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Verbatim in a sentence

1. I set parts of the letter almost verbatim:.
2. She recited the words on the letter verbatim.
3. I can’t repeat verbatim what Lindy said to the.
4. A brief verbatim history of the DSA is as follows:.
5. They could expand verbatim coverage, Haldeman suggested.
6. Hansard carried a verbatim report of the proceedings the next day.
7. Sorry about that," and followed Jon"s instructions almost verbatim.

8. Armstrong was astonished because the document included verbatim quotes.
9. I’ll read it to you, then you can read it verbatim to the team members.
10. We regret that we are not able to give a verbatim account of his witty address.
11. It takes a leap of faith to believe his verbatim recollection of so many quotes.
12. All the quotations in the book are substantially correct but some may not be verbatim.
13. First of all, we need to realize that Jesus is quoting verbatim Isaiah 66:24 in this.
14. Reluctantly, Conklin said, My notes would be more of a verbatim account, but—.
15. Prophet’ was to be taken verbatim – except, of course, those related to ‘peace, and.
16. This was not a planned CUSP situation, but I record it verbatim in case it may be of use.
17. It was so specific, stated with such precision, that it had to come from verbatim recordings.
18. The following is a verbatim recording of Newells’ step-by-step explanation of the mysteries:.
19. I still retain an almost verbatim report of the interview in which he demonstrated the true facts of the case to Monsieur.
20. The days dragged into weeks and the numerous phone calls P&G made to my father’s secretary were reported back to him verbatim.
21. Crist must have struck a chord because she published it verbatim with her article on the proposed two-year moratorium of the death penalty.
22. You can note these on flipchart paper and park them there for future inclusion with the verbatim collected at the end of modeling sessions.
23. Armstrong told Dash about the White House version of the Nixon-Dean meetings that included some selected verbatim quotes clearly designed to impeach Dean.
24. Hal remembered his dad’s explanation verbatim, but still had a little trouble understanding exactly how electricity and generators and even batteries worked.
25. The gospels were not records of events written verbatim, but are recollections and memories of the events and messages, teachings and examples from Jesus Christ.
26. Additionally, as the models are shared with others in the enterprise for their buy-in, you can elicit their verbatim on what needs better support in the business.
27. Instead Christ’s articulated wisdom was recorded, sometimes years and decades after His resurrection and ascension, and therefore unlikely to have been written verbatim.
28. Ralph Greenson, and while doing so took copious, nearly verbatim notes—many, many pages—reconstructing word for word every statement she made during the sessions.
29. Famously, the editor of TWANG at the time printed the letter verbatim, without correcting the spelling or grammar, leading to Stripehead receiving much ribbing in the national press.
30. Editor’s note: Entries in this index, carried over verbatim from the print edition of this title, are unlikely to correspond to the pagination of a given e-book’s software reader.
31. Sedately, Bonnie said that if I cared to recall our agreeable conversations, which I had demonstrated I could do almost verbatim, I would discover that she had never instigated an untruth.
32. Erskine then reports, verbatim et seriatim, your observations upon each of the three conditions, and the reasons which induced you to think that others might be substituted in lieu of them.
33. The trial counsel was still reading, …the charges and specifications, the name and description of the accused, his affidavit and the reference for trial will be copied verbatim into the record.
34. The great politician’s faithful private secretary paid close attention to everything the men said so that he could repeat it all verbatim when he reported back to his master, which he did directly.
35. The major was tempted for a moment to go protest the content of the message but, remembering Almond’s initial reaction, decided that it would be to no avail and had the message transmitted verbatim.
36. What could it be? Might not the nature of the injuries reveal something to my medical instincts? I rang the bell and called for the weekly county paper, which contained a verbatim account of the inquest.
37. Some of them I can copy verbatim; some will need to be retouched a little in their English in order to be understood; but the ideas are their own, and the expressions will be modified as little as possible.
38. If they had been transcribed verbatim, and incorporated in the law of May, 1810, there could have been no question; and there can be no difference as to this point between that case, and reviving them without excepting any part.
39. They made sure that he could cross-reference the relevant sections with his own briefing notes and that he could quote verbatim from all of the sections and paragraphs that would support the arguments he was to make in his speech.
40. During that period, you could have selected new, relatively unknown stocks from groups such as minicomputers (Prime Computer), microcomputers (Commodore International), graphics (Computervision), word processors (Wang Labs), peripherals (Verbatim), software (Cullinane Database), or time-sharing (Electronic Data Systems).
41. In essence giving them the freedom to interpret His life on earth, expressing it their unique way and in turn giving credibility to the special-ness gifted to humankind notwithstanding that such interpretation of His life and word would be less than perfect verbatim, but perfectly imperfect if understood within his point of reference.
42. We have the note taken verbatim by the receptionist at CN, fact! He did enter the CN plant illegally, fact! He did sustain an injury while trying to tamper with the pressure release mechanism on the reaction vessel, fact! We have testimony from Mister Corton confirming this, verified by one of the paramedics that left the site with Mister Corton who had treated Gary at the scene.
43. For example, when we have completed the facilitation of a job model, we ask the assembled group of exemplary performers, "What it is that the enterprise could do better to support the work you trying to accomplish as depicted in the job model you just defined?" In other words, while the work itself is clear and agreed to in the minds of this group of workers (and/or managers), and agreed to as the "work," we are asking what else could be done or what could be done better? The "verbatim" answers, as we call them, illustrated below, identify trends about what support isn't the best it could be or is simply missing:.

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