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Watery in a sentence

With a watery Eyed look.
Uther gave a watery smile.
If the mucus is watery and.
His watery eyes sprang wide.
Through watery eyes he saw.
Alicia smiled her eyes watery.
His watery grey eyes looked.

My eyes were watery and gray.
Why Lemon Pies Become Watery.
The woman’s eyes were watery.
November chills and watery winds.
His eyes were watery in his head.
Through a watery curtain, he saw.
And when the watery mirror gleamed.
His eyes were watery from the punch.
She watched Mair, through a watery.
Her front tire found the watery goo.
Chisel glared at me with watery eyes.
A watery, gassy feeling in the guts.
Her eyes were watery and non-focused.
There was blood a watery substance.
Her watery eyes were that of joy and.
It is also not as watery as skim milk.
I stare at her watery eyes for a moment.
He looked up at me with big watery eyes.
Its name was Tiamat, the watery planet.
Tom paused and looked up with watery eyes.
Meanwhile, Herman’s eyes became watery.
Dad was looking at me with red , watery.
Thank you, she said with watery eyes.
Sunk though he be beneath the watery floor.
Her eyes were watery and she seemed upset.
Jaden looked at his father with watery eyes.
The words gurgled out of its watery larynx.
Mei Yinxue rolled her watery eyes and giggled.
Ambrosius just stared at me with watery eyes.
He wore a cloak and a hood; his large watery.
For months, Zia had been trapped in a watery.
However, loose watery stools occurring three.
The door opened to reveal a dark, watery world.

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