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    1. will is not to sit in heaven and watch you here on earth

    2. Any ambitious up and coming actors / actresses should watch out for

    3. I was wearing an old 1970’s watch [a relic of my col ecting days] and

    4. "She has been following me since Herndon," Ava said, "She has been paid by people to keep watch on me

    5. The Internal Investigations department at the Kassikan keeps watch on her

    6. Soon they were both snoring in naps, leaving Jorma to watch the lake alone

    7. Watch what happens when you start to identify who, what and how you are

    8. No reason to avoid sitting in the sun with a morning cup to watch the snow melt

    9. Watch how each of the elements that were discussed in this first section come into play

    10. As Nancy stopped to watch, water started pouring down like heavy rain from the ceiling

    11. And with that Ackers marched on ahead, leaving Nancy and Johnny to watch him walk alone up the hall to his office

    12. It was dying—James was dying—and while she was afraid of what he had become, it was miserable to watch the man she loved in this condition, struggling against death

    13. There was nothing to do here, really, except sit down at the hotel and watch T

    14. Which leads to the proposition that television may actually have a limited role in heart health "if you watch the right shows and spend your time watching comedies rather than stress-provokers," Miller cautioned

    15. He would stop on his way home from work to pick up his favorite cherry-flavored cigarettes and watch the girls dance from the curb

    16. I watch as he paces the floor, the TV chattering incessantly in the background

    17. When I was a little girl, I used to watch them in the pond in my backyard

    18. I watch him as he crosses the room; avoiding meeting my eyes, he plants a kiss on my cheek

    19. I just like to hang out, watch movies, and surf the internet

    20. They started walking down the street, Johnny looked at his watch

    21. I watch him and keep my mouth shut, not wanting to disturb him

    22. He glanced at his watch; he had to be quick to get to school in time

    23. "We may need her to watch over that ship for us

    24. After one such revolution, it came to pass that the young god Punka would watch over the star

    25. On the other side of the argument, a fast-growing cult of vampires has formed a religion around the Wolf, waking up early every evening to watch The Situation Room

    26. Pausing with my hands in the washing up water, I watch a bird fly down to the bird table … I’ve never been much good at identifying birds, is that a tit of some sort? Goodness knows

    27. The United Order showed up with over two dozen soldiers who are now tearing the house apart to find it,” Nancy said as she continued to watch the house

    28. the ticking of the clock attracts my attention and I watch the minute hand as it slowly moves round the clockface steadily using up the minutes of my life

    29. I watch as he reaches for two mugs from the mug tree and spoons coffee into them

    30. I can watch for it as soon as it lights, but those probes won't see the inert craft

    31. He d’n’t like it when I sh … said I couldn’t stand by and watch some other woman with him … after they got together, he several times tried to talk to me and I would never let him

    32. They stand and watch the patients

    33. You can have her watch that shuttlecraft joyride all around this planet for a decade and a half and you'll probably be no closer to it than you are now

    34. They watch him leave, then Zitteraal shakes his head, turns to John

    35. watch in a file in the property

    36. Don't think I'll watch the damage safe and sound, the probable number of fragments that destroy this station is 6

    37. He looks at his watch

    38. We can watch the ants and learn from them

    39. Watch for any signs of problems

    40. John raises an eyebrow, shakes his head, looks at his watch

    41. ‘Want to watch anything else, Mum?’ he asked, his nose in the guide

    42. The nurse takes the watch from the waste can

    43. John looks out the window for a few seconds, then turns and looks at the watch

    44. Do you know if there is a watch

    45. He unfolds the piece of paper, hands it to John, continues to inspect the watch

    46. I watch him as for and against thoughts chase themselves through his head one after the other …

    47. couldn’t watch what they were

    48. "Watch and pray," Taktor said

    49. The big policeman looked at his watch

    50. He could watch her face as she began to really understand

    1. Venna and Ava stopped to chat while Herndon watched him start the fire

    2. She hopped into the boat, he wanted to be out of the inlet before the tide got low, as it was, he was in time for a nice early rip that he rode out, accelerating into the distance as Jorma watched

