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Cry in a sentence | cry example sentences

  1. So I cry and cry.
  2. It was a cry by.
  3. If I am sad I cry.
  4. I bleed and I cry.
  5. He did not cry out.

  6. I saw him cry once.
  7. You cry out to God.
  8. The cry of my soul.
  9. I hear you all cry.
  10. The cry of the owl.
  11. And the cry is the.
  12. That I start to cry.
  13. The cry of the soul.
  14. Then he began to cry.
  15. With a final cry of.

  16. It was a cry of agony.
  17. He felt he would cry.
  18. Then she began to cry.
  19. Don't cry, I got you.
  20. Don't have a cry now.
  21. I don’t want to cry.
  22. He began to cry again.
  23. Neigh, I hear you cry.
  24. She could not cry out.
  25. But not to cry in vain.

  26. And she would not cry.
  27. I used to cry when I.
  28. It is a low, long cry.
  29. I almost start to cry.
  30. I was so ready to cry.
  31. She now wanted to cry.
  32. The child began to cry.
  33. He did not cry at all.
  34. Caris tried not to cry.
  35. She just began to cry.
  36. McCaw cry out for help.
  37. I can’t cry, not here.
  38. The piercing cry of a.
  39. To cry, cry really hard.
  40. She stifled a sharp cry.
  41. I had sworn not to cry.
  42. I was afraid I’d cry.
  43. She then started to cry.
  44. All I could do was cry.
  45. I cry out of love alone.
  46. Bah! he won't cry long.
  47. The woman began to cry.
  48. She began to cry again.
  49. How much can you cry?
  50. Then she started to cry.
  51. And I had seen him cry.
  52. I heard the baby cry.
  53. Cry out before MY Face.
  54. His speech made me cry.
  55. I thought I heard a cry.
  56. I’d sit there and cry.
  57. A short cry escaped her.
  58. She began to softly cry.
  59. Of the laugh and the cry.
  60. Wait for the battle cry.
  61. Elowen tried not to cry.
  62. But she did not cry out.
  63. His mother began to cry.
  64. I began to cry instantly.
  65. I will not let out a cry.
  66. Do not be ashamed to cry.
  67. The fat teen began to cry.
  68. Seeing it made Ingrid cry.
  69. Then he gave a great cry.
  70. I’d never seen him cry.
  71. I never cry like this.
  72. Cry out with Me for her!.
  73. She didn’t want to cry.
  74. Beth gave a cry of horror.
  75. A cry that bore an agony.
  76. The ones I cry for,.
  77. The cry in a night,.
  78. When I cry to thee,.
  79. The cry of my heart,.
  80. He did not cry out,.
  81. The cry of the knight,.
  1. I was crying by then.
  2. It was a girl crying.
  3. He too is crying now.
  4. It was a child crying.
  5. I was tired of crying.
  7. A sound of soft crying.
  8. I was crying in pain.
  9. You said it was crying.
  10. He'll be crying by now.
  11. No more crying for the.
  12. I started crying, and C.
  13. She was tired of crying.
  14. And then he heard crying.
  15. I was not crying inside.
  16. She was upset and crying.
  18. Why are you crying? You.
  19. Crying, she blew her nose.
  20. Crying out in the street.
  21. Some of them were crying.
  22. One was crying, but the.
  23. The infant went on crying.
  24. A child was heard crying.
  25. Crying alone in the street.
  26. Tired of crying over Fang.
  27. He noticed a crying Eliza.
  28. She realized he was crying.
  29. That is why she is crying.
  30. Crying was so useless now.
  31. I was still sort of crying.
  32. I am not crying wolf here.
  33. I was nearly crying again.
  34. He was still crying, and.
  35. Yes, I think I’m crying.
  36. They were crying very hard.
  37. The Crying Of Children *82.
  38. All four of us were crying.
  39. I was crying, but not hard.
  40. He saw she had been crying.
  41. She was crying and packing.
  42. I was crying by then, not.
  43. He just stood there crying.
  44. I have been crying over it.
  45. She lay on the bed, crying.
  46. He was crying in earnest now.
  47. I can feel an Indian crying.
  48. The crying changed in pitch.
  49. A child crying for the moon.
  50. Is he crying? I swear he is.
  51. I'm still panting and crying.
  52. If only he could stop crying.
  53. He felt like crying himself.
  54. In fact, he was crying big.
  55. St Chads, a crying shame,.
  1. He cried out in pain.
  2. I slept and I cried.
  3. He cried and he cried.
  4. I think we both cried.
  5. I sat there and cried.
  6. I cried and cried at.
  7. She cried out in pain.
  8. She had not cried out.
  9. Becky cried in my arms.
  10. I cried out for mother.
  11. We all cried when she.
  12. I cried for his return.
  13. The boy woke and cried.
  14. I broke down and cried.
  15. She cried out in agony.
  16. He cried for his supper.
  17. I cried for a long time.
  18. The child cried in fear.
  19. So be it, he cried.
  20. Bernice cried out in joy.
  21. Mom cried badly for you.
  22. She cried out in protest.
  23. He cried out to Abner1:.
  24. She cried tears of rage.
  25. He might have cried out.
  26. I cried with a loud voice.
  27. I cried for what seemed.
  28. He hated when women cried.
  29. The tears that you cried.
  30. He cried again and slept.
  31. She jumped and cried out.
  32. Then she cried out again.
  33. Then she cried in despair.
  34. Chu cried out for a nurse.
  35. The boy wriggled and cried.
  36. I bowed my head and cried.
  37. I cried for my lost youth.
  38. She had cried herself out.
  39. She cried all the time.
  40. I almost cried in the end.
  41. Then He Cried, First Time.
  42. Carla openly cried at the.
  43. Look at it! he cried.
  44. He asked her why she cried.
  45. The last time Roman cried.
  46. And he cried out for mommy.
  47. She cried not too long ago.
  48. As silent tears were cried.
  49. I love you, she cried.
  50. I nearly cried at the till.
  51. I cried out for my sisters.
  52. Others just sat, and cried.
  53. I need help! I cried.
  54. But I can’t! she cried.
  55. Yes, yes, yes, she cried.
  56. I cried to the western wind.
  57. But the bird cried too, mon.
  58. Not again! I cried out.
  59. A million times I’ve cried.
  60. She cried softly to herself.
  61. To a wise man he cried,.
  62. She cried a lot of tears,.
  1. He cries out in pain.
  2. Cries of Yes (and No).
  3. No one near her cries.
  4. He cries out and slips.
  5. He Heard The Cries * 37.
  6. There were not cries of.
  7. The cries filled the air.
  8. I know my father cries too.
  9. That cries inside my heart.
  10. I knew it, she cries.
  11. Her cries rent him in two.
  12. The last of my cries faded.
  13. To their eyes, tears, cries.
  14. For a while, he cries again.
  15. And my heart cries at the.
  16. She prays quietly and cries.
  17. Her cries turned to gurgles.
  18. She cries so I can't bear it.
  19. Then he heard the cries again.
  20. There were cries, and among.
  21. I could not help it, he cries.
  22. They heard her muffled cries.
  23. The heart cries tear of blood.
  24. More muffled cries from Leslie.
  25. We heard cries of babies and.
  26. Let me go, cries Poverty.
  27. But now nobody cries any more.
  28. Anxiety, cries of horror, moans.
  29. The bailiff cries, All rise.
  30. His cries of anguish may have.
  31. The screams were becoming cries.
  32. The cries from the gates ceased.
  33. That cries for the pain of Love.
  34. She cries a river of tears that.
  35. Amen to that! cries Sotwit.
  36. She often cries then hugs me’.
  37. No cries came from the bathroom.
  38. Cries of sellers in the streets.
  39. The cries were breaking my heart.
  40. Isodor heard the cries from afar.
  41. She cries out, gasping for breath.
  42. Don’t do it, he cries out.
  43. Cries of anguish overcome others.
  44. To gently hold her when she cries.
  45. Frodo did not even hear his cries.
  46. Yes! Marcus cries and shouts.
  47. Raised to Jove their angry cries;.
  48. And then suddenly he heard cries.
  49. She could see how her heart cries.
  50. The tears she cries she wipes away.
  51. The groan broke into tortured cries.
  52. Morgan shut up rapidly, his cries.
  53. An aching heart cries out for help.
  54. From a hurt that cries nary a sound.
  55. Soul hunger cries for satisfaction.
  56. What’s the matter? she cries.
  57. Pooh! A livre! cries Monsieur Lynch.
  58. The baby cries out in the next room.
  59. Nikíta (does not answer, but cries).
  60. Their clamor stifled dreadful cries.
  61. There were various cries of Hands.
  62. And when he cries his legs seem to.
  63. The banshee’s cries would be heard.
  64. But drama is when the audience cries.
  65. Is it their cries that fill my soul?
  66. Honore, cries are raised against him.
  67. Those tears she cries she wipes away.
  68. No one heard his cries of pleh, pleh.
  69. But his cries died away upon his lips.
  70. There were not cries of never ending.
  71. Her cries quieted into softer sniffles.
  72. He cries out, What is going on?
  73. The cries of the victims were ignored.
  74. Anguished cries with guttural mutters.
  75. Yeah, Margarita cries and shouts.
  76. Let no one hear their cries and moans.
  77. She cries out still for the Living God.
  78. The streets were full of cries and heat.
  79. Why, laughter, cries and hearty chatter.
  80. He cries poverty but he’s getting by.
  81. And I only hear his cries in my dreams.
  82. Already, it is too late, it cries.
  83. Of lights in the clear night, of cries.
  84. Excited calls and cries of joy filled.
  85. I could hear her weak cries in response.
  86. She heard cries coming from near the car.
  87. And the same cries, the same panic and.
  88. He cries out, his voice cracked and wild.
  89. Birds flew about in it with cries of joy.
  90. Her cries are coming from somewhere else.
  91. I heard cries coming from behind the hill.
  92. When strength cries there is no disguise.
  93. She cries quietly as she steadies herself.
  94. Their cries were easy enough to decipher.
  95. Cries and shrieks were heard on all sides.
  96. She greeted Alyosha with cries of rapture.
  97. Another cries out with a loud voice, and.
  98. Jane Eyre heard the beseeching cries of Mr.
  99. Outside, the cries broke off with a crunch.
  100. He was a baby that cries for the newest toy.

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