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Wink in a sentence

1. He gave her a wink.
2. I gave them a wink.
3. Ellen gave him a wink.
4. I got your wink, pal.
5. With a wink and smile.
6. James and gave him a wink.
7. With a wink, he assured.

8. The two exchanged a wink.
9. I didn’t sleep a wink.
10. Even he is worth a wink!.
11. He rewarded me with a wink.
12. Lydia's eye and gave her a wink.
13. Chuck, never wink at me again.
14. Not, she said with a wink.
15. Trevain sent her a playful wink.
16. There was that mischievous wink!.
17. He gave me a wink as he walked by.
18. Far out, there is a wink of light.
19. Eh, Wes? he teased with a wink.
20. He gave me a wink and turned tail.
21. Jarratt would have said with a wink.
22. But not worth a wink and a smile.
23. And that's the way (he gave a wink).
24. He smiled brightly and gave me a wink.
25. Dave did not see Smith wink at Whitton.
26. The crystal seemed to wink back at her.
27. He grinned at me and with a wink and a.
28. I smile, wave back, and give her a wink.
29. She couldn’t even get a wink of sleep.
30. He looked over at her and gave her a wink.
31. He's the greatest! she said with a wink.
32. He gave her a wink and then closed his eyes.
33. He didn’t return the wink because he was.
34. Wink each at other; hold the sweet jest up;.
35. In the wink of an eye the Vikings were gone.
36. Telling him he could work it off, wink wink.
37. Community service, I said with a wink.
38. Women, John said, giving his son a wink.
39. Eh, is she pretty? he asked with a wink.
40. Come on, Insurgent, he says with a wink.
41. I shook off his wink and looked back at Phil.
42. She stifled a yawn and saw Leonid wink at her.
43. Yup, got the A, said Charles with a wink.
44. We'll just wink the other eye for a few weeks.
45. He gave Tyrus a wink before they both vanished.
46. She gave him a sly wink and then smiled at me.
47. Barker smiled up at Debbie, who gave him a wink.
48. He made no comment, not even a nudge or a wink.
49. Shelly patted her on the arm and gave me a wink.
50. He smiled at me and gave me his trademark wink.
51. I had not slept a wink in the eight-hour flight.
52. Joey saw the instructor at the front wink at him.
53. The woman caught her meaning and gave her a wink.
54. She gave Hal a wink, then turned to the audience.
55. The phone pressed to her ear, she gave him a wink.
56. He doubted Cumyngs had ever missed a single wink.
57. I winked at him, and the boy managed to wink back.
58. His little girl had grown up in the wink of an eye.
59. There’s no emergency, she said with a wink.
60. About a month and a half earlier, I’d had a wink.
61. She handed him her hand-bag, and was gone with a wink.
62. Physically and emotionally, Jason added with a wink.
63. Your very image, the old woman added, with a wink.
64. The world is only too ready to wink at youthful sins.
65. Legitimate stuff, of course, he added, with a wink.
66. That’s correct, ma’am, John said with a wink.
67. Typical Dave was back as he gave me a mischievous wink.
68. She gave him a quick nod of encouragement, and a wink.
69. The seafarer looked at him with the suspicion of a wink.
70. The seafarer looked at him with the suspicion go a wink.
71. This is just what I needed, she said with a wink.
72. He closed his hand and Aesa watched the spell wink out.
73. Heavy stuff, ZJ, he said with a wink in his voice.
74. And then a wink, to show her sense of humor was intact.
75. He tapped a long finger to his temple and gave me a wink.
76. Clever, don't you think? added the guest with a wink.
77. She's been laying here all night without a wink of sleep.
78. He shot her a wink and Holly smiled back then turned away.
79. I think I made a new best friend, I said with a wink.
80. I think so, Paul confirmed, giving his friend a wink.
81. The stars would wink at me, and the moon would blanket me.
82. Now here she was, in her turn become the subject of a wink.
83. Maybe after the party, in private, she added with a wink.
84. Then you can tell me what you think, he said with a wink.
85. He looked over May Ling, and then gave her an admiring wink.
86. Or even a hint of disrespect, Visola added with a wink.
87. With a wink, he turned, and Jack followed him down the stairs.
88. Natalie gave me a wink and asked, "What's his name, Alexis?".