    3. She shamelessly watched the creature trapped in a maze of metal wrinkled like crumpled paper

    4. He ate snack food and watched an '80s sci-fi marathon

    5. “Oh my,” he said as he watched it all while holding the Super Chip up in his hand for anyone to notice

    6. What good movies has he watched lately? What is his favorite class at school? Did his team win the game last weekend? What friends does he hang out with the most? Do not criticize his friends, habits, or favorites

    7. We have watched our mother and mother-in-law when they spent time with our kids and saw how gently they enfolded our children with their wisdom and love and tenderness

    8. She went to the deck and watched the stars come out

    9. He watched the other gods laughing and playing

    10. He watched in irritation as the others played through the endless golden plains that stretched across the Universe

    11. She watched people around them wondering what kind of years are there anyway?

    12. They hid and watched him but got bored quickly

    13. Topher watched the doctor rub his hands along the sides of his clean, white coat

    14. We possess a great deal of knowledge, mental power, and capacities, which have never been drawn forth from the realm of the subconscious into objective usefulness; anyone who has watched the effect of Meditation upon the beginner will substantiate this statement

    15. watched at your brothers when we baby sat, all those people in the same room

    16. between the wars to be able to fight in neither one of them, I watched most of the

    17. Mirielle Demonique watched Theo Petrakis closely from behind

    18. doostEr watched him while scratching BigThree

    19. They all watched every minute of its approach in awe

    20. I watched them leave

    21. Just once he had directly approached her, but he had crashed and burned as her pale green eyes watched him and waited to be charmed

    22. threads of her invisible web, a subtly delicious hour of play as she watched him eat,

    23. Now when He had spoken these things, while they watched, He was

    24. He watched from the breakfast room of the hotel as one large goon rolled up in front of the Cash for Gold and unlocked the shutters

    25. When it departed she had only watched news stories about it

    26. Skin work was taking place in the middle of the shop while the other clients watched and waited

    27. Theo's heart began to race as he watched the lines fill out into a definite location

    28. flesh, as she watched, fascinated by the bending of his neck and felt the first exquisite

    29. He waited and he watched and when the

    30. He watched as his

    31. I watched as the door opened and I guess it was me that turned the latch although I don't remember doing it

    32. Ginger watched their every move

    33. I watched as the crazy dream rolled on

    34. They watched the light of dawn creep across his land thru the little telescope on the geosynchronous

    35. Sure enough, when the shuttlecraft's orbit re-aligned with its original parking site, they both watched it as it prepared to re-enter

    36. As they watched these events unfolding on the planet's terminator, a remote probe in low orbit got thru on a laser-beam and brought them closer, close enough that its scope could detect the dots that were people on the ground, even without enhancements

    37. They watched as the shuttle left the atmosphere

    38. He watched the light break above his head and

    39. We watched with unblinking eyes as an officer with the local security force kicked one of the captured men in the head

    40. The brief glimpses of my new home in this subterranean world that I had stored away as I watched and listened through the sacking started to coalesce and form a broader landscape

    41. Tig couldn’t help things by being at the terminal, so he shared Parker’s porthole and watched the wreckage pass by on the junk’s port side

    42. I watched mental pictures of them flash across the wall in front of me, images of gardens and soft sunlight

    43. I watched family slide shows of me with my step-brothers

    44. He squatted with his back against the far corridor wall and watched me through the open door

    45. Check her out on that gymnastics horse over there," he pointed and watched Jaseem swallow hard

    46. It spun at them, and as Tig watched the dying alien ship falling on them like a terrible illustration of inevitability, the fear left him like a rat jumping ship

    47. Through those repetitions of days with Smiler on duty, I sat on the mattress and watched the world spin away from me as though I were floating above a stage set

    48. I nodded and watched him stand up and move into the doorway

    49. We watched a quiz show where the contestants could win holidays and electrical goods, anything right up to a small family car, just for guessing the price of an item that they probably could not afford to buy

    50. I watched the man as he moved around the room

    1. He watches John, who unconsciously takes a step back

    2. He watches John a moment, stands to leave

    3. John watches the fire crackle in the fireplace

    4. Zitteraal takes out his penlight, opens one of John’s eyes, watches as the pupil contracts immediately when he shines the light into John’s eye

