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Wink in a sentence

He gave her a wink.
I gave them a wink.
Ellen gave him a wink.
I got your wink, pal.
With a wink and smile.
The two exchanged a wink.
James and gave him a wink.

With a wink, he assured.
I didn’t sleep a wink.
Even he is worth a wink!.
He rewarded me with a wink.
Lydia's eye and gave her a wink.
Trevain sent her a playful wink.
Chuck, never wink at me again.
Not, she said with a wink.
There was that mischievous wink!.
He gave me a wink as he walked by.
Far out, there is a wink of light.
He gave me a wink and turned tail.
Eh, Wes? he teased with a wink.
Jarratt would have said with a wink.
But not worth a wink and a smile.
And that's the way (he gave a wink).
He smiled brightly and gave me a wink.
Dave did not see Smith wink at Whitton.
The crystal seemed to wink back at her.
I smile, wave back, and give her a wink.
She couldn’t even get a wink of sleep.
He grinned at me and with a wink and a.
He looked over at her and gave her a wink.
He gave her a wink and then closed his eyes.
He's the greatest! she said with a wink.
Wink each at other; hold the sweet jest up;.
Telling him he could work it off, wink wink.
In the wink of an eye the Vikings were gone.
Community service, I said with a wink.
He didn’t return the wink because he was.
I shook off his wink and looked back at Phil.
Women, John said, giving his son a wink.
She stifled a yawn and saw Leonid wink at her.
I can see something winking.
She was winking at him as he did so.
Winking at Emma, he stepped forward.
You know where… she said winking.
He said winking and squeezing my hand.
Anytime, he said, winking at her.
Love it, he said, winking at her.
I have, said Mitya, winking slyly.
There was something stupid in his winking.
CORNY KELLEHER: (Winking) Boys will be boys.
It’s easy, Tim said, winking an eye.
I have this winking 3-D postcard just above.
A good wizard, he said, winking again.
The stars were mere dots, winking on and off.
Sure thing, Doc, she said, winking at him.
Nod away at him, if you please, like winking!.
Just in case, Alistair said, winking at me.
The rest was winking and clapped at the same time.
Give me a handful then, she said winking at him.
Bye, Tammas, the secretary said, winking at him.
I’m prepared for that, she said winking at him.
Trumbull polished them vigorously, winking at everybody.
There it is, he thought, faint but unmistakeably winking.
Stryver was lying back on his sofa, winking at his ceiling.
She grinned, winking at him, and reached over to switch the.
My respects to you, miss, said another, winking at her.
That was a bit cheeky, he remarked, winking theatrically.
I stole another look at Niki, and she caught it, winking at me.
Believe me, he said winking at her, I love all of you.
Above them they could see fires winking redly in the distance.
It’ll be the best sit in the house Ben said winking at me.
There followed friendly jokes, winking, little airs and graces.
You’re in for a bit of an adventure, said Brien, winking.
The beauty of debt is the payment thereof, said he, winking.
I don't think its any playboy joke, she said winking at him.
Yep, E, you have it! continued Charles, winking at his wife.
Then winking, he left, closing the office door with a soft click.
Adrinius looked at me, winking flirtatiously with his magical eyes.
I slept that night on deck with a shawl of winking stars above me.
I thought you would keep your promise, he said winking at her.
He winked at the boy.
He just winked at me.
Then he winked at me.
He winked at me again.
He was, and he winked.
He winked at her, and.
He winked and was gone.
The red light winked off.
Finally, he winked at me.
She winked and stood up.
Jesse winked at me again.
He winked at me while a.
He winked over at Mary K.
They winked at each other.
He winked at me, smiling.
The bastard winked at me.
He winked at the other men.
He winked at me and smiled.
She winked cutely at Grant.
He winked then walked off.
He actually winked at her!.
The books winked into sight.
She winked with a lewd grin.
Sim winked out of existence.
Xen just smiled and winked.
The Centurion winked at Josh.
He winked at her as he left.
Lisbeth then winked at Nancy.
She secretly winked at Colin.
She winked at me and smiled.
I winked and hit the stairs.
She looked at me, and winked.
Just winked out and left her.
I winked at Ryan as he smiled.
He winked, ting, then faded.
It winked slyly at Fizzicist.
Looking at the mayor, I winked.
He neither blanched nor winked.
Eddie looked at him and winked.
They both winked at each other.
He winks again at John.
I need to catch a few winks.
Ken smiles and winks at Davie.
He winks at me without smiling.
Unks just grins and winks at Cass.
He winks and I just stare a little.
Thereafter, I’ll catch a few winks.
He winks and goes serving a customer.
He looks again at John, winks, grins.
He winks and then looks in front of him.
As he heads out the door he winks at me.
The merchant just winks, and then smiles.
Down the table, Officer Remmit winks at me.
Starlight winks off the barrel of his pistol.
He winks and then drives backwards to the street.
Oh, and Reading wouldn’t have? Eugene winks.
I ask what they’re about and he just winks at me.
How's the old man treating you? She winks at Billy.
We act in the interest of the world, eh? He winks.
He winks at his son before reaching for his sandwich.
I think maybe I can handle that one, Santa winks.
Is that disapproval I hear? A green light winks yellow.
He winks, and I look away, resisting the urge to roll my eyes.
We’re with the Band, Jane lowers her glasses and winks.
Just when you think you have treated a mad man, he winks at you.
Frank didn’t notice the winks and their conspiratorial smiles.
He kisses the top of her head and, turning his head, winks at me.
A kindly lady librarian had succumbed to one of my shameless winks.
That is okay, Midge, I will fall back to sleep for a few more winks.
Only the winks caught his attention, and he replied with a sly smile.
Too bad, she always manages to get here when you're having forty winks.
He winks at me, and I go crimson as he follows Kate out of the apartment.
Cass warns her not to step on her long flowing dress, and then winks at her.
In thirty-second winks, between hours and hours and hours of staring up at the ceiling.
At a serving trolley nearby, Mohammed pops a cork, winks at the princess, who nods slightly.
The two-headed lemur creature gave him another two winks and skittered off into the forest.
The Captain stops for a moment, winks to the family, and then resumes his timely powerful pace.
Take your time, I could use a few winks, she said as she stretched on the long cabin seat.
She could catch a few winks in the early morning hours while waiting for a batch of goodies to bake.

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