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Accelerate en una oración (en ingles)

  1. My heart started to accelerate.
  2. Then accelerate your haul as you.
  3. She felt her heart rate accelerate.
  4. Earnings accelerate when a sector is.
  5. That’ll just accelerate the detonation.

  6. Her peers helped accelerate her learning.
  7. Accelerate the rod vertically until you.
  8. It also helps learn how to accelerate the.
  9. In fact this might accelerate their hand.
  10. Tight-fitting boots accelerate the condition.
  11. They could continue to accelerate indefinitely.
  12. Turn to heading 320 and accelerate to 350 knots.
  13. But how do they accelerate their movements?
  14. The driver may slow and then accelerate on through.
  15. Sliding scales to accelerate conversion, 315–318.

  16. The main purpose of a cache is to accelerate your.
  17. We can coast at this speed but we cannot accelerate.
  18. The next season saw Terry's fall from grace accelerate.
  19. This would accelerate the bearishness of this pattern.
  20. I had to guess whether to accelerate or suddenly brake.
  21. Locke watched, feeling the tempo of his heart accelerate.
  22. The snarling blurs accelerate, darting this way and that.
  23. But then, after another minute, I start to accelerate.
  24. We should probably accelerate slowly for a while because.
  25. Reverse course to heading 350 and accelerate to eighty knots.

