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Watery in a sentence

Her watery eyes.
A pale, watery sun.
Her eyes were watery.
Then her watery eyes.
Into their watery home.
With a watery Eyed look.
Uther gave a watery smile.

watery, red and bloodshot.
His watery eyes sprang wide.
Through watery eyes he saw.
the watery tinge in his eyes.
If the mucus is watery and.
Alicia smiled her eyes watery.
His watery grey eyes looked.
My eyes were watery and gray.
watery percussion of the waves.
The woman’s eyes were watery.
different shades of watery blue.
November chills and watery winds.
His eyes were watery in his head.
trembling and his eyes were watery.
Through a watery curtain, he saw.
Anubis’s voice became watery.
into its watery state and began to.
She watched Mair, through a watery.
There was blood a watery substance.
Her eyes were watery and non-focused.
Her front tire found the watery goo.
His eyes were watery from the punch.

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Synonyms for watery

washy watery weak reeking