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Weep in a sentence | weep example sentences

  1. I kiss it and weep.
  2. I was about to weep.
  3. I could weep for them.
  4. I have no cause to weep.
  5. And I could not but weep.

  6. He began to weep bitterly.
  7. Who truly weep over those.
  8. But he did weep; I saw it.
  9. The sisters started to weep.
  10. The Fergusons began to weep.
  11. I weep as I have never wept:.
  12. The woman began to weep again.
  13. Would she weep and send away.
  14. The Angel started to weep and.
  15. The second voice began to weep.

  16. Blessed are ye that weep now:.
  17. Then he begins at last to weep.
  18. She just began to weep and weep.
  19. Thou wilt weep because of me!.
  20. There is nobody to weep for me.
  21. She began to weep uncontrollably.
  22. I break down completely and weep.
  23. Read Them And Weep A Hearts Cry:.
  24. He who does not weep does not see.
  25. This will cause her to weep still.

  26. Almost instantly, he began to weep.
  27. She hung her head and began to weep.
  28. She began to silently weep, tears.
  29. Rather than try to sleep, and weep.
  30. She left us here to weep and mourn-.
  31. As she came to, she started to weep.
  32. He would allow himself to weep later.
  33. Ah, Mistress Fanny, do not weep so….
  34. Gwenda was so happy she wanted to weep.
  35. Weep no more, for the end will be nigh.
  36. But those who are left behind may weep.
  37. Then he insisted and I started to weep.
  38. Calm clouds of scent, that I did weep;.
  39. Now she could remember it and weep or.
  40. She could not pray, could not weep, and.
  41. Why do you weep? Rejoice and weep not.
  42. A high pollen count always makes me weep.
  43. She could not weep, but she knew despair.
  44. I don't love you! How should I? Weep away.
  45. Now she could remember it and weep or pray.
  46. He began to weep, sitting there in the water.
  47. I don’t love you! How should I? Weep away.
  48. She threw away the stone, and began to weep.
  49. What he saw made him weep from fear and joy.
  50. Tears came to his eyes, but he didn’t weep.
  51. Janice stared at him and then started to weep.
  52. We cannot play, nor laugh, nor weep with them.
  53. He replied: Madam! Weep for some more time.
  54. I said and left her alone to weep in her room.
  55. I weep for those who have not found Love yet!.
  56. He drooped his head forward and began to weep.
  57. At this you cannot even weep; your eyes are dry.
  58. Massie curled up into a ball and began to weep.
  59. While the guardians sleep, Humankind will weep.
  60. I weep over the one and I laugh over the other.
  61. Hearing those moans Prince Andrew wanted to weep.
  62. Try to weep, nothing gives such relief as tears.
  63. He began to weep like a baby without it's mother.
  64. She put her hands over her eyes and began to weep.
  65. The luminous weep, if only over those in darkness.
  66. Gwenda wanted to weep every time she looked at him.
  67. Then he’d weep, breaking his heart in tears and.
  68. You laugh for five minutes and weep for five hours.
  69. The women weep, but he says, Don’t weep for me.
  70. As he said this, Nicholas blinked and began to weep.
  71. Today, I continue to weep for my country of birth.
  72. He tells Avery the amount, which causes her to weep.
  73. He could feel her body tremble as she began to weep.
  74. Her mother began to weep, then glanced over toward me.
  75. The puny figure just continued to weep into its hands.
  76. I too would weep if demoted back to human from a god.
  77. I could not see my father weep, and sit by, careless.
  78. Oh god…! Why should you weep? What happened?
  79. Dragonized women deceive, weep and spin, not ashamed.
  80. The hollows in her neck were enough to make one weep.
  81. Nawaz, I had thought I'd weep again when I saw Sohrab.
  82. She buried her head in his shoulders and began to weep.
  83. In chapter 18 the kings of the earth weep and lament.
  84. Happily for Jean Valjean that he had been able to weep.
  85. Woe to you who laugh now, for you will mourn and weep.
  86. Maizie wanted badly to weep, to cry out, to plead with.
  87. And why weep for this? No fear of death will darken St.
  88. Her smiling lips began to speak as painted willows weep.
