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Accompanying en una oración (en ingles)

  1. A nurse was accompanying her.
  2. There is usually an accompanying.
  3. He then selected the accompanying.
  4. I think sir Beauty is accompanying us.
  5. With the secrecy came the accompanying.

  6. The image dwarfs accompanying photos of.
  7. I had the privilege of accompanying her.
  8. Accompanying the story was footage of Mrs.
  9. There was a bundle of accompanying letters.
  10. And Knox could see the man accompanying him.
  11. She avidly read the short accompanying story:.
  12. There are feelings accompanying the inspiration.
  13. Even as the seven soldiers accompanying the party.
  14. A plainclothes officer was quietly accompanying them.
  15. The accompanying sketches will indicate what is meant.

  16. I’ll be accompanying the Royal party back to London.
  17. Pinkney, accompanying the Message of the 29th November.
  18. I think I mentioned that Miss Ling was accompanying me.
  19. He then started reading the text accompanying the photo.
  20. The accompanying citation paid tribute to his valuable.
  21. Her eyes traveled over the three accompanying news photos.
  22. The witch accompanying her however made a dire prediction.
  23. He was accompanying her for a couple of weeks to help her.
  24. Sephiroth had led Cloud and two of the accompanying Shinra.
  25. Strangely, the accompanying summary report was even longer.

