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    1. "Who was that?" Mirielle was not happy about her interrupted advance

    2. "Well, I thought you would want to be thoroughly informed in advance and I saw that you had signed in but not signed off on the briefing forms so it struck me as strange

    3. He insists we can't advance in metaphysics unless we confess our secrets to the others

    4. The carpenter's workshop he opened last year had enough clients, yet he hardly earned anything because he used to grab the money paid in advance and disappear, without even setting foot in the workshop

    5. Obliterate that and then claim some land for themselves, plant their seed and begin their advance across the planet, as they had done across Asia in the preceding centuries

    6. The members of a congregation without elders should and can work together to advance

    7. History shows us that if the first forsake the community, for a time, to advance himself

    8. With the sun directly overhead there were few shadows and the heat was draining any theoretical stamina even though I'd prepared for this by nibbling, and sipping lots of liquids in advance

    9. explores this fundamental skill and how the many benefits that come from it can advance your

    10. "So she tried to advance your studies?" Glayet was clearly puzzled by that

    11. They taught all of the advanced ones everything they learned; they prepared well in advance of this undertaking

    12. I didn't give you an advance

    13. "He told you his demands in advance?" Kevin asked

    14. this possibility in advance, and it actually occurs, it

    15. When she was finished Rayne commented that she was very impressed with her planning so far in advance, where the Scather’s were concerned

    16. S & D … that’s Sheila & Don … she says they called unexpectedly … does that mean that they are now in England? Surely if they had been on a visit from Italy she would have known in advance

    17. swiftly, given the urgencies of the invasion and the advance into

    18. We’ve so much now in other ways but I’m not sure it’s all an advance

    19. He promised them he would continue those dialogs as they mastered the given material and were ready to advance

    20. class was having their extra credit day in advance

    21. “What’s this for? We’ve already been paid in advance

    22. They discussed their mutual fondness for the work itself and of Harold's being able to call upon Lawrence for any assistance he might be able to advance on his friend's behalf

    23. advance with a huge army fully

    24. 12“Let the nations be roused; let them advance into the Valley of

    25. If their history was as long as this girl claimed and they had been exposed to an advanced civilization during the ice-age, they had plenty of time to advance in many other areas

    26. My parents were very nice to advance me the money to pay the moving company to move me from Las Vegas to Warren, Michigan

    27. We couldn't have the church wedding we wanted to because when I told the local Catholic Church priest that we had one week to get married before her fiancé visa expired, he didn't really care and said you need to plan a wedding at least six months in advance and go to this Pre – Cana conferences

    28. So I was hoping I could make some money and help advance medical science to come closer to a cure for Alzheimer's disease

    29. During these months she also helped Brancettrabble advance the sensory interface between her circuits and his

    30. He knew in advance that the sun would race, and that they would converse til long after it was gone

    31. In the price of flour or meal, we must add to the price of the corn, the profits of the miller, and the wages of his servants ; in the price of bread, the profits of the baker, and the wages of his servants; and in the price of both, the labour of transporting the corn from the house of the farmer to that of the miller, and from that of the miller to that of the baker, together with the profits of those who advance the wages of that labour

    32. Kingdom advance because they have faith in the power of their

    33. In all arts and manufactures, the greater part of the workmen stand in need of a master, to advance them the materials of their work, and their wages and maintenance, till it be completed

    34. Unless Shinvei sold some magazines or he got an advance from the Alan case, they were going to be hungry for a few days

    35. In that and the following year, it greatly exceeded what it had ever been before, and it has continued to advance ever since

    36. That coupled with the living proof of just how far advanced the races had become since the days of the Origin Race, proved to them that the true path was evolution, to continually advance humanoid life in seemingly infinite ways

    37. but advance in ranks (see Proverbs 30:27), because they follow

    38. But when a group did make its way over the passes the information was immediately known by the rest of the hive and thousands would advance on the same route

    39. had obviously considered his plan well in advance

    40. As art and industry advance, the materials of clothing and lodging, the useful fossils and materials of the earth, the precious metals and the precious stones, should gradually come to be more and more in demand, should gradually exchange for a greater and a greater quantity of food ; or, in other words, should gradually become dearer and dearer

