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    1. headed for the rocks, the accompanying Sea Rescue helicopters had to return to base as the waves were now high enough to be sucked

    2. If the welcome for project staff and accompanying officials is anything to go by, there is already a deep sense of appreciation

    3. Accompanying him is a young woman called Angelica Burford, and yes, she belongs to the Glaston Burford family

    4. This not-so-subtle hint bears fruit and Gilla and I spend the following morning searching the shops for something suitable while Caderl makes the visit to his workers that was ostensibly the primary reason for his accompanying us

    5. Helen also knew that Ken would be uncomfortable with the idea of accompanying his son because of the inconvenience of age, for although the landlord sometimes turned a blind eye to underage drinking, he always kept Sunday evening as a child free haven for the exhausted parents of the parish

    6. of accompanying his son because of the inconvenience of age, for

    7. ‘Would you mind accompanying me to the station?’

    8. ’ The Sergeant instructed his subordinate, the slight moan accompanying this order suggesting that the woman had regained consciousness

    9. been accompanying,” he said slowly, “Some have been, I suspect,

    10. but unsure of the reasons why they were accompanying a supposedly

    11. "I think sir Beauty is accompanying us

    12. reverend professor was not accompanying the students on the

    13. The soldiers accompanying them wore full uniform and they made for an impressive sight where they sat proudly on their steeds

    14. This achievement came not only as a surprise to Mr Pinscher, but also to one other, for accompanying both pie and Pilfer into the room, and gazing at the former with a lustiness almost equal to Pinscher's, was a plump and sluggish brown and white terrier

    15. Instead, they are sent out accompanying the Ezine regular content, and the Ad may occupy one of three possible locations on the Ezine page

    16. His consulting room could not have been less like the clinical environ of a surgery, with its large leather effect high backed chairs and accompanying fake fire

    17. I only sent fragments that meant nothing without the accompanying mathematical

    18. can appreciate the anxieties accompanying such a task

    19. By then, Dad couldn’t sleep for more than twenty minutes at a time, and the rest of us took turns staying awake and accompanying him on his nightly time travels into dream, imagination, and memory

    20. The accompanying information gave a hint of what took place

    21. My shoulders shook as I sobbed uncontrollably, gripping her hand tightly; the sound of the machines accompanying the sound of my unhappiness

    22. With regard to the village principle it must be remembered it is very expensive to build tens of thousands small villages with accompanying infrastructure

    23. Accompanying us was my friend and colleague Raoul de la Sota, painter and nephew of Mexican actor Anthony Quinn, who, years later, also visited our delightful region

    24. All the accompanying priests and officials congratulated each other on this

    25. “Not if she knew it was me that was accompanying you, she wouldn’t

    26. “Hey, and me?” she asked with an accompanying gesture of question

    27. Colling went back to those first weeks they had together, when she had demonstrated such passion, and wondered whether that had been part of a pre-conceived plan to seduce him into accompanying her to Poland

    28. With each unanswered letter he had written to Elizabeth, he had become more and more to accept the fact that she probably really had no further interest in him, and that all her affection, verbal and physical, had only been intended to draw him into accompanying her to Poland

    29. accompanying Shri Maharaj, suggested to Vaijnath that he perform a

    30. In the past when I was first introduced to the phrase, I thought, ‘Finally a presentation of what we know that supports the proposition of “Intelligence” accompanying the beginning and progress of all things

    31. 4 And they brought it out of the house of Abinadab which was at Gibeah, accompanying the Ark of God, and Ahio went before the

    32. Accompanying the army were wagons, herds of animals, his court, female fans of the soldiers, merchants, traders, poets, intellectuals, surveyors, and a historian (a relative of Aristotle)

    33. He blamed himself for not accompanying me so he could make sure I was not compromised

    34. Sephiroth had led Cloud and two of the accompanying Shinra

    35. receipts attached, and accompanying the document is 150 pages of instructions on how to

    36. As a kid I used to think it was a picture book, but it was actually a textbook with accompanying diagrams

    37. The only constants were the sense of power that rested on him and an accompanying sense of grief

    38. The witch accompanying her however made a dire prediction

    39. 71 (A passage wherein the Son of Man was described as accompanying the Head of Days)

    40. Even as the seven soldiers accompanying the party

    41. 19 For the Lord caused them to hear the voice of chariots, and the voice of mighty horses from the sons of Jacob, and the voice of a great army accompanying them

    42. On the way from Wuxi to Suzhou, a Chinese lady who was in the bus accompanying the group addressed the travelers

    43. Jesse sent Jason and Angie back to my suite to get the rest of my things, I could’ve done it myself but he insisted in me accompanying him

    44. In the beginning, Josie had Roger and the children accompanying her to different parishes on Sundays to sell religious books and other materials at each Mass

    45. Roger related the incident to Lucille and the accompanying couple

    46. 71 (A Lost passage wherein the Son of Man was described as accompanying the Head of Days)

    47. Europe and North America has been the necessity, over many years, of the development of an accompanying working class, one compatible with increased production

    48. With the victory of Nazi arms in Europe and the accompanying extermination of

    49. 19 For the Lord caused them to hear the voice of chariots and the voice of mighty horses from the sons of Jacob and the voice of a great army accompanying them

    50. He is totally frustrated by his father’s intrusions and resents being kept in an infantile role, always the little boy in his father’s eyes, with the accompanying contempt, condescension and lack of confidence that characterize the father’s attitude

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    accompanying attendant collateral concomitant consequent ensuant incidental resultant sequent in addition to besides on top of side by side

    "accompanying" definitions

    occurring with or following as a consequence