89. The dark-haired commander laughed and offered a friendly wink.
90. Quick as a wink, I jump up an' grab that shelf over the door.
91. And when they passed by them, they would wink at one another.
92. Babs gave him a wink and put up his hand as if to say: enough.
93. She tipped me a wink when she saw me with Gareth and I nodded.
94. Tori thanks him with a wink and signs a fake name on the paper.
96. And I thought it was just my ass, she replied with a wink.
97. Mandy with a wink to her sons, but I did have an interesting.
98. Dorro furrowed his eyebrows at Wyll and then gave him a spry wink.
99. He replied with a wave; and a wink and a kiss at the women there.
100. She gave him a very un-Princess-like wink and whispered, Later.
1. I can see something winking.
2. She was winking at him as he did so.
3. Winking at Emma, he stepped forward.
4. You know where… she said winking.
5. He said winking and squeezing my hand.
6. Love it, he said, winking at her.
7. Anytime, he said, winking at her.
8. I have, said Mitya, winking slyly.
9. There was something stupid in his winking.
10. It’s easy, Tim said, winking an eye.
11. CORNY KELLEHER: (Winking) Boys will be boys.
12. I have this winking 3-D postcard just above.
13. A good wizard, he said, winking again.
14. The stars were mere dots, winking on and off.
15. Sure thing, Doc, she said, winking at him.
16. Nod away at him, if you please, like winking!.
17. Just in case, Alistair said, winking at me.
18. The rest was winking and clapped at the same time.
19. Give me a handful then, she said winking at him.
20. Bye, Tammas, the secretary said, winking at him.
21. I’m prepared for that, she said winking at him.
22. Trumbull polished them vigorously, winking at everybody.
23. There it is, he thought, faint but unmistakeably winking.
24. Stryver was lying back on his sofa, winking at his ceiling.
25. My respects to you, miss, said another, winking at her.
26. She grinned, winking at him, and reached over to switch the.
27. Above them they could see fires winking redly in the distance.
28. That was a bit cheeky, he remarked, winking theatrically.
29. I stole another look at Niki, and she caught it, winking at me.
30. Believe me, he said winking at her, I love all of you.
31. There followed friendly jokes, winking, little airs and graces.
32. It’ll be the best sit in the house Ben said winking at me.
33. You’re in for a bit of an adventure, said Brien, winking.
34. The beauty of debt is the payment thereof, said he, winking.
35. Then winking, he left, closing the office door with a soft click.
36. I don't think its any playboy joke, she said winking at him.
37. Yep, E, you have it! continued Charles, winking at his wife.
38. Adrinius looked at me, winking flirtatiously with his magical eyes.
39. I slept that night on deck with a shawl of winking stars above me.
40. I thought you would keep your promise, he said winking at her.
41. He nearly stumbled as Duana and Ilona danced by, Duana winking at him.
42. It bleeped once then sat silently, winking at me with a dull green glow.
43. You’ll see, Beth said, winking at Harold as she pulled the car.
44. Just a dot, tiny in the distance, with low sun winking in its windshield.
45. She gave it a gentle push and it spun slowly on the mercury, mirrors winking.
46. Entering the lounge Alex was greeted by the winking light of the answer-phone.
47. Keisha scrutinized the crowd until she finally spotted her grandmother winking.
48. Shinshin, moving his pipe to the other side of his mouth and winking at the count.
49. Other giant trees stood around us, the sun winking off the windows in their trunks.
50. We have got to the deductions and the inferences, said Lestrade, winking at me.
51. And after that, winking, twitching his shoulders, and footing it to the tune, he sang:.
52. There was a vaguely Rincewind-shaped violet shadow, dwindling to a point and winking out.
53. True to her word, she had found her way back to the Winking Skeever and requested a room.
54. Totally mother's type She said winking at me, which was sort of creepy on her part.
55. Mosgliakoff listened in amazement to all this eloquence, winking his eyes in bewilderment.
56. Winking, a question asked countless times, We Fifanians are shrewd, he said, tapping.