  26. Meditation Course in the World which will accelerate any other.
  27. Blogger to simplify and accelerate the online publishing process.
  28. During the second stage, your weight loss will accelerate, but.
  29. I wanted to accelerate everything—a face-to-face confrontation.
  30. Gravity would accelerate this bullet at the rate of 32 ft/secsec.
  31. Bromelain supplementation has also been shown to accelerate the.
  32. At her words, fear rushed through me, causing my heart to accelerate.
  33. Without a group it is not possible to concentrate and accelerate the.
  34. Bioparasites can sometimes help the nanomoles to accelerate this time.
  35. Those babies could begin to accelerate again—far faster than we can.
  36. At the 1st attempt the car stalls when the driver tries to accelerate.
  37. Your engines accelerate rather well, at least when they keep running.
  38. We start a mass exodus and they could accelerate what they’re planning.
  39. The way she said that while smiling at him made Jacques’ heart accelerate.
  40. And all that money you save will accelerate your path to financial freedom.
  41. He said that China and North Korea have helped Iran accelerate its nuclear.
  42. You are to accelerate as hard as you can for the terminus and leave us here.
  43. When you accelerate your speech you lose your breathing control, the heart.
  44. Further, it will add fertilizer that will improve and accelerate your project.
  45. If they’re on the shuttle, the shuttle should accelerate leaving them behind.
  46. Sometimes a trend will accelerate into a parabolic run with very sharp momentum.
  47. However, coaching can help you accelerate this process and accomplish your goals.
  48. The expression in his eyes, caused her heart to skip a beat and accelerate rapidly.
  49. The task of creating a global development strategy that will accelerate humanity's.
  50. She judged that talking dirty invariably proved a sure route to accelerate progress.
  51. New space craft developed on Earth could accelerate to ten times the speed of light.
  52. Topical application of honey has been used since antiquity to accelerate skin wound.
  53. A second shot could then be heard, making Saburo and his squad accelerate their pace.
  54. To accelerate hair growth, let the water cool down first, and use it to wash your hair.
  55. But they would truly continue to accelerate as long as they continued to run thrusters.
  56. Your materials are helping me to accelerate the fat loss process as I have lost 25 lbs.
  57. Stress reduction has been shown to accelerate healing of psoriatic plaques in a blinded.
  58. The weightlessness they had enjoyed started to go away as the ship started to accelerate.
  59. But as Ganesh was cycling through his vantages, the EKG tone started to accelerate slightly.
  60. The orb began to accelerate away, heading back towards the only refuge available to it: Iotia.
  61. Increasing thyroid output will accelerate your metabolic rate and lead to increased fat loss.
  62. It also means that the erosion for a vertical spread can really accelerate as expiration nears.
  63. Watching someone you cared about almost being killed seemed to accelerate the courting process.
  64. I suggested that they accelerate the pace of their sexual experimentation, and identify where.
  65. But without having to provide thrust to accelerate the ship, two sublights might be enough.
  66. In only eight minutes, the Space Shuttle can accelerate to a speed of 27,000 kilometers per hour.
  67. I accelerate toward the colorful, elongated, pergola engulfed with climbing roses and green vines.
  68. As their vision clears, the drivers accelerate onto the rough ground to pass the smoking road-block.
  69. If we choose this option we may accelerate these efforts, and do what we can to increase their scope.
  70. These files would not only accelerate his plans, but expand them in ways he never could have imagined.
  71. It helps to stimulate or accelerate my trips to Shinneh-Sirrah, but I can will myself there without it.
  72. Round numbers are also psychological levels and when violated often can accelerate a stock’s decline.
  73. While it is true that some tasks accelerate by adding more resources, other tasks may not be influenced in.
  74. In seeming shock, he quickly searched the other as his heart, and breaths, started to naturally accelerate.
  75. Injuries are inevitable especially when a person is too pressured to accelerate the manifestations of ideal.
  76. That erosion will accelerate as expiration nears, but for the July options, expiration is still 45 days away.
  77. Now, being consistent with your speed accelerate the club head through the ball and watch how far the ball rolls.
  78. And we can accelerate your path to financial freedom if we can eliminate taxes on your lifetime income payments.
  79. To accomplish great things in life, you must learn that there are three keys used to accelerate.
  80. Respectively, they indicate that the trend in the stock is about to accelerate in the direction of the crossover.
  81. Much like smoking, drinking can accelerate the aging process, while also reducing the ability of your body to heal.
  82. A breach at the VAL, with the bridge and reactor room sealed off, would accelerate us twenty-nine meters per second.
  83. Even if you have a signal from another methodology that the trend has changed, this new signal can accelerate the move.
  84. The weight suspended on the rope wound around the drum would not be moving uniformly once released but would accelerate.
  85. Do not eat if you have no water; digestion will further deplete the body’s liquid reserves and accelerate dehydration.
  86. Ryan sped off as fast as his truck would accelerate; flying down the roads he’d been driving since he was ten years old.
  87. He also knew that Todd would be the best man to accelerate the flagging numbers in Europe with his brash, bigoted opinions.
  88. A good shooter can pull up and look like they are going to stop and then accelerate past the opponent who bought the fake.
  89. If God were to accelerate the ill for the people, as they wish to accelerate the good, their term would have been fulfilled.
  90. Then accelerate your haul as you accelerate the rod, finishing both the haul and the back cast abruptly at the same instant.
  91. Eckhart shook his head, ‘the men are still raw, the purchase of property is a little slow but we can accelerate if you wish.
  92. As the vehicle continued to accelerate, Loofah noted with alarm that her driving technique was even more eccentric than before.
  93. You can accelerate just with the exhale, in other words, with the power of your thought pushing forward the center of gravity.
  94. There are different substances that promise to accelerate the slimming, but the reality is that not all of them are effective.
  95. This has the effect of allowing us to accelerate a lot faster, and also, they will need to direct their attention to the cargo.
  96. He glared forward at nothing in particular as he began to accelerate again, feeling a thrill from the wrongness of the speeding.
  97. But, to their horror, the approaching Rotham ship matched their maneuver, though it did not accelerate and no other ships moved.
  98. We accelerate again, then reach a wide, open road suspended across the railroad tracks I once walked down to reach the compound.
  99. Your haul should accelerate in time with the rod's acceleration, and it should have its abrupt stop at the same instant as the rod.
  100. The law states that improper posture causes degenerative changes that will begin to occur and accelerate the aging process rapidly.