  89. Was he dressing? Did he still weep? She reached the door.
  90. The Rottweiler stopped dead cold, began to weep and then.
  91. Will did not know whether to weep with joy or new despair.
  92. It was the first and only time I ever saw the Doctor weep.
  93. Probably the joint of such a door would weep a little--.
  94. I can not hold back the tears anymore and I start to weep.
  95. It weighed so little in her hands it almost made her weep.
  96. Therefore My love will weep and My heart will wail, forever.
  97. I began to weep and to call on the Lord to rescue me from it.
  98. She then began to weep once more, hesitating to look up into.
  99. Hearing those moans Prince Andrew wanted Andrew wanted to weep.
  100. Norman started to weep and thanked his son for the information.
  1. The old man was weeping.
  2. Fell in the weeping brook.
  3. The weeping is the Jews.
  4. And you would be weeping.
  5. It was his blood weeping.
  6. Danny ran, weeping as he.
  7. Simon found he was weeping.
  8. What was he weeping over?
  9. I could not stop my weeping.
  10. He would always be weeping.
  11. BJ was weeping like a child.
  12. Atal would not stop weeping.
  13. Weeping and gnashing of teeth.
  15. He could tell she was weeping.
  16. This was no place for weeping.
  17. The tales of smiling and weeping.
  18. It was plain she'd been weeping.
  19. Many of the refugees are weeping.
  20. Why are you weeping, my child?
  21. The shock made her cease weeping.
  22. He sat up and the weeping stopped.
  23. They were weeping in front of me.
  24. His weeping wife grabbed him too.
  25. They looked at the weeping female.
  26. And, without tears, he was weeping.
  27. Weeping that we aren’t the angel.
  28. The weeping tree is her family tree.
  29. And then he fell to weeping bitterly.
  32. But Hippolyte was by no means weeping.
  33. Luoto weeping as they walked her out.
  34. Then he perceived that she was weeping.
  35. Bonnie was slumped over him, weeping.
  36. And he hadn't even heard the weeping!.
  37. She was writhing in his arms, weeping.
  38. She fought the weeping that pressed on.
  39. My father and mother were also weeping.
  40. He was so touched he was almost weeping.
  41. Maria paused before my weeping attacker.
  42. Weeping they loosed my tresses long(36).
  44. How their parents must have been weeping.
  45. And he suddenly broke into bitter weeping.
  46. The shout was mixed with the weeping now.
  47. And sat up in bed, hot, cold, and weeping.
  48. She could not say more due to the weeping.
  49. When I saw her weeping I began to cry too.
  50. Thomas was slumped in the corner, weeping.
  51. We are helpless to quiet this weeping kid.
  52. That was Bonnie’s voice! She was weeping.
  53. Daphne had balled up on the floor, weeping.
  54. Love is the tears you are weeping at night.
  55. She knew the same silent yet bitter weeping.
  56. Rut the relief of weeping had to be checked.
  57. I couldn’t see her tears and weeping face.
  58. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
  59. Still weeping, Steve said, Thanks, Allen.
  60. She remained alive, weeping over me, with me.
  61. She passed many a night weeping and thinking.
  62. Debbie was still weeping silently in her seat.
  63. The two soldiers dragged the weeping girl off.
  64. The other gods were weeping with her and sat.
  65. Not one has heard the weeping of The Holy One.
  66. In the ensuing minutes, Morse started weeping.
  67. The other confession set her weeping bitterly.
  68. I entered in her room; she was weeping woefully.
  69. The fat Dornishwoman was on the ground weeping.
  70. Rita turned around and covered her face weeping.
  71. Didn't know it was loaded, says weeping spouse.
  72. Soothes the torn metal edge of my weeping scars.
  73. Over on the ground the presumed perp was weeping.
  74. He pulls her up amidst her overwhelming weeping.
  75. There will be weeping and the gnashing of teeth.
  76. This was the sound of weeping fiercely kept back.
  77. Kami! You must live! Yania shouted, weeping.
  78. I was weeping and she was covering me with kisses.
  79. I couldn’t keep from weeping as I heard these.
  80. She could hear the muffled weeping of her father.
  81. As closely related as a pine and a weeping willow.
  82. Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be.