  26. These will be found in Appendix Note 66 on accompanying CD.
  27. The accompanying information gave a hint of what took place.
  28. Is there an accompanying option contract for the commodity?
  29. Accompanying the weaving-device was an old captain’s chest.
  30. Without any accompanying sound, the weapon opened rapid fire.
  31. Yet the voice accompanying it was not Randy's: It was Varion's.
  32. The documentation accompanying the pills wasn’t very assuring.
  33. Here I suggest you take a long look at the accompanying notes on.
  34. Roger related the incident to Lucille and the accompanying couple.
  35. When an application is closed, it and any accompanying files are.
  36. The accompanying guard halted and I walked alone into the temple.
  37. Why did he not accompany you but instead accompanying another.
  38. Joseph was torn between accompanying his father, who walked with L.
  39. It is identical to the emotion accompanying the death of loved one.
  40. Yates's accompanying them and spending the evening at the Parsonage.
  41. Gabrielle insisted on accompanying him on the short walk to the shop.
  42. The accompanying noise was akin to the grinding of teeth, only louder.
  43. Not if she knew it was me that was accompanying you, she wouldn’t.
  44. Hey, and me? she asked with an accompanying gesture of question.
  45. Accompanying this was the soft murmur of the little waves lapping up.
  46. Yates’s accompanying them and spending the evening at the Parsonage.
  47. The accompanying picture of what was left of the car turned my stomach.
  48. Never mind the accompanying explosion of hundreds of copiers and faxes.
  49. But not the lorgnon, nor its accompanying manner, disconcerted Miss Remi.
  50. Each boulder had an accompanying plunger device apparently connected to it.
  51. All the accompanying priests and officials congratulated each other on this.
  52. As we went out of the gate, noticing that I was accompanying him, he said:.
  53. He wanted Heidi to remain where she was, but she insisted on accompanying him.
  54. Do you have any regulations and accompanying penalties thought out yet?
  55. I had seen others with the same breathing pattern while accompanying Ogilhinn.
  56. But accompanying the two flutes was another sound that struck her as being out.
  57. For guests’ safety, two armed guards will be accompanying us on this trip.
  58. With the victory of Nazi arms in Europe and the accompanying extermination of.
  59. He was accompanying a girl of fifteen, who stood on the pavement in front of him.
  60. I only sent fragments that meant nothing without the accompanying mathematical.
  61. As William entered many began to ask him why I was not accompanying him tonight.
  62. The troops accompanying the two knights wore the colours of the Earl of Huntingdon.
  63. She finally convinced her to go to her suite to rest, accompanying her on the way.
  64. I, of this Journal, and may be seen on the section accompanying that communication.
  65. To Mitchell, Travis looked calm while talking with both of his accompanying friends.
  66. She glanced at her two preoccupied friends that were accompanying Nathan and Chance.
  67. The accompanying diagram will aid us in understanding this rather perplexing subject.
  68. The trail zone stayed in effect, allowing only the van accompanying the doctor with.
  69. Accompanying him are three attentive and scantily dressed young native European women.
  70. My aide and a slave will be accompanying me, but of course, not in the same manner.
  71. He blamed himself for not accompanying me so he could make sure I was not compromised.
  72. The dracoid accompanying them said towards the tent, Clastaan, we have visitors!.
  73. On the accompanying card was written, With all good wishes from your old chum, Gilbert.
  74. Love and compassion and its accompanying innocence is the greatest intellectualism, it.
  75. And that it was inflicted to satisfy the offence regardless of the pain accompanying it.
  76. The Message and accompanying documents were referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.
  77. New moved that it be referred, with the accompanying documents, to the Committee of Claims.
  78. Thank you for accompanying me, this would be that much harder if I were doing this alone.
  79. The technique of analyzing issues of the latter group is covered on accompanying CD in Chap.
  80. The photo gallery already boasted additions of the severed finger and accompanying evidence.
  81. She was accompanying the duke when they passed through Sherborne on their way to Westminster.
  82. The author and publisher of this Program and the accompanying materials have used their best.
  83. She told him that yes, she was, accompanying her answer with the shrug that she used so well.
  84. Diplomacy and its accompanying attributes might not be such an easy lesson to learn after all.
  85. In addition, several religious leaders are accompanying the President and his normal entourage.
  86. The ambiguity of the accompanying screaming forced Tim’s mind to imagine something repulsive.
  87. To which— The accompanying sweep of his arm took in Dvalinn, Erlandr and about half the world.
  88. The only constants were the sense of power that rested on him and an accompanying sense of grief.
  89. I played him a recording of Diana accompanying Paul McCartney singing More I Cannot Wish You.
