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Damp in a sentence

It was dark and damp.
It felt damp and old.
It was damp with sweat.
The bed was damp with it.
Nestled in the warm damp.
A damp, cold morning dawned.
The mornings would be damp.

The cellar was dark and damp.
I grew quite damp with effort.
It was damp from a recent rain.
The air was cold and damp and.
Cover the dough with damp cloth.
He reached the end of the damp.
The cold and damp will kill him.
Damp stone numbed his side and.
The ground became soft and damp.
Andrea shivered in the damp air.
It smelt damp, decayed, charred.
His jokes are getting a bit damp.
The corners of his eyes grew damp.
The leaves have not got damp as.
He unfolded a damp newspaper and.
The touch of her damp hand to Mrs.
Air grew heavy, damp, almost solid.
Her skin was damp at her hairline.
It felt slightly damp to the touch.
It was a windy, damp, grey morning.
The damp air, her plait, her cloak.
Cold and damp, Hazel felt impatient.
His skin was damp with perspiration.
It's been used to cover damp mortar.
My hair grew damp about my forehead.
Damp air in the castle had brought.
The room was damp and evil-smelling.
He ran his fingers through damp hair.
The damp ground chilled his bare feet.
His hands were cold and his brow damp.
It was dark and smelled of damp earth.
It was a damp morning, there was a fog.
Damp would of course have removed this.
Isabella is in the process of damping down the fire.
Yes, and we had enough trouble then damping him down then.
No—I can’t! she caused, her eyes damping with tears rather quicker than she had expected.
Especially important to the design of the test rig is the bouncing feature (damping coefficient) when hitting a solid or elastic surface [6].
Still, now and then, I received a damping check to my cheerfulness; and was, in spite of myself, thrown back on the region of doubts and portents, and dark conjectures.
To avoid affecting the sensitive electronics on the aircraft, the fuel rods were stripped down and packed in light weight, neutron damping layers for the long journey ahead.
At the kind of velocity that Torbin could only sense through closed eyes – and only allowed him to remain alive thanks to inertial damping – they swooped down to Zardino’s base.
So long as she kept him there she should, except breakfast, have all her meals in that one place: modest meals, meals damping to the spirits and surely in the long run lowering, the most inflaming dish provided by the tea-room being--it announced it on its wall--poached eggs.
Are damped by the.
This silence damped me.
To a damped oscil ation.
Their conversation hushed, damped.
Distant popping sounds damped by bush, echoed high over head.
Sweat formed dark blotches about his clothes and damped his hair.
He thought on it, and the very thought damped the ruinous blaze in his face.
All the poles, quickly wedged against the bow of one and the stern of the other, damped.
The dust from the explosion had been quickly damped down by the mist of water in the air.
For an instant I caught a glimpse of those volcanic fires which he had damped down so long.
Varvara Petrovna understood that note, but her exaltation was not damped, quite the contrary.
That trusty man had his hands cruelly chafed with the rowing, but it never damped his spirits.
Nastasia must have overheard both question and reply, but her vivacity was not in the least damped.
The fact that my parents just left me without a moment’s thought at a house has damped my curiosity.
Caris, patting her forehead and cheeks with a rag damped with the fragrant liquid, praying for her to come round.
The pressure wave was colossal, but the sound inside US1 was heavily damped by the special skin surrounding the hull.
Something in the landlord's demeanour seemed to have damped his temper as he looked from the watch to Caesar, to Johnny.
Rains and spray had damped it; sun and wind had warped it; all the elements had combined to rot a thing that hung so idly.
She damped the cloth and then gently wiped James’ aching soles, which gave him a bit of relief, for which he was thankful.
The offices were closed and dark because of the holiday, and at the deserted dock there was only one ship, its boilers damped.
Soon all that was left was the skeletal remains of a torso, a head and the intestines, all surrounded by soil damped with yellow blood.
As each day passed, their excitement seemed rather to increase than their ardour to be damped by the weariness and discomforts to be endured.
Thus, the problems disappeared with their load of spite and sorrow going to hide, in a hurry, in any room where the noise is damped and not heard.
And that mellowness had distilled itself down in a slow rain that damped his smoldering nerves and put the wilderness fires in every limb of him out.
All the poles, quickly wedged against the bow of one and the stern of the other, damped a dangerous collision down to a more manageable thump with the two now becoming as one.
Owing to the action of the sun during the preceding day, the stone was warm and dry, in comforting contrast to the rough and chill grass around, which had damped her skirts and shoes.
His mouth tasted of night damps.
The damps of the dew bathed the head of Villefort, and refreshed his memory.
And to avoid using the velvet cover, I’ll give her a spell that damps it’s ringing completely when the vibration spell is inactive.
At night, the utmost care had been taken of the captives, both to prevent injury from the damps of the woods and to guard against an escape.
He was enveloped in a cloak that might have been intended as a protection from the chilling damps of the woods, but which served equally well as a mantle to conceal his person.
Mr Clare, who had volunteered to help; then Tess, Marian, Izz Huett, and Retty; then Bill Lewell, Jonathan, and the married dairywomen— Beck Knibbs, with her wooly black hair and rolling eyes; and flaxen Frances, consumptive from the winter damps of the water-meads—who lived in their respective cottages.

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