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Walk in a sentence

So you walk.
Walk a short.
Walk in your.
May I walk.
He could walk.
Then you walk.
Take a walk.

walk in and buy.
She could walk.
Just walk away.
Walk out on a.
walk in the park.
too sore to walk.
Its ok to walk.
I began to walk.
I can walk again.
I walk into them.
walk hand in hand.
He used to walk.
He needed a walk.
Whores walk the.
He began to walk.
I could not walk.
Now we must walk.
They would walk.
I watched her walk.
walk down the hill.
I kept walking.
He was walking.
He kept walking.
I went walking.
The walking was.
We were walking.
walking to her car.
Walking with God.
Conway walking in.
Walking down the.
Walking along the.
is walking with you.
of walking on water.
the car and walking.
He, while walking.
he is walking away.
After walking for.
Walking as we had.
He was walking on.
or police walking in.
Walking in The Word.
I'm walking with Him.
Walking was my thing.
She stopped walking.
from walking with him.
walking into the room.
I walked in.
I walked to.
I walked up.
And walked it.
I walked over.
I have walked.
Now I walked.
He walked away.
I walked under.
One man walked.
He walked into.
I walked up to.
walked to 1941 E.
And he walked on.
as he walked back.
Mom and I walked.
as they walked on.
i walked around.
Max walked off,.
I walked back in.
We walked among.
He walked toward.
walked over to her.
A family walked by.
He walked slowly.
I walked out and.
We walked up the.
Frank walked away.
She walked closer.
walked the plank.
John walks in.
He walks away.
Tobias walks in.
He walks up to me.
all walks of life.
Across all walks.
John walks back in.
most walks of life.
walks with our Lord.
One walks along a.
She walks up to me.
walks to the stand.
Then she walks out.
And walks the bases.
Then she walks away.
He walks in the.
War walks the earth.
Take walks together.
He walks along 107.
Walks to the counter.
She walks over to him.
The waiter walks away.
Walks in the sunsets.
The Mayor walks over.
Aaron walks over to me.
�He hates long walks.
Rowan walks with God.
He walks me to my door.
He walks toward his car.
He turns and walks to.
Ted walks on and claps.

Synonyms for walk

pass walk walking paseo walkway