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Gimmick in a sentence | gimmick example sentences

  1. This place needs a gimmick.
  2. The latest gimmick by Congress was to put.
  3. This political gimmick has little if anything to commend itself.
  4. Amateurs love forecasts, and mysticism is a great marketing gimmick.
  5. We consider this a sales gimmick unworthy of this respectable industry.

  6. He had a gimmick and you certainly need one to be successful as a writer.
  7. Whenever I hear a dramatic forecast, my first thought is a marketing gimmick.
  8. Every gimmick under the Sun is used to brainwash children into becoming a mindless mass of consumers.
  9. The wilted gimmick of their military uniforms was as unflattering to their new recruits as it was to the remaining veterans.
  10. Indeed, you may be wondering: Is Bitcoin a world-altering technology or merely a technological gimmick? In this chapter, we’ll discuss both sides of this question.
  11. This bookkeeping gimmick enables companies to make an easy show of apparent growth in the following year—but investors should not mistake that for real business health.
  12. The whitewashing of Science’s true destructiveness was cunningly reversed by Nobel creating a public relations gimmick, an award ritual that is now a household name: the Nobel Prize Awards hailing the worst inventions of hell as greatest leaps forward for the benefit of all mankind.

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