  1. Most of those "accelerating" turns.
  2. Scott noticed his heart accelerating now.
  3. The population explosion was accelerating.
  4. When that number is rising, sales are accelerating.
  5. A series of sacrifices on an accelerating schedule.
  6. And then they were accelerating away from sun and.
  7. A: Annual earnings per share should be accelerating.
  8. After a while they were gently, gently accelerating.
  9. We're accelerating, whilst turning at the same time.
  10. The pace of change in the marketplace is accelerating.
  11. Quarterly sales should also be accelerating or up 25%.
  12. Inch could stand the accelerating chatter no longer.
  13. Maldynado toppled backward, accelerating to the ground.
  14. There is a pattern—it’s an accelerating pattern.
  15. And it seems the pace of change is still accelerating.
  16. Donna put her foot down and the car started accelerating.
  17. Stress accelerates the aging process by accelerating the.
  18. The approaching vehicle appeared to be accelerating at them.
  19. As you can see, the pace is already accelerating, and many.
  20. College and university tuition prices are rapidly accelerating.
  21. The black ship reversed its momentum, suddenly accelerating in.
  22. The accelerating little car struck bottom when Mitch hit the road.
  23. We were approaching him from behind when he started accelerating.
  24. All accelerating movement is the transferring of energy from one.
  25. They should also be accelerating at some point in recent quarters.
  26. Her sensors told her it was accelerating at two G in her direction.
  27. It actually looks like it’s accelerating, boasted Ruettgers.
  28. At a green bar, bulls are in charge and the uptrend is accelerating.
  29. This chapter is dedicated to accelerating the shrinkage of fat cells.
  30. However, not only were the costs of both debt and equity accelerating.
  31. With the accelerating speed of the bus, my dreams were also gearing up.
  32. The atoms are already accelerating around the complex, Lenar said.
  33. We passed the BMW doing in excess of a hundred, and still accelerating.
  34. Let us assume that you have an object accelerating in one direction only.
  35. Uncle Hobart stamped on the brakes but the Lada just kept on accelerating.
  36. The enemy used the poor visibility to the maximum, accelerating its advance.
  37. No, yet neither is he accelerating at the rate he should, Sim reported.
  38. The primary concern is that operating income is accelerating enough to lower.
  39. Rapp slid inside and a moment later they were accelerating toward the highway.
  40. His heart accelerating, he undid the door safety chain and opened the door wide.
  41. If you are interested in really accelerating your trading, do this exercise often.
  42. The adrenalin was running and the cocaine was accelerating the rush of adrenalin.
  43. After that, they’d be on an accelerating orbit toward Mars, arriving on Sol 549.
  44. Again, the premium is placed on earnings accelerating faster than the total cost of.
  45. It’s more fun, too, Stone replied, accelerating up the hill to the main road.
  46. One often hears the argument that with the accelerating pace of technological change, U.
  47. Her heart accelerating, Janet also recognized the mobster’s car from its license plate.
  48. Since oxidation of LDL cholesterol is thought to be important in causing or accelerating.
  49. The engine was still running and in an instant, Malenkov was accelerating hard in reverse.
  50. It leaped several times, accelerating, but finally got stuck, wedged between two boulders.
  51. The ship moved, accelerating at an incredible rate, so that a crushing force came smashing.
  52. This is during the exact same time that the USA was coming to life and accelerating its evil.
  53. While standing at the bus stand, I was watching the buses which were leaving and accelerating.
  54. When Zeke pulled the bar in, it just kept accelerating until he pushed out into his manoeuvre.
  55. My promotion through the ranks of sleaze was accelerating and became virtually unstoppable now.
  56. She leaned so far into life that she could not stop accelerating or she would have fallen over.
  57. After about fifteen minutes one of the craft had dived in and was now accelerating towards him.
  58. As he neared the girl’s room, he noticed his heart accelerating and the cart picking up speed.
  59. We were suddenly thrown back into ours seats as the Lada accelerating away at a tremendous pace.
  60. We have cleared the bay doors, accelerating to the tidal exit point now, reported the pilot.
  61. Straight-line flight, he told himself; it meant the Confederation was running, still accelerating.
  62. In this case, after further consolidation, the trend continued, accelerating even more dramatically.
