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Attendant en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He said to his attendant:.
  2. But it was not an attendant.
  3. I was a lowly room attendant.
  4. The attendant was waiting for me.
  5. An attendant came in with punch.

  6. I wish I could be your attendant.
  7. Who will be the attendant?
  8. He made the attendant send for me.
  9. The attendant shook her head slowly.
  10. He called the attendant who was in.
  11. The attendant will show you the way.
  12. An attendant opened the door for her.
  13. I have located a suitable attendant.
  14. Because that she as her attendant hath.
  15. Martha the Attendant at the Bus Station.

  16. One ol the attendant nuns turned to him.
  17. He rang the bell to summon an attendant.
  18. Head attendant at the Hotel Cosmopolitan.
  19. Krishnan went in search of the attendant.
  20. He also shot the chained flight attendant.
  21. Even his daycare attendant couldn’t help.
  22. Luckily, there was an attendant on the other.
  23. Merry Christmas, the attendant had said.
  24. At the end, the attendant, trying not to show.
  25. The hearse and attendant vehicles parked there.

  26. The attendant looked at me thoughtfully a while.
  27. He closed the book, then gave it to an attendant.
  28. But like the flight attendant, she was off-limits.
  29. At the door a female attendant stood smiling and.
  30. Personal attendant on Zvezdíntsef, aged about 60.
  31. The museum attendant followed us everywhere we went.
  32. The attendant added, He seems very importunate, sir.
  33. Sir, do you want some tea? The attendant asked.
  34. The attendant had put the coffee on a table near her.
  35. Mine was salad bar attendant in a Toronto restaurant.
  36. With the bowl and its attendant pipe in place on the.
  37. There was a knock on the door, and an attendant entered.
  38. The flight attendant had said he never broke a promise.
  39. His attitude to me was the same as that to the attendant.
  40. I thanked the gas station attendant and then returned to.
  41. He was an attendant at the court and he loved the forest.
  42. Warren Weaver Hall, leaving the nearby security attendant.
  43. A museum attendant appeared and handed ‘me’ one with.
  44. The attendant knew the symptoms, and at once summoned aid.
  45. The attendant sat on a stool, writing notes on a clipboard.
  46. The attendant patted him on the shoulder and handed him a.
  47. Right there, the gas station attendant sells tickets to.
  48. It took roughly five minutes to pay the attendant, fill up.
  49. No, the attendant replied with a smile, this is it.
  50. What’s going on in here? The attendant said you had a.
  51. The attendant followed him trying to meet up with his steps.
  52. The flight attendant tried to fire again and the gun clicked.
  53. Her father handed the tickets to the attendant with one hand.
  54. Ali was his principal attendant during this nocturnal survey.
  55. It was also customary to tip the waitress and the attendant.
  56. Yes I was Sir, was there a problem, asked the attendant.
  57. Egypt, considered the attendant of Thoth (an Egyptian Deity);.
  58. I was the attendant or page of Queequeg, while busy at the mat.
  59. I watched as the attendant wheeled Sam up to the witness stand.
  60. Josef saw the queen turn to the nearest attendant and strained.
  61. Heights are okay as long as there is a flight attendant around.
  62. The hotel attendant put on a laboured smiled then he shocked me.
  63. On boarding, he was greeted by an attractive Eurasian attendant.
  64. He knew what the package was before the attendant gave it to him.
  65. His eyes wee extremely weak, he told the white coated attendant.
  66. The attendant took care of both of us while the other one drove.
  67. What’s with the thick red lipstick? Is she a flight attendant.
  68. The usher called an attendant, and in his presence gave the money.
  69. The g reen stripe means you are a new Pri, explained the attendant.
  70. The growth of committees and their attendant staffs insulates Con-.
  71. An attendant was employed to look after the safety of the children.
  72. The attendant would keep saying that with time she would be alright.
  73. The flight attendant watches her do this and asks to see her ticket.
  74. A door opened, through which the attendant and the baron disappeared.
  75. It was a sober, fat figure in black, and evidently attendant on Fanny.
  76. She remembered that she was a flight attendant with Drummond Airlines.
  77. I spoke with the attendant, but he insisted that I had nothing to pay.
  78. The attendant was asleep, his chin tucked into his neck like a tortoise.
  79. He did not want to put this kind flight attendant in any kind of danger.
  80. As we stepped through the door, I linked into the head of the attendant.
  81. After a while an attendant came in and asked her if she wanted something.
  82. I agreed to accompany him; and four years have I been attendant on many.
  83. In what order of precedence, with what attendant ceremony was the exodus.
  84. The flight attendant has just given me my third warning to switch it off.
  85. The attendant was bringing Meenu into her room—now Krishnan’s and hers.
  86. What were the tests? He asked while in the office with the attendant.
  87. The attendant came to tell me, so I ran down at once to have a look at him.
  88. At the range there is no manager, attendant, or any other sort of factotum.
  89. N: The attendant explained this to the council of fishes and they listened.
  90. Finally, she said, You may bathe, but a different attendant is required.
  91. The cabin attendant headed for the intercom, pushing the button frantically.
  92. The flight attendant closed the window blind, so he couldn’t see outside.
  93. It was, on the contrary, free from the evils attendant upon standing armies.
  94. The attendant let them in after Trooper Jonas signed the necessary paperwork.
  95. Takeoff should be in about five, sir, the flight attendant informed him.
  96. The young man who was her attendant looked very young perhaps no more than 20.
  97. The Boss nodded and asked the attendant to pass on the ashtray before he left.
  98. At the next gas station an attendant looked under there and saw nothing wrong.
  99. But, to my utter amazement, the attendant opened the gate and let him through.
  100. We’re unable to communicate with the pilots, the flight attendant said.

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