57. Black veil was carelessly lying on me, occasionally winking at me with its six-pointed eyes.
58. Don’t you remember? We were speaking about her yesterday! – He said winking an eye to me.
59. The Winking Skeever was a touch bright for their tastes, but it fulfilled its present purposes.
60. Samantha thinks you live somewhere else – another trick from Maggie, William said, winking.
61. From the group of vehicles, immediately there came winking lights of weapons being fired in the.
62. Well, what of that? She’s turned out splendidly all the same, he added, winking at Véra.
63. Petrovitch looked with obvious irony at him, screwing up his eyes and, as it were, winking at him.
64. Also there’s no merit in learning what comes easy to you, is there? He said winking at me.
65. A small, blue-colored glass doe sat on the corner of the counter, green-colored eyes winking at him.
66. High overhead, something was winking in the sunlight, slender ribbons of white unfurling behind it.
67. My name? My name is Antonio Ruiz, why? he asked, winking and shrugging a shoulder to the women.
68. It was sweetly warm and there was a numbing quiet in the vibration of the distant trucks, a winking.
69. I'm paying a debt; don't shout so! I'm repaying a debt, said Pavel Pavlovitch, giggling and winking.
70. The winking lights upon the bridges were already pale, the coming sun was like a marsh of fire on the horizon.
71. He smiled at the first winking stars through the forest roof, then he crawled under his blanket and fell asleep.
72. Jesse came over and placed our glasses of wine on the table, surreptitiously winking at me as he turned to leave.
73. She wanted to remind him of the wink, but what if he hadn’t been winking at her? He didn’t even remember her.
74. There now! said the Oogie, winking at the kids as, back and forth, it rubbed the palms of its hands together.
75. In the distance, I could make out a freighter, laden down with huge containers, its lights winking in the darkness.
76. Staring at her, winking, nodding, and Abby was faced with something that she realized may not be what it appears to be.
77. Schön gut Morgen! Schön gut Morgen! * he said winking with a merry smile, evidently pleased to greet the young man.
78. So the older ones have become glassy-eyed and seldom speak (winking is the star language), but the little ones still wonder.
79. A divinity student would have carried it through without winking, but Liputin did, after all, belong to the last generation.
80. Yes! There, way back in the shadows, was a big chunk of snow and the idiot smile of Vamenos winking above it, wreathed in smoke.
81. The Lord even counts the ceaseless winking of every mortal's eyes; and we worship this divine Being as our inseparable companion.
82. He quickly passes from a jocular to a dignified air, from dignity to playfulness or winking, but all this seems somehow put on and causeless.
83. Winking at the doctor, AJ strolled out of the room with a concoction of death sitting in his starched medical jacket and a happy smile on his face.
84. Yes, please, Adams said, shaking her hand, stepping across the threshold, and winking at the boy, who took to sucking furiously on his thumb.
85. Within half an hour from the first starting, they were beyond the winking lamps, and the more than winking watchmen, and were out upon a lonely road.
86. Thaniel cracked the seal of the snow vial, spraying little shards of red wax over his hands, and then held it up to let the wind take the winking dust.
87. Huffing, Plovert sauntered out to the door, full of attitude and swagger, pausing only to turn and flip his golden hair, winking at the cluster of girls.
88. Winking Skeever with perhaps more questions than he had entered with, he felt like all he could manage to do at least for the current time was to sit down.
89. Sudden as winking the ornery old cretur went an to smash, and fell up against the man, and put his chin on his shoulder, and cried down his back, and says:.
90. He’d never truly believed that, having seen nothing but photographs throughout his whole life, but here they were, twinkling, winking at him from far away.
91. Taking a deep breath, Antonia walked gracefully to the front of the restaurant, winking at Jim, the doorman, and handing him a small box of white chocolates.