    41. "We would know years in advance, most people would leave the cities but there would still be incredible destruction and some loss of life," Althart said

    42. They deduct always, upon whatever sum they advance, the legal interest till the bill shall become due

    43. The banks, when their customers apply to them for money, generally advance it to them in their own promissory notes

    44. A bank cannot, consistently with its own interest, advance to a trader the whole, or even the greater part of the circulating capital with which he trades ; because, though that capital is continually returning to him in the shape of money, and going from him in the same shape, yet the whole of the returns is too distant from the whole of the outgoings, and the sum of his repayments could not equal the sum of his advances within such moderate periods of time as suit the conveniency of a bank

    45. Still less could a bank afford to advance him any considerable part of his fixed capital ; of the capital which the undertaker of an iron forge, for example, employs in erecting his forge and smelting-houses, his work-houses, and warehouses, the dwelling-houses of his workmen, etc

    46. It was the avowed principle of this bank to advance upon any reasonable security, the whole capital which was to be employed in those improvements of which the returns are the most slow and distant, such as the improvements of land

    47. in advance which instrument is to enter and the

    48. Another role of the Garuda is to stabilize the minds of humans as they advance on the evolutionary scale, both personally within a lifetime and societally over time

    49. Thus, what was truly an adversarial relationship was also one that greatly aided the two species to advance themselves through continuous adaptive behaviors, thereby increasing their chances for survival and growth over the decades and centuries through a process of co-evolution

    50. He found it strange, since the king normally announced his arrival well in advance and travelled with an entourage of bodyguards

    1. Medical science has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last few decades

    2. “This is supposed to be a front for the United Order, so the technology will be quite a bit more advanced,” Johnny said

    3. Scar inadvertently blocked their aim as he advanced on her with his gun

    4. Scar advanced on Silence who was watching him in a ready fighting stance

    5. He advanced on her and threw out a punch

    6. Technology has advanced our communication and retarded normal conversations

    7. Nancy heard a series of beeps that told her the link was established through several layers of advanced encryptions, making it almost impossible for anyone to listen into her conversation

    8. suffers today from total blindness (since 1974) and advanced Parkinson’s Disease, the main office for the company is still in a room in his home

    9. much, but surely at her advanced age she must have some way of letting the health

    10. "They are as advanced as we are," Glenelle said

    11. "It is because my programming is so advanced that I am able to become intoxicated and thus expound wisely on any subject

    12. World Weary Avengers could not afford any lapses; they were the owners of some extremely advanced and therefore dangerous technology

    13. Therefore referring to a person advanced in life (Acts 2:17)

    14. This advanced technology had allowed it to make the fastest crossing ever to Satan's Star, covering the eleven light years in under fifty years

    15. Whole worlds, maybe more advanced than ours, may have vanished because of unpredictable or inevitable cosmic phenomena

    16. The night was well advanced by the time the guards next came to me in my room

    17. However, this truth is usually revealed to the advanced disciples only; the rest of us delude ourselves with the fairy tale of self-improvement – and we never get anywhere

    18. As the leader of the pack advanced

    19. The next century of my life I learned quite a bit from the Dwarves in Wescarp, they were much more advanced at the time than the Nordics that lived on these plains

    20. It advanced steadily towards Alan

    21. "They may have discovered a more advanced civilization that taught them much

    22. This exercise is a more advanced form of the Head to Knee exercise which I described in chapter five

    23. Before we leave the FORWARD BEND I would like to describe the advanced form of it used by really enthusiastic students

    24. Students in the advanced stages of Yoga remain in this position for as long as an hour or more

    25. This is one of the most advanced Yoga asanas called Oorhwapadmasana or the HEADSTAND LOTUS POSE

    26. Having had an easy time of it with the Letter L Breathing Exercise, try now another exercise which incorporates breathing, stretching, and in its advanced stages, a high degree of balance

    27. This is one of the most spectacular of the Yoga asanas and is for more advanced students

    28. The effort needed for the perfection of this advanced posture will greatly improve your powers of concentration and in addition to the benefits to the muscles of the arms and torso the deep breathing will help congested lungs and bronchial tubes and the posture tones up the entire nervous system

