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Venturesome in a sentence

1. So the Nautilus had to halt in its venturesome course among these.
2. And in all honesty, I confess that this venturesome excursion was far from displeasing to me.
3. He spoke on the phone to one waiting to hear; to the one who had devised this venturesome scheme.
4. There's something about a boat standing ready to sail that always did make me feel venturesome and travelish-like.
5. The curse over the door was to frighten away any venturesome mortal, and further security was given by the clause in the title deed.
6. Needless to say, this institution consistently performed in the lower quartiles compared to its more alert and venturesome competitors.
7. Aromatic though it was and totally exotic to him, it had a very strong taste and had felt a bit venturesome on his part when he asked the ship’s automated galley to prepare some.

8. To be sure, considering the exhibition you performed in his presence this afternoon, I might say it would be wise to refuse him: since he asked you after that, he must either be hopelessly stupid or a venturesome fool.
9. Battle lines had been drawn on North Road in the form of a team of security men who denied access to The Stables to all venturesome persons who sought to cross forbidden frontiers without invitation; the journalists in particular.
10. The distance to which the venturesome swimmer had gone was greater than had been apparent from the beach, and before Merrington had made half of it, the eyes of all those upon the sand and of those in the surf were upon the woman and himself.
11. Furthermore, a truly conservative investor will be satisfied with the gains shown on half his portfolio in a rising market, while in a severe decline he may derive much solace from reflecting how much better off he is than many of his more venturesome friends.
12. However, as he tramped into London it seemed to him that they were making the flagstones ring on the road to the Acropolis, and that if Socrates saw them coming he would bestir himself and say "my fine fellows," for the whole sentiment of Athens was entirely after his heart; free, venturesome, high-spirited.

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