  90. He carried on as if I hadn’t spoken as he tossed the accompanying boyshorts onto the small pile.
  91. When they reached the clearing, Domino was not surprised to see that Jingles was accompanying Emma.
  92. The accompanying chart of the S&P 500 Index shows several past cycles with the bear markets shaded.
  93. Once in away, however, the law of averages catches up with some with the accompanying loss of face.
  94. These distinctions are illustrated by3 the accompanying nine examples, taken as of December 31, 1938.
  95. Here are my views and accompanying analysis on the four points raised in your memorandum of June 12:.
  96. Bad enough that Adam had already announced his intentions of accompanying Sydney and me to the dance.
  97. I won’t get into the annoying features accompanying that gadget but instead hone in on a book by Dr.
  98. The essence of this method consists in supplying details accompanying the thing described or depicted.
  99. The hot coffee and the accompanying pain, caused his shots to be errant, striking a mirror on the wall.
  100. The accompanying map shows the relative situation of the streams, and the principal hills and mountains.
  1. I had accompanied him to the.
  2. He was accompanied by an old.
  3. He accompanied her to her house.
  4. He was accompanied by two Thai.
  5. Several toy guns accompanied it.
  6. They were accompanied by titans.
  7. Rajen also accompanied with her.
  8. I was accompanied to Athens by.
  9. He accompanied him on visits to.
  10. He was accompanied by two well-.
  11. They were accompanied by a groom.
  12. So he accompanied me to Camp Crame.
  13. He was accompanied by my landlady.
  14. He accompanied Tammas to the door.
  15. The cello was accompanied now by.
  16. One he regularly accompanied was a.
  17. The out- sister accompanied her Rev.
  18. Each was accompanied by two priests.
  19. The doctor entered accompanied by Ali.
  20. He even accompanied her to Monsieur.
  21. They accompanied him curious to know.
  22. Sonia accompanied him to the elevator.
  23. No guarantee accompanied such a proxy.
  24. If only the guards had accompanied him.
  25. He had accompanied her from the gateway.
  26. I wished he'd accompanied me on the walk.
  27. As we walked, my thoughts accompanied me.
  28. Sunita also accompanied with Jyoti didi.
  29. Pranjit accompanied with me to the gate.
  30. It was accompanied solely by a smaller.
  31. Oddly the son’s family accompanied him.
  32. Kitara had arrived, accompanied by Trolos.
  33. The laughter that accompanied this game.
  34. Jill Bernhardt accompanied Raleigh and me.
  35. The dreary scene was accompanied by the.
  36. The birth of Ishmael is accompanied by the.
  37. Men made visits accompanied by two footmen.
  38. He was accompanied by two guardsmen armed.
  39. Three of the Warriors had accompanied them.
  40. Sachie accompanied her to the door and bowed.
  41. Accompanied by DeLee, Hillary Clinton gave.
  42. He accompanied her himself to her protector.
  43. The projectile was accompanied by a whisper.
  44. It is accompanied by a series of signs and.
  45. They had accompanied me on my morning drive.
  46. The chords were accompanied by the monotone.
  47. I obeyed her summons, and accompanied her out.
  48. He accompanied the mounted travelers on foot.
  49. Juliet accompanied Jason in the waiting area.
  50. She accompanied Bob when he attended one of.
  51. He was accompanied by two of the yacht's crew.
  52. He accompanied Napoleon to the Island of Elba.
  53. A sudden cramp accompanied a rather loud growl.
  54. Mother, Moon, and Jun too accompanied with me.
  55. He stood and accompanied Jon into the shadows.
  56. Low air temperature accompanied by high winds.
  57. These were accompanied by a terrible hangover.
  58. She was accompanied by an entourage of her own.
  59. It was accompanied by the characteristic lead.
  60. She forced a smile on her face and accompanied.
  61. It was Napoleon accompanied by two aides-de-camp.
  62. Jade was further accompanied by what could only.
  63. Roidon had mixed feelings about being accompanied.
  64. Venables, the same attorney who had accompanied.
  65. He arrived via tram and was accompanied by Joshua.
  66. And the note was accompanied by the usual envelope.
  67. What pleasant reflection accompanied this action?
  68. Watson, Crick, Franklin and Wilkins accompanied it.
  69. As Jean accompanied the newcomer to the Abbey, he.
  70. A small gamma will be accompanied by a small theta.
  71. A short, dumpy woman in her forties accompanied her.
  72. The sweet scent of frangipani that accompanied our.
  73. Gonzalez accompanied a patient to the waiting room.
  74. The children who accompanied them were Miss Susan P.
  75. They are accompanied by three militants with AK-47s.
  76. One night I accompanied Meonly into her fenced yard.
  77. She accompanied him downstairs and lit a few candles.
  78. More pounding fists, this time accompanied by whoops.
  79. Vague disquiet accompanied Jaume the rest of his day.
  80. What cerebration accompanied his frequentative act?
  81. Their journey is accompanied by its companion, doubt.
  82. I accompanied with mother to invite Sunita’s family.
  83. Forsyth was similarly accompanied, it has to be said.
  84. Ireland is accompanied with exceptional humility and.
  85. Often the releasing will be accompanied by emotions.
