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Wallow in a sentence

1. Wallow to me or me to Mr.
2. I won't wallow in it any longer.
3. Fifth, don't wallow in self-pity.
4. So this was what it was like to wallow.
5. Let him wallow in his own smell awhile.
6. But I couldn’t wallow in grief forever.
7. This little puddle is a typical leese wallow.

8. She intended to wallow in her demotion for a while.
9. It stopped at the leese wallow and stuck it's snout in.
10. You can't afford to wallow in your emotions and desires.
11. That months are vacuums and the ground but wallow and filth.
12. Aren't I allowed to wallow in my misery for a minute? Geesh.
13. That's why wallow water is a bad place to fill water skins.
14. I know where he will lie down and where he'll drink or wallow.
15. Most of the time I would stay in my cell and wallow in self pity.
16. He tried making the sound of a thonga blundering into the wallow.
17. They choose to wallow in an orgy of blood to turn a little extra profit.
18. There can be no turpitude under the sun in which the wretch doesn’t wallow.
19. They were two hundred yards from the wallow by now but continued to back away.
20. But if you wanted to wallow in hot water, there was another technique altogether.
21. Credit continued to wallow in the pangs of self-pity until sleep finally overtook.
22. He probed with his claw around the whole wallow, there was nothing in it but the stems of lon.
23. I knew this conversation would lead to a fight and so I left Dena to wallow in her own self-pity.
24. Rather than wallow in destructive thoughts, he went into his online account and checked his portfolio.
25. I spent the whole week treading water, fighting against the impulse to give in and wallow in self-pity.
26. Trevain suddenly recalled that he was not heading home to an empty house to wallow in his own distress.
27. Once she had seen that her sisters were safe, she had come directly to this chamber to wallow in her lot.
28. Jacob didn't strike me as the sort to wallow in his disadvantages, even though being dead was a major one.
29. They hardly had to move to keep it lined up with the leese, but they rapidly backed away from the wallow as it approached.
30. A leese wasn't smart enough to pick and choose it's prey, it hears the splashing, it goes to that wallow, as simple as that.
31. This’ll give all who love to wallow in those blow-'em-up & wipe 'em out "entertainment" epics their sickest wish come true.
32. Besides, she hadn't been the type to wallow in silly dreams and fantasies; she saw what she wanted and went straight after it.
33. The lesson here is important, not just for playing basketball but for trading as well: Don’t wallow in self-pity or jubilation.
34. Howl, you shepherds, and cry; and wallow yourselves in the ashes, you principal of the flock, for the days of your slaughter and of.
35. There's a leese wallow about a quarter mile back, but I don't want to have to drink the water out of that even with these steriskins.
36. For even though it seemed only decent and right to grieve for him, she also wanted to do everything possible not to wallow in her grief.
37. What was she supposed to do? Execute the enemy? Leave them to wallow in their anguish? Provide a healing spell to ease their suffering?
38. He was A Destructive lying liar who lied on his couch and did nothing but wallow in his wealth and corruption and spout cunning destructive lies.
39. I suppose many a poor girl would have been more than happy to be in my shoes to wallow in the security of his millions but, George, I was an educated person.
40. With a heavy wallow, a bound and a dash she was over the dock, the porch, and into the front room of the house on the far side of the stream before she looked back.
41. If you allow yourself to wallow in feeling sorry for yourself it will only get worse, and you will become a burden to those around you and no good will come of that.
42. And William, between his reckless second heroin binge and the great bathhouse wallow of ’79, was due to be flattened, too, only a funny thing happened post-diagnosis.
43. Men and woman of suspect morals came to this bar to get drunk and wallow in their sorrows in cheap beer and liquor that made their lives manageable for a few more hours or one more night.
44. Had I been a crier, I may have shed a tear that night, but instead I just drove home and finished off a twelve pack that had been waiting for me in the refrigerator, deciding to wallow in my own misery as I watched a.
45. Do you know if after they died: they finally found a chance to wallow in every secret vice, secret hate, secret envy, secret lust and secret addiction which they hid from you and even themselves, while they were still alive?
46. The evil of the African Veldt was where they could wallow in aiding and abetting of the worst evil there is: where animals killed and ate each other, committing the evil of killing a living animal for its flesh and eating that dead flesh.
