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Vigil in a sentence | vigil example sentences

  1. It was an endless vigil.
  2. My vigil is held in complete silence.
  3. They would maintain a constant vigil.
  4. Bo kept a quiet, lonely vigil in the.
  5. They set up a vigil just outside the house.

  6. The vigil for Christi and Matthew had ended.
  7. It had been a lonely vigil, but thankfully uneventful.
  8. The night was fine, but still it was a very weary vigil.
  9. Bitsy showed up a bit later, and we all started our vigil.
  10. Long there and then in vigil I stood, dimly around me the.
  11. I was firm, however, and made preparations for my long vigil.
  12. She kept vigil over everyone, but not as before—not as a spy.
  13. She felt safe and secure knowing that he was still keeping vigil.
  14. Her vigil had lasted for millennia, but it was finally at an end.
  15. Detective John Sampson was standing vigil by the bed of his friend.

  16. They keep you safe while your rest, you keep vigil when they need.
  17. She was ready and waiting, standing vigil just inside the front door.
  18. Vain! In vain do I call, through my vigil weary, On creation and its.
  19. I helped dress their wounds, then returned to the vigil with Ah Tutal.
  20. Why could he then support that his vigil with the greater equanimity?
  21. The vigil of night is more effective, and better suited for recitation.
  22. It was a melancholy vigil, and made more so by my own sense of its folly.
  23. She’d never said what had set her running from her vigil at the cottage.
  24. I hold this vigil for hours, hearing the Murmurers but still not seeing them.
  25. And yet, it had been Josh who had stood vigil beside her sick bed, not Alex.