    29. As with many of the Yoga asanas, this posture has a variation for advanced students only

    30. And having practiced it for a day or two you should graduate with no difficulty to a more advanced lateral twist called THE SIDESLIP POSTURE

    31. Besides the advanced fiber-optics that lit it, the stand that bore it was finely detailed Kimotran Bale-leaf, deep in lacquer with an ornate row of book rests fronting it, plenty of toe space and conveniently placed wand-racks

    32. There is yet a third variation of the lovely Cobra Pose for advanced students but it can be achieved by beginners who are athletic or who have been trained in ballet

    33. Some of the variations of Chakrasana are only within the scope of the most advanced student of Hatha Yoga, but this one is quite easy for beginners

    34. Sooner or later, Homo Electronicus had to slough off the less advanced species in the niche

    35. 'They suggest we present the village as having the most technologically advanced displays of cultural and historical interest in Greece,' said Theo

    36. Counted among the best of the newest matchmaking phenomenon of the advanced

    37. Most online dating sites also offer members the use of chat rooms powered by advanced web

    38. These cherubs are often regarded as the most advanced on the ship, by those who had never interacted with Desa or Kuthra

    39. been such an incredible thing, as it has advanced so many people in their career, relationships

    40. Her course is more advanced

    41. The hair on their backs stood up as they advanced towards her growling

    42. They advanced another step, but they were no longer growling

    43. Treatment of depression was not very advanced then and she was scared of being put away in a home for the mentally ill a lot of the time

    44. They taught all of the advanced ones everything they learned; they prepared well in advance of this undertaking

    45. That they dared to keep secret their advanced intellect, that they planned and executed an escape plan, was unacceptable

    46. Even though they were mortal, Brasil was an interstellar power, and Kelvin was very aware that his ship was now two hundred years out of date, and the last ship to come this way had been Brazilian, the advanced bussard mortal seedship Curitiba

    47. They would have to be incredibly advanced to be dumping their waste heat somewhere we don't see it

    48. 'Fuck, that's an advanced stage

    49. "You're telling me there was an advanced civilization that created Angels in the Bronze Age?" He let go of her arm and went back to his chair behind his desk

    50. testing, breakthrough surgical procedures and advanced

    1. In spite of continued advances in stardrives, light years are still important barriers

    2. could lead to startling advances against the effects of ageing

    3. It had produced titans of industry; leaders of legend, and far thinking scientists who provided this country the advances she enjoyed

    4. Here are some of the latest and not-so-latest advances in the science of skin

    5. Dexterously, he closes the door with one foot and advances towards me smiling

    6. There's not much new in the theory, but so much has been done with apparatus these days that we're set to make great advances

    7. We've received data on advances in instrumentation and because we have a fabricator we can build that instrumentation

    8. the most brilliant medical advances in history

    9. the world works, we have made incredible advances in

    10. He is also the only known man able to turn down Naria’s advances; (Tarak winked at Rayne), it is said his love for his mate is all consuming and that strong

    11. or he advances and excels

    12. He knew Jorma was a forceful guy who would not have any trouble fending off unwanted homosexual advances, if that was the guy’s intent

    13. He had come much closer to accepting her educational advances than the direct invitations of either Huneen or Pneika

    14. Most of their advances are biological, Alfred and Victoria have to analyze what it means

    15. She believed him when he said the existence of simulated souls is one of the biggest impediments to medical advances in their society

    16. But it must be considered, that the price of any instrument of husbandry, such as a labouring horse, is itself made up of the same time parts ; the rent of the land upon which he is reared, the labour of tending and rearing him, and the profits of the farmer, who advances both the rent of this land, and the wages of this labour

    17. Lesahr was all about the great advances in music and music technology being made in Zhlindu

    18. It is in this manner that the demand for men, like that for any other commodity, necessarily regulates the production of men, quickens it when it goes on too slowly, and stops it when it advances too fast

    19. But in 1756, another year or great scarcity, the Scotch manufactures made more than ordinary advances

    20. The country, too, is not only much poorer, but the steps by which it advances to a better condition, for it is evidently advancing, seem to be much slower and more tardy