92. He said this with an air of a sort of gay winking slyness, keeping his eyes fixed on Raskolnikov, who turned white and cold, hearing his own phrases, spoken to Sonia.
93. Archibald was about to tell the old girl about the telephone call when she interrupted, winking at him as she said, You know, you really have got the biggest nose I've ever seen.
94. Crass paused, wondering what the other meant; but the shopman beckoned him to advance, grinning and winking and jerking his thumb over his shoulder in the direction of the office.
95. I imagine you know the answer, of course, or can guess it as easy as winking, since you are sitting comfortably at home and have not the danger of being eaten to disturb your thinking.
96. She wondered idly what furtive, dark feet had glided over those flaming floors in past centuries, how many deeds of cruelty and mystery those winking ceiling-gems had blazed down upon.
97. He remembered that Koulikoff had not seemed at all like himself, that he had seen him whispering and winking to A—v; he was sure of that, and the whole thing seemed suspicious to him.
98. McGuire pointed out all the best fishing spots and the place he hoped to build his church (nodding and winking to johnny and Caesar all the time as if they knew the answers to his problems).
99. Her high jump from the piles, holding up her little skirt with a dainty hand, and winking blithely as she descended, was a thing long to be remembered for sheer mirth, for frank, childish joy.
100. The wet grass glittered and nearby a nut tree The sun, risen behind the copse, threw long shadows from the trees sparkled iridescent, winking and gleaming as its branches moved in the light wind.