  26. Now, what? Write to his spirit? Keep vigil over the sea? All hopeless, naive.
  27. He got back in the Porsche and drove back to Cabo Branco to continue his vigil.
  28. Nancy and the others spent the next two hours in a sad vigil, oblivious of the hot sun.
  29. When his sons managed to crawl to college, he doubled his vigil over their activities.
  30. Both Ogilhinn and I had prayed and stood vigil while Gavina, Beathan’s wife, was ill.
  31. Using the sun as a timepiece, the idea of repeating this vigil for the next few turns.
  32. Two years later, it is clear that Nancy Reagan’s lonely vigil will soon come to an end.
  33. So this was the explanation of the unlocked door and of the nocturnal vigil of Milverton.
  34. That vigil had taken girlhood from her eyes, yet she kept her youth to a marvellous degree.
  35. I thanked the doctor, then Justine and I took up a vigil in the waiting room outside the ICU.
  36. Sitting vigil until she signals and he is again by her side as they tramp purgatory together.
  37. At dawn, worn out by the tormented vigil, he ap-peared in the cell an hour before the execution.
  38. That night they all went to bed at nine, except Carl, who was already keeping vigil on the tombstone.
  39. I had a cup of water closed my pack pulled my rifle into my shoulder and took up my vigil once more.
  40. It was evident that Zimoveykin had spent the whole night in vigil and in great exertions of some sort.
  41. The Colonel, who had taken up a silent vigil on the riverside, turned to see what it was Kate had found.
  42. White House chief of staff James Baker kneels in prayer, while Mike Deaver and Ed Meese join the vigil.
  43. Anne read hers that bitter night, as she kept her agonized vigil through the hours of storm and darkness.
  44. Only the shattered Elif, the unconscious soldier and the sticky drip of blood kept his vigil with despair.
  45. He spoke without turning away from his vigil at the mouth of the small space formed by the crack in the wall.
  46. The long and unbroken peace lulled the wizards into a false sense of safety, and they became lax in their vigil.
  47. But of late, since the night of his vigil, all her sympathies towards him had been both softened and invigorated.
  48. See the calmness of the night, the solitude of the spot, inviting us to break our slumbers by a vigil of some sort.
  49. He had not left the bungalow since the return of the Sheriff’s body, he had kept watch over her in a silent vigil.
  50. They hadn’t found any sign of Kierdan intruders thus far, but Admiral Fescor had them performing a constant vigil.
  51. Moshe had insisted that he be the last to exit the encampment and rode his lonely vigil somewhat behind Yigal’s men.
  52. My vigil was rewarded by the sight of three planes, one after the other; casting their shadows on the hillside and tents.
  53. Having kept vigil in all these ways by staying open to the unfolding mystery of life, the abbot needed another retreat!.
  54. I maintained my vigil, sending my spirit out to the departing one who might need a steady hand at the crossing-over place.
  55. A vigil was in progress, one of many around the country, while a Constitutional Convention met to draft a major revision.
  56. That night, keeping vigil over their man that united them in their love for him, the mates didn’t wink even for a moment.
  57. Bright with hope, the youth continued his vigil with even greater attention and interest than on any of the previous nights.
  58. Through the window of the house, I could see at least two freaks keeping a stoic vigil in what looked to be the living room.
  59. The Director went back to his office as the mystery team lowered the lights near the bed of the patient and kept quite vigil.
  60. Already she’d talked about taking up a vigil by the Natural Bridge in the hope of precipitating Daniel-William’s return.
  61. He turned to Darfod and said, What is the correct form to do now, counsellor? Do I stay for the vigil, or return to my men?
  62. The Dangler’s mad vigil seemed to last all night, but finally he dropped into the bottom of the boat and said, I only missed one.
  63. Professors, Norm and Boran, along with several other scientists’ remained to keep vigil and chatted about the miracle they were creating.
  64. Elia Kazan’s yarn was that Marilyn broke into the house the night before the service and kept vigil till morning beside Johnny’s coffin.
  65. Vigil final for you brave boy, (I could not save you, swift was your death, I faithfully loved you and cared for you living, I think we shall.
  66. The main river reached again, they turned the boat's head upstream, towards the point where they knew their friend was keeping his lonely vigil.
  67. The constant vigil was boring, nothing was happening on the Ocean Raider, his cramped cabin was sweltering even with the windows and hatches open.
  68. He put his hands in his coat pockets and turned back eagerly to his scrutiny of the house, as though my presence marred the sacredness of the vigil.
  69. Such a vigil is an excellent lesson, since one has no choice but to look hard at those objects which we usually pass with such half-hearted interest.
  70. Theresa and her cousin Mei Li rotated shifts night and day for several days, keeping vigil over the monk who hovered somewhere between life and death.
  71. They were greeted there by Teresa James, Gertrude Meserve and Lieutenant Colonel Tucker, who were mounting an anxious vigil in the pre-operating room.
  72. Eckleburg kept their vigil but I perceived, after a moment, that other eyes were regarding us with peculiar intensity from less than twenty feet away.
  73. His eyes kept darting away from the scene and his trembling hand hovered near his mouth as if on a vigil waiting for stomach contents to come up unbidden.
  74. Please, give your servant some sign that you have at least heard him! he bellowed to the seemingly empty countryside in the distress of his lonely vigil.
  75. They reported that several thousand people were gathering outside the federal courthouse in Little Rock, in an around-the-clock vigil, in support of my friends.
  76. One evening, after a day of accustomed vigil at the angle of two roads leading to Marseilles from the Catalans, she returned to her home more depressed than ever.
  77. By then Rory’s wedding had been postponed, and the family gathering had been transformed into a vigil for John, his wife, Carolyn, and his sister-in-law, Lauren.
  78. It is the mean, prosaic, commonplace character of all the surroundings and circumstances that gives a significance to Don Quixote's vigil and the ceremony that follows.
  79. He would keep vigil today by praying the psalms and readings, which make up the Office of Vigils as he always did, and also by doing some wholistic body-mind spiritual exercises.
  80. Dimmesdale, on the night of his vigil, had given her a new theme of reflection, and held up to her an object that appeared worthy of any exertion and sacrifice for its attainment.
  81. That time so long ago, she mused, the old thought, still clear after so many years, when the heavens were my only source of inspiration that offered a distraction from my lonely vigil.
  82. They had the fascination of a lonely vigil kept by some mysterious watcher up there, those two windows shining dimly upon the harbour in the whole vast extent of the abandoned building.
  83. On the night of the vigil for her husband, it not only seemed reasonable for him to be there, but she even understood it as the natural end of rancor: an act of forgiving and forgetting.
  84. I understand that you truly respect us womenfolk and that you have done well in cleaning up your act on that score, but you need to continue keeping vigil over your attitude and language.
  85. Therefore I say to you if the owner of a house knows that the thief is coming he will begin his vigil before he comes and will not let him into his house of his domain to carry away his goods.
  86. My father’s casket was brought to the house in Hyannis, draped with an American flag, and placed in the sunroom, where most members of the family, young and old, took turns standing vigil.
  87. And, obviously, he could not have captured it! In this last conclusion Captain Mitchell was misled by the assumption drawn from his observation of the weather during his long vigil on the wharf.
  88. What attracted Mazarin’s attention was the size of the woman, who was now discussing with one of the guards standing vigil along the road from Nantes: Compared to her, the guard seemed diminutive.
  89. Never had the sun risen so beautifully, and never had the world seemed so lovely as it did to the heavy eyes of Meg and Jo, as they looked out in the early morning, when their long, sad vigil was done.
  90. They still feared the return of the Khmer rouge, so with the rifles and ammunitions that had been washed up years before and kept in good condition, with oils from tree saps, remained on constant vigil.
  91. I kept vigil at Sohrab's bedside in the daytime and wandered through the hospital's serpentine corridors at night, listening to my shoe heels clicking on the tiles, thinking of what I would say to Sohrab when he woke up.
  92. In any case, what most calmed her spirit was the certainty that this letter from a wise old man was not an attempt to repeat the impertinence of the night of the vigil over the body but a very noble way of erasing the past.
  93. John would have gone with him, but Jesus insisted that he stay through the festivities, saying: It is not required of you to bear the burden of the Son of Man; only the watchman must keep vigil while the city sleeps in peace.
  94. In the cavern in Kellaran’s most distant moon, two female Senior Draconian Healers sat vigil with the Eldest, feeding his Levitated body a slow trickle of power to ensure it’s continued gradual recovery and monitoring it closely.
  95. How shall I ever forget that dreadful vigil? I could not hear a sound, not even the drawing of a breath, and yet I knew that my companion sat open-eyed, within a few feet of me, in the same state of nervous tension in which I was myself.
  96. But what other use for that eye now, other than to receive this image? Death was near for the fishless crew, so why not burn this image onto the back of Fishmael's retina for the rest of his short life? So the lithographic vigil continued.
  97. Searchers would have come across it but thankfully he had been wearing gloves at all times during his vigil, therefore no fingerprints which could point to him would have been found on the rifle, or on anything else that might have been left behind.
  98. Mortimer was, as I could see, in a state of suppressed nervous excitement, but it was still too early to begin our vigil, so we remained for an hour or so in his chambers, discussing all the possibilities of the singular business which we had met to solve.
  99. Brock waited a further moon before suggesting that they resume their journey, not because the delay might help them to discover what had happened to Darkburst– that hope had quickly disappeared– but because he couldn't bring himself to ask Soffen to leave her lonely vigil.
  100. None of these watchers suspected that the object of their vigil had risen to a new and higher form of existence, and that the body which they were guarding was now a discarded outer covering which had no further connection with the delivered and resurrected morontia personality of Jesus.

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