    5. He watches while Bush racks the balls, takes up a stick and chalks the end of it

    6. He slams the cue ball into some other balls, watches as the balls bounce around the table

    7. against it, watches John burn rubber and speed away

    8. He watches her for a few seconds

    9. It begins to crush her as John watches

    10. He watches the arm of the monster disappear over the side of the balcony, ripping out a fresh section of the balustrade as it retreats

    11. John watches her, lost in

    12. One of the workers, WORKER 3, repairing a sprinkler, watches them as they get out of the car

    13. John stops, sits in the sand, watches the moon rising

    14. John quietly watches the second moon as it rises

    15. Dave watches in astonishment

    16. He watches the ocean

    17. John is capturing water in a bowl and pouring it into a container as Dave watches the sky, tries to keep the small boat

    18. Without another word, he pushes off, turns the boat slowly in the lake and rows away as John watches

    19. She watches John as he and Russ finish giving their statement to a POLICE

    20. Teekra watches it leave, gets out of the car suddenly, approaches the police officer with whom John and Russ were speaking

    21. He ambles back, watches John fiddling with his wedding ring

    22. John turns his head, watches her as she slides around him

    23. Bolt watches, fascinated

    24. Ricci watches Ali Ben Ali out of the corner of his eye to see what affect his words are having on him

    25. Teekra watches the monitor, which frames Ricci, who is on the witness stand now

    26. Teekra watches Ricci on the monitor as he testifies against her

    27. Teekra holds hers too, watches the monitors

    28. John, standing in his boxers with a beer in one hand and a remote in the other, watches the same newscast

    29. He watches Ahmed carefully

    30. Egypt, the night was divided into different watches (Exodus 14:24)

    31. two ways: (1) he watches (Hebrews 13:17; Acts 20:29-31), and (2) he guards (John 10:27-30)

    32. I feel as weak as a kitten … one of them watches me as the other removes the vase of flowers from the table and places everything so I can reach it

    33. We had no clocks or watches

    34. Later that night he watches you dance

    35. he watches the phantom

    36. She watches as I snuggle down under the covers

    37. from where he watches the mob

    38. He listens patiently, putting in a word when he can, but his gaze as it watches her face, is warm and affectionate

    39. the plastic army watches, smiling, shouting,

    40. while his mate watches moonlight

    41. and watches me sleep away his years

    42. You’ll learn a lot about how your guide watches the river or lake and what you have to do to achieve that same expertise

    43. Ben sits down on the stool Katie recently vacated and watches me for a few minutes

    44. He watches as I tentatively spoon a small quantity of the semi-frozen gloop into my mouth

    45. He watches me as I munch my way through the toast

    46. “If she does, she’ll be late, and she’ll keep one hand on the fence gate while she eats and watches over her shoulder

    47. She watches the doctor as he continues to fill sachets with yellow powder

    48. Ken steps back out into the corridor and watches Maggie stalk back to the bar

    49. Sat at home in the conservatory Jock watches the horse racing with the sound turned off

    50. "What, the bloke from the club?" Leona watches too

    1. "You know, I don't want him watching me

    2. indoors watching an educational nature program on the TV

    3. watching these adverts and tv shows together

    4. something in the microwave, you set the timer for a minute and you stand there waiting, watching the food go around, waiting for it to, ding! That's time

    5. Instead of spending time on social media how about going on YouTube and instead of watching

    6. The times that you’re playing games, watching television or any other time waster could be used to exercise, to read a book, to play with your kids or learn a new skill

    7. But if you are using your time playing games, going on social media, watching useless

    8. I’m going to focus on watching those shows and I’m going to believe that everything’s

    9. It can be a great way to relieve tension and could be as easy as renting a funny video and watching it at home

    10. The rest of the evening was taken up watching the rest of the room become merry on vintage wines and brandy

    11. It just stares at him, watching him scream

    12. Yorthops' relatives, who's house she was watching, had already returned and she was beginning to feel like a freeloader there