47. He especially liked to wallow in the water or mud with others of his kind since this kept his body temperature within an acceptable range and didn’t allow his fair and sensitive skin to dry out under the raging rays of the sun during the hottest months in his habitual habitat.
48. So what do you think about me doing my bit for you brave lads I have got this pretty coloured skin and the people like you and me are dying so that these war profiteers can make even more money to wallow in, she broke down crying and I held her in my arms and comforted her.
49. We are happy, you are happy, we have a new house and great sex, what more could two deceased sixteen year old girls wish for? The jest about their age was not exactly what Byron needed from Flower, but with sugar comes spice and the subtle reprimand was to reproach his gratuitous wallow into self-pity.
50. Dad phoned to wish us happy anniversary, and I picked up the phone and I was going to play it cool, but then I started crying when I started talking—I was doing the awful chick talk-cry: mwaha-waah-gwwahh-and-waaa-wa—so I had to tell him what happened, and he told me I should open a bottle of wine and wallow in it for a bit.
51. Such was the thunder of his voice, that spite of their amazement the men sprang over the rail; the sheaves whirled round in the blocks; with a wallow, the three boats dropped into the sea; while, with a dexterous, off-handed daring, unknown in any other vocation, the sailors, goat-like, leaped down the rolling ship's side into the tossed boats below.
52. Cover up greed with legality and authority: institutionalize the greed that only filthy back stabbing black pirates once carried in their hearts: and spread the evil of the lust for gold amongst the masses of the poor: by giving an example of how the rich powerful ‘doctors’ and ‘magistrates’ and ‘squire’… become even more filthy rich… by stealing the well-earned spoils of the old dying generation of black hearted filth: the old seadogs of the English pirate era from them, and sending them to hell penniless, while the nouveau riche wallow in their ease and ill-gotten gains.
53. She did not wallow too much in those thoughts,.
1. Wallowing in the pool, relaxing.
2. But my wallowing couldn’t continue.
3. There was no point wallowing in gloom.
4. You look like a hog wallowing in the sty.
5. Oh and by the way, wallowing is not in the Bible.
6. America glorified the culture of wallowing in sloth.
7. The next morning I laid in bed wallowing in self-pity.
8. Tiffany smiles and blushes, wallowing in the flattery.
9. I laid on the bench for a whole hour, wallowing in my.
10. He’s wallowing in the opportunity to display his power.
11. He fell on the ground wallowing and foaming at the mouth.
12. I should have left you wallowing with that old pimp of yours.
13. Constance made a big thing of wallowing all over me at my front door.
14. By a man wallowing in the basest, lowest, most foul instincts he has.
15. Yes, her mother was right, wallowing in self-pity wasn’t going to help.
16. We all know that wallowing in this sea of regret is a serious emotional drain.
17. Now cut the wallowing in self-pity and prepare to receive the cultured hordes.
18. Down on the ground the monster was wallowing like a dog with pepper in its eyes.
19. He was lying down on the bench in the courtyard, obviously wallowing in misery.
20. They found the others naked and wallowing in the pool, each with a jar to smoke from.
21. It was one night while he was wallowing in a drunken stupor that he’d found Drayben.
22. Cormorant’, had experienced engine trouble at sea, and had been wallowing around in the.
23. They spent the day wallowing in domesticity, interspersed with naps in the queen sized bed.
24. He will probably spend the day in bed in a Hydrocodone haze wallowing in his guilt and perfidy.
25. It is a patriarchal society based exclusively upon killing, hunting, feasting and wallowing in ease.
26. This time, the yacht slowed, then, stopped entirely, wallowing a bit in the Atlantic swells, as the.
27. The bishop had supposed men and women, horses and jockeys, were all wallowing together in one slough.
28. She sat there, wallowing in worry for several minutes before she heard her sisters entering the room.
29. Not since punk has this happened but, wallowing in Thatcher’s filthy lucre, London can’t deliver.
30. If that were so, Toby would I be standing here and you wallowing in despair? She returned reasonably.
31. Our eyes are still blinded and we continue wallowing in ills and issues that keep us suppressed and oppressed.
32. A slight wallowing, but it went where it was steered, full credit to the designer, but no help in this situation.
33. Wars, hunting, feasting, and wallowing in ease, neglecting their own children, being absent from their own families.
34. As you’d recall if you stopped wallowing in self-pity for a moment, and took control of yourself long enough to think.
