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Walk in a sentence

I could walk on it.
It was a nice walk.
I turn to walk away.
If she stays I walk.
And walk in His ways.
I could walk on land.
You have to walk to.

We walk to the tracks.
I breathe, I walk in.
And walk in the light.
The walk in the woods.
We could use the walk.
Why walk to the store.
Take a walk with me.
I walk with the Crone.
I walk out to my room.
It was a large, walk.
He was a walk away Joe.
That wasn't far to walk.
I walk into the kitchen.
Walk on the right path.
He turned to walk away.
Walk with me into the.
For they walk in My ways.
I can walk, she said.
My walk there was very.
You can't walk on water.
We will walk from there.
I watched her walk away.
We have to walk on the.
Why must I walk unseen?
Number One, walk with me.
It was her walk towards.
And then went for a walk.
I used to walk in frost!.
We had to walk up seven.
Yeah, he walk that way.
The slow walk to church.
You walk with me in front.
When you walk in the woods.
I saw her walking by.
And now, he was walking.
He had been walking for.
By walking in the Spirit.
A walking pile of rags.
At least it was walking.
This is walking the talk.
They were walking on clay.
He kept walking to his car.
Dead man walking, for sure.
She's walking by my house!.
Someone came walking to her.
By the way he was walking.
He started walking up again.
He made Astra stop walking.
He was walking towards her.
I stopped walking dead cold.
He was walking quite a bit.
She’s a walking time bomb.
I hear him walking around me.
Walking alone just like her.
I kept walking, with a smile.
He took off walking towards.
Midge and Stick began walking.
Jons walking toward the ship.
Merely walking became a chore.
I was walking home from work.
I stopped walking for a while.
See what you're walking into.
I was walking on that trail.
I stopped walking and turned.
Sam was now walking backwards.
Walking in the Spirit, living.
His spirit is walking at night.
At least walking was easy here.
Is walking with me to the shops.
Better than the walking dead.
I ignored him and kept walking.
Walking in the ways of The Lord.
He was walking alone now, and.
He walked up to it.
She walked up to it.
I walked over to him.
I walked up to him.
She walked over to me.
He walked to the door.
I walked over to Coop.
I walked in and saw.
He walked over to her.
We walked to the house.
Cal walked over to him.
I walked over to them.
I walked out and put.
Bill walked up to him.
I walked back to them.
I walked to the house.
I walked into the room.
He walked over to them.
I walked up to the bed.
They walked over to us.
We did a lot of walked.
And so, they walked on.
And then Jose walked in.
I walked into her room.
We walked in the store.
He walked over to the.
Ish walked into the bank.
I walked up to her room.
Junya walked up to the.
As I walked in I could.
I walked to the cockpit.
He walked to the stairs.
Bubba walked over to a.
He walked up to the net.
She walked to suite 609.
He turned and walked out.
I walked her to the door.
She walked into the room.
They walked to the plane.
This wolf walked on his.
He walks up to me.
She walks up to me.
She walks over to him.
Aaron walks over to me.
He walks me to my door.
He walks toward his car.
Ted walks on and claps.
He turns and walks to.
Andy walks in and smiles.
One who walks with God.
He turns and walks away.
It walks in an elegant.
They took walks to the.
And Aiden Willis walks in.
Jesus Walks on the Water.
She walks toward the car.
Death walks the long paths.
She walks out of the room.
He walks gallantly to the.
And in all this man walks?
Dave walks into the kitchen.
But he walks toward the man.
Billy walks out of his room.
Al walks toward the railing.
Marco walks over to Bomani.
Tomas walks into the office.
Walks down the isle to the.
Terry walks into the kitchen.
Bernard turns and walks away.
Dylan walks out of the woods.
The man turns and walks away.
Walt walks over and joins me.
She walks behind a long desk.
Someone walks in the bathroom.
Torin walks up to the podium.
Russ walks in, shuts the door.
I recall walks from Umdloti.
He must take care as he walks.
Zitteraal walks into the room.
Bloom walks on with Mrs Breen.

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