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Wed in a sentence

1. They are wed at St.
2. Wed have to trust him.
3. On Christmas Day they wed.
4. He gave her to me to wed.
5. Journeys and warriors to wed.
6. Richard and I were legally wed.
7. With this ring, I thee wed.

8. The first will wed, Lady she be.
9. Lucas the day after they are wed.
10. Pharaoh gave him a spouse to wed.
11. Megan Campbell is finally wed.
12. Wed seen no one and heard nothing.
13. The Kingsguard are sworn not to wed.
14. The three will wed, Each his choice.
15. Wed to her man and a place and a home.
16. He said that David and Michal might wed.
17. We wed reached a major transit station.
18. Wed planned for everything except that.
19. Of course! Wed told Rory to meet us here.
20. On the morrow the two shall be wed, heehee.
22. None wed the second but who kill'd the first.
23. Let us accompany the newly wed to the ship.
24. He is scheduled to wed in less than two weeks.
25. Though none of the Volunteers have wed yet.
26. You will wed me and become Lord of the Wyrmberg.
27. So Merab was given instead to another man to wed.
28. Impregnated with his child, I felt obligated to wed.
29. So it is, and We will wed them to lovely companions.
30. That a man named Canler had come up here to wed you.
31. Well, we are betrothed and we’re to be wed soon.
32. Wed, 24 Sep, 2012 Full date information, abbreviated.
33. Wed already established our territory in the gazebo.
34. Wed, Sep 24, 2009 Full date information, abbreviated.
35. And they’re all here, now, waiting for us to be wed.
36. Wed spend the rest of our lives together, if possible.
37. Michael’s wedding, and he wed an abbess, large and veiled.
38. A guard came out and waved us away before wed even stopped.
39. But at least she still had her son and he was soon to be wed.
40. Newly wed couples don’t need that baby in order to survive.
41. With this ring I thee wed the most beautiful woman in the world.
42. I phoned Rory, telling him wed have it ready in a couple of days.
43. And by the time I awakened wed already crossed the Oregon state line.
44. Wed seen no one till then except farmers on tractors in the distance.
45. The sooner she was wed to Ben, the sooner she could return to England.
46. Kitty, if you can obey the rules wed be more than happy to have you here.
47. She had made plans to leave Roscrea and wed him in Dublin and move there.
48. His father threatened to disinherit him if he didn't wed the French girl.
49. We"d go on imagining they don"t mind, not knowing whether they do or not.
50. And so when you are legally wed for a wizard, you share half of each other.
51. I also prayed wed be home around our people so they could rejoice with us.
52. I thought about picking up where wed left off, but that was wishful thinking.
53. He'd bigamously wed Jacqueline of Hainault and taken Eleanor as his mistress.
54. Why just last year at court, a girl of thirteen years was wed, recalled her.
55. After that, Harald can seek an annulment of the French marriage and wed Alice.
56. Need my brother wed the woman because he calls upon her name? she mocked.
57. If we ever hoped to restore our reputations wed have to get MacFife to confess.
58. When she lowered her gaze, he wondered whether she would be willing to wed him.
59. There was an underlying hunger that could only be satisfied after they were wed.
60. He nibbled at the pie we"d bought on the way home, but wasn"t really interested.
61. As soon as wed finished most of our meal Shane opened up a conversation with me.
62. Wed just locked it and were preparing to climb the rocks when voices stopped us.
63. Miriam guiltily relaxes with her new lover, her first, Yoseph, not yet wed to him.
64. But by then, Johnny and I had had eleven screw drivers and wed eaten all the food.
65. I noted everything and said we"d call him as soon as we"d found somewhere suitable.
66. He proffessed his love to her and ask the sage for his permission to wed the maiden.
67. I’m not a man that could wed a woman, follow her to another country and live there.
69. Over the years, it has been reported in biographies that the two planned to wed again.
70. Cognoscenti swore the day they were wed that he would never rest until he destroyed her.
71. The following year of ’90 was greeted with the news that Patrick and Ciara were to wed.
72. But what was truly horrifying was a broken heart that convinced a woman to wed a corpse.
73. Wed live in a white mansion with a white picket fence enclosing a large manicured lawn.
74. When we arrived, I told the man at the door who we were and that wed like to see Jesus.
75. The air smelled fresher and cleaner, though wed had only a few drops of the precious fluid.
76. But the trip wasn"t long, and I knew we"d find some kind of shelter in the walls of the city.
77. It be nothin’ Olin, all that it is, is celebration for on the morn the Deity will be wed.
78. I thanked the heavens that Jesse would chose to wed me of all people; the idea still baffled me.
79. Fifteen minutes later the visit was arranged, wed showered, and were tossing about, unable to sleep.
80. Now that their two dearest children were to be wed, they could look forward to all their new futures.
81. Being a newly wed, I did not hook up with one of the pretty pros, someone probably NewDelman invited.
82. On January 14, 1954, Marilyn and Joe were wed in a quick civil ceremony before a judge in San Francisco.
83. As Joseph strapped on his phylacteries, I looked around at our house wed lived in for such a short time.
84. He also told Wendy he was getting wed and thanked her for giving him the practice he needed to deal with.
85. Where they were planning to wed one day, but their parents were so against them they ended separating them.
86. Wed been good neighbours for four years but this was the first time he had offered to lend anything material.
87. Guess wed better be grownups again? She straightened her robe, then bent to hit an insect on her ankle.
88. I cut myself off from my race in order to wed him, but never once while he lived did I for an instant regret it.
89. At least I didn’t say to you, with this bling I thee wed, I said as I was still feeling strange about it.
90. Once Helez and he were wed and returned home she hoped they’d continue to use her as their personal slave woman.
91. In an expression of ‘utmost admiration’, Wille had landed Sal with an unborn child, and they’d decided to wed.
92. This was quite special, for he had yet to speak to Ignacia, and they were to be wed on her birthday the following year.
93. Unfortunately, before his death, King wed Planned Parenthood’s population control agenda to the Civil Rights Movement.
94. Then he had proceeded to tell her that he was really the Prince of the Fey and they would return to his homeland to be wed.
95. It was a stupid reason to wed, as we very quickly discovered, but we tried to make it work, especially once Deris came along.
96. Molly, sweet Molly, of long pigtails and dirtied bare feet, stepped heavily in her ivory dress as she moved to wed a dead man.
97. But everyone at the party told me that Francheska was taking too many drinks, the night you and Philippe got wed in Forest Green.
98. And how about the planet? As that funny guy said on TV the other night, if Earth was a rental property wed never get our bond back.
99. Warren"s dead, but his idea is still alive, and in tribute, we"d like to present him with a posthumous Congressional Medal Of Honor.
100. However, he didn"t hang up so I explained we"d be going to a police station this time, and offered him thrice his usual hourly rate.

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