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Walkway in a sentence

That had to be the walkway.
His head hit the walkway face.
The walkway was absolutely empty.
The gray mass of the walkway grew.
A Guy cut across an overhead walkway.
Sam stopped at the end of the walkway.
Rave halted at the walkway to the dorm.

On both sides of the walkway, there are.
He ducked aside, slipping on the walkway.
At the end of the walkway, a raised dais.
We found it at the far end of the walkway.
He saw the rope pulley lowering the walkway.
No, Kirk, there used to be a walkway to it.
He had seen them, on the walkway of Lock Core.
He turned and started down the metal walkway.
Amaranthe climbed the stairs to the main walkway.
He headed down the walkway to the rear of the ship.
Several lean windows and a thin walkway came into.
But I kept on, hobbling down the muddy board walkway.
Guys, we should walk on the Lachine Canal walkway.
We had barely started down the walkway to the house.
Gareth was concealed within a stone covered walkway.
Over there, Anne said pointing down the walkway.
The PATH walkway in Toronto, Canada, has 27 km (16.
Long promptly pointed his forefinger down the walkway.
There was an obvious blurred reference by the walkway.
Sasha was standing in the walkway for whatever reason.
I leaped onto the walkway and then pulled the door open.
Behind them was a walkway that was about two feet wide.
He walks along a board walkway that leads to the temple.
He could see a walkway heading east along the riverbank.
Fazzino was standing on her walkway in oversized black.
Ben and Lyil started down the walkway toward her apartment.
There was a second story of walkway all around the circle.
The story behind the walkway is spoken of in hushed tones.
He peeked through a crack in the wood to the walkway below.
At the end of the walkway, the target was nowhere in sight.
The act was committed on the walkway just west of a nearby.
Between each pair of stations a walkway lead to wide doors.
Looking down the river, the walkway looked relatively clear.

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