  86. He took my hand and accompanied me back to the stairs.
  87. The gigantic mind-fucking that has accompanied those.
  88. Three days later, my mother-in-law accompanied me home.
  89. Sparky soon arrived accompanied by most of the others.
  90. Because walking with God is always accompanied by His.
  91. Fletcher returned accompanied by his two teenage sons.
  92. Birds accompanied our steps with their different calls.
  93. The icon was carried further, accompanied by the throng.
  94. Ceres and Iason accompanied him to the railway station.
  95. Afterward, she accompanied him to his home in Brooklyn.
  96. The burning was soon accompanied by an excrutiating itch.
  97. Two more women carrying backpack radios accompanied her.
  98. If 60 mg of zinc are used, it should be accompanied by.
  99. Anger against a man, accompanied with some injurious act.
  100. He felt a lurch that accompanied her excited announcement.
  1. And the bad book accompanies.
  2. Again so-called chance accompanies him.
  3. But the mental trauma that accompanies a.
  4. There are four levels that accompanies hypothermia.
  5. Add to this the stench that accompanies Lazarus, he.
  6. False shame accompanies a man that is poor, shame that.
  7. Happiness accompanies love as the fragrance accompanies a flower.
  8. We’ll also discuss the website that accompanies this book, www.
  9. One mark of construction is the effort that accompanies the thing.
  10. It always accompanies it circulating around it and never leaves it.
  11. The trend in volume accompanies price movement with high reliability.
  12. I feel that now-almost-imperceptible fear that accompanies the phasing.
  13. Such word-forms are not determined by the thought which accompanies the.
  14. One may sometimes tell a lie, but the grimace that accompanies it tells.
  15. There is no limit to the foolishness and extravagance that accompanies them.
  16. All efforts are infertile unless divine grace and sanction accompanies our efforts.
  17. On a curious substance which accompanies the native Nitre of Kentucky and of Africa.
  18. This growth accompanies the increased acceptance of the VIX futures by the marketplace.
  19. We will briefly examine such practices in the commentary that accompanies this chapter.
  20. What in the world has come over you, Moses, remember, our father accompanies us today.
  21. A chunk of bread spread with unsalted butter accompanies this feast – I’m starving!.
  22. The air was utterly still with that unearthly silence and beauty that accompanies snowfall.
  23. You’re not leaving with him, are you? she said, accompanies with suggestive eyes and.
  24. The diverticulitis diet which accompanies the treatment of the condition includes only liquids.
  25. We can only transform it into a companion that accompanies us on all our exciting adventures.
  26. A true gap is a rare and significant event (see Figure 10-42) that often accompanies strong price moves.
  27. It looked sharp as a nine-inch nail, with that certain deadly quality that accompanies something very expensive.
  28. Rudra proceeded to leave for Andaman and Divya suggested that she accompanies him in case Ansh catches up with them.
  29. When rules and directives suffocate choice we are left with the ruin that accompanies perpetual meddling and leveling.
  30. He wasn‘t quite prepared for the ungodly pain that accompanies a shotgun blast of 00 buckshot into one‘s lower leg.
  31. Among the words mingled with that mournful saliva which accompanies tears, they distinguished words like the following:.
  32. A wink accompanies her last comment and Apollo begins to understand the situation, but he still doesn't trust her completely.
  33. The orchestra accompanies the conversation, and the motiv of the people and things spoken of are always artfully intermingled.
  34. A true gap (with no part of the candles overlapping) is a rare and significant event that often accompanies strong price moves.
  35. Yet it is perfectly acceptable to pass on this pattern because of the stock’s low volume and the risk that accompanies a thin stock.
  36. That is because the appreciating and admiring spirit is indeed, strictly attached to the spirit it admires, and always accompanies it heartily.
  37. In fact, without the fear of failure or the greed for reward that accompanies the self-centered self, you are free to express who you really are.
  38. He made the exclamation which usually accompanies the former emotion in an Indian, and, calling in a low voice, soon drew a companion to his side.
  39. If the business faces any risk of say, reduced revenue, as in the case of Six Flags, it has the additional, amplified earnings risk that accompanies it.
  40. Dyspareunia is basically “painful sex”, but in layman’s terms it is a “recurrent or persistent genital pain that accompanies sexual intercourse”.
  41. There was something reluctant about his voice that hinted of a mellifluous sadness; such a quality often accompanies fond memories now faded but not forgotten.
  42. The return to fair value accompanies the disintegration of the bearish information cascade and sets the stage for the birth of a new, bullish investment crowd.
  43. I am quite unable to account for the formation of the nitre, or the production of this black substance which sometimes accompanies it, both in Africa and America.
  44. So sweet of him, poor Miles, Said Fanny, remembering, with the tender smile which accompanies thoughts of past adorations, that raised hand, that beautiful voice.
  45. Back in Tarrasa, Roger succumbed to the stress that normally accompanies and scourges candidates for a doctoral degree after they finish writing their dissertation.
  46. He defrays my traveling expenses, and, when his duties as a chief permit, he accompanies me, and interprets for me when I go to preach in the other towns and villages.
  47. The divines who deny that regeneration always accompanies baptism are as worthy of attention, and as learned and wise, as any divines who ever held baptismal regeneration.
  48. Andrews, whose face had been overspread by the expression that accompanies titters, started to her feet and froze before our eyes into the dumb passivity of the decent maid.
  49. Fred accompanies me to the hall, and starts setting out the chairs for the Granny and Grandpa session which is scheduled for this afternoon, the first meeting of the New Year.
  50. Strange that the vanity which accompanies beauty--excusable, perhaps, when there is such great beauty, or at any rate understandable--should persist after the beauty was gone.
  51. One is fixed on the axis, the other moves, and accompanies the frame and cylinder in its revolution; from it, at opposite sides, pipes lead the steam to each end of the cylinder.
  52. All voting is a sort of gaming, like checkers or backgammon, with a slight moral tinge to it, a playing with right and wrong, with moral questions; and betting naturally accompanies it.
  53. There is a time approaching when food, money, medicine is what should be sent around the world instead of military force and the war, violence, death and destruction that accompanies it.
  54. Mystics have reported that this is one route to achieving enlightenment and that a sense of religious ecstasy often accompanies this practice after many hours or days of this kind of focus.
  55. Of course, inflation accompanies an aggressive economy with high borrowing activity, but inflation isn’t the force driving the economy, it’s an adverse side effect of increased borrowing.
  56. That is because the appreciative and admiring spirit is indeed strictly attached to he or she whom it admires and appreciates, and always accompanies such a person spiritually and couples with them.
  57. The worse elements of society, gaining possession of power, under the sobering influence which always accompanies power, grow less and less cruel, and become incapable of using cruel forms of violence.
  58. Sometimes, nothing is injured but the man who is thus annihilated; oftener the boat's bow is knocked off, or the thigh-board, in which the headsman stands, is torn from its place and accompanies the body.
  59. When one feels in the pit of one's stomach the fear that accompanies plunging market prices, risk-taking becomes considerably less risky, because risk is often priced into an asset's lower market valuation.
  60. The multiple cooperations present in an eco-collective of mutual benefit creates a sustainable resiliency that greatly hinders the logic of entropy that accompanies an anarchistic, but not integrative, multiplicity of sovereignty.
  61. Their wealth would alone excite the public indignation; and the vanity which almost always accompanies such upstart fortunes, the foolish ostentation with which they commonly display that wealth, excite that indignation still more.
  62. Only recently I had been introduced to a young journalist graduate from the City University of London who was full of excitement and anticipation and hope and everything else that accompanies new graduates no matter what course they have completed.
  63. Images spring up in my memory: the face of the woman at the wayhouse mourning her grandchild … that sad mound beside the wasteg … too many have died already … the sigh that accompanies those thoughts is so heavy that Sefir turns her head to peer at me.
  64. It is founded upon the close association, in our Lord’s words, between Water and the Spirit, held to signify that when and wherever baptism is rightly administered, there the Holy Spirit accompanies the rite, confers the grace of 'spiritual life,’ and washes away the guilt of original sin.
  65. This bill represented not only a legal victory for fifty-four million Americans with mental illness who are being denied equal health insurance—but as one of those fifty-four million Americans, I felt he was also fighting for me to help ease the burden of stigma and shame that accompanies treatment.
  66. On the other hand, wherever he goes, El Bierzo accompanies him and becomes part of his life, and when he returns to it, he rejuvenates in his happiness… That part of El Bierzo’s beauty, not perceived by the senses, he has not been able to find in any other part of the world he has visited or in which he has lived.
  67. The increase of those particular capitals from which the owners wish to derive a revenue, without being at the trouble of employing them themselves, naturally accompanies the general increase of capitals ; or, in other words, as stock increases, the quantity of stock to be lent at interest grows gradually greater and greater.
  68. If no European is near upon whom they can bestow their smiles and the lustre of their magnificent eyes, they have to be content with their own countrymen, who woo them after the fashion of their Spanish ancestors, by serenades at night, in which the strumming of guitars generally plays a more important part than the words it accompanies.
  69. Why could not abide the silence and the seriousness that accompanies the choosing of wishes; moreover, the butterfly seemed not to have noticed that he had been excluded from the group’s collective bargain, so he flew away to find something more entertaining to do up in the sky, which consisted chiefly of singing bits and pieces of made-up songs to himself and swinging his cane around like a cutlass.
  70. And this we hold to be entirely consistent with the Article that 'They are to be held accursed that presume to say, that every man shall be saved by the law or sect which he professeth, so that he be diligent to frame his life according to that law, and the light of Nature;’—the saving influence in regenerate souls being connected with the modicum of truth which they retain, and not with the rubbish of error which accompanies it.
  71. This process takes place in the following manner: the worst elements of society, having seized the power and being in possession of it, under the influence of the sobering quality which always accompanies it, become less and less cruel and less able to make use of the cruel forms of violence, and, in consequence of this, give place to others, in whom again goes on the process of softening and, so to speak, unconscious Christianization.
  72. But putting this aside, what thinkest thou I ought to do about my lady's command to go and see her? For though I feel that I am bound to obey her mandate, I feel too that I am debarred by the boon I have accorded to the princess that accompanies us, and the law of chivalry compels me to have regard for my word in preference to my inclination; on the one hand the desire to see my lady pursues and harasses me, on the other my solemn promise and the glory I shall win in this enterprise urge and call me; but what I think I shall do is to travel with all speed and reach quickly the place where this giant is, and on my arrival I shall cut off his head, and establish the princess peacefully in her realm, and forthwith I shall return to behold the light that lightens my senses, to whom I shall make such excuses that she will be led to approve of my delay, for she will see that it entirely tends to increase her glory and fame; for all that I have won, am winning, or shall win by arms in this life, comes to me of the favour she extends to me, and because I am hers.

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1. The Chief will accompany you.