1. Then he winked at me.
2. He winked at the boy.
3. He just winked at me.
4. He was, and he winked.
5. He winked at me again.
6. He winked at her, and.
7. He winked and was gone.
8. The red light winked off.
9. She winked and stood up.
10. Finally, he winked at me.
11. Jesse winked at me again.
12. The bastard winked at me.
13. He winked over at Mary K.
14. He winked at me, smiling.
15. They winked at each other.
16. He winked at me while a.
17. He winked then walked off.
18. He winked at the other men.
19. He winked at me and smiled.
20. She winked cutely at Grant.
21. Xen just smiled and winked.
22. The books winked into sight.
23. He actually winked at her!.
24. Sim winked out of existence.
25. She winked with a lewd grin.
26. He winked at her as he left.
27. She secretly winked at Colin.
28. The Centurion winked at Josh.
29. Lisbeth then winked at Nancy.
30. She looked at me, and winked.
31. I winked and hit the stairs.
32. She winked at me and smiled.
33. Just winked out and left her.
34. I winked at Ryan as he smiled.
35. He winked, ting, then faded.
36. It winked slyly at Fizzicist.
37. He neither blanched nor winked.
38. She winked and wryly gazed me.
39. Looking at the mayor, I winked.
40. Eddie looked at him and winked.
41. They both winked at each other.
42. I whistled and he winked at me.
43. He squeezed her hand and winked.
44. She winked at you, and laughed.
45. They winked out into hyper drive.
46. He winked and the others laughed.
47. She laughted as he winked at her.
48. The officers winked at each other.
49. Olsen looked up at her and winked.
50. He winked, squeezing the trigger.
51. My mother smiled and winked at me.
52. He winked back at her with a grin.
53. He smiled gently and winked at me.
54. He winked at her then disappeared.
55. Rich shot him a glance and winked.
56. Are you new to town? he winked.
57. The gnome smiled and winked at her.
58. He smiled, winked and disappeared.
59. He caught Zeno’s eye and winked.
60. The queen looked at Joe and winked.
61. Wickland smiled politely and winked.
62. She winked to her, then she nodded.
63. And then she winked and walked away.
64. He winked his eyes and turned his.
65. The secretary winked at him as he.
66. The Elf winked to Elenir and Ravena.
67. She then winked once to the teenager.
68. He winked, a sort of silent farewell.
69. At that he opened one eye and winked.
70. Grinly,’ he winked and walked away.
71. He winked at Heather over Jo's head.
72. Dae hurry, he said with a winked.
73. One of them winked at Sam and smiled.
74. He rolled his eyes then winked at me.
75. I winked at Bree and pecked her cheek.
76. Jonquil winked before they headed out.
77. All because a girl had winked at him.
78. They winked tremendously at each other.
79. She winked at him and slid off the bed.
80. He winked at me and I heard Alex sigh.
81. Before I could reply, Seth winked at me.
82. She winked at him suggestively as she.
83. He pulled off the scarf and winked at.
84. Whatever the hell it was winked at her.
85. Hot for you, too, huh? she winked.
86. He looked at Monica and winked his eye.
87. Emory had done little more than winked.
88. She was still there, She winked at him.
89. He winked at her, The Lord helped me.
90. A foxy brunette in a red dress winked.
91. Song winked to her and jerked her chin.
92. He winked at her which made Tarana blush.
93. Busted, I said to him as I winked.
94. Let’s go, hey? He winked at her.
95. Edgar Hoover? Sondra said and winked.
96. He winked, his face flushed and glowing.
97. Alex glanced over at me and then winked.
98. Turning to Shirl, Murray winked and said.
99. Raffles winked slowly as he looked at Mr.
100. How hard exactly? She winked at him.
1. He winks again at John.
2. I need to catch a few winks.
3. Ken smiles and winks at Davie.
4. He winks at me without smiling.
5. Unks just grins and winks at Cass.
6. Thereafter, I’ll catch a few winks.
7. He winks and I just stare a little.
8. He looks again at John, winks, grins.
9. He winks and goes serving a customer.
10. He winks and then looks in front of him.
11. As he heads out the door he winks at me.
12. The merchant just winks, and then smiles.
13. Down the table, Officer Remmit winks at me.
14. Starlight winks off the barrel of his pistol.
15. He winks and then drives backwards to the street.
16. I ask what they’re about and he just winks at me.
17. Oh, and Reading wouldn’t have? Eugene winks.
18. How's the old man treating you? She winks at Billy.
19. We act in the interest of the world, eh? He winks.
20. He winks at his son before reaching for his sandwich.
21. I think maybe I can handle that one, Santa winks.
22. Is that disapproval I hear? A green light winks yellow.
23. He winks, and I look away, resisting the urge to roll my eyes.
24. We’re with the Band, Jane lowers her glasses and winks.
25. Just when you think you have treated a mad man, he winks at you.
26. Frank didn’t notice the winks and their conspiratorial smiles.
27. He kisses the top of her head and, turning his head, winks at me.
28. A kindly lady librarian had succumbed to one of my shameless winks.
29. That is okay, Midge, I will fall back to sleep for a few more winks.
30. Only the winks caught his attention, and he replied with a sly smile.
31. Too bad, she always manages to get here when you're having forty winks.
32. He winks at me, and I go crimson as he follows Kate out of the apartment.
33. Cass warns her not to step on her long flowing dress, and then winks at her.
35. In thirty-second winks, between hours and hours and hours of staring up at the ceiling.
36. The two-headed lemur creature gave him another two winks and skittered off into the forest.
37. At a serving trolley nearby, Mohammed pops a cork, winks at the princess, who nods slightly.
38. The Captain stops for a moment, winks to the family, and then resumes his timely powerful pace.
39. Take your time, I could use a few winks, she said as she stretched on the long cabin seat.
40. She could catch a few winks in the early morning hours while waiting for a batch of goodies to bake.
41. Looking up at my Dad as I was thinking, He just gave me one of those winks that said; ’I heard thaf.
42. I look at him, concerned that I’ve been lax in giving him space, but he winks at me and I breathe again.
43. Very few of us like to be cummed on against our will, Erotica winks at Prez, then Justice , and finally MK.
44. As the man passes Michael Garrett by, he winks and says, You really are wasting your time here; it’s inevitable, you know.
45. He winks, like the rogue he is, sits down in his master's place, and whispers to the audience: I have now no master but myself.
46. Debra Reuben had only an inkling of what her former roommate and her husband did, based more on hints and winks than on any solid information.
