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Flash in a sentence

A flash in the pan.
He was up in a flash.
It was just a flash.
Q was gone in a flash.
He had seen a flash.
He saw a great flash.
There was a blue flash.

Flash money but in a.
And flash upon the hill.
Then there was a flash.
It was a strange flash.
The flash drive is gone.
Corey arrived in a flash.
The Flash Crash of 2010.
Ive got a flash for Ms.
I was on him in a flash.
I'll be back in a flash.
It came to me in a flash.
I held up his flash drive.
He got dressed in a flash.
There was a flash of light.
There was a blinding flash.
Just before the flash of.
A tentative flash of hope.
My thoughts flash to Mother.
There was a brilliant flash.
Flash forward to present day.
When he is killed in a flash.
The shock of the flash was.
Is he a flash across the sky.
In a flash, we were running.
Then there was another flash.
She never realised in a flash.
She could see a flash of panic.
And now some stars, for flash.
Then in a flash it came to him.
Flash on his cool elegant face.
The idea came to him in a flash.
A flash of emerald drew his eye.
Flashing the purse in my.
She found a tiny flashing.
There was the flashing light.
They were all flashing sabres.
Flashing me a smile, he chuckled.
The lights were now flashing red.
The Marzano mugs, flashing in the.
Moses stared into her flashing eyes.
I was assaulted with flashing lights.
The message alert light was flashing.
Flashing mere seconds, one at a time.
The little red dot was still flashing.
His flashing eyes, his floating hair!.
It was illuminated by flashing beacons.
Louisa, flashing a haughty, satisfied.
Flashing white light, the strobe effect.
No flashing lights and blaring trumpets.
It was like sinking into a flashing mist.
Flashing then gone in the blink of an eye.
Cai stepped in, anger flashing in his eyes.
The street was ablaze with flashing lights.
It was then that I saw the flashing lights.
Monitor screens started flashing complex.
The flashing of red and blue lights made.
It was moonlight, flashing on a great glass.
Seeing me, she cried, with flashing eyes:.
Kenichi studied the array of flashing lights.
All around me were hushed voices, flashing.
The old man shrank before his flashing eyes.
He grinned, fangs flashing in the pale light.
All at once Barker pulled up, lights flashing.
He recalled the flashing lights now, and the.
Aanya’s eyes are flashing with anger while.
He passed other vehicles, flashing his lights.
In slight confusion, he recalled the flashing.
They responded with a strobe of flashing lights.
With the touch of an also flashing button, the.
The button marked 'A' was flashing impatiently.
Haney tilted his head, flashing a partial grin.
Like flashing snapshots throughout his brain, Dr.
He flashed me the J.
Joe flashed me a grin.
He flashed her a look.
He flashed her a grin.
He flashed a wry grin.
He flashed her a smile.
Her eyes flashed at him.
He flashed a quick smile.
His gaze flashed to hers.
Rudd flashed his old UN.
He flashed to the front.
Anger flashed in his eyes.
Angie flashed her a grin.
Paul flashed into my mind.
Lana flashed a grin at him.
The map flashed into view.
His eyes flashed with anger.
Then I flashed on a thought.
Her mind flashed on Daniel.
He flashed me a quick smile.
A name flashed in his mind.
She flashed her beam ahead.
Lights flashed in the dark.
The car flashed its lights.
He flashed a sly grin at her.
This flashed a warning sign.
He flashed a friendly smile.
Mitchell flashed a smug grin.
Her eyes flashed with anger.
The screen flashed red again.
His blue eyes flashed at her.
He flashed his fingers again.
Metal flashed on the horizon.
He then flashed her a smile.
It flashed in the moonlight.
More cameras flashed as the.
Gratitude flashed in her eyes.
Panic flashed through his eyes.
Her heart flashed with desire.
Lights flashed on in the tents.
He flashes out of sight.
When all flashes were in.
It flashes a distress call.
A knife flashes in his hand.
He flashes his teeth at me.
And then the flashes started.
Then there were flashes of.
He could see the flashes of.
Anger flashes on Sean’s face.
Flashes of light blinded his.
There were flashes in his blood.
The water is flashes of moonlight.
The flashes usually occurred each.
There were flashes of other colors.
The obvious ones, like hot flashes.
Flashes of inspiration electrified Dr.
Even saw flashes of scenes in movies.
The light flashes from amber to green.
When the scroll flashes at you in a.
The flashes around him paled to pink.
After that, I saw flashes and heard.
Anger flashes across Gervais’s face.
White light flashes in my eye: Callen.
In it rang out flashes and gun shots.
My suit flashes white and deactivates.
There were flashes of sword rays all.
Flashes of shot gleamed in the darkness.
The flashes lit up the dark parking lot.
There are several bright flashes of light.
It all flashes before ray eyes as I write.
Strobe flashes of memory, flooding his mind.
Others, such as hot flashes and decreased.
Flashes of events came in rapid-fire images.
As I stare and see, in flashes, oversized.
To her delight, she saw flashes of lighting.
In mid-cough spasm, he saw flashes of light.
Pain flashes across her legs and she stumbles.
Flashes of heat lightening competed with the.
Red flashes appeared, eyes wide with despair.

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