    21. As agriculture advances, the woods are partly cleared by the progress of tillage, and partly go to decay in consequence of the increased number of cattle

    22. The money price of labour is lower in Scotland than in England, because the real recompence of labour is much lower: Scotland, though advancing to greater wealth, advances much more slowly than England

    23. Secondly, America is itself a new market, for the produce of its own silver mines; and as its advances in agriculture, industry, and population, are much more rapid than those of the most thriving countries in Europe, its demand must increase much more rapidly

    24. naturally grow dearer, as the society advances in wealth and improvement, I have endeavoured to shew already

    25. It consists in those useful plants and animals, which, in uncultivated countries, nature produces with such profuse abundance, that they are of little or no value, and which, as cultivation advances, are therefore forced to give place to some more profitable produce

    26. As the division of labour advances, therefore, in order to give constant employment to an equal number of workmen, an equal stock of provisions, and a greater stock of materials and tools than what would have been necessary in a ruder state of things, must be accumulated before-hand

    27. The banker, who advances to the merchant whose bill he discounts, not gold and silver, but his own promissory notes, has the advantage of being able to discount to a greater amount by the whole value of his promissory notes, which he finds, by experience, are commonly in circulation

    28. When a bank discounts to a merchant a real bill of exchange, drawn by a real creditor upon a real debtor, and which, as soon as it becomes due, is really paid by that debtor ; it only advances to him a part of the value which he would otherwise be obliged to keep by him unemployed and in ready money, for answering occasional demands

    29. The bank, however, in dealing with such customers, ought to observe with great attention, whether, in the course of some short period (of four, five, six, or eight months, for example), the sum of the repayments which it commonly receives from them, is, or is not, fully equal to that of the advances which it commonly makes to them

    30. If, within the course of such short periods, the sum of the repayments from certain customers is, upon most occasions, fully equal to that of the advances, it may safely continue to deal with such customers

    31. If, on the contrary, the sum of the repayments from certain other customers, falls commonly very much short of the advances which it makes to them, it cannot with any safety continue to deal with such customers, at least if they continue to deal with it in this manner

    32. When they observed, that within moderate periods of time, the repayments of a particular customer were, upon most occasions, fully equal to the advances which they had made to him, they might be assured that the paper money which they had advanced to him had not, at any time, exceeded the quantity of gold and silver which he would otherwise have been obliged to keep by him for answering occasional demands; and that, consequently, the paper money, which they had circulated by his means, had not at any time exceeded the quantity of gold and silver which would have circulated in the country, had there been no paper money

    33. The frequency, regularity, and amount of his repayments, would sufficiently demonstrate that the amount of their advances had at no time exceeded that part of his capital which he would otherwise have been obliged to keep by him unemployed, and in ready money, for answering occasional demands; that is, for the purpose of keeping the rest of his capital in constant employment

    34. If the advances of the bank had commonly exceeded this part of his capital, the ordinary amount of his repayments could not, within moderate periods of time, have equalled the ordinary amount of its advances

    35. The advances of the bank paper, by exceeding the quantity of gold and silver which, had there been no such advances, he would have been obliged to keep by him for answering occasional demands, might soon come to exceed the whole quantity of gold and silver which ( the commerce being supposed the same ) would have circulated in the country, had there been no paper money; and, consequently, to exceed the quantity which the circulation of the country could easily absorb and employ ; and the excess of this paper money would immediately have returned upon the bank, in order to be exchanged for gold and silver

    36. A bank cannot, consistently with its own interest, advance to a trader the whole, or even the greater part of the circulating capital with which he trades ; because, though that capital is continually returning to him in the shape of money, and going from him in the same shape, yet the whole of the returns is too distant from the whole of the outgoings, and the sum of his repayments could not equal the sum of his advances within such moderate periods of time as suit the conveniency of a bank

    37. discount their bills always with the same banker, he must immediately discover what they are about, and see clearly that they are trading, not with any capital of their own, but with the capital which he advances to them

    38. With the alien advances in communication

    39. It receives and pays the greater part of the annuities which are due to the creditors of the public ; it circulates exchequer bills ; and it advances to government the annual amount of the land and malt taxes, which are frequently not paid up till some years thereafter