  63. The driver obeyed her at once, accelerating for a moment before veering and stopping across the road.
  64. The Camry immediately veered away from Serena and toward Colin, accelerating and closing the distance.
  65. Seeing that she was smiling at that, he then fondled both of her breasts, his breathing accelerating.
  66. Garcia punched it, accelerating his craft to its max thrust, and when he was sure he was out of their.
  67. I reckon if we're accelerating and turning at the same time it's a fair bet we're on a circular course.
  68. Let me try something, Stone said, accelerating, but not so fast that they couldn’t keep pace.
  69. You’re always welcome, Garcia said, returning his focus to the news and accelerating his punches.
  70. He turned back to the road and steered The Beast into a left turn, carefully accelerating up the incline.
  71. Her heart accelerating madly, she turned around quickly while going for the machine pistol in her belly pack.
  72. The bastards’ morale’s starting to crumble; the trick is to keep the process moving … and accelerating.
  73. A demotion perhaps, but my men and I were Home Army, so that would be accelerating the inevitable at any rate.
  74. Kobayashi Maru to get a feel for how much damage it had sustained, accelerating to meet the squadron as planned.
  75. As intrinsic value decreases, time value increases at an accelerating rate and that could help cut your losses.
  76. Further, they are also able to determine that the galaxies and universe continue to expand at an accelerating rate.
  77. Shamansky hit the siren and stuck a portable red, flashing light onto the roof while accelerating to maximum speed.
  78. Only when we settled down in one place could we do this… Only then did tool innovation really start accelerating.
  79. In some countries these demands surfaced in full while in others these demands were accelerating to a greater extent.
  80. There is considerable evidence that the change is already happening and that it is not only growing but accelerating.
  81. The SUV jumped over the curb separating the parking area from the highway, accelerating as it headed toward the fence.
  82. He sidled around it till he blocked the wind from it, and saw that particles were accelerating into it from all around.
  83. A few bullets hit the YC-10 with metallic noises but the aircraft continued its speedy climb while accelerating forward.
  84. That was when the poison of destructive civilization went into an accelerating overdrive that exploded across the world.
  85. Our fuel flow rate is unchanged, so our engines are not running away out of control, but we are indeed still accelerating.
  86. It began to spin, slowly at first, and then accelerating, winding the rope around the barrel faster than my eyes could see.
  87. We are now enduring a long period in which this constantly accelerating His Story rides roughshod over that which preceded it.
  88. The thrust of the law was to prevent short sellers from causing mercuric declines and accelerating an already declining market.
  89. At this time, all of the man’s previous behavioral reactions to irritants change sharply, either slowing down or accelerating.
  90. Pulling out of the lay-by and accelerating up the road, I wondered why I was going to all this trouble for an ungrateful old git.
  91. You were saying its critical? My breathing was accelerating, my hand stil holding my heart; I couldn’t ask what I wanted to.
  92. With cold sweat on her forehead and with her heart accelerating, she sat back and took a minute to calm down the storm in her mind.
  93. The P-38NC proved at once to be a powerful beast, climbing at a tremendous rate while accelerating quickly past 400 miles per hour.
  94. The next level of complexity combines costs and revenues-the company manages earnings by delaying expenses and accelerating revenues.
  95. She first pushed her turbofans to maximum dry power, easily breaking through the sound barrier and accelerating steadily towards Mach 2.
  96. Her heart accelerating as curiosity and excitement overcame her, Patricia went the way shown by the sign, going down a dark side street.
  97. And then one day, in some exotic city and years hence, he'd hear the sound of hundreds of tiny feet accelerating down the road behind him.
  98. There was thunder from behind them and Juan turned in time to see a rocket accelerating into the sky trailing a great mass of smoke flames.
  99. The rumbling of a freight train, a tornado, an accelerating jet engine and multiple claps of thunder could not have captured the intensity.
  100. As strong as she was when she did that great Movement, she was still growing in power and skill and understanding at an accelerating rate.
  1. She accelerated to mach 1.
  2. But her heart rate accelerated.
  3. Gage accelerated up the on-ramp.
  4. And still the train accelerated.
  5. HAST - High Accelerated Stress Test.
  6. Healing could be accelerated if you.
  7. The pace of gardeners accelerated at.
  8. A moment later Mark accelerated eagerly.
  9. I accelerated down Thirty-Fourth Street.
  10. His heartbeat accelerated and his face.
  11. Nancy�s blood accelerated in her veins.
  12. As they accelerated into the night sky.
  13. My heart accelerated at the sharp aching.
  14. The accelerated particle had kids cheering.
  15. She smiled shyly and his pulse accelerated.
  16. It turned slowly, and then accelerated away.
  17. Stephi glanced at the speedo and accelerated.
  18. Tom’s heart-rate accelerated and he woke up.
  19. They can propel us to accelerated achievements.
  20. Your results will be accelerated on this plan.
  21. She shook her head and accelerated down the hall.
  22. Paula smiled at him and then accelerated the car.
  23. Secondly I will cover accelerated learning skills.
  24. The eggs now began to grow at an accelerated rate.
  25. McKnight accelerated towards the Cardassian bomber.
  26. That payment was accelerated and received in 1989.
  27. The two accelerated toward Hermes for a few seconds.
  28. European settlers in the east further accelerated a.
  29. I stepped on the gas pedal and accelerated into the.
  30. The car accelerated to a point he felt was too fast.
  31. His mind drifted as they accelerated along the 356.
  32. I in my accelerated breathing reached the dorm door.
  33. Michael accelerated as much as he dared Knowing the.
  34. In twenty-four hours he would have accelerated to 12.
  35. Seven and her rescued hostages accelerated their pace.
  36. His heart accelerated to the speed of a bird’s wings.
  37. When matter moves in an accelerated motion, then these.
  38. Fred switched the high-beam back on again and accelerated.
  39. Puller reached the highway, headed north, and accelerated.
  40. John Goode contributed to the accelerated growth hormone.
  41. The rod is accelerated by pushing with the top hand and.
  42. In addition, I accelerated involvement in community affairs.
  43. Lara went on to use accelerated reading and when she was 8.
  44. Earnings accelerated (by 50%) during the June 1970 quarter.
  45. As the break with the old monarchy accelerated into an ava-.
  46. Her heart accelerated, but she forced herself to remain calm.
  47. They accelerated to that speed after crossing the German coast.
  48. As soon as I reached the square I accelerated the speed of my.
  49. A black car rounded the turn and accelerated across the valley.
  50. Brittney accelerated her ship into the fighter in front of her.
  51. He was driving in a side street then accelerated as soon as he.
  52. The shuttle accelerated away, backwards, from the Ferengi ship.
  53. The girls quickly accelerated out of sight and out of earshot.
  54. One of the very first keys to accelerated learning is relaxation.
  55. The light turned green, and the car accelerated, continuing its.
  56. The other broken bones were healing at the same accelerated rate.
  57. It then accelerated quickly to the right and increased its speed.
  58. Charles awoke as Tanya accelerated and swiftly banked to the left.
  59. They sat there in the darkness, listening as the van accelerated.
  60. I also refer to the Trance-Formation as accelerated restructuring.
  61. Sim had accelerated impressions of plunging walls, dust, confusion.
  62. The patrol accelerated and decelerated in perfect synchronisation.
  63. Holly wrapped her arms around his waist tightly as he accelerated.
  64. Their YF-83A accelerated in less than a minute to a speed of Mach 3.
  65. I could see its value and I joined the Accelerated Learning Society.
  66. His march, far from being retarded by his singing, was accelerated.
  67. He accelerated hard out of the gas station back onto the interstate.
  68. My children continued to work in accelerated classes until this year.
  69. Rajiv’s eyes opened a bit more, the EKG signal accelerated slightly.
  70. Accelerated again and moved into the passing lane, about fifty metres.
  71. The car sat for two seconds then accelerated through the intersection.
  72. The Robin accelerated and the jump-master shouted for the second party.
  73. The plane taxied to the end of the runway then accelerated into the sky.
  74. The pilot gracefully accelerated us out of the bay and into open space.
  75. The Fruit Flies planted eggs; their growth cycle must have accelerated.
  76. How low density air volume in conjunction with (accelerated) motion is.
  77. They accelerated towards the objective stone even as the archers loosed.
  78. The more the ship accelerated toward light speed, the slower time moved.
  79. In fact, housing prices accelerated their upward trend during that time.
