the health of the financial organ and, therefore, 130.
  75. On the second day of the storm, the wind continued to carry clouds of blowing snow at fifty to ninety-knot velocity.
  76. The bedrock beneath him heaved, then rose with some velocity until Joseph found himself above the surrounding trees.
  77. The velocity of intergalactic flight, or to be more precise, intergalactic sailing, was at the speed of light squared.
  78. Terminal velocity might be a hundred miles per hour in a burning plane, with failed engine, all twisted out of shape.
  79. Release one end of the rope and the ammunition should fly with great velocity and, with practice, accurately on target.
  80. It had no lights, not even the red and green running lights, and it slipped off with a nocturnal and stealthy velocity.
  81. The velocity of light was obtained by the Danish astronomer Roemer in 1676 by observing the eclipses of Jupiter’s moons.
  82. I had driven this road many times before at high velocity and thought nothing of pushing Blue to seventy mph traveling it.
  83. We might even call a change in attentional directedness the attentional velocity toward an object in the attentional field.
  84. The harpoon was darted; the stricken whale flew forward; with igniting velocity the line ran through the grooves;—ran foul.
  85. As the price move gets closer to the strike price, your Delta gains velocity and your option begins to be worth more faster.
  86. She discovered the shower head was specially designed to allow people to set the intensity and velocity of the shower water.
  87. Trend Trader: So to win in an option Strangle or Straddle I have to be right about the timing of the trend and the velocity?
  88. If we travel at a velocity of 60 mph for 3 hours, we can plot the distance we travel over time, using the following R code:.
  89. Sergei Durov felt the high velocity round hit his chest like a hammer and it spun him to the left and knocked him off his feet.
  90. It should actually produce a tighter seal, as well, which ought to drive up muzzle velocity and give us somewhat better range.
  91. The object of the game is to merely set the velocity and height of the bal so that it goes through the hoop according to books.
  92. The vessel unlocked from the beacon array and shot upwards with greater velocity than I had ever experienced before in my life.
  93. Tyler tried to get a glimpse of the planet as they buzzed by, but their velocity caused a strange warping effect to the surface.
  94. I turned to Zevin, Signal the other ships to take positions behind us and bring the bar-Kregridor onto course at full velocity.
  95. Too late, the warhead seemed to be attached to a new type of propulsion system; its velocity exceeding anything before encountered.
  96. Relative Strength Index (RSI): A metric used in technical analysis that helps measure the price velocity and momentum of a security.
  97. My acoustic sensors pick up the sound of distant footsteps—more soldiers are coming to intercept me—so I increase my velocity.
  98. The extremely high velocity bullets in the still hot air found their mark with devastating effect, and brought the convoy to a halt.
  99. Since the velocity of the move should be similar on both sides of the gap, you also have a time frame for the duration of the trend.
  100. His lips maintained their side-to-side velocity as his teeth grazed my nipples, sending red hot molten lava coursing through my veins.

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