35. He glanced at the Argus, wallowing in the crimson sea-wash, heeling far over, her decks awash, held up by the grappling-irons.
36. Film chronicler Leslie Halliwell wrote: a solemn, unattractive, pretentious film, which seldom stops wallowing in self pity.
37. She sat there wallowing in shame for quite a while as the coach rumbled ever deeper into the lightening flatlands of the outer city.
38. Really? After the talk you just gave me about not wallowing and being out in the sunshine? I said, tapping him on the shoulder.
39. Suppose two men are found wallowing in the gutter, from the effects of strong drink, and both are arrested and taken before the bar of justice.
40. Wallowing in turbulent thought, Mitch staggerd behind the gym, teetered against the dumpster, and collapsed against the wall of the old building.
41. He’d hurt too much to do anything after that, and had spent most of the day on a bench on the outskirts of the Deadheads, wallowing in despair.
42. I had come so close to what I had been searching for my entire life for and here I was wallowing in the realization that I had thrown it all away.
43. Denver was finding this wallowing annoying and although he liked Oak and admired him, he felt he’d had enough of the downer trip that Oak was on.
44. Although she was not wallowing in poverty, she showered her eldest son with affordable comforts and luxuries to the detriment of the other siblings.
45. Wallowing in the hardness of his broad chest, she paused, pressing her nose into his body, breathing hungrily, deeply, unable to get enough of his scent.
46. German troops would be wallowing for a minimum of twelve hours in an open boat, and then be expected to carry out a fiercely opposed amphibious landing.
47. She was interrupted by a noise coming from beside the ship, and when Colling glanced over the railing, he saw a large gray-painted escort vessel wallowing alongside.
48. The nearer Bubba got the lower the bitch dropped until she was wallowing on her belly as her master grabbed her by the collar and tied her up short to the doghouse.
49. So here we are wallowing in misery with a 15% loss, waiting for the May crash and BANG!!!, suddenly the market changes and our proto-portfolio levitates and it’s a 9% loss.
50. He rarely got splashed by that and better yet, the jet stayed under water and generated thrust all the time instead of half the time so he could cut thru it instead of wallowing in it.
51. Unfortunately, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and the Vatican have instead acted as harlots and rejected the Creator’s spirit, instead wallowing in greed, arrogance and injustice, in direct.
52. One day as I lay dying and wallowing in my sins, A man appeared to me and he said he was my friend, He said, I’ve come to save you and set you apart, Transform you and hold you to my heart….
53. One day as I lay dying and wallowing in my sins, A man appeared to me and he said he was my friend, He said, I’ve come to save you and set you apart, Trans¬form you and hold you to my heart….
54. Bracing their feet in the wallowing sea of blood whose crimson waves lapped about their ankles, the pikemen in the Pass mouth drove forward, crushing strongly against the milling ranks before them.
55. Those black angularities which his face had used to put on when his wishes were thwarted now did duty in picturing the incorrigible backslider who would insist upon turning again to his wallowing in the mire.
56. Peering over the side you could just see them (as before you heard them) wallowing in the sullen, black waters, and turning over on their backs as they scooped out huge globular pieces of the whale of the bigness of a human head.
57. But as understood and hated as this quality is by most people, many still succumb to its enticing and seductive nature, and many end up losing everything as a result of the consequences of wallowing in it for too long of a period of time.
58. They groped like desperate virgins and found each other any way they could, wallowing in the torn albums, fully dressed, soaked with sweat, and more concerned with avoiding the furious claws of the cat than with the disastrous love they were making.
59. I was wading in waist high water and had just put my foot down when I went head first down into the water I had found a large hole in the seabed and had fell I thought I was going to drown as I struggled with my kits weight thrashing and wallowing under the surface.
60. Well, at my first setting out, I had hopes of that man; but now I fear he will perish in the overthrow of the city; for it is happened to him according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed, to her wallowing in the mire.