    40. and manufactures, with the rapid advances of our North American colonies, of which the wealth is founded altogether in agriculture

    41. His blurred vision told him that the Breton woman was working to counter the advances of the other creature

    42. When the tax upon a commodity is so moderate as not to encourage smuggling, the merchant who deals in it, though he advances, does not properly pay the tax, as he gets it back in the price of the commodity

    43. When the tax upon coinage, therefore, is so moderate as not to encourage false coining, though every body advances the tax, nobody finally pays it; because every body gets it back in the advanced value of the coin

    44. The colony of a civilized nation which takes possession either of a waste country, or of one so thinly inhabited that the natives easily give place to the new settlers, advances more rapidly to wealth and greatness than any other human society

    45. Darshi continued, “It's grandpa Alfie's contention, and he says it was his great, great-grandfather's before him, that all the technological advances invented by any people are really just reflections of what the realized individual is actually capable of performing

    46. outside the box, that have brought about the advances in

    47. Their employer, as he advances to them the stock of materials, tools, and wages, necessary for their employment, so he advances to himself what is necessary for his own maintenance; and this maintenance he generally proportions to the profit which he expects to make by the price of their work

    48. Unless its price repays to him the maintenance which he advances to himself, as well as the materials, tools, and wages, which he advances to his workmen, it evidently does not repay to him the whole expense which he lays out upon it

    49. Its profits are only the repayment of the maintenance which its employer advances to himself during the time that he employs it, or till he receives the returns of it

    50. The £30 which he gets for it when it is finished, is no more than the repayment of the subsistence which he advances to himself during the two years that he is employed about it

    1. She is the master at that, I only have her memories of it, she is living it and advancing it even now

    2. strongly and firmly for one of her advancing years and still had that bright green gaze

    3. All eyes turned towards the huge oak doors at the far end of the abbey and there, advancing down the aisle in the once famous television suit, was the beaten finalist

    4. “You are advancing very well my love,” she spun and shot out her leg catching him off guard

    5. doors at the far end of the abbey and there, advancing down the

    6. Brent looked above at the advancing hawk, who was observing the situation also

    7. They stopped advancing upon each other, and even slowly lowered their arms, transfixed as under a spell, watching the woman's waving skirt

    8. The natural price itself varies with the natural rate of each of its component parts, of wages, profit, and rent; and in every society this rate varies according to their circumstances, according to their riches or poverty, their advancing, stationary, or declining condition

    9. First, I shall endeavour to explain what are the circumstances which naturally determine the rate of wages, and in what manner those circumstances are affected by the riches or poverty, by the advancing, stationary, or declining state of the society

    10. But though in many respects dependent upon the laws and policy, this proportion seems to be little affected by the riches or poverty of that society, by its advancing, stationary, or declining condition, but to remain the same, or very nearly the same, in all those different states

    11. But though North America is not yet so rich as England, it is much more thriving, and advancing with much greater rapidity to the further acquisition of riches

    12. "Stand ready! Strike as one!" The one-armed leader shouted, his eyes as sharp as the steel in his hand while he studied the movements of the demons advancing toward him

    13. Advancing towards the choir,

    14. It deserves to be remarked, perhaps, that it is in the progressive state, while the society is advancing to the further acquisition, rather than when it has acquired its full complement of riches, that the condition of the labouring poor, of the great body of the people, seems to be the happiest and the most comfortable

    15. the wealth and revenue of the country have been continually advancing, and in the course of their progress, their pace seems rather to have been gradually accelerated than retarded

    16. The country, too, is not only much poorer, but the steps by which it advances to a better condition, for it is evidently advancing, seem to be much slower and more tardy

    17. It is with industrious nations, who are advancing in the acquisition of riches, as with industrious individuals

    18. The acquisition of new territory, or of new branches of trade, may sometimes raise the profits of stock, and with them the interest of money, even in a country which is fast advancing in the acquisition of riches

    19. Though slowly, the Undeath is encompassing the land, advancing toward the great Red Wall itself

    20. Wild tales of an undead horde advancing on the city, plus eyewitness accounts of mages and Death Guards wandering the streets