47. But without hesitation he rode on to Messantia, halting day or night only to rest the stallion and to snatch a few winks of sleep for himself.
48. Smiler simply snarled in the background, making sly, suggestive winks, telling me that he would explain in his own good way when the moon was low.
49. Nudges and winks and whispers traversed the room, but Tom sat still, with his arms upon the long, low desk before him, and seemed to study his book.
50. It is clear at the start that Andy needs to grow up but is he aware of this? It is also unclear what is meant at the end when Andy winks at the camera.
51. Everyone broke out laughing and I blushed like a new bride but for the rest of the evening Ivy would throw me provocative smiles and winks whenever she caught my eye.
52. In one of these rounds she approached the table doing winks to me; I understood she wanted me to take the opportunity to converse with the magician, but I did not pay attention to her.
53. Silence and yet another long silence, while all about lights blinked on in houses, bright winks stretching out into the country, and people began to come out on porches and wonder at the darkening sky.
54. Which means that having a mansion is tiddly winks compared to the awesomeness of having all things in Christ! For even more proof let’s see what God says in Revelation after creating the new heaven and new earth:.
55. Don Quixote passed it in his never-failing meditations; but, for all that, they had some winks of sleep, and with the appearance of daylight they pursued their journey in quest of the banks of the famous Ebro, where that befell them which will be told in the following chapter.
56. He loves the sinner as much as He loves the saint who’s led 50 million people to Him! It was the sacrifice of Christ that has freely given us all things in Him, so having authority or a bigger mansion in heaven is tiddly winks compared to what we’ve already received by grace!.
57. Mr Bloom in the meanwhile kept dodging about in the vicinity of the cobblestones near the brazier of coke in front of the corporation watchman's sentrybox who evidently a glutton for work, it struck him, was having a quiet forty winks for all intents and purposes on his own private account while Dublin slept.
58. It was a simple but sustaining meal—bacon and broad beans, and a macaroni pudding; and when they had quite done, the Badger settled himself into an arm-chair, and said, 'Well, we've got our work cut out for us to-night, and it will probably be pretty late before we're quite through with it; so I'm just going to take forty winks, while I can.
59. Nevertheless, in the society into which his grandfather took him, whispers, innuendoes, and winks, had eventually enlightened the little boy's mind; he had finally understood something of the case, and as he naturally took in the ideas and opinions which were, so to speak, the air he breathed, by a sort of infiltration and slow penetration, he gradually came to think of his father only with shame and with a pain at his heart.
60. Elinor could not suppose that Sir John would be more nice in proclaiming his suspicions of her regard for Edward, than he had been with respect to Marianne; indeed it was rather his favourite joke of the two, as being somewhat newer and more conjectural; and since Edward's visit, they had never dined together without his drinking to her best affections with so much significancy and so many nods and winks, as to excite general attention.
61. Elinor could not suppose that Sir John would be more nice in proclaiming his suspicions of her regard for Edward, than he had been with respect to Marianne; indeed it was rather his favourite joke of the two, as being somewhat newer and more conjectural; and since Edward’s visit, they had never dined together without his drinking to her best affections with so much significancy and so many nods and winks, as to excite general attention.
62. Having given ample time to answer the door, even if Terence had been in the bath, he clenched his hands nervously, fearing that the suspect may have eluded even the very watchful eyes of his constables sometime during the night while they both inadvertently caught forty winks, but eventually assured himself that even if this was the case he would not be able to go far given that this was a small town where most inhabitants questioned the nighttime escapades of strangers.
63. But the third Emir, now seeing himself all alone on the quarter-deck, seems to feel relieved from some curious restraint; for, tipping all sorts of knowing winks in all sorts of directions, and kicking off his shoes, he strikes into a sharp but noiseless squall of a hornpipe right over the Grand Turk's head; and then, by a dexterous sleight, pitching his cap up into the mizentop for a shelf, he goes down rollicking so far at least as he remains visible from the deck, reversing all other processions, by bringing up the rear with music.
64. Which, as her winks, and nods, and gestures yield them,.

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