  80. More than any manned ship had accelerated in the history of space travel.
  81. Once Susan was in the vehicle and her door was shut, he accelerated away.
  82. The employees had accelerated the mixing and the fluid was rising quickly.
  83. Captains threw the safety book out the window and accelerated to Warp speed.
  84. Annalee’s heart accelerated when she understood what was going to happen.
  85. Without warning the planchette accelerated violently from letter to letter.
  86. The spin accelerated until it wound the remaining chutes completely closed.
  87. Tires screeched as it accelerated away with an impressive display of power.
  88. He accelerated past it, to the third side, seeing another boarded-up window.
  89. I felt the pull of the hovercraft as it accelerated towards its destination.
  90. Standard Bank Accelerated Development Programme and had gained a completion.
  91. Maybe, he got accelerated, Bea illuminated, with a shrugging of shoulders.
  92. Have you just accelerated your skills or have you been faking all this time.
  93. The time for contemplation would soon be accelerated however, with increasing.
  94. However, the hole in the monk quickly fused and the scary creature accelerated.
  95. The question came out calmly enough, but Hahlynd’s pulse accelerated slightly.
  96. Her pulse seemed accelerated, but then, he didn’t have a baseline comparison.
  97. Shouted Ingrid as she accelerated towards the mass of Japanese fighter aircraft.
  98. Sure! he laughed in joyous excitement, and they smoothly accelerated again.
  99. Without listening more, Ingrid accelerated towards her operations center complex.
  100. This illness is an accelerated 'after-effect' from the common FB disease stated.
  1. Jaden accelerates out of the clouds.
  2. He flies off and quickly accelerates.
  3. The UFO stops spinning and accelerates quickly.
  4. And this accelerates to the point, where.
  5. Jaden quickly accelerates forward at a fast speed.
  6. Jaden quickly accelerates upwards and into the sky.
  7. The UFO turns back forward and accelerates quickly.
  8. Your heart accelerates, matching the increasing beat.
  9. You cut that it accelerates the time to zero, and boom.
  10. The UFO points upwards and accelerates towards the tunnel.
  11. Stress accelerates the aging process by accelerating the.
  12. A flash of light is seen and the ship quickly accelerates.
  13. Bellona accelerates at high speed and moves in milliseconds.
  14. The pilots adjust the power outputs and the fleet accelerates.
  15. He accelerates towards the boater still quickly paddling away.
  16. The airliner quickly accelerates and bypasses the airport landing.
  17. When an object accelerates on it's own, or enters a gravitational.
  18. At this point one should mention that the faster one accelerates to.
  19. The Gravhawk accelerates in the atmosphere towards Marco’s position.
  20. This time decay accelerates in the last 30 days in the life of an option.
  21. He quickly accelerates over the East River and heads south towards midtown.
  22. The engine roars and pops; the truck rarely accelerates past walking speed.
  23. The three-bar exit works best when the market accelerates into a strong trend.
  24. EARNINGS PRESSURE: Any time earnings accelerates faster than that of other firms.
  25. These are the months that wholesale demand accelerates, and price tends to follow.
  26. Yes, when the UFO08 takes off or accelerates, it disrupts the gravity around or behind it.
  27. If not, the position will suffer steady time decay, which accelerates as expiration approaches.
  28. Sometimes our ship accelerates as much as two G’s when we’re in a hurry, but that’s hard.
  29. To give an example of how the daily time decay accelerates with the passage of time, consider this.
  30. This means that the theta, or daily erosion, for the put spread really accelerates as expiration approaches.
  31. First, they are faster than regular time charts when it really matters—when the trade frequency accelerates.
  32. It’s an earlier version of that salve they put on your shoulder—it accelerates the growth of new cells.
  33. It accelerates the maceration of the I and of its willfulness and thus opens it so that it can fuse with the SELF.
  34. As the product increases in popularity, more people work on it in this way, and the development process accelerates.
  35. But as time passes, that lower breakeven price continues to increase and the speed by which it increases accelerates.
  36. Guiding the horse here is easier than on the trick course, where the horse accelerates from standstill to gallop.
  37. The outcome of this trade is an example of the best-case scenario in which the market accelerates into further trend legs.
  38. Insider buying emerges after severe market drops, and insider selling accelerates when the market rallies and becomes overpriced.
