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  1. A veritable who’s who of.
  2. A veritable fairyland, he said.
  3. It was a veritable treasure trove of.
  4. Here is a veritable mortal who is not exact.
  5. There was a veritable storm of coins into the.

  6. Yes, yes, I’ll be a veritable Mary Poppins.
  7. This couple were veritable wrecks of human beings.
  8. This pile of salt was a veritable fortune back then.
  9. A second later came the rain, a veritable cloud-burst.
  10. The fetes are veritable pleasure days to the Italians.
  11. Golyadkin to shame thereby and rejecting the veritable Mr.
  12. The crowd of reporters gasped at the news, a veritable bolt out.
  13. It would take a veritable army to storm and capture such a vessel.
  14. Unlike Amy, Alice was a veritable little doll, sociable and friendly.
  15. Saturday nights there were veritable desert caravans of movie fanatics.

  16. A veritable monstrosity with as much charm as a garden gnome on a bollard.
  17. A desert inhabited by discworld salamanders was a veritable lighthouse at night.
  18. There are trays of cutlery in plain view here, knives and forks, a veritable powder keg.
  19. Talaat had become the veritable father figure that looked over us and advised us through Leila.
  20. In some cycles we see nothing make an important move, in which case buyers go on a veritable strike.
  21. His place is a veritable palace, they bathed in a delicately carved marble bath both before and after.
  22. The thistle is the order for dignity and antiquity; the veritable 'nemo me impune lacessit' of chivalry.
  23. Some say it is the veritable heart of a god, others that it is a star that fell from the skies long ago.
  24. It is a veritable maze of streets, alleyways and squares, and I believe it dates back to medieval times.
  25. Monsieur Bwikov says that they will cost him too much, that they will burn a veritable hole in his pocket.

  26. The car seemed to be upside-down for a veritable eternity, while nothing but blue sky showed to left and right.
  27. Jimmy Cameron’s world was a veritable treasure trove of goodness and sparkling happiness, except for one thing.
  28. We managed to reach the conservatory and found in a corner a veritable bower with a wide rustic seat under some palms.
  29. Certain convicts who were forever dreaming of escape, ended by making a veritable science of force and skill combined.
  30. Akie became an embodiment of aggression, a veritable Fenris Woolf, as he burst into a violent bout of snarling and barking.
  31. He’d turned the small hot spring pool into a veritable spa with underwater benches and interchanging shallow and deeper areas.
  32. The Fisherman’s Arms was as rough as the rest of the shabby town and its inhabitants, but to Manfred it was a veritable palace.
  33. It was apparent that when it came to well-heeled clients, he could be quite charming; a veritable fount of patience and solicitude.
  34. We soon found out, however, that downright famine prevailed in the town—the town which we had pictured a veritable Land of Promise.
  35. Strange to say, he stood up for her as if she were in earnest his veritable born lady; to such a pass had his unholy books brought him.
  36. You can have three protagonists and a veritable host of problems but that is the essence of structure and it’s that way for a reason.
  37. There was no shortage of interest in the bar and Tom found himself at the centre of a veritable storm of hormonal posturing and pouting.
  38. And on top of those horses- atop the bay sits a veritable giant of a man that I’ve never seen before, but atop the black sits- sits-.
  39. It was where he stayed when he was in London: a veritable home-from-home: a place where he could relax, meet old friends and do business.
  40. Armstrong lived down The Superstitions of Sue, which, one might have thought, would have proved to be a veritable old-man-of-the-sea.
  41. His wife Biddy whose family came from nearby was a veritable chatterbox, extracting all the news she could about Ellen’s family in England.
  42. One of the conversations among the young men, at which Marius was present and in which he sometimes joined, was a veritable shock to his mind.
  43. All of the smartest, most intelligent, freethinking human beings joined Herb's expedition with the intent of forming a veritable Utopia on Mars.
  44. In some instances, to the quick, observant eye, those linear marks, as in a veritable engraving, but afford the ground for far other delineations.
  45. Three highly advertised personalities tried to weather out a veritable emaciation of drama, and the result was, of course, a foregone conclusion.
  46. Therefore, with the Okinawa experience fresh in their minds, military strategists feared that the invasion of Japan would produce a veritable bloodbath.
  47. So in The Freedom of Suzanne, while Suzanne danced a veritable can-can through two acts, she was brought back to a sedate English jig in the third.
  48. A massive stone gateway fully five stories high led into a veritable forest of gigantic columns, each fifteen metres in circumference and 23 metres high.
  49. Lovers' Lane was a veritable path in a fairyland that night—a shimmering, mysterious place, full of wizardry in the white-woven enchantment of moonlight.
  50. But, for those who study the tongue as it should be studied, that is to say, as geologists study the earth, slang appears like a veritable alluvial deposit.
  51. In the galleries up above the assembled politicians there was a veritable host of media reporters, who were all fighting and scrapping for the best vantage points.
  52. Then he climbed to the top of the stack, a veritable king of Wilsons Junk Yard, and began to leap from one pile of cars to the next, the pack of dogs following below.
  53. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza had not merely found favour, but had already become, what they have never since ceased to be, veritable entities to the popular imagination.
  54. He was a heartthrob, a veritable heir of Casanova with, apparently, no end of passionate affairs and many a time I wondered how he managed to keep up with his college studies.
  55. We held our hands together, praying for God’s grace and blessings so our plans should materialise; and that He should use us as veritable tools to save other fellow students.
  56. Anyhow in he rolled after his successful libation-cum-potation, introducing an atmosphere of drink into the soirée, boisterously trolling, like a veritable son of a seacook:.
  57. They were walking down a small bluff, with the river on their right, overlooking the rest of the forest, a veritable sea of greens and browns with a misty fog in place of a sky.
  58. Under this view baptism is not regarded simply as a dramatic expression of man's faith or of God’s mercy, but as the veritable channel in which runs the stream of eternal life.
  59. Things went from bad to worse and when our government collapsed, it left our ship a veritable Ishmael of the Sea, with none to claim or recognize her for other than a lawless freebooter.
  60. With those huge shoulders and large, scarred hands, he’s a veritable giant, and when you add to that the pitch-black, over-long hair and the dark brown eyes, he’s a very handsome man.
  61. At last the fugitives discovered a path to the river Moskva; and the Emperor with his suite and his guards sallied forth across the stream, only to find themselves in a veritable inferno.
  62. Gorulga would plant either himself or some trusted minion in that niche, to talk through the holes, the credulous acolytes, black men all, would accept it as the veritable voice of Yelaya.
  63. The novelty of the attempt, and the interest incident to the subject, had attracted such a concourse of persons that there was a veritable obstruction on the threshold of the establishment.
  64. These two weeks at Chorazin constituted a veritable baptism of adversity for the twelve evangelists in that it was the most difficult and unproductive period in their careers up to this time.
  65. The drink in his hand remained unsipped, his friend Black unspoken to, the fine house unnoticed, the very weather itself neglected, for there was a veritable fountain of sound in the air above them.
  66. One would have called it a veritable kaleidoscope, a real operatic scene; and for a moment our little locality might have thought itself transported into the midst of a dream of the 'Thousand and One Nights.
  67. For me this was not a problem as there was a veritable haberdashery of things for me to choose from, but for the girls it was a different matter and I would need to make suitable garments for the both of them.
  68. Unbelievably I glanced toward Relentless and saw him busy nosing through the grass in search of the remains of what must have been a veritable feast of apples, if the empty sack on the ground was any indicator.
  69. The reception was a veritable who’s who of German society, the couple was showered with wonderful gifts and at the end of the night they retired to the magnificent apartment The Fuhrer had given them as a gift.
  70. Because they were afraid of a few lions? When there were millions of grazing animals? Why didn’t the North American natives colonize the land where millions of bison lived? It was a veritable paradise of easy hunting.
  71. He made his way along the corridors through force of habit; he threw aside his magisterial robe, not out of deference to etiquette, but because it was an unbearable burden, a veritable garb of Nessus, insatiate in torture.
  72. On one side the sea protected it, and there were no foreign ships on the southern ocean anyway; to the landward side were walls and a broad morass which might be flooded in time of danger, making the city a veritable island.
  73. It is no longer reserved for the minority of men, who have always understood Christianity by its veritable truth; but it is acknowledged by the great majority, who, if we are to judge by their social life, are far removed from it.
  74. The church of the house, constructed in such a manner as to separate the Great Convent from the Boarding-school like a veritable intrenchment, was, of course, common to the Boarding-school, the Great Convent, and the Little Convent.
  75. Who would ever have thought it possible! The last time I saw you you were a veritable wild man, skipping about among the branches of a tropical African forest, and now you are driving me along a Wisconsin road in a French automobile.
  76. A growl, so exceedingly fierce and natural, proceeded from the beast, that the young Indian released his hold and started aside, as if to assure himself that it was not a veritable bear, and no counterfeit, that was rolling before him.
  77. The 1950s saw a veritable ballpoint war as more companies got in on the act and tried to sell cheap, messy ballpoints to the public, who soon got fed up with ballpoints leaking in their pockets and looked out their trusty fountain pens and bottles of ink.
  78. A veritable photographer's gallery of framed prints were on display there and he let his eyes take in the coloured photographs of the doctor with various members of the royal family, and others, where he posed with white-coated and presumably distinguished medical men.
  79. A circle in white showed that it was quite close to Centralia, along with a bunch of other planetary systems, isolated asteroids, a veritable maze of cometary epicycles, mostly outside of the plane of the ecliptic, something called ‘Marginals,’ and other populated objects.
  80. The veritable slang and the slang that is pre-eminently slang, if the two words can be coupled thus, the slang immemorial which was a kingdom, is nothing else, we repeat, than the homely, uneasy, crafty, treacherous, venomous, cruel, equivocal, vile, profound, fatal tongue of wretchedness.
  81. In civilization, such as it has formed itself, a little by the command of God, a great deal by the agency of man, interests combine, unite, and amalgamate in a manner to form a veritable hard rock, in accordance with a dynamic law, patiently studied by economists, those geologists of politics.
  82. He often spent long hours there alone, labelling, decanting, and doing up again; and he looked upon it not as a simple store, but as a veritable sanctuary, whence there afterwards issued, elaborated by his hands, all sorts of pills, boluses, infusions, lotions, and potions, that would bear far and wide his celebrity.
  83. Carrying six monologues, all sprayed forth upon each other at once, in a veritable cloud of self-commiseration, peeping and twitting the discouragements of travel and the ardors of weather, the corps de ballet as it were flew, cascaded, flowed eloquently in a greater bloom of cologne by me and the transfixed elevator man.
  84. A veritable witness have you hitherto been, Ishmael; but have a care how you seize the privilege of Jonah alone; the privilege of discoursing upon the joists and beams; the rafters, ridge-pole, sleepers, and under-pinnings, making up the frame-work of leviathan; and belike of the tallow-vats, dairy-rooms, butteries, and cheeseries in his bowels.
  85. Some clung to the Shrouds straining to see what had become of other Ships around us (as if that might portend our Fate) and some hung on to the Yards like veritable Monkies, essaying to straighten the torn and flapping Sails; others scurried to man the Pumps, shouting that all was lost, we should surely founder; and still others fell to bended Knee in Pray’r.
  86. At its northern side, sloping towards the wall, was visible what looked like an ordinary terrace, rather low, and ornamented with small shrubs and grotto-work; but which, on nearer approach, proved to be a veritable village in miniature, constructed with a verisimilitude of design, and a fidelity to detail, which was at once in the highest degree amazing and amusing.
  87. It is the whole man who shall live again, and therefore, it is, as is reasoned by the Highest Authority, that the declaration of God to Moses that he was 'the God of Abraham,’ four hundred years after his death, proves the resurrection, against the Sadducees; since the departed spirit was not the veritable Abraham, but only one element in the constitution of him who slept in Machpelah.
  88. The doctrine of Immortality through the Incarnation will prove itself a veritable 'flaming sword,’ not to shut but to keep open 'the way of the Tree of Life,’ and an effectual weapon against those modern delusions which would close it; whose pretended 'breadth’ consists substantially in narrowing the revealed thoughts of the Infinite Being down to the dimensions of naturalistic fancy.
  89. He also yielded to none in his admiration of Rossini's Stabat Mater, a work simply abounding in immortal numbers, in which his wife, Madam Marion Tweedy, made a hit, a veritable sensation, he might safely say, greatly adding to her other laureis and putting the others totally in the shade, in the jesuit fathers' church in upper Gardiner street, the sacred edifice being thronged to the doors to hear her with virtuosos, or.
  90. God, always within man, and refractory, He, the true conscience, to the false; a prohibition to the spark to die out; an order to the ray to remember the sun; an injunction to the soul to recognize the veritable absolute when confronted with the fictitious absolute, humanity which cannot be lost; the human heart indestructible; that splendid phenomenon, the finest, perhaps, of all our interior marvels, did Javert understand this? Did Javert penetrate it? Did Javert account for it to himself? Evidently he did not.
  91. Speaking later on of the way the subject is looked at in France, he says: We believe that, a hundred years after the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the citizen, the time has come to recognize the rights of nations and to renounce at once and forever all those undertakings based on fraud and force, which, under the name of conquests, are veritable crimes against humanity, and which, whatever the vanity of monarchs and the pride of nations may think of them, only weaken even those who are triumphant over them.
  92. What? Have a scientific study that scientifically proves most of modern western surgery is worse than doing nothing at all? You mean all those billions and trillions of dollars are spent on pure quackery? You mean the sacred religious belief that hospitals can help you instead of harm you is bullshit? The entire religious culture of hospitals and the worship of doctors and surgeons as veritable god-like authority figures would be destroyed… Now we can’t have that can we? Make people be responsible for their own health? Unthinkable.
  93. It seems, in fact, as though there existed in certain men a veritable bestial instinct, though pure and upright, like all instincts, which creates antipathies and sympathies, which fatally separates one nature from another nature, which does not hesitate, which feels no disquiet, which does not hold its peace, and which never belies itself, clear in its obscurity, infallible, imperious, intractable, stubborn to all counsels of the intelligence and to all the dissolvents of reason, and which, in whatever manner destinies are arranged, secretly warns the man-dog of the presence of the man-cat, and the man-fox of the presence of the man-lion.
  94. Whether it was that Tashtego, that wild Indian, was so heedless and reckless as to let go for a moment his one-handed hold on the great cabled tackles suspending the head; or whether the place where he stood was so treacherous and oozy; or whether the Evil One himself would have it to fall out so, without stating his particular reasons; how it was exactly, there is no telling now; but, on a sudden, as the eightieth or ninetieth bucket came suckingly up—my God! poor Tashtego—like the twin reciprocating bucket in a veritable well, dropped head-foremost down into this great Tun of Heidelburgh, and with a horrible oily gurgling, went clean out of sight!.

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