61. Stealthily creeping up the sands till she could get behind the cover of some bushes before she took to her wings, Polynesia went off in the direction of the town; while I remained alone upon the shore fascinatedly watching this unbelievable monster wallowing in the shallow sea.
62. I know some Christians will look at the above sin areas and will think to themselves that there should be no excuse for any true Christian to still be wallowing and engaging in these types of heavier sins, especially since we all now have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us.
63. Though not one of the oarsmen was then facing the life and death peril so close to them ahead, yet with their eyes on the intense countenance of the mate in the stern of the boat, they knew that the imminent instant had come; they heard, too, an enormous wallowing sound as of fifty elephants stirring in their litter.
64. And as to truth, I said, is not a soul equally to be deemed halt and lame which hates voluntary falsehood and is extremely indignant at herself and others when they tell lies, but is patient of involuntary falsehood, and does not mind wallowing like a swinish beast in the mire of ignorance, and has no shame at being detected?
65. The naked skin on the head of a vulture is generally considered as a direct adaptation for wallowing in putridity; and so it may be, or it may possibly be due to the direct action of putrid matter; but we should be very cautious in drawing any such inference, when we see that the skin on the head of the clean-feeding male turkey is likewise naked.
66. What a dismal lack of those funds there must have been when the enterprise started! Who but an actor would embark upon a scheme, and project such radiant promises in the interests of those who are tired of wallowing in the trough of vulgar popularity, when it was apparent that, without that popularity, the thing couldn’t last more than a month? Mr.
67. Now the guy became more vehement himself: Always the same story of the poor, poor victims! Always the same brainless feeling of collective guilt in which our whole society is wallowing! I tell you, we’re not the ones starving the poor children in Africa, we’re not responsible for ethnic cleansing, and we’re not the ones who make poor girls into prostitutes, because these things are NATURAL!!!.
68. There seemed to be just as air of rush and bustle about the resurrecting town which had made her blood sing when many vehicles wallowing in the mud holes as there had been then, except that there were no Confederate ambulances, and just as many horses and mules tethered to jammed, the faces she saw were as unfamiliar as the signs overhead, new people, hitching racks in front of the wooden awnings of the stores.
69. Or do you have the patience to wait until you meet them later and tell them then? Are you secure enough in the knowledge that you love them, and that they love you, so this contact is actually unnecessary? Or are you unable to process your own mistaken grief, because you believe that they are completely dead and gone just because you cannot see them or feel them? Or is it just that they are physically departed, and you miss their physical presence? If you need the reassurance that they are not departed, but are right by your side all the time… and will be by your side for the rest of your life: it is necessary for you to heal from your mistaken excessive sadness and pain… and if you can satisfy to your own unknowing wonder and growing understanding: that this is actually true… then maybe… just maybe… instead of weeping endlessly for years, and years, and refusing to be consoled… and wallowing in your own self-pity and self-misery… until you love your own suffering more than you do living.
1. He wallowed in his bereavement.
2. Then truth, which has wallowed.
3. He had wallowed in failure, and rejection.
4. The boat plunged again, then wallowed awkwardly.
5. He had wallowed in it, and it had not killed him.
6. Than she wallowed and sank and was lost in the ditch.
7. Months passed me by as I wallowed in my own self pity.
8. I wallowed in it, I wanted to drown in it, be part of it.
9. A boat wallowed out of its hiding-place among the stalks.
10. With everything hanging, it wallowed in exaggerated motions.
11. But dearest, all your forefathers wallowed, as you call it, in it.
12. Grindel wallowed in the atmosphere of fear that had now settled over Brockenhurst Valley.
13. It seemed that for twenty-four hours he wallowed in a place and time where time meant nothing.
14. I suppose I could have wallowed in my own grief, but I chose to move on in the best way I could.
15. She does not know where to transfer her children to safety because she also wallowed in poverty.
16. By midday Mass, she was headachey, salivating, and as soon as Easter came she wallowed in Cadbury eggs.
17. The blankets smothered me in their covers of pity and shame while I wallowed in self-pity, sobbing my heart out.
18. His enthusiasm for the story waned as he stretched back and wallowed in the warm memories of the moments in Winnipeg.
19. Oh, how simple it would all have been had I been here before they came like a herd of buffalo and wallowed all over it.