  39. A tendency among traders is to ride the trend too far and, in fact, as it accelerates, to make decisions at precisely the wrong time.
  40. Ten minutes later the train starts to move slowly as it leaves the station; as it clears the buildings it accelerates to its top speed.
  41. Just as the ice cube’s melting accelerates, an option reaches a point in time where this acceleration starts increasing dramatically.
  42. White flour in breads and pastries lowers the immune system, accelerates the body's production of fat cells, and is the leading cause of diabetes.
  43. The doctor hits the junction and accelerates through the left turn, swerving across the road as he heads out towards the main North Devon trunk road.
  44. It even accelerates faster than the erosion for the at-the-money option alone because the erosion of the out-of-the-money option is actually trailing off.
  45. Green flame explodes out of the fluid stone shape of the dog and the howl accelerates to a shriek, just as suddenly cut off as a river of colour flows from the animal.
  46. And once the global economy gets back onto solid footing and industrial production accelerates, the prospect for an investment in precious metals becomes even more promising.
  47. I find the short version of these trades, yielding only a small credit and then hoping that the price move accelerates, not to be very useful or interesting and rarely use the structure.
  48. This confound is similar to the universe existing of 4 per cent atom-energy, and 96 per cent unknown non-atom-energy (that keeps galaxies in formation and accelerates the expansion of the universe.
  49. We’re familiar with option erosion and how it accelerates as expiration nears, but in a risk reversal we’re short a put, which erosion will help, and we’re long a call, which erosion will hurt.
  50. He snaps his head away from the view, changes gear, accelerates slowly and pulls into a small car park in the woods, the sort of place frequented by dog walkers in daylight and hurried lovers by night.
  51. As the tempo accelerates, the penalty of a miscue—an oar touching the water a fraction of a second too early or too late, for instance—becomes ever more severe, the opportunity for disaster ever greater.
  52. As time decay accelerates, a single option will lose about half of its time value during the first three weeks of a 30-day contract, and the remaining half will be lost in the final week leading up to expiration.
  53. Consequently there is a significant danger that the aggressive contrarian will reduce an above-normal stock market allocation to below-normal levels just as the market accelerates upward in a bull market’s early stages.
  54. A Vertical Spread tends to lose much less of its combined time value during the first three weeks, perhaps only one-third, then accelerates more quickly, losing the remaining two-thirds during the final seven days of trading.
  55. But late in the option’s life, as expiration approaches, the rate of decay slows for in-the-money and out-of-the-money options, whereas it accelerates for an at-the-money option, approaching infinity at the moment of expiration.
  56. This is the case because the out-of-the-money leg, the leg that defines the risk of the vertical spread if you are short the spread, has eroded almost to zero and the erosion slows while the erosion for the at-the-money option accelerates.
  57. How can we know if it is still far to the goal toward which humanity is aiming, when we do not know how it will move toward it; that it depends on humanity whether it moves steadily onward or pauses, whether it accelerates or retards its pace.
  58. Not putting his seat belt on he drives slowly away, after a few hundred metres he puts his seatbelt on and not seeing the shadowy figure inside the green Astra estate car watching him he puts his foot down and accelerates fast along the road.
  59. Those making exchange offers often seek forbearance on defaulted cash service to creditors, hoping that no creditor group forecloses on collateral, accelerates the debt, or files an involuntary Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 petition under the bankruptcy code.
  60. Denovation – where the gravity of a culture collapses into a brute force hole – can be seen in the avalanche of ingenious infortain-me-techno trivialities and entreP2Peneurial trinkshit, where the brute force of business survival accelerates the conception and manufacture of endless gadgetry and consumer services.
  61. By undergoing the anomalous manifestation “there” in the form of their dynamic biological integrity (that is, as “a personality”) for some chronological time, the NUU-VVU-Configurations currently focused by Us and adapted to the vibrational conditions of existence only in the current Formo-system of Worlds are subject to much more powerful (than ours) energy-information Flows, which considerably accelerates ageing of cells (each cell can divide only a certain number of times; anomalously intensive “filling” with Information is perceived by the bio-Creators of the cell that take into account a definite rhythm of its intake as additional intervals of time).

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