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Loll in a sentence

Eddie let his head loll sideways.
forcing Alvin's head to loll forward.
Loll around, pass the plate—and one.
fell asleep, her head would loll into the water.
He smacked his lips and let his tongue loll lazily from his open mouth.
So he let his head loll forward, trying not to look at anything in particular.
A few students in white thobes and checkered ghutras loll about the main building.

But now you're in it, lie low, don't walk, creep; don't talk, wail; don't work, loll; and when the world is too much for you, Brat, give it back your opinion: wet yourself! Here, Brat, here's your evening poteen; fire it down.
But now you’re in it, lie low, don’t walk, creep; don’t talk, wail; don’t work, loll; and when the world is too much for you, Brat, give it back your opinion: wet yourself! Here, Brat, here’s your evening poteen; fire it down.
Both the plain sky and choppy ocean were grey with storm clouds and jetsam from the deep respectively, and there was absolutely no wind stirring the leaves of the palms or roses in the gardens outside his windows; the light mist along the beach disturbed him as a result of the apparition he had previously seen and anticipated seeing again now during this loll before the storm.
Lolling in pollution.
Liam lolling in the hot tub.
lolling in a grin of welcome.
I was lolling the whole day.
Lolling in the hospital room.
Daniel was lolling in a hammock.
eating or lolling in the warm rays.
They hauled Tim out, his head lolling.
lolling out and a glazed look in my eyes.
He waded out into the gently lolling hush.
A great tongue’s lolling from its mouth.
Some archers were lolling around on the grass.
‘Uncle,’ she said, her head back, lolling.
joyful mood, his tongue lolling out of his mouth.
Astra was now standing over me, her tongue lolling.
Decoud, lolling back moodily, contemplated old Viola.
herd of Elephants, lolling about at the river’s edge.
the pant of this lolling tongue, the wind in green leaves.
they growup who have all their youth been lolling about in.
His tongue lolling out, the wolf bounded off into the shadows.
The dog twisted his head at me, tongue lolling from his mouth.
The leader approached with a lolling gait, expecting an easy meal.
But he looked groggy, and his head kept lolling from side to side.
lolling, wide smiles on their faces as they accosted you, sure that.
He could dimly see beside him Arthur lolling and rolling in his seat.
waistcoats of jolly old gentlemen, lolling at the doors, and tumbling.
The sub-commander turned to the Conquest Commander lolling on his couch.
Prince Hippolyte was lolling in a lounge chair with his legs over its arm.
Its deep chocolate-brown eyes were happy, its tongue lolling as it panted.
He laughed, lolling a to and fro head, walking on, followed by Stephen: and.
I think you’re beautiful, he said to her, his head lolling on his neck.
He felt weak, and his head lolled.
On the ivory throne-seat Tascela lolled.
My tongue lolled about my navel and I.
There, he said as she lolled awake.
Her head had lolled down onto her chest.
But princess Yasmela lolled not on that silken bed.
He lolled his head back and stared into the blazing sky.
lolled as he grinned, happy to be part of this wondrous.
Kestrel’s head lolled to the side as the drug took him.
tourniquet he lolled his tongue and then frothed at the mouth.
closed and her head lolled to one side and she could feel herself.
Then they rolled back, and his head lolled when his knees gave, and.
and his head lolled to the side – like a broken neck would indicate.
When breakfast was ready we lolled on the grass and eat it smoking hot.
Ankharet’s eyes closed and her head lolled to the left as she expired.
His head lolled next to mine, and the Simargh soul dangled from his neck.
Stratham’s head lolled to the left, and his closed eyes strained to open.
Her head lolled over the end of the trolley, loose as a cotton doll's, eyes.
Tom lolled about in the rocking-chair and was glad to have a roof above his head.
The victim lolled about on the waves, out of control, its sails flapping noisily.
Hans’s head lolled to the side as he attempted to speak, but could make no noise.
The seamen lifted their companion; his broken jaw hung slack, his head lolled unnaturally.
Her mouth opened and her tongue lolled out, in much the same way as it did in her dog form.
We lolled around on the grass in the heavy air of the English summertime between the classes.
Scott's body had become a heavy sack that lolled far too much with the shifting of its weight.
Croak’s long tongue lolled out his mouth, his bass voice strained as blood rushed to his head.
The more talkative one of the two, Penny, barked and lolled her tongue as if she had understood.
A ruptured melon lolls in the drive like an amputated head.
One of his boots has lost its lace, and its tongue lolls cannibalistically.
What to do with him now? His head lolls, his mouth opens, his eyelids loosen, his eyes stare, his skin pales.

Synonyms for loll

bum loaf loll droop