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    1. 'Be careful how you answer this', she told herself, 'your tongue is not done raising welts on this one's ego, but your genitals veto the eternal barrier

    2. veto Rex and his decisions

    3. Military dictatorships tend to only give up power by being forced out, and they often still insist on both veto power over what the public decides in elections and immunity from being punished for their atrocities

    4. It is probable that this veto will be challenged in the courts which will add to the costs

    5. coal mine in Central Appalaicha, the first time in 37 years the agency has moved to veto such a project

    6. that is that some liberal president might veto that bill and if he is a member of the party that is in control the veto might stand

    7. statement then he would not need to veto anything

    8. give Congress the opportunity to override a veto with a two thirds majority Bush has issued the signing

    9. us 17% of the vote and we do not have veto power)

    10. even though those two do not have a permanent seat on the Security Council nor do they have veto

    11. in 1971 who was then given Taiwan"s seat on the Security Council with a veto power

    12. for two of the countries with a veto power were receiving money from him

    13. (And in spite of Obama"s statement that he would veto any bill

    14. Since I didn’t need the money these people paid, I could suggest appropriate songs and veto those I didn’t approve of

    15. I think they thought the governor would veto it

    16. A plebian tribune could veto an act he judged injurious to his class

    17. Two magisterial consuls with veto power over each other provided “imperium,”

    18. In implementing its newly invented Liberty of Contract theory, and in similar decisions as well, the Court claimed and entrenched for itself a veto power for which there is no justification in the Constitution

    19. Weary of exercising merely a peremptory veto, the four rebel Justices itched to break out of the confines of simply reviewing acts of Congress, the President, or the States

    20. On March 3, 1973, repudiating “outside pressure”, the United States used its veto in the United Nations against the resolution to negotiate a new treaty that would guarantee “total respect to Panama’s effective sovereignty over all its territory”

    21. Appalaicha, the first time in 37 years the agency has moved to veto such a project

    22. Because of his anti- energy programs and because he would very probably veto all of my

    23. which gave any state a defacto veto on many acts of the ‘confeder-

    24. and often even completely veto my suggestions

    25. [4] Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the on-ly two emirates to have veto power over critical matters of national importance in the country's legisla-ture

    26. The Governor of the Province and Viceroy had the over-riding veto power to guarantee the interests of the British

    27. workers” seems almost inappropriate, could veto your approval if they felt you were not prepared

    28. He was given veto

    29. The president certainly can veto a bill and at times he should, but when he asks the Congress to send a bill to his desk and they pass it, why would he veto it later? The answer might be that someone snuck a provision into the bill in the middle of the night

    30. I’d veto it, too

    31. As far as I am concerned, why not just veto the bill, something until recently that the president “elected” in 2000 and 2004 hadn’t done in six years

    32. Maybe this wasn’t done because the veto could and probably would be overridden

    33. To avoid a bully system of democracy, I will encourage the constant awareness to the rights of the minorities and veto majority decisions that would tend to trample on those rights

    34. � In view of the skills she has already demonstrated in the past in planning combined operations and of her knowledge of future warfare, I would also give her a complete veto in the preparation of this mission

    35. We did not get help from our allies because the Soviet veto at the Security Council stopped the United Nations from voting a resolution calling for a collective defense of South Korea

    36. ‘’Then, know that Russia will react at such a Chinese veto by immediately cutting off any further military aid to China

    37. Since the United Nations charter she had pushed forward had no veto provision for superpower states, the United States had lost that vote despite the support of other states with segregation laws, like South Africa and Rhodesia

    38. I need for you to have full veto on all operations at all times

    39. Not only do presidents also appoint justices to the courts and hold veto power over the

    40. Furthermore, the Terran Federation Council isn’t there anymore to suck our tax revenues and waste tens of billions of credits on military forces, or to veto our development plans to concentrate instead on supporting a mass of unproductive people

    41. but he also had the power to veto the law and send it back to

    42. It is, at the end of the day, the final word within the saffron ‘family’—the paterfamilias who has veto rights in the event of any internal dispute

    43. But there were a few seats, especially in Gujarat, where Modi had veto power

    44. No human can override ALLAH’s veto

    45. Muhammad had a veto power against women without her conscent

    46. Senate will stop it, and the word VETO by the President will prevail

    47. The British strictly speaking could not veto a decision if the EU leaders did decide to raid the EFSM kitty, since the decisions are made by qualified voting

    48. After making its way from the Speaker of the House and through the Senate, the President would pass the law into effect, but he also had the power to veto the law and send it back to Congress

    49. Otherwise she would veto it and Haik would comply

    50. He has veto power over any thing

    1. "We agreed it was a stupid idea," Herndon said, "and vetoed it immediately

    2. the EPA and that is the first time in its 40 year history that the agency has vetoed a permit after it was

    3. the reason he has not vetoed a bill for if he believes he can accept or reject a bill based on his signing

    4. Schwarzenegger submitted and vetoed the bill citing the supremacy of “international law

    5. The EPA has also vetoed a federal flood- control project to build a huge water pump intended to reduce flooding in the Mississippi Delta

    6. A previously approved water permit has been vetoed by the EPA and that is the first time in its 40 year history that the agency has vetoed a permit after it was issued

    7. A bill was passed by the Republican Congress in 1995 to permit drilling for oil and gas but President Clinton vetoed it

    8. He'd suggested he wear work clothes and several days' growth of beard but she vetoed that, and with her insistence his better angel won out

    9. I vetoed that idea

    10. suggested walking but the students vetoed that

    11. My reaction, and that of my husband, who lost his post as Chief Administrator when vetoed on this by his own cabinet, was why create the Time Patrol in the first place, only to tell them to do nothing when faced with the first threat to the integrity of history?”

    12. President Hayes vetoed the act on the grounds that it abrogated the Burlingame Treaty (1868), which allowed unlimited Chinese immigration

    13. That would have been cooler but Elly vetoed it

    14. Sophia strongly vetoed it to herself

    15. Emeka vetoed Zoleka's choices, and chose gifts that he thought the twins would appreciate

    16. We could have rolled in and taken out the bad guys—but the CO vetoed it

    17. That idea was vetoed

    18. We could have rolled in and taken out the bad guys—but the CO vetoed it

    19. That idea was vetoed

    20. The governor vetoed the bill, but we had enough support to override the veto

    1. Due to persistent and repeated Soviet vetoes at the United Nations, which had blocked the formation of an international force, no other allied country had joined forces with the United States in Korea

    2. My brain vetoes the idea

    1. As Governor of Illinois, he stood up to anti Communist hysteria, vetoing a bill requiring loyalty oaths

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    Synonyms for "veto"

    veto disallow forbid interdict nix prohibit proscribe blackball negative reject refuse turn down deny void dismiss refusal prohibition interdiction negation denial declination

    "veto" definitions

    a vote that blocks a decision

    the power or right to prohibit or reject a proposed or intended act (especially the power of a chief executive to reject a bill passed by the legislature)

    vote against; refuse to endorse; refuse to assent

    command against