  83. She could not refrain from weeping at these words.
  84. Ahmed runs to him, falls on his shoulder, weeping.
  85. And that it is He who causes laughter and weeping.
  86. Some old peasant women were already weeping aloud.
  87. Oberon was glaring at Lorkyn, and bitterly weeping.
  88. The doctor slid down and sat on the floor, weeping.
  89. At the centre was an old willow, huge and weeping.
  90. Jeremiah is known as the weeping or crying prophet.
  91. I swear I can hear her weeping softly at the moon.
  92. Is he weeping, or is he going to faint for fear?
  93. The children flung themselves onto a couch, weeping.
  94. More tears stung his eyes, but still no weeping -.
  95. And he crushed Dog hard and long to himself, weeping.
  96. Having once given way she could not stop her weeping.
  97. On being informed that Anand was weeping, the Lord.
  98. More than seventy widows were in the weeping company.
  99. I care for all, the cold, the helpless, the weeping.
  100. When she finished, the audience was weeping, and a.
  1. But the boy only wept.
  2. Zoe sat down and wept.
  3. She wept for the city.
  4. When dawn came, I wept.
  5. His father wept for him.
  6. I had wept in her arms.
  7. Then he must have wept.
  8. And as he wept he said:.
  9. Everyone in the room wept.
  10. They all wept at parting.
  11. At which the captain wept.
  12. She wept on his shoulders.
  13. I wept for joy in her arms.
  14. And wept with the red eyes.
  15. Marion turned away and wept.
  16. Jacob cried out as he wept:.
  17. I weep as I have never wept:.
  18. He could have wept as she did.
  19. He bent his head, and he wept.
  20. As the clouds opened and wept.
  21. Yet he himself wept as he spoke.
  22. I wept because of our fate in.
  23. My heart wept for these parents.
  24. They then wept and beat their.
  25. Samantha? he wept as he.
  26. I collapsed in the bed and wept.
  27. He wept at the grave of Lazarus.
  28. They wept loudly as they walked.
  29. So the angel wept and went away.
  30. But I err: you have not wept at.
  31. As she filled it, they both wept.
  32. When this was heard, Joseph wept.
  33. Jean Valjean wept for a long time.
  34. She still wept without sensing it.
  35. He suddenly discovered he had wept.
  36. He gazed at his child and he wept.
  37. Jesus wept Jack that is so good.
  38. At his death they wept and mourned.
  39. He wept over unbelieving Jerusalem.
  40. Some women wept, others comforted.
  41. Merry could not speak, but wept anew.
  42. She had wept, and she was trembling.
  43. She only looked at him, and she wept.
  44. I wept bitterly and whole heartedly.
  45. I thank Thee, O Lord! and he wept.
  46. I thank Thee, O Lord!’ and he wept.
  47. I wept again, but not for sorrow now.
  48. Here the stonemasons groaned and wept.
  49. And what I wept for most was my baby.
  50. He kissed all his brothers, and wept.
  51. Let sadness come to one, and all wept.
  52. The old princess came in and also wept.
  53. He wept silently and thought of death.
  54. The illusion disappeared and Hank wept.
  55. Whence I, at the beginning, wept thereat.
  56. Suddenly he knew why he had wept at dawn.
  57. Mary and His Mother wept for their Lord.
  58. Masha still wept, sheltered on my breast.
  59. I wept and she held me, stoking my hair.
  60. Within minutes he wept himself to sleep.
  61. The youth sat beneath the tree and wept.
  62. Rex wept as he held his hands to his face.
  63. He wept wildly and cursed the world and.
  64. And then she wept with relief at finally.
  65. He entered into his room, and wept there.
  66. They all wept for the loss of their king.
  67. At his suddenly gentle intrusion, I wept.
  68. He wept and threw his arms round her knees.
  69. Jesus wept, because He could not bear the.
  70. Yes, she laughed and wept at the same time.
  71. We have wept our tears and shared our loss.
  72. They lay in the hug for a while as she wept.
  73. She trembled to such a degree that she wept.
  74. The pain pulsed through his arm, and he wept.
  75. In the long silence that came upon us I wept.
  76. They both wept as they held his hand tightly.
  77. Marcus held her hand and openly wept over her.
  78. This was the only game where they often wept.
  79. David? And Saul lifted up his voice, and wept.
  80. And he wept uproariously, not for sorrowful.
  81. Douglas sat on the edge of the ravine and wept.
  82. He lay on his stomach under the tree and wept.
  83. They kissed as brothers, wept with one another.
  84. He wept with joy and made the journey to Egypt.
  85. I wept to know her, to have her arms around me.
  86. My dearest brother, he wept, my beloved friend.
  87. The threshold smiled; the house prayed and wept.
  88. A hero’s tear was not easily wept unless he.
  89. There was no resisting them, and we wept openly.
  90. And she and William retired to the sofa and wept.
  91. He really laid into me this time, she wept.
