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Direct in a sentence | direct example sentences

  1. It has to be direct.
  2. It was a direct order.
  3. It is the direct and.
  4. The key is to direct.
  5. I gave him my direct.

  6. I wanted a direct one-.
  7. I had gone direct to Mr.
  8. Good is open and direct.
  9. He had direct access to K.
  10. How very direct of you.
  11. Direct and to the Point!.
  12. She gave him a direct look.
  13. She liked the direct way.
  14. Huldah was able to direct.
  15. As a direct result, those.

  16. I’d scored a direct hit!.
  17. It was a direct instruction.
  18. But with the strong direct.
  19. As a direct result of this.
  20. Here we have a very direct.
  21. It’s also the most direct.
  22. We were spared a direct hit.
  23. And obtained a direct answer.
  24. That leads by the most direct.
  25. This is the direct encounter.

  26. His voice was hard and direct.
  27. We can’t direct that thrust.
  28. Direct benefits to your teeth.
  29. They disobeyed a direct order.
  30. For direct real estate in the U.
  31. I think I know the direct cause.
  32. It must have been a direct hit.
  33. It exists in direct experience.
  34. It was so consciously, so direct.
  35. At least she was a direct report.
  36. Frank Keenan went direct from M.
  37. There‘s no direct way to turn.
  38. Not until it is a direct threat.
  39. Stillbut for the direct eff ect.
  40. It was a direct hit in the teeth.
  41. I can be contacted direct here:.
  42. A colleague was even more direct.
  43. Richard was a man of direct words.
  44. Did he have a direct line?
  45. It was time to become more direct.
  46. Be direct with your clients about.
  47. I was going to be asked a direct.
  48. Can you direct us to his room?
  49. Tatiana has always been direct.
  50. I don’t direct the flow too much.
  51. Direct conflict would be dangerous.
  52. His body takes several direct hits.
  53. Have her direct him to your office.
  54. I knew this from direct experience.
  55. If by direct or by collateral hand.
  56. Noah will direct you where to live.
  57. They separate you from the direct.
  58. He will direct our arms and aid us.
  59. Direct marketing is being overlooked.
  60. A direct order is a direct order.
  61. It was not easy to direct his course.
  62. This involves direct action on the.
  63. Direct Access, AOPS, ALMIS, TMT, etc.
  64. We took a direct hit headquarters.
  65. Lizette then was a bit more direct:.
  66. The most direct route was via Krakow.
  67. The man who has a direct perception.
  68. It was a direct quote from the Bible.
  69. The ship was under heavy direct fire.
  70. This is another direct reference to.
  71. A direct order from the great leader.
  72. He question was direct, almost blunt.
  73. A direct experience of this is wisdom.
  74. What you have are the direct results.
  75. I did not direct her to help the tree.
  76. His justification for this was direct.
  77. She liked the direct simplicity of it.
  78. When art direct the attention of the.
  79. ING Direct Orange Savings (http://home.
  80. Heaven through that direct line in Him.
  81. Ant memory works in a very direct way.
  82. But he’d take no direct part in that.
  83. My mother took that as a direct insult.
  84. Some believe that was a direct warning.
  85. It is the direct opposite of compulsion.
  86. They were proud of this direct descent.
  87. He had that direct, matter-of-fact way.
  88. When you direct the thoughts of large.
  89. So they’ve got the headline, direct.
  90. They do not understand direct contempt.
  91. They are direct descendants of the 301.
  92. ING Direct Electric Orange (http://home.
  93. It's better than a direct and final no.
  94. The path of life is simple and direct:.
  95. We have a direct relationship with our.
  96. I took his statement as a direct threat.
  97. There is no direct flexing in this round.
  98. He sends His angels to direct your path.
  99. Levi was a direct descendant of Edward.
  100. Instead of going direct to his study, M.
  1. He is directing the U.
  2. He's the one directing the demon.
  3. The Lord seems to love directing.
  4. While I was directing toward the.
  5. He was directing anger at himself.
  6. The GPS is directing me to his condo.
  7. He was directing the whole situation.
  8. He had been directing her the whole.
  9. The woman called Ava is directing you.
  10. Directing him to his camp site by the.
  11. Directing her full attention toward the.
  12. Greater Ones who are their directing Heads.
  13. Above us, Fritz was directing and shouting.
  14. When he had finished directing the other SNIU.
  15. There is less control or means of directing it.
  16. You want to avoid distractions or in directing.