20. He was as motionless as a corpse, while his thoughts wallowed on the earth and soared, now like the hydra, now like the eagle.
21. I loved him so much but while he wallowed in his self-destruction I was shut out, pushed behind a wall he kept building higher and higher.
22. The top of the slope had some dusty areas, where both kinds of animals could enjoy dust baths, and the bottom had muddy puddles where pigs wallowed and chickens drank.
23. I could learn to like this, pretty quickly, muttered Max, as he wallowed in the deliciously warm soapy water, surveying the immaculate and gleaming En-suite bathroom.
24. James said ‘the Nkandla saga showed that Zuma behaved like an old-style king who enjoyed living in luxury while those regarded as his subjects wallowed in abject poverty’.
25. Pushed from the rear by others eager for their own first taste, they wallowed into deeper water and along the shoreline as they kept trying to sample the distasteful disappointment.
26. The owner of the house was present and asked for Rushton's bill, for which he at once gave them a cheque and Rushton and Misery almost grovelled and wallowed on the ground before him.
27. It was a memorable day when I took possession of it – I’d shut the door, leaned on it and just wallowed in the knowledge that this was mine and no-one could come in unless I let them.
28. She wallowed deliciously in her misery, crying for hours over photos of her and Zach, but then drying her tears and buying herself a new dress because she deserved it because her heart was broken.
29. As the officers began to conclude their brief investigation, each teenager wallowed through a host of potential consequences they may encounter when their respective parents learn of their apparent deviance.
30. Throughout it all, the idea of a complex but singular kind of God, superior to all that had ever been, maybe the only one that had ever been out there, wallowed around the edges of Man’s theologies, rising occasionally to a temporary prominence, only to be resubmersed as the strangeness of the novelty grew too much to bear.
31. In the pool area a pride of naked men older than thirty wallowed in the heated blue waters or lounged on chaise longues, casting covetous glances at about a dozen slim, naked youths, some of whom appeared to be in their early teens, sitting by the steaming pool, swimming, diving or standing in elegant contrapposto against the columns.
32. And now it is struck; for, starting from his trance into that unspeakable thing called his "flurry," the monster horribly wallowed in his blood, overwrapped himself in impenetrable, mad, boiling spray, so that the imperilled craft, instantly dropping astern, had much ado blindly to struggle out from that phrensied twilight into the clear air of the day.
33. My God! Mine is the God of Socrates, of Franklin, of Voltaire, and of Beranger! I am for the profession of faith of the 'Savoyard Vicar,' and the immortal principles of '89! And I can't admit of an old boy of a God who takes walks in his garden with a cane in his hand, who lodges his friends in the belly of whales, dies uttering a cry, and rises again at the end of three days; things absurd in themselves, and completely opposed, moreover, to all physical laws, which prove to us, by the way, that priests have always wallowed in turpid ignorance, in which they would fain engulf the people with them.
1. So he wallows in affection and attention like a pig in mud.
2. He came very close to one of the leese wallows while he was out here.
3. Those pumps are heavy in the stern, it wallows easier than I would have liked.
4. For that man rides like a skiff; in his troughs he wallows in his lowness and at his peaks he soars as high as the gulls.
5. He was now several miles closer to the swamp, he might find a leese out here, he smelled a couple wallows as close as the humans were, he smelled other water.
6. I’ll press the ever-bolder peasantry into obeisance, and the honor of Family Kessant will rise above the mire wherein the King now wallows as a pig in slop.
7. So if you’re offered any test ­whether it’s a smear, a blood pressure check or a mammogram, making that ­appointment should be a priority – not something that wallows in the bottom of your in tray.
8. A livid foetus rolls along, enveloped in the spangles which danced at the Opera last ShroveTuesday, a cap which has pronounced judgment on men wallows beside a mass of rottenness which was formerly Margoton's petticoat; it is more than fraternization, it is equivalent to addressing each other as thou.
9. As an overladen Indiaman bearing down the Hindostan coast with a deck load of frightened horses, careens, buries, rolls, and wallows on her way; so did this old whale heave his aged bulk, and now and then partly turning over on his cumbrous rib-ends, expose the cause of his devious wake in the unnatural stump of his starboard fin.
10. One groans and staggers, wallows in self-pity,.

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