  92. He wept like a child for the rest of that night.
  93. He just knelt there and wept like a dejected man.
  94. She wept so terribly I could not hold myself back.
  95. But this was not the biggest reason that he wept.
  96. My sister, who was older, was terrified and wept.
  97. Her tears flowed freely, and Joseph wept with her.
  98. I wept most inconsolably for my unravell’d Gown.
  99. The mother wept full of sorrow; she almost fainted.
  100. She wept as her heart mourned and her soul wailed.
  1. All the rest weeps.
  2. Margaret Thatcher weeps.
  4. He weeps at the blows.
  5. And it weeps only for thee.
  6. The soul weeps with no tears.
  7. Remember the one who weeps.
  8. He weeps for the man he never was.
  9. That weeps and sleeps with the rose.
  10. A dream that weeps a melting creed.
  11. He weeps a river for his foolish friend.
  12. No one here weeps for the woes of others.
  13. I’m not that girl who weeps out of joy.
  14. The weary footman takes the reins and weeps.
  15. Shows itself pure; he weeps for what is done.
  16. He weeps, he laughs, loves and hates, desires.
  17. Love weeps before going to war, hoping for 108.
  18. The crowd weeps and kisses the earth under His feet.
  19. But he respects me: he crawls, he moans, he weeps!.
  20. She weeps profusely as she asks, Are you an angel?
  21. They approach a parked car as she cries and weeps on her husband’s shoulder.
  22. Look! the child weeps! She is too young to die! Send her to Munro, to comb his.
  23. Ahmed weeps, despondent, pacing the room nervously in a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers.
  24. As she lies in her hospital bed and weeps a nurse approaches and offers her a tissue.
  25. His voice now little more than a whisper, Philo said amidst weeps and moans of pain:.
  26. The triplets have their heads turned around, sadly staring at Missy as Missy weeps silently.
  27. He weeps for his loss, for he remembers elven children playing in his branches and singing with him.
  28. I smothered the baby in the cellar with a board! I sat on it and smothered it—and its bones crunched! (Weeps.
  29. Now teach her Hawk Moth Flutters, leading into Maiden Weeps, followed by Right Stirrup, and finish with Crimson Sun.
  30. What we don't need is a bleeding heart that weeps over every loss, but rather a brave soul that can withstand every assault.
  31. He weeps a river of tears, shaking uncontrollably with grief, all while trying to remain calm and strong to comfort his dear wife.
  32. Thetis says to Achilles; 'Why weeps my son? what grieves thee? Speak, conceal not what hath laid such hard hand on thee, let both know.
  33. To take the simplest example: one man laughs, and another, who hears, becomes merry; or a man weeps, and another, who hears, feels sorrow.
  34. Of the graver and more solemn character; though it must be acknowledged that, in spite of all my endeavors, the maiden weeps oftener than she smiles.
  35. This is Maiden Weeps, she said as she gripped the hilt with both hands and raised it over her head to bring it down in a flurry of cutting attacks.
  36. It is impossible to tell how long he weeps but when he becomes aware of the day again, he sees the sun is high in the sky and the shadows around him are short.
  37. Mother once said that if the departed soul weeps for his own beloved ones, then there would be a heavy rainfall, and sometime it would be continue for a week.
  38. His mother is now in the town; she is a delicate and ailing woman, aged beyond her years; she weeps and positively grovels on the ground imploring mercy for her son.
  39. Therefore, since your Grand Ducal Highness knows that and yet herself weeps, it is easy to see that there exists a reason for weeping which makes weeping inevitable.
  40. Mary tells me that her older brother was killed during the D Day landings in France and that she always weeps her way through the service because she still misses him.
  41. Near him, this kneeling woman who weeps is his spouse, Diane de Poitiers, Countess de Breze, Duchess de Valentinois, born in 1499, died in 1566, and to the left, the one with the child is the Holy Virgin.
  42. He's coming, too, and we both want to mingle our weeps over the wine cup, and to drink a health with all our hearts to the happiest man in all the wide world, who has won the noblest heart that God has made and best worth winning.
  43. Shakespeare o’ Stratford); an’ some have call’d it Diddly-Pont, Doodle-Case, Dormouse, Duck-Pond, Dumb-Oracle, e’en Dyke! ’Tis the sweet Et Cetera, the E’erlastin’ Wound, the Eye that Weeps Most when Best Pleas’d, the Faucet, the Fiddle, the Flapdoodle, the Fly-Trap, the Fortress, the Fountain o’ Love, the Funniment, the Furrow, the Gap, an’ o’ course, the Garden o’ Eden.
  44. When the moon is up the whole sky then weeps,.
  45. My heart weeps and the mind is unable to think,.

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