  18. He saw a human hand in the sky directing him to St.
  19. They were directing sonar at him, low pulses which.
  20. He'd have done much more directing and pontificating.
  21. His face reddened when he saw who was directing them.
  22. Enid, the boys and our luggage, and I began directing.
  23. Thought is the directing power of all Life's vibrations.
  24. On the exam table, Cara said, directing the guards.
  25. Leaders, directing where they went and how they got there.
  26. He would be directing them on where to go and what to do.
  27. The secret lies in not directing attention to the touches.
  28. Hiss added to the chorus by directing a chuckle at Locke.
  29. With a directing nod to the soldiers, he slammed the door.
  30. Two officers were standing on the knoll, directing the men.
  31. In here, said Mingus, directing the Teriz to the pit.
  32. Being almost to the point of directing others concerning my.
  33. After directing me to the proper places he recommended that.
  34. She proceeded to start directing individuals within the group.
  35. This directing is not simply due to the attentional mass of.
  36. He sauntered back to Carl with a roguish impulse directing him.
  37. He could hear the doctor directing the police to where he was.
  38. Only a few at the top who are directing things will have that.
  39. Directing the topic back to the present Darkness, he continued.
  40. McKnight, Garcia said, directing his voice towards the helm.
  41. One ERP go-live had the police out directing traffic around a.
  42. We have talked about proper planning and directing ourselves in.
  43. You might say those serpents twine around the serpent directing.
  44. One officer is directing late night traffic and moving people on.
  45. I don’t need a lawyer, he said, directing his pitch to me.
  46. When I am purposefully directing attention to an object with a low.
  47. It’s all about directing one’s passion, said Sripada Swami.
  48. Directing for some of us means to show or tell the way to others as.
  49. The following day as she was training she kept directing herself to.
  50. Ren Fengping who was directing the formation noticed something went.
  51. They were in the car with the aide of the mayor directing, Theobald.
  52. As I went back to directing air on Sue’s hair, I wondered how far.
  53. Are you Erik? the Viking asked a man who was directing the crew.
  54. A Master would be inside directing energies towards the outer force.
  55. I am much indebted to you for directing my attention to this case, Mr.
  56. I’m sure she’s inside somewhere, directing the pre-party chaos.
  57. A jobsworth guard was busy directing the traffic and came rushing over.
  58. A middle-aged woman stood up next, directing her question at Millicent.
  59. Directing Carla to a phone behind her, the woman transferred the call.
  60. I heard Jacob directing Delavergne and Morel to lift Harry into the car.
  61. Excuse the interruption, said Brian, directing his words to Beth.
  62. So your father, Orcher, and I started directing civilians to evac sites.
  63. So far as I could see, the thing was without a directing Martian at all.
  64. I do not have to worry about knowing everything when He is directing me.
  65. Back at the grandmothers’ house, a man was directing the van, helping.
  66. Go stand by the gate, Sean said directing Aquarius where to go with.
  67. Again, the UPS displayed a map, directing them to a large freight elevator.
  68. Sergeant Kasam was drinking from his bottle while directing the unloading.
  69. This is a lie, a horrible lie, said Neil directing his words to the.
  70. I frown at Sean, who smirks at me before directing his gaze at Mother again.
  71. Conrad, Janice continued, directing her question to Falcon’s brother.
  72. Actually, a cheque is an order by the account holder of the bank directing.
  73. If it’s alright with you… Nick stated, directing his query to Kathy.
  74. The officers directing the march rode backward and forward between the carts.
  75. He was directing his course towards the belt sewer; he was on the right path.
  76. Could we not control our emotions by directing our physiology? You bet we can.
  77. This, then, is self-direction: directing the attention to our own unrealistic.
  78. Ishvara drew my eyes to him by clasping my chin and directing me to look at him.
  79. It seems obvious that when early humans heard the directing voices of the Gods.
  80. Mabeuf was totally incapable of comprehending it, of willing or of directing it.
  81. Allcock was directing porters to the correct compartment to unload their things.
  82. Yet she is extremely good at directing her thoughts and actions toward her goals.
  83. Laplante then educated her in secret, apart from directing her physical training.
  84. She brushed at Ariel, directing her, snaking low through the grass along the dirt.
  85. I have learned to prefer directing my own life to the aggravation of catering.
  86. He figured Delvin was doing a capable enough job directing things in the meantime.
  87. For most of the conflict so far, he was directing affairs on the other continents.
  88. Back outside, I hopped into the Hummer and started directing the team back to base.
  89. You can’t say anything, can you? Hagan said, directing the question at Ash.
  90. He is guiding and directing you by the authorities He as established in your life.
  91. The old man tipped his topper and pointed his cane directing me inward to the club.
  92. Only it’s not a police whistle; it’s a girl on roller skates, directing traffic.
  93. While most of the people that do these things are not well versed in directing the.
  94. I need to show them that you are here in my presence, directing my hand and my mind.
  95. The solution to the grandfather paradox is - instantly directing matter, energy and.
  96. Hand gestures and contact were helpful for directing power in certain circumstances.
  97. Disposing: The act of arranging, ruling, directing; to put something where it belongs.
  98. And, so, are you my probation officer? Tammas asked, directing the question to.
  99. The law(s) have provided a (living) traditional framework directing Christian conduct.
  100. However, directing this vessel back to your home world undetected will be a challenge.
  1. I was directed to it.
  2. He was directed to a.
  3. It was directed at me.
  4. He is directed by the.
  5. They directed us to go.
  6. Penn did as she directed.
  7. An inquiry directed to St.
  8. He directed a question at me.
  9. The ships landed as directed.
  10. It wasn’t directed at her.
  11. They were directed to Denis.
  12. Sue took it and I directed.
  13. And thoughts can be directed.
  14. It was directed by managers.
  15. Quarles directed him to the U.
  16. But it wasn't directed at her.
  17. That video was directed at me.
  18. They both directed a gaze at.
  19. Respect directed at my brother.
  20. Tarmon directed, braving a step.
  21. Syd filled the hole as directed.
  22. All his actions were directed.
  23. It can be directed by the mind.
  24. Tear it out, he directed.
  25. He directed his course thither.
  26. Which Sue then directed to Zem.
  27. Tania directed him to the only.
  28. I directed a few words to him:.
  29. Cadore is directed to say to Mr.
  30. He directed the ship to lift off.
  31. He directed a question to Drudge.
  32. The looks directed toward Carrie.
  33. Let’s move on, Sam directed.
  34. Petya directed things in the yard.
  35. Be seated, the judge directed.
  36. I was directed to the third floor.
  37. His life was only directed toward.
  38. While efforts may be directed at.
  39. Jack stepped in and sat as directed.
  40. Pétya directed things in the yard.
  41. Let T= (V, E, W) be a directed tree.
  42. Great Debaters, he also directed it.
  43. Lyla directed Son to their quarters.
  44. Do you understand me? Sam directed.
  45. You directed it for maybe two hours.
  46. He did, reminded and directed by Mr.
  47. Be that as it may, he had directed.
  48. Your witness, the Judge directed.
  49. Vaughn directed us into groups of two.
  50. She directed her into the room that.
  51. A nod, but it wasn’t directed at me.
  52. We entered at 8:00 sharp, as directed.
  53. And it really wasnt directed at Mia.
  54. Then directed her to the dance floor.
  55. Roll out as directed in Basic Crust I.
  56. God’s Wrath - directed at the Bone.
  57. Stop playing around, she directed.
  58. Jets or directed beams of light have.
  59. You hold her? This is directed at me.
  60. Perception is directed thought, pure.
  61. I directed them myself where to begin.
  62. He directed his steps towards the door.
  63. The Porter directed her to a new wing.
  64. I directed Sue to a spot between the.
  65. Tell us about that, Jason directed.
  66. You may step down, Grover directed.
  67. The question was directed towards Blake.
  68. The last question was directed at Smith.
  69. From the nose Bill directed the flight.
  70. I was directed to administer every one.
  71. Should I proceed as directed or not?
  72. The other was directed at someone else.
  73. This also was directed against the Jews.
  74. He was directed to Elisha who told him.
  75. At last he directed his course towards.
  76. God directed him, Abram said calmly.
  77. He directed one of the bugs toward Donna.
  78. I directed Sue to where she needed to be.
  79. A uniformed customs officer directed him.
  80. Cook rice as directed and add to broccoli.
  81. He directed it toward the oncoming horde.
  82. Sam Reynolds, please, Sheila directed.
  83. Haye’s booming voice was directed to me.
  84. They went where Sarah directed them and.
  85. You can carry your pack Max directed.
  86. Americus directed a complaisant look to me.
  87. After a few days, he was directed by the.
  88. His mother, the Queen, directed the two men.
  89. The black and white dressed nun directed a.
  90. Arthmes Nelson directed his gaze and smiled.
  91. I would be directed there from the capital.
  92. Because I was directed to Diane, not you.
  93. When I was on top of Sue, Sue directed my.
  94. Yet the expenditure couldn’t be directed.
  95. Actually, this is directed at both of you.
  96. Slip this over her horns, she directed.
  97. Marius directed his steps towards the church.
  98. He directed me to the hot dishes and went on.
  99. With his duties on the Council now directed.
  100. Yesterday I have directed it to manage for.
  1. He directs his question to.
  2. Your head directs your body.
  3. Do you? he directs his question at me.
  4. Why, who directs it? Three men and a half.
  5. It directs the header file to include all.
  6. Gifts shall be opened as the Giver directs.
  7. This reality directs and shapes our life's.
  8. Omes directs his finger at Aaron and the bookworm.
  9. He guides and directs, but without self-assertion.
  10. He remains on the spot and directs me to the bear.
  11. The building Thor directs her to is not a restaurant.
  12. The crew chief directs the engine changes of a B-24.
  13. He glances up as Taylor directs me into the living area.
  14. A backlink is a link which directs others towards your site;.
  15. The supervisor of music directs the work, which is conducted.
  16. Earnshaw," I continued, "directs me to wait on myself: I will.
  17. He is back in Sicily in his fief and directs operations from there.
  18. The charioteer is the master of the chariot and directs the horses.
  19. The dragon directs its forces upon temptation to gain more recalling.
  20. Although free-will directs our behavior, ultimately, God is sovereign.
  21. Whitman, and directs the Value Investing program at Syracuse University.
  22. You should have killed him, Saul, as the Lord directs, Samuel said.
  23. The spirit directs and controls all the voluntary and involuntary organs.
  24. But thankfully, he directs all this blame at Eugene rather than the princess.
  25. War—because it directs the occupation of this territory by a military force.
  26. All we need do is obey and trust Him as He directs us where we should go!.
  27. Isar‘s other satellite is Reinu - , who directs all movement in the universe.
  28. I do not live my own life, there is something stronger than me which directs me.
  29. When God (not antichrist) directs the enemies of the Jews to invade Israel, God will.
  30. It’s the way the serpent moves, she said, the way it directs our witnessing.
  31. When a scientist directs thoughts (perceptions) at the quantum waveform, which has the.
  32. Everything depends, to what one directs one’s consciousness (November 14, 1898).
  33. Chloe directs my shoulders away from the grave, south toward the beach, and moves me along.
  34. If you have read and studied the book of Revelation, you may have noticed that God directs.
  35. A lesser man might’ve taken out his anger on Daniel, but instead Gervais directs it inward.
  36. This line that forms holds no space although it directs all the space that it controls by spin.
  37. An induction coil gathers the electricity generated and directs it to a specially designed lantern.
  38. I scored two directs hits on its shields in rapid succession, causing them to flicker and then fail.
  39. A reflector with a powerful parabolic mirror directs and focuses sunbeams on a black power cylinder.
  40. All I ask is that someone directs me to the scripture which proves or disproves the challenge.
  41. In the first two Shlokas quoted above the Lord says that God is present in the heart and directs to.
  42. She swallows and directs her gaze down at her daughter, stroking her hair with even greater intensity.
  43. There, he will see Al'lah's Perfection and Justice and witness that only His Command directs the whole universe.
  44. Who directs all these planets in a way thereby no one clashes with another or deviates a hair from its own orbit?
  45. Who directs all these planets in a way in which none clashes with another, or deviates a hair from its own orbit?
  46. You well know the commandment which directs that you love one another; that you love your neighbor even as yourself.
  47. Thus, the spirit is in the hands of the Compassionate by night, when He directs it according to what suits its state.
  48. Then, the Almighty told you that according to your choice and determination, He directs you and supplies you with power.
  49. A wholesome environment, that is morally and spiritually instructive, guides and directs the activities of an individual.
  50. She directs me toward a leather purgatory, where for the next twenty minutes I sweat into a thirty-thousand-dollar couch.
  51. Cisco, which makes equipment that directs data over the Internet, first sold its shares to the public only 10 years earlier.
  52. The lady who built the new part of this house as that tablet records, and whose son overlooks and directs everything here.
  53. I called her up and asked her if she sensed anything serpent-like about the instinctive interest that directs our witnessing.
  54. For on page 13 Campbell directs our attention to one evangelist who speaks of “bottles” being “destroyed” and “perish.
  55. Tallmadge moved to strike out the section of the bill which directs the manner in which the company officers shall be appointed.
  56. Brick, with Chee-Chee on his shoulder, directs a group of uniformed soldiers where to put the stolen cargo containing the Shelto.
  57. Maya directs him through several streets, until the neighborhoods are bleeding away, and there’s a gravel road up to their left.
  58. Russ directs traffic as John and Khalid log the moonshine crates as they trundle up the conveyer belt into the belly of the plane.
  59. In addition to this, it is the absolute master that directs the body’s systems through the nerves, wherein the rays of the spirit flow.
  60. A management that simply follows the wishes of knowledge workers rather than directs them can result in an unwieldy situation in which the.
  61. The muscles of his cheeks stood out from clenched jaws, a man afraid who by his will held his fears in check as a great rider directs a panicked horse.
  62. Glacia drives out of the complex and Victoria’s navigation system directs us through the city to a ramp that descends underground: the Main Throughway.
  63. The first determining element of the spiritual experience is, therefore, the intensity of the turning, the force which directs the consciousness inward.
  64. And in these woods, as on the immensity of the waters, the mind is bewildered; whatever way it directs the eye there it meets the majesty of the Infinite.
  65. Perhaps it might have arisen from a clause of the constitution, which directs that jurors shall be drawn from the district where the offence is committed.
  66. Baker directs John to one of the armchairs, unbuttons his jacket to reveal a gold tie chain, and sits in the other one, leaning forward in John’s direction.
  67. The highest stage of art is the art of life, which directs its activity toward the adornment of life so that it may be a beautiful abode for a beautiful man.
  68. It is the crew chief, the aerial engineer, who keeps count of the hours on his engines, who directs their removal and replacement when they have fulfilled their time.
  69. If we find a great business, the only way it becomes a great investment is if management directs the marginal dollar of free cash flow to its highest-return purpose.
  70. Now I understand that there are ordinances, statutes and examples and yes, also punishment should we disregard what scriptures directs us to do in terms of our remains.
  71. The question was stated on concurrence with the Committee of the Whole in striking out so much of the bill as directs the unconditional sale of all the frigates but three.
  72. The self-object directs attention at the thought, but more than temporary selective attention, the thought tends to maintain a large value of the attentional field across time.
  73. It creates and forms these elementary particles, these information fields inside itself, and directs by them, determines their quality, plays with, them makes them each moment of time.
  74. The council of chieftains of each community control the matter as surely as the owner of a Kentucky racing stud directs the scientific breeding of his stock for the improvement of the whole.
  75. In contrast, the pullover machine directs 100% of the load to the lats, it works the muscle in harmony with its function (100% muscle fiber recruitment), and places maximum resistance in its.
  76. And so to this animal force of movement Christ, as it were, applies the new force—the recognition of Divine perfection—and thereby directs the movement by the resultant of these two forces.