    13. Micah’s dad spent a lot of the day sitting watching the old “bunny ears TV” he got from the attic

    14. He just kept smiling and watching TV and dripping milk on his chin

    15. “You weren’t watching where I was going,” Bob said to him

    16. Ackers was watching her closely; he hated when people looked at his pimples

    17. At one point, some child noticed him watching and pointed to his window

    18. She was in a training room surrounded by high tech equipment and lethal weapons watching the group try to kill each other for practice

    19. Which leads to the proposition that television may actually have a limited role in heart health "if you watch the right shows and spend your time watching comedies rather than stress-provokers," Miller cautioned

    20. She had various types of explosives strapped to her, and while Big Petey wasn’t watching, she came up behind him and slapped some ball-shaped goo onto his back

    21. They walked up to Vinnie and stopped, watching him listening to the glove he had pressed against the door

    22. Big Petey walked up to the group while they were all watching Vinnie intently

    23. She places a cup and saucer in front of me and I find myself staring at it watching the brown liquid swirling in the cup

    24. Scar advanced on Silence who was watching him in a ready fighting stance

    25. I was in the front room ironing some sheets and watching an American detective show on TV

    26. Back downstairs, Scar was watching Silence with a measure of disgust

    27. His head was turned away from it as he was watching Scar fight Nancy and Silence

    28. Everyone in the basement now had their eyes on them, watching in frozen anticipation for what would happen when they landed

    29. ‘But not if you are watching something

    30. To keep its light burning, to keep existence from being extinguished, a god would have the honor of watching the light

    31. He could not see the purpose in watching a star that had been lit up since the dawn of time and would probably never go out

    32. "When I was watching the fire, I would sing to keep myself entertained

    33. If you were strong, you would be watching the blood run from my body instead

    34. He tended to travel where there was comfortable transportation and accommodations and might not even be terribly interested in watching a movie of a safari like this

    35. Then he got back up and waited, watching as a stream of smoke came out of the door

    36. "They're warmer moving than watching us huddle by the fire

    37. ‘Will you be in for dinner tonight, Stephen?’ I asked from my standpoint in the doorway of his study, watching him pack his briefcase

    38. Pop had always been this ice-cold presence in his life, just watching him and judging

    39. John pulls away quickly, watching the building he just exited, turns out of the parking lot and races down the street

    40. Fade to: John watching the fire crackle as he waits to interview the President

    41. He is leaned against a few pillows, staring straight ahead, and she is lying across his chest, looking up at him, watching him carefully

    42. doostEr paused awhile, watching the kedas

    43. He sits up slowly, finds Dave sitting in an armchair next to him, watching TV, drinking Jack Daniels from a bottle

    44. I sit watching him for several minutes, remembering that other occasion when his temper got the better of him … and how he found it virtually impossible to rescue the situation

    45. By three in the afternoon, I’m reduced to watching daytime TV

    46. ’ I assured her, thinking that it would have been kinder if Jack hadn’t lived to fade slowly away with emphysema – he’d not found life at all easy and it had cut me up terribly watching him degenerate into frail helplessness

    47. He grabs a couple of Styrofoam cups, eyes John who waits on the other side, watching him

    48. We stand there together watching the news item

    49. He is watching you whether you let him approach you

    50. John and Teekra stand hand in hand, watching the limo burn nearby while Russ attends to Ahmed, who is oblivious to John and Teekra and still hysterical

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    Synonyms for "watch"

    vigil watch ticker lookout lookout man picket scout sentinel sentry spotter ascertain check determine find out learn see look on catch take in view look out watch out follow keep an eye on observe watch over timepiece timer observation alertness guard look-out look scrutinise scrutinize inspect concentrate await expect wait for patrol police protect tend

    "watch" definitions

    a small portable timepiece

    a period of time (4 or 2 hours) during which some of a ship's crew are on duty

    a purposeful surveillance to guard or observe

    the period during which someone (especially a guard) is on duty

    a person employed to keep watch for some anticipated event

    the rite of staying awake for devotional purposes (especially on the eve of a religious festival)

    look attentively

    follow with the eyes or the mind

    see or watch

    observe with attention

    be vigilant, be on the lookout or be careful

    observe or determine by looking

    find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort