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Widget in a sentence

1. The two-wheeled widget.
2. Insert a text widget into the.
3. Note the parent relationship of each widget.
4. The Widget class is the core class of the application.
5. Put in your url and copy that to the RSS Feed widget on your blog.
6. If you have a blog you can use the widget area and use the text box.
7. And for the last ten years, I've been a widget washer at Podunk, Inc.

8. First, Joe knows that you have told the truth and really sent his widget.
9. Is this hard? Do the same for an event (add a new event to an existing widget).
10. That way, you won’t have to upload them manually and instead just place a widget.
11. These companies do not have a cure for cancer or the latest sexy tech widget on the shelf.
12. Use the technique you learned earlier to insert the AddThis Follow widget into the Left Sidebar.
13. Once you get that snippet you go onto Appearance >widgets and then you paste it into the widget on.
14. At this point, you might have realized why the Widget and Event classes are only associated (no aggregation or composition relationships) in the UML class diagram.
15. The parent aggregation shown in the UML diagram indicates that each widget can have a reference to a parent object, which by convention, we assume is a Widget instance.
16. Note, however, that according to the rules of inheritance, an instance of any of the subclasses of Widget (for example, an instance of MsgText) is also an instance of Widget.
17. The association is used to show that the Widget class "knows" about the Event class but does not have any strict references to it, since an event needs to be passed only as a parameter to handle().

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