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Dismiss in a sentence

But let us dismiss it.
We can dismiss the idea.
Do not dismiss or gloss.
She flaps her hand to dismiss me.
Dismiss your men, Bayis said.
And she was quick to dismiss Alex.
Well, in short, we'll dismiss that.

Before he could dismiss them, Kalum.
We should not dismiss this possibility.
Still, he could not dismiss the feeling.
I would dismiss all this parade of words.
He would have been too senior to dismiss.
The printer one could, of course, dismiss.
It is a bad look-out: they may dismiss him.
Dismiss how much I was hurt by the abuse?
Elekka at first tried to dismiss her feeling.
I can't dismiss Mason altogether, she decided.
So I would not dismiss Dow 36,000 out of hand.
He was able to dismiss them with little effort.
He could not find it within himself to dismiss.
Higgins waved his hand as if to dismiss the issue.
Besides, they would simply dismiss it as nothing.
Rutherford added, I move to dismiss the charges.
Q: Why did you dismiss these revelations at first?
He said, Your motion to dismiss is overruled, Mr.
Well, this was France and you should never dismiss a.
He sipped his drink and tried to dismiss the thought.
But, like anyone, he’d only dismiss them as fantasy.
The young fairy tried to dismiss it, but it persisted.
He resolved to dismiss him with contempt and forget him.
He felt a sudden twinge of guilt and tried to dismiss it.
Some traders will dismiss option writing as too risky.
Why would we dismiss the possibility that there would be.
Dismiss what? Buddy asked, though he knew the answer.
I tried to dismiss these feelings but they never went away.
My client was told to dismiss the criminal charges, or else.
He has the answers to dismiss the myth and reveal the facts.
But I wasn’t able to dismiss the next part quite so easily.
As soon as I took my seat, I heard the judge dismiss the court.
They even became burdensome to him, and he had to dismiss them.
Claire realized he was dismissing her.
Dismissing all these as mere fragments of.
Dismissing the idea, he knew where the notion.
Erskine had no authority, and with dismissing Mr.
He buried himself into the newspaper, dismissing me.
Don’t stand there pitying me, dismissing me as a.
He omitted the part about Kagen dismissing the incident.
Then, dismissing the attendants, she said to her friend:.
And dismissing with a gesture the ruffians who still kept.
She spared me the trouble of considering, by dismissing me.
Th ere are cases known when leader was dismissing his old.
The way in which she was dismissing his concerns and trying.
She made the sign of a superior dismissing an inferior to him.
That is all the doctor wanted to know before dismissing the.
I’m sure it will all blow over, I answered, dismissing it.
Hi, she answered, dismissing him with a bored glance and a nod.
Naw, she said, dismissing his comment with a wave of her hand.
Not too long, Van Thorn said, dismissing it as if it were an.
Dismissing the sinful thoughts from his mind, he waved back at her.
At length the commander muttered, Go, dismissing him without.
Now, there are surely those folks out there who are dismissing this.
Sam glanced at her from the corner of his eye, dismissing her as dross.
I’m not dismissing you, Captain Munoz said with extreme patience.
Not a chance, Wickland said, immediately dismissing the suggestion.
Santiago waved his hand at the private, dismissing his idiocy and ignorance.
Therefore, before totally dismissing the E/P indications of movement toward.
The count, dismissing his carriage, followed him about a hundred paces behind.
His cold and subtle dismissing actions from that night had told her that much.
Garcia said, dismissing their honors and their faces of uncertainty with a wave.
He took me aside after dismissing the others and praised me for all my progress.
Dismissing his own turbulent reactions concerning the chimes and the horrors that.
Verging on dismissing the chimes as a freak of his senses, halfway across, a shudder.
Dismissing that fact Ahmed continued to push it when he saw that men finally noticed him.
I looked back at Harold, trying to let him know that I was dismissing her as irrelevant.
Its link to Chinese horoscopes has provoked some traders into dismissing it as mumbo-jumbo.
He made reference to the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot before dismissing the issue entirely.
Quickly pushing the memories aside Soffen stood up, shaking her head as though dismissing the idea.
Fetyukovitch succeeded in casting a slur on all of them, and dismissing them with a certain derision.
The dairyman, though he had thought of dismissing her soon, now made a great concern about losing her.
She refused to acknowledge this, her strong contention that she was fine dismissing his concerns.
The elders dismissed it as.
He had dismissed her quite.
I have not dismissed you.
I then dismissed the jagun.
But when I had dismissed my.
He quickly dismissed the idea.
He quickly dismissed this idea.
I dismissed the memory quickly.
Kimmel and Short were dismissed.
I dismissed the thought of food.
You are dismissed to your rooms.
You are now dismissed, gentlemen.
But I quickly dismissed the idea.
She dismissed the idea as absurd.
Then he dismissed it from his mind.
He dismissed the idea immediately.
Fred dismissed this depressing idea.
Dismissed, The Major waved him off.
But Dave ignored them or dismissed.
I was grateful when he dismissed me.
I dismissed it as nothing as you do.
I was dismissed the Service, Sir.
He dismissed the idea of a frontal.
You are dismissed, Sir Arthur!’’.
E dismissed her with a swat of the air.
He was dismissed, and went away gladly.
But this morning she dismissed all that.
So he was not to be dismissed after all.
Maaah! He dismissed it with a hand.
She was expecting to be dismissed from.
But Mr Snickerty dismissed his comments.
I heard nothing, dismissed the Duke.
Nurse dismissed his response with a grunt.
She dismissed the idea of taking Stanley.
She dismissed it as the moans of the wind.
Then, with a hand wave, Raj was dismissed.
Sebastian dismissed him with another wave.
She dismissed it as nothing to worry about.
Brendan had the impression he was dismissed.
Arthur dismissed my doubts without concern.
She dismisses this thought with ―.
She dismisses the plan almost immediately.
The Somali dismisses the idea with a wave of his hand.
She hears and dismisses snatches of conversation as she passes.
Cass dismisses his curiosity by honoring her outstretched hand.
The private self is what make us tick but soul dismisses the call.
In verse 8 God also dismisses the three Sheppard’s of the nation that abhorred him.
I’m surprised to hear that from you---the one who dismisses the old tales as mythology.
In my experience there is nothing as bullish as a bearish view that explicitly dismisses the significance of widespread bearish sentiment.
R’jan laughs and dismisses his dark brothers with a regal, condescending wave as if shooing a bothersome fly from a banquet surely called in honor of him.
There seems to be an elusive point at which the mind dismisses the concept of playing the role and steps off the fence to the other side, albeit briefly.
Professor Thomas Hibbs dismisses the neuroscientists’ dismissal of metaphysics with the observation that no life would be worth living predicated on [these] assumptions of neuroscience.
Prayer silences the passions of the soul, assuages the rebel ion of anger, dismisses envy, dissipates evil desire, withers the love of worldly things, and brings great peace and serenity to the soul.
Thus Sully, in his "Sensation and Intuition: Studies in Psychology and Æsthetics" (1874), dismisses the conception of beauty altogether, art, by his definition, being the production of some permanent object or passing action fitted to supply active enjoyment to the producer, and a pleasurable impression to a number of spectators or listeners, quite apart from any personal advantage derived from it.

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