  77. McKim moved to amend that part of the bill which directs the sale of all the gunboats, by adding the following words: belonging to the United States, unfit for service, and unworthy of repairs.
  78. Walter Williams8 reports that he is afraid that most Americans indeed do believe that government should be able to force people to do what the government directs in their health and welfare interests.
  79. It might be culturally closer to Arizona, where much of the white population directs their still deep racism at Natives rather than invents fanciful stories of an Indian in the family as southerners do.
  80. It is not a little singular that, although the proof of citizenship to be produced to the collector must be agreeable to the directions of the act, the act itself nowhere directs what that proof must be.
  81. This man never noticed that God is the one who brings down the rain, without which the plants could never grow, and is the one who directs the sun and the moon, without which he could not eat a single morsel.
  82. Should these government reactions be random, or at least in small part a product of planning? In the United States today it seems as if the federal government directs resources mostly by who has political clout.
  83. Wherever the ship may go, the rush of water which neither directs nor increases its movement foams ahead of it, and at a distance seems to us not merely to move of itself but to govern the ship’s movement also.
  84. They naturally, perhaps necessarily, follow the mode of the times ; and their expense comes to be regulated by the same extravagant vanity which directs that of all the other great proprietors in their dominions.
  85. And it is to this animal force of motion that Christ seems to apply a new, a different force of the consciousness of divine perfection, and with this He directs the motion of life along the resultant of two forces.
  86. Remember that your goals are your road maps to success in life, it is like a blue print that directs your path to reaching your pre-determined destination in your life time, without them, and you can lose your way.
  87. So, is it possible that the earth may revolve by itself or that the seasons recur regularly and the rain fall in every year in certain times by themselves, or there must be a great Hand that directs and moves them?
  88. Concerning her dressing in prayer as earlier said white colour is preferable which covers her from head to feet except the face and hands; this directs her spirit to God because what affects eyes also affects the spirit.
  89. John Locke: By death some understand endless torments in hell fire; but it seems a strange way of understanding a law, which requires the plainest and directs of word, that by death should be meant eternal life in misery.
  90. Its commander is generally of the rank of Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel and is always an experienced flying officer who is capable of leading his unit in air combat as compared to one who directs his command from the ground.
  91. Trying to keep out of the way of the crew, all rushing around doing totally incomprehensible things very efficiently while Drens directs operations, I duck under some ropes to stand by the rail taking in the scene on the shore.
  92. In short, what real personal choices do we have when any choice we make directs us through the omnipotent corporate state that no matter what name is manifested to identify it - it is driven by the same thing, making money off us.
  93. It directs attention away from their efforts to suppress and punish those who are not seduced by their global warming hysteria, or the madness of government spending, but speak of the horror that is building for future generations.
  94. Would it be possible for the earth to revolve by itself, for the seasons to recur regularly by themselves, and for the rain to fall every year at certain times by itself? Must there not be a great Hand that directs and moves them?
  95. It directs all local Japanese commanders to exterminate all the Allied prisoners in their custody, both military and civilian, if enemy forces are either about to invade their zones of responsibility or about to invade Japan itself.
  96. So, this verse refers to the wise and supreme Will that directs these arrangers in their performance to their functions, so revealing that all what these disposers do are achieved but by a command that is issued from Him, the Almighty.
  97. It is arguably the most important faculty we possess as human beings in the manner it controls or directs behavior by giving pause to questions relating to right and wrong and good and evil, even when such distinctions are oftentimes unclear.
  98. By his magnifying of his Creator, he feels submission and awe towards Him; thereby you find him become straight, and by his straightness, his spirit feels reassured and trusts in God’s Satisfaction with it, so it directs its face towards Him.
  99. I remember now, your down thirteen percent last year right I said, I remember the company now it was a project I didn't want to take on but one of the directs asks for them to have a chance so I invested into their company by buying shares.
  100. Chance contrives that though he directs all his efforts to prepare an expedition against England (which would inevitably have ruined him) he never carries out that intention, but unexpectedly falls upon Mack and the Austrians, who surrender without a battle.

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