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  1. But he is audacious and shameless.
  2. The proposition was not so audacious as it might seem.
  3. Lady Jane was quite taken aback by the audacious statement.
  4. She did not object to the more audacious caresses I ventured.
  5. Trabb's boy was the most audacious boy in all that country-side.

  6. Without adding to the guilt of my infidelity, that of an audacious.
  7. He was intent on an audacious, immitigable, and supernatural revenge.
  8. He flashes an audacious grin, the engine of his car daring as it roars.
  9. Their plan to draw out Philippe with his men, and Amy, was utterly audacious.
  10. Never in their minds, would they have conceived of such an audacious undertaking.
  11. At first glance, Hitler's audacious proposed counter stroke appears to be ludicrous.
  12. The Committee are perturbed to note the audacious reply of the Department that neither the.
  13. When he saw the movement he instinctively rushed towards the ground in an audacious tackle.
  14. Meanwhile, his former comrades, led now by Captain Paddy Mayne, continued their audacious raids.
  15. The ridge of his shapely nose had grown sharp; the audacious nostrils appeared mean and pinched.

  16. Kennedy knows this but is hatching an audacious scheme to steal those delegates and make them his own.
  17. I rejoice in my spine, as in the firm audacious staff of that flag which I fling half out to the world.
  18. His desire to make his fortune at one audacious stroke of genius had overmastered his reasoning faculties.
  19. Other deeds, more audacious still, were suspicious in the eyes of the people by reason of their very audacity.
  20. The over-prudent, cats as they are, and because they are cats, sometimes incur more danger than the audacious.
  21. What an audacious spitfire she was! The people aware of this scene were calling out urgently to others in the crowd.
  22. These leprechaun lunatics of guileless fortune have the audacious illogic to proclaim that they create their own luck.
  23. We soon learnt the destruction of Siberian forts, then the fall of Khasan, and the audacious march of the usurper on Moscow.
  24. The gentleman who was representing the king was immensely incensed, and has taken steps to prevent such audacious competition.
  25. There is no question that Bitcoin is a novel technology, and certainly the idea of a universal stateless currency is audacious.

  26. Caftan good, says the audacious soldier, staring at the zouave's embroidered coat-skirts, and then there is another laugh.
  27. To pay compliments to the woman whom a man loves is the first method of bestowing caresses, and he is half audacious who tries it.
  28. He was clad in a blouse that was something like a great coat; he was uneasy and audacious; he walked forwards and gazed behind him.
  29. Good God, what was the indignation of Don Quixote when he heard the audacious words of his squire! So great was it, that in a voice.
  30. Thus, gentlemen, though an inlander, Steelkilt was wild-ocean born, and wild-ocean nurtured; as much of an audacious mariner as any.
  31. Her confusion put him at ease and he forgot to be shy; besides, even the shyest of men can sometimes be quite audacious in moonlight.
  32. With alcohol flowing freely, most of the boys became a lot more audacious in their advances, with quite a few girls responding in kind.
  33. She gazed haughtily at the audacious person who had addressed her companion, and then turned a look of astonishment upon Evgenie himself.
  34. The audacious Joey did give Vicki jewellery, and a necklace if you please, the prettiest and obviously the costliest thing you can imagine.
  35. The audacious Hernandez, leaving his usual haunts, had crossed the Campo of Sulaco, and was known to be lurking in the ravines of the coast range.
  36. For if the excursions of audacious folly have no bounds that human eye can see, reason has the habit of never straying very far away from its throne.
  37. The audacious magician then took the second lira and put it in his pocket with his lips curled into the semblance of a smile that was filled with guile.
  38. Kyle Craig’s original plan to catch Pierce was one of the most audacious ever to come out of the usually conservative Bureau, but it probably had to be.
  39. It would show not only a want of justice, but an audacious rebellion against all sense of the goodness and mercy and love, of which we have already spoken.
  40. What was the reason for this audacious Second World War operation? Possibly, there were several factors which influenced Hitler to order the German fleet home.
  41. Only a year earlier, on Independence Day again, he had begun his audacious bid for prime ministership by virtually challenging Manmohan Singh to a public debate.
  42. Still, it did seem a little … audacious for someone with Sarmouth’s reputation for carefully calculating and planning before he committed his command to action.
  43. He was very audacious in freeing thousands of prisoners with capital sentences and putting them in the front lines to defend the country against the infidel enemy.
  44. Nadia was the prettiest of all the girls—a little brunette, with an impudent audacious expression; she might have been a Nihilist from the independence of her look.
  45. Let me tell you that what the human sense of justice calls an audacious rebellion if practiced by men, is no less anywhere, and the word of God will sustain me in it.
  46. It’s a daring and audacious plan, said Bragan, and I raise my hat to Prime Minister Weaver for having the balls to think it through and put it to us as he has.
  47. Tonight, today, would see the fulfilment of this audacious enterprise that had started off as a fantasy whose adaptation to reality had proved amazingly simple to perform.
  48. Only the infidel sharks in the audacious seas may give ear to such words, when, with tornado brow, and eyes of red murder, and foam-glued lips, Ahab leaped after his prey.
  49. They had been swimming and playing in the water for about ten minutes, with Nancy ‘B’ becoming more and more audacious with David, when Nancy’s wrist videophone buzzed.
  50. She took a careful step back and slowly lowered to a kneeling position at the same time folding her arms across her breasts as she held his look locked into her audacious stare.
  51. That will be in the person of an audacious and resolved president of the United States, George Bush, who has sworn to eradicate that sore of humanity from the face of the earth.
  52. Even the most audacious momentum players like to think that their skills, their stop-loss systems, or other tested techniques will keep their portfolios protected from market crashes.
  53. Such a situation does not exist today, and so it would not only be foolish but audacious for anyone to justify his authoritarian actions by reference to Paul’s action as an apostle.
  54. He was a resolute boy, tremendously strong, as was rumored in his class, and soon proved to be the fact; he was agile, strong-willed, and of an audacious and enterprising temper.
  55. A strange-looking horseman, elderly and audacious, had appeared in the town, riding slowlywhile his eyes examined the fronts of the houses, as though he had never seen such high buildings before.
  56. But no sooner does he turn his eyes toward the great tribunal of God than he clamors it is out of all proportion and an audacious rebellion against the sense of love, when viewed as a matter justice.
  57. When transferred to the European Theater, she became the mastermind behind our Southern France landings and our express crossings of the Rhine, again proposing and using audacious heliborne assaults.
  58. But the boys stared at him, stared at him for a whole minute, and then all the staring eyes turned at once and were fastened upon Kolya, who was still scanning the audacious boy with disdainful composure.
  59. This new theory represents audacious change proposal with economic and technical viability through the autogeneration of organizational resources with maintenance of the well-being and of the conquered wealth.
  60. With an audacious curiosity which is stronger than fear and feeds on fear, with a secret sneer in their hearts, some of them came to him one day as he basked in the sun, and entered into conversation with him.
  61. He said, It is out of all proportion when viewed as a matter of justice, that if a man should act of that principle, it would be an audacious rebellion against all sense of the goodness and mercy of love.
  62. Quicker than the thoughts could follow those unexpected and audacious movements, an image, armed in the emblematic panoply of death, glided before their eyes, and assumed a threatening attitude at the other's side.
  63. But he won’t write anonymous letters to the old lady; that would be too audacious a thing for him to attempt; but I dare swear the very first thing he did was to show me up to Aglaya as a base deceiver and intriguer.
  64. Then there must be something out of joint with the theory, charging God with such principles of conduct toward His own creatures, utterly repugnant and audacious to the intelligence of man, when viewed as matters of justice.
  65. Nobody who does not believe deeply in himself or herself—in his or her ability to endure hardship and to prevail over adversity—is likely even to attempt something as audacious as competitive rowing at the highest levels.
  66. This was not the career she’d dreamed of as an ambitious seventeen-year-old, but now it was hard to remember ever feeling innocent and audacious enough to dream of a certain type of life, as if you got to choose how things turned out.
  67. Well then, I will speak, although I really know not how to look you in the face, or in what words to utter the audacious fiction, which I propose to communicate gradually, first to the rulers, then to the soldiers, and lastly to the people.
  68. The corners of her mouth voluptuously turned up, as in the antique masks of Erigone, had an air of encouraging the audacious; but her long, shadowy lashes drooped discreetly over the jollity of the lower part of the face as though to call a halt.
  69. The boy triumphed, and this victory rendered him so audacious, that all the money of Assunta, whose affection for him seemed to increase as he became more unworthy of it, was spent in caprices she knew not how to contend against, and follies she had not the courage to prevent.
  70. The magnificent Capataz de Cargadores, victim of the disenchanted vanity which is the reward of audacious action, sat in the weary pose of a hunted outcast through a night of sleeplessness as tormenting as any known to Decoud, his companion in the most desperate affair of his life.
  71. There was no mistaking the growling mutter of the mountain pouring its stream of treasure under the stamps; and it came to his heart with the peculiar force of a proclamation thundered forth over the land and the marvellousness of an accomplished fact fulfilling an audacious desire.
  72. Four, the most audacious, who were running on in front, were mown down point-blank at the very foot of the redoubt, and this courageous throng of National Guards, very brave men but lacking in military tenacity, were forced to fall back, after some hesitation, leaving fifteen corpses on the pavement.
  73. Whether she were a woman who had read too many poems, as Evgenie Pavlovitch supposed, or whether she were mad, as the prince had assured Aglaya, at all events, this was a woman who, in spite of her occasionally cynical and audacious manner, was far more refined and trustful and sensitive than appeared.
  74. Consider, now, how it must be in the case of four boats all engaging one unusually strong, active, and knowing whale; when owing to these qualities in him, as well as to the thousand concurring accidents of such an audacious enterprise, eight or ten loose second irons may be simultaneously dangling about him.
  75. IT IS AN ABSURDITY to say that if a father should punish his son with such torment as many say is contended for in the Bible, for any conceivable offence, it would show a want of justice, and an audacious rebellion against all sense of the goodness and mercy of love, and then to attribute such a course to our heavenly father.
  76. As they were entering it, the wicked one, who is the author of all mischief, and the boys who are wickeder than the wicked one, contrived that a couple of these audacious irrepressible urchins should force their way through the crowd, and lifting up, one of them Dapple's tail and the other Rocinante's, insert a bunch of furze under each.
  77. Do you, then, want to be pitied? I will pity you if you like, in so many carefully chosen words; but they will not be words from the heart but only, as the charming little child in the flat below us, the child with the flaunting yellow hair and audacious eyes, said of some speech that didn't ring true to her quick ears, 'from the tip of the nose.
  78. It seemed to my modesty rather an audacious proceeding, but trusting to my companion's superior information, I followed her in, and we walked up a circular carriage-drive through smooth shaven lawns dotted with brilliant clumps of salvia and gladiolus, towards the house—a square, solid structure, white, and with broad verandas running across its front.
  79. And it is to such men as he, as well as all degrees below him, that this punishment, such as he believe the Bible to teach, if executed by a father against a son for any conceivable offence, would be an audacious rebellion against the goodness and mercy of love, And it is to such men, who are capable of sound judgment, that God challenges to show where He is unjust and to use their own power to test Him.
  80. Gentlemen of the jury, was she a mother to her children? She gave birth to them, indeed; but was she a mother to them? Would any one venture to give her the sacred name of mother? Let us be bold, gentlemen, let us be audacious even: it's our duty to be so at this moment and not to be afraid of certain words and ideas like the Moscow women in Ostrovsky's play, who are scared at the sound of certain words.
  81. These perfidious guests, who had thought to frighten Maria Alexandrovna by showing her that they knew her secret; who thought to annihilate her by the premature revelation of that secret; who thought to overwhelm her, for the present, with their hints and insinuations; these guests were themselves struck down and pulverized by this fearless candour on her part! Such audacious frankness argued the consciousness of strength.
  82. This uncontrollable priest, who had rejected his offer of the episcopal palace for a residence and preferred to hang his shabby hammock amongst the rubble and spiders of the sequestrated Dominican Convent, had taken into his head to advocate an unconditional pardon for Hernandez the Robber! And this was not enough; he seemed to have entered into communication with the most audacious criminal the country had known for years.
  83. So that there are instances among them of men, who, named with Scripture names—a singularly common fashion on the island—and in childhood naturally imbibing the stately dramatic thee and thou of the Quaker idiom; still, from the audacious, daring, and boundless adventure of their subsequent lives, strangely blend with these unoutgrown peculiarities, a thousand bold dashes of character, not unworthy a Scandinavian sea-king, or a poetical Pagan Roman.
  84. But Edmund, delighted with her having such an happiness offered, and ascertaining with half a look, and half a sentence, that she had no objection but on her aunt's account, could not imagine that his mother would make any difficulty of sparing her, and therefore gave his decided open advice that the invitation should be accepted; and though Fanny would not venture, even on his encouragement, to such a flight of audacious independence, it was soon settled, that if nothing were heard to the contrary, Mrs.