2. We should accompany the guests.
3. His now cold feet, accompany the.
4. We will accompany you at all times.
5. The other half would accompany the.
6. Two companions may accompany you.
7. I was hoping I could accompany you.
8. Words of warning accompany this action.
9. Prince Bhagirath, will you accompany.
10. I cannot accompany you on the mission.
11. I was then invited to accompany her to.
12. Notice whatever emotions accompany this.
13. She would not let Clayton accompany her.
14. But I will accompany you on your journey.
15. Are you still resolved to accompany me?
16. You’ll must accompany me to Sector 4.
17. The manneeds a master whom he may accompany.
18. Tim asked Abner to accompany him to Big Lake.
19. Maybe you could accompany us, if that would.
20. I will accompany you, the princess said.
21. And I could accompany her, and stand off.
22. Let us accompany the newly wed to the ship.
23. Oh, do not fear; besides, you will accompany me.
24. Wotan will accompany us and Mara will fly above.
25. Now, we will stop this and you will accompany me.
26. She got up to leave and I offered to accompany her.
27. More often than not a relative will accompany them.
28. The wide spectrum of symptoms that can accompany.
29. Sigrid and I will accompany you on your mission.
30. I must accompany her back to school, my husband.
31. Sometimes Owen would accompany them, more out of a.
32. My parents paid for their grandchild to accompany us.
33. Emotional abuse and scarring accompany physical abuse.
34. My orders say you must accompany us and the prisoner.
35. Innumerable so called chances accompany him everywhere.
36. Innumerable so-called chances accompany him everywhere.
37. I hear not only to accompany her, but more than that.
38. He invited me to accompany him to the naval Spring Ball.
39. Derek, could you accompany me into the office please.
40. Signs and wonders will often accompany their prophecies.
41. Jo was about to argue that she should accompany him but.
42. He was able to accompany me home after worship practice.
43. Alayna chose only five men to accompany her in the attack.
44. Even though Selma told Nyla that she need not accompany.
45. Does Marilyn have you accompany her to the meetings?
46. I don’t think that you should come accompany this time.
47. And on the clerk's answer, she begged him to accompany her.
48. Cadets, Marines, please accompany us to the helicopters.
49. Again that infuriating, winsome grin to accompany the bad.
50. Sir, the Khakhan requests that you accompany me at once.
51. Sam and Brownie were chosen to accompany Greg on this trip.
52. Her look denoted excitement and the desire to accompany us.
53. Two canines who were secret members would accompany us to a.
54. Skeentip had asked Heather to accompany him to meet Varcous.
55. Beauchamp, it holds four very well, will you accompany us?
56. Companied: Accompany; being friendly in the company of others.
57. This caused an understanding expression to accompany my smile.
58. You may accompany my sister to find this demon and return it.
59. She waited for the scratching to accompany the infant’s cry.
60. Danton refused the offer to accompany them on the return journey.
61. He applauded her pious resolution, and offered to accompany her.
62. De Griers strongly insisted that EVERY ONE ought to accompany her.
63. He did not accompany his mother to her room when she went to bed.
64. Deneb stared at her hoping that she’ll ask him to accompany her.
65. He kidnaps Cherie and forces her to accompany him back to Montana.
66. Why did he not accompany you but instead accompanying another.
67. Tyrus could accompany the planeload of food and medical supplies.
68. With what meditations did Bloom accompany his demonstration to his.
69. I’d like you to accompany Constable Sastre to the police station.
70. You are welcome to accompany us to the Midden of the Terranoids.
71. Cups, saucers (smal size) and tea/coffee spoons accompany the order.
72. We shall be glad to accommodate her nannies that will accompany her.
73. His wives would accompany him many times and there is much envy for.
74. Olga and a person who would accompany her (she stopped leaving the.
75. I suggested they not accompany us and their leader took the hint.
76. With magic or without magic, she felt the obligation to accompany me.
77. Surely, Sheriff Reynolds there was no need to accompany the visitor.
78. Lucia wasn’t permitted to accompany him to the top-secret facility.
79. Myers, patting Parker's shoulder, left to accompany Spears to his bed.
80. His abiding presence should accompany us continuously so that al our.
81. They are faithful beings that accompany our lives to be at our service.
82. Lorna collected one of the wolfhounds from the kennels to accompany her.
83. I was told to hold the plane at the gate and accompany you back inside.
84. You need a man to accompany you into these areas to investigate further.
85. Naturally they assumed that wherever I was sent, they would accompany me.
86. I agreed to accompany him; and four years have I been attendant on many.
87. We are the saints who will accompany Jesus when He returns at His second.
88. I want you to be part of the staff that will accompany me to that meeting.
89. They were, what the subordinate monks who accompany monks are called, bini.
90. As his sister, I might accompany him—not as his wife: I will tell him so.
91. He could still barely accompany himself if the tunes were in the key of C-.
92. He finally said, I think that it will be possible for you to accompany us.
93. Captain Sargas your two ships will accompany the others on the voyage north.
94. When Nicole got home she called Ryan and asked him if he would accompany her.
95. Lila volunteered to accompany me the first time, but after that I went alone.
96. Some popping and hissing sounds accompany the voice, but the words are clear.
97. The functionaries and officers who accompany him feel more or less as he does.
98. He asked me if I couldn’t accompany him to the main town of the A’palachi.
99. I should have invited her to accompany me in my tour; and I might have escaped.
100. When my illness is over, I will accompany old sir to eat and drink heartily.