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    1. "That's something they could have verified

    2. She verified all the way to the substrates on all of them

    3. "First thing to keep in mind is that these studies aren't verified," Heymon told him as he settled into his chair

    4. Once we had verified the trapped emotion, I released

    5. It is a mathematical construct which can be verified with simple skills and it is ancient beyond fathoming

    6. Althart himself had to have his identity verified to enter, but she noticed that they verified that he was indeed professor Mithrandir, and tried not to snort

    7. But whether all her tales were true or not, enough of them were verified to prove that the natives were far more advanced, in some things at least, than the expedition had believed for the past four years

    8. because they preferred the old and verified method of

    9. It verified Martin’s suspicions, but something was troubling him about the meeting he had with Raoul

    10. The judgment of Thucydides, that both Europe and Asia could not resist the Scythians united, has been verified by the experience of all ages

    11. B: -- That prophecies, or predictions, which are made in the Bible regarding events that have already occurred in history - but after the Bible was written - can be verified as 100% accurate and truthful from historic records?

    12. What differentiates the Bible from other books that predict the future, is that the Bible is very clear and concise in its prediction of future events still to come and based on historic records that have been verified, we know that about two thirds of the prophecies in the Bible have already been fulfilled

    13. Someone who gave a name which could not be verified by any database, claimed to be from a company called New Vistas, This man offered an extraordinary fee to advertise his product, a new type of AR system

    14. That verified Sicarius’s supposition more thoroughly than any words could

    15. The cots were chiefly filled with sick, and by verified reports the Spanish loss in killed and wounded was very much less than ours, though much greater if the number of Americans needlessly sacrificed before San Juan be deducted from those lost in actual battle

    16. Admiral Purser reported that the navy had shot down a suspect helicopter thought to contain a group of terrorists, which supported Holland’s argument, but unfortunately the aircraft had sunk with no survivors, so it couldn’t be verified

    17. Additionally, there was conflicting evidence regarding Gene Frazer: his maid and several others verified that he packed and left several days before the murder for what he said was a trip to the US, but he was not listed as a passenger on bus, plane or ship, nor did immigration record his departure

    18. Cain’s work verified his position as inheritor within the family, whereas Abel’s work implied his status to be that of a helper in support of his elder brother, as the passing of generations left sons to replace their father’s leadership role

    19. The stiffness of the machine’s movements somehow struck him as portraying extreme exasperation, a feeling which was indeed verified when the machine spoke, tones of outright annoyance in its vaguely male voice:

    20. it with him and always keep it safe because it verified his status as a knight

    21. He retraced his steps and verified that the oval with the lightning bolt through it was indeed there

    22. items are being “reported correctly”? Who verified these

    23. items are being “reported correctly” ? Who verified these

    24. “reported correctly”? Who verified these accounts? You

    25. correctly”? Who verified these accounts? You have NOT

    26. that can be verified and display a remarkable consistency

    27. I had felt this to be true for a long time but always before only in a vague sort of way, but now I knew that this feeling had been verified

    28. That hope had to have developed over some indeterminate period of time previous to its verified expression

    29. “You verified it with his thoughts, right?”

    30. Before a cremation may proceed, an appointed medial arbitrator must approve the cremation, after- the identity of the deceased has been obtained and verified, the cause of death been established and that the cremation is not against the wishes of the deceased

    31. In some states this technology still needs to be studied and verified before public application will be granted

    32. verified and if the problem is solved then the bug will be closed

    33. Author Caroline Myss states that not only has this reality been repeatedly verified through her work but also that "whatever it is that we are and the circumstances that we find ourselves in, we have earned

    34. We checked in, left our bags in our room and at about nine o’clock set out for the City Tavern for the second time that day, having verified that there was no curfew

    35. Architecture shall be verified for scalability, maintenance, portability, performance, robustness and open standards

    36. · Audit evidence consists of “records, statements of fact or other information, relevant to the audit and which are verified

    37. • The completion and effectiveness of corrective action should be verified

    38. The new or changed services shall be verified and tested for the plan and actual of the service requirements and design

    39. “Well, you cannot be tried on a “Mens Rea” or guilty mind as your condition, once verified by Dr Hancox, would prohibit that

    40. presented this hypothesis, Clinton Davisson at the Bell Telephone Laboratories verified the

    41. experience and can then observe events or gather information that can be verified by others upon

    42. Tarazi verified more than 100 facts from Antonia’s story,

    43. Truth --- Conformity with fact or reality; verity --- the truth of a statement; a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like, such as mathematical truths; and actuality or actual existence

    44. This was verified

    45. If consistent, a philosopher who believes in a physical world verified by observation should

    46. verified his suspicions that he would understand nothing

    47. After breakfast Ken and the mate verified the amounts of fuel in each compartment and took samples

    48. As each spot is performed and verified, it is recorded and billed to the client at a contracted sales price

    49. He set up his switches, dialed 75 mils depression in his gunsight pipper, lowered the nose to achieve ten degrees dive angle as verified by his attitude indicator, adjusted his throttle to attain 400 knots indicated airspeed, crosschecked altitude as he approached release height, maintained a slight crosswind compensation that he would kick out at the last second, and watched his pipper drift up to the target

    50. turns to look at me, nodding, glad that I’ve verified this long

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    proved to be true