  85. Such audacious defiance of the conventionalities on the part of the heroine, such mystery and scandal as to her matrimonial ventures, such racing and chasing and automobiling, such varying suitors—all individually represented by full-page illustrations—such a precociously impudent boy of fourteen meddling with the plot and acting as Penelope’s prime minister, such mixed-up situations and harum-scarum talk, cannot be found between ordinary lovers, but the result is amusing, to say nothing more.
  86. But Edmund, delighted with her having such an happiness offered, and ascertaining with half a look, and half a sentence, that she had no objection but on her aunt’s account, could not imagine that his mother would make any difficulty of sparing her, and therefore gave his decided open advice that the invitation should be accepted; and though Fanny would not venture, even on his encouragement, to such a flight of audacious independence, it was soon settled, that if nothing were heard to the contrary, Mrs.
  87. A short time later they sent Father Augusto Angel, a crusader of the new breed, intransigent, audacious, daring, who personally rang the bells several times a day so that the peoples spirits would not get drowsy, and who went from house to house waking up the sleepers to go to mass but before a year was out he too was conquered by the negligence that one breathed in with the air, by the hot dust that made everything old and clogged up, and by the drowsiness caused by lunchtime meatballs in the unbearable heat of siesta time.
  88. It appeared that Anna Andreyevna had ventured at last on the most audacious step that could be imagined in her position ; she certainly had a will of her own ! On the pretext of his health the old prince had been in the nick of time carried off to Tsarskoe Syelo so that the news of his approaching marriage with Anna Andreyevna might not be ■spread abroad, but might for the time be stifled, so to say, in embryo, yet the feeble old man, with whom one could do anything else, would not on any consideration have consented to give up his idea and jilt Anna Andreyevna, who had made him an offer.
  89. The three others, less timid, as we have already said, wore low-necked dresses without disguise, which in summer, beneath flower-adorned hats, are very graceful and enticing; but by the side of these audacious outfits, blond Fantine's canezou, with its transparencies, its indiscretion, and its reticence, concealing and displaying at one and the same time, seemed an alluring godsend of decency, and the famous Court of Love, presided over by the Vicomtesse de Cette, with the sea-green eyes, would, perhaps, have awarded the prize for coquetry to this canezou, in the contest for the prize of modesty.
  90. Accordingly, when the two angry men had sat back in their seats, bleached in the face with passion, and panting and out of breath, I rose up in my chair at the head of the table, and with a judicial solemnity addressed the council, saying, that what we had witnessed was a disgrace not to be tolerated in a Christian land; that unless we obtained indemnity for the past, and security for the future, I would resign; but in doing so I would bring the cause thereof before the Fifteen at Edinburgh, yea, even to the House of Lords at London; so I gave the offending parties notice, as well as those who, from motives of personal friendship, might be disposed to overlook the insult that had been given to the constituted authority of the king, so imperfectly represented in my person, as it would seem, by the audacious conflict and misdemeanour which had just taken place.
  91. Without adding to the guilt of my infidelity, that of an audacious defence of it, in the old style of a common kept miss, my answer was modest, and often interrupted by my tears, in substance as follows: "That I never had a single thought of wronging him" (which was true), "till I had seen him taking the last liberties with my servant wench" (here he coloured prodigiously), "and that my resentment at that, which I was over-awed from giving vent to by complaints, or explanations with him, had driven me to a course that I did not pretend to justify; but that as to the young man, he was entirely faultless; for that, in the view of making him the instrument of my revenge, I had down right seduced him to what he had done; and therefore hoped, whatever he determined about me, he would distinguish between the guilty and the innocent; and that;for the rest, I was entirely at his mercy.
  92. For who is there who anything of some significance has apprehended but is conscious that that exterior splendour may be the surface of a downwardtending lutulent reality or on the contrary anyone so is there unilluminated as not to perceive that as no nature's boon can contend against the bounty of increase so it behoves every most just citizen to become the exhortator and admonisher of his semblables and to tremble lest what had in the past been by the nation excellently commenced might be in the future not with similar excellence accomplished if an inverecund habit shall have gradually traduced the honourable by ancestors transmitted customs to that thither of profundity that that one was audacious excessively who would have the hardihood to rise affirming that no more odious offence can for anyone be than to oblivious neglect to consign that evangel simultaneously command and promise which on all mortals with prophecy of abundance or with diminution's menace that exalted of reiteratedly procreating function ever irrevocably enjoined?

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