    21. advancing state, and has therefore a continual demand for new hands ; the other is in a

    22. advancing, stationary, or declining state of the society

    23. It was advancing deliberately up the handholds toward this lair

    24. therefore, be advancing in improvement and population, the demand for silver might not be at all increased by the improvement even of a large country in the neighbourhood of the mine

    25. The money price of labour is lower in Scotland than in England, because the real recompence of labour is much lower: Scotland, though advancing to greater wealth, advances much more slowly than England

    26. The proportion between the real recompence of labour in different countries, it must be remembered, is naturally regulated, not by their actual wealth or poverty, but by their advancing, stationary, or declining condition

    27. The greater part of Europe was, during this period, advancing in industry and improvement, and the demand for silver must consequently have been increasing; but the increase of the supply had, it seems, so far exceeded that of the demand, that the value of that metal sunk considerably

    28. "Hurry, Theodorous, they're coming stronger now," Bri Lynn said, plucking away at the advancing horde with a short bow while the rest of the soldiers cut down any of the advancing undead she couldn't hit

    29. They seem, however, to be advancing in all those much more rapidly than any country in Europe

    30. But it must always be late in the progress of improvement before tillage can be so far extended as to raise the price of cattle to this height ; and, till it has got to this height, if the country is advancing at all, their price must be continually rising

    31. before advancing another one, which results from the

    32. The real wealth of the country, the annual produce of its land and labour, may, notwithstanding this circumstance, be either gradually declining, as in Portugal and Poland ; or gradually advancing, as in most other parts of Europe

    33. But if this rise in the price of some sorts of provisions be owing to a rise in the real value of the land which produces them, to its increased fertility, or, in consequence of more extended improvement and good cultivation, to its having been rendered fit for producing corn; it is owing to a circumstance which indicates, in the clearest manner, the prosperous and advancing state of the country

    34. It is chiefly by discounting bills of exchange, that is, by advancing money upon them before they are due, that the greater part of banks and bankers issue their promissory notes

    35. advancing the idea of a Romanian State recently

    36. They are thus the ones who continue developing and advancing in their respective professions

    37. But it served him well on both a physical and mental level and has been an important part of keeping the 200 plus variations of his species alive and advancing themselves over the millennia

    38. Commerce and manufactures have accordingly been continually advancing during all this period

    39. The cultivation and improvement of the country has, no doubt, been gradually advancing too; but it seems to have followed slowly, and at a distance, the more rapid progress of commerce and manufactures

    40. They loaded the public revenue with a very considerable expense: they imposed a very heavy tax upon the whole body of the people ; but they did not, in any sensible degree, increase the real value of their own commodity; and by lowering somewhat the real value of silver, they discouraged, in some degree, the general industry of the country, and, instead of advancing, retarded more or less the improvement of their own lands, which necessarily depend upon the general industry of the country

    41. She is currently advancing her piloting skills and has turned out to be a gifted strategist

    42. manufacturer, by taking his goods off his hand as fast as he can make them, and by sometimes even advancing their price to him before he has made them, enables him to keep his whole capital, and sometimes even more than his whole capital, constantly employed in manufacturing, and consequently to manufacture a much greater quantity of goods than if he was obliged to dispose of them himself to the immediate consumers, or even to the retailers

    43. Having met his glance, which had shifted quickly from perplexity to amusement, she gestured with her eyes toward Carius who was still advancing

    44. Their higher position was an advantage, but not enough of one, and the enemy was advancing upon them from both sides

    45. As we moved up the ravine ready to take the next trench Lt Walter Cole was killed he had just waved at me and was advancing with his pistol held out in front of him when I saw him jerk and fall face down into the dirt

    46. I faced to my front again and I could see a skirmish line of about thirty Turks advancing towards the village and us leading them in front was a fat Officer wearing a red fez on his head

    47. In 1698, a proposal was made to parliament, of advancing two millions to government, at eight per cent

    48. “We had made our way off the beach and were advancing up the gully with your lot to attack the trenches at the top

    49. He was on the second floor, shooting down the demons that were advancing to the entrance of the Temple

    50. He sliced through advancing demons, his movements so fast Sebastian couldn’t focus on him

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