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Adapt en una oración (en ingles)

1. To adapt in a big hurry.
2. You can accept and adapt.
3. Now it could adapt better.
4. The world will adapt to you.
5. He couldn’t adapt his plan.
6. And, again: to adapt six-count.
7. He couldn't even adapt to monogamy.

8. Some cannot adapt to these changes.
9. Adapt to situations as best you can.
10. Adapt to conditions as best you can.
11. We can adapt the quantum mechanical.
12. Some of these pigeons cannot adapt;.
13. I convinced myself that I could adapt.
14. However, if the investor can adapt a.
15. Instead, adapt to them as best you can.
16. They wanted to adapt rather than change.
17. Do not fear that we will learn to adapt.
18. Her race needed them to adapt or survive.
19. The apes that did not adapt went extinct.
20. Now, it will be time for the Church to adapt.
21. Always follow your competition and adapt to.
22. It is this amazing ability to adapt that is.
23. You must be flexible and be prepared to adapt.
24. Many species that could not migrate or adapt.
25. None of us adapt fast enough in the next moment.
26. Add or adapt the following code into a model:.
27. In the past I’ve wanted to adapt it in comic.
28. I adapt and embed with any circuitry or software.
29. England has shown that it can adapt to the times.
30. At least then we can help you and the baby adapt.
31. They instantly adapt themselves to the unexpected.
32. Magicians always adapt to the times and fashion!.
33. Plants and animals can adapt to a wide variety of.
34. There was no change in her; and he couldn’t adapt.
35. Always adapt the answers to the job being applied for.
36. I felt better the first time I managed to adapt to it.
37. See? You do adapt well to conditions on the ground.
38. Nangong Ping to adapt to changes for the walls had ears.
39. It’s best now to adapt to situations as best you can.
40. I don’t like making others adapt to my circumstances.
41. The key is to adapt with the situation and remain fluid.
42. Our bodies could not adapt to the sudden change in diet.
43. Again, this is our safety reservoir, where we adapt and.
44. They are much better equipped to adapt rather than the U.
45. This forced them to adapt quickly to new tactical situations.
46. That will give you a kick start and allow your body to adapt.
47. I should listen for the truth and adapt to it when I hear it.
48. However, they would adapt to life back in New Bedford rather.
49. I guess there’re some things that you just can’t adapt to.
50. David manages to adapt to most of the doctor’s recommendations.
51. Exercise is a controlled stress that forces our bodies to adapt.
52. It can’t adapt to the new conditions of residing in a machine.
53. What is most important is for you to adapt when the market changes.
54. His vigorous nature couldn't adapt to this protracted imprisonment.
55. Every exercise is an opportunity to adapt to the stresses involved.
56. The sooner we accept the fact, the better we shall adapt our lives.
57. Absolutely—that is—if you will be patient with me as I adapt.
58. But she can't become a native here, she can't adapt to this society.
59. Just to see how would a GenMoP adapt to an environment like the base.
60. The vine is the easiest part of the native civilization to adapt to.
61. I didn't know how long I would be there for so I might have to adapt.
62. Experience says that humans need time to adapt to a reveal like this.
63. They existed by learning to adapt to conditions that others could not.
64. By having to adapt to it and deal with it on a close, intimate level:.
65. What steps can be taken to help this individual adapt and adjust more.
66. Adapt faster, adapt better, adapt to things that no man should have to.
67. We have no physical presence, but adapt to the physical form of others.
68. Here is a spraying schedule that you will learn to adapt to your own use.
69. The field is still in its infancy, so you will have to adapt the processes.
70. You need to adapt the calculation to the type of business you are analyzing.
71. Of all the novels in the world I would most want to adapt, it was Melville's.
72. We are simply not built to adapt to elevated levels of inflammatory hormones.
73. The baby will eventually adapt if the parents are consistent, firm, and loving.
74. A lot of them adapt this instinct to the litter tray with one or two problems.
75. I was apprehensive that I would not be able to adapt to our new life in Athens.
76. They therefore chose the most open regime to change and adapt; always flexible.
77. It is well, other things being equal; to adapt ourselves to those about us, but.
78. The success you desire can be yours when you adapt these ‘Habits of Success’.
79. They got into a heated argument on cell growth and the ability of genes to adapt.
80. It was all because those cultures had religions that couldn’t adapt to science.
81. If you are having problems with any other aspect of your life, you can adapt the.
82. It forces us to grow, learn, adapt and change: both spontaneously and creatively.
83. We must anticipate change, adapt to it, and be prepared in advance to confront it.
84. She was however in the United States now and would have to adapt to the local fare.
85. Think through your trades like a pro so that you can adapt when the market changes.
86. Tick charts adapt to the market, and I find them especially useful for day trading.
87. You can adapt the above recipe easily; just drop the lines in bold into your model.
88. They won't know how to adapt and the winter will takes its toll, as it usually does.
89. Non-the-less, X’ander was quite confident she would adapt to its use effortlessly.
90. Women adapt faster to a new environment than men and she looks more in place than me.
91. While all life forms advance and adapt, the human race did not evolve into a life form.
92. In order to adapt they begin to compensate for these deficiencies by becoming morally.
93. Holding a strong judgment that the new is inferior will make it harder to adapt, while.
94. Rather than abandon those ideals, most students will adapt them to the vicissitudes of.
95. It helps reduce stress and depression to women who cannot adapt to her new life cycle.
96. Living species which adapt faster have better chances of surviving under new conditions.
97. They adapt more easily to new situations and demands, and yet they can lack perseverance.
98. Such a filter would also quickly adapt to new and different cycle components at its input.
99. But with a bit of experimenting you should be able to adapt it to your needs quite nicely.
100. Although she wil have gone through some changes, it wil not be easy for her to adapt to a.
1. Adapting to his great ongoing.
2. They are constantly evolving and adapting.
3. It’s no wonder my brain has trouble adapting.
4. They are open to adapting at first because they.
5. The ancestors of all tetrapods began adapting to.
6. I was not adapting to the new tactics the two were using.
8. It is all a matter of adapting and reacting to the circumstances.
9. Alex, again adapting the prosecutor mode said, There’s even.
10. Adapting to the new environment was difficult at first: they were.
11. Love never changes in that it is always changing, growing, adapting.
12. I think inclusion is not necessarily adapting a game for kids without.
13. She was having an adventure over there, adapting to Dutch life with her.
14. I tried to conform to his style of living by adapting the things he loved.
15. By either adapting physical brains/bodies or repeating the downloading of.
16. I couldnt have been more relaxed and I could see these guys were adapting.
17. It had been that way for the last three months, and she was adapting, gradually.
18. Since the Indian Ocean regals are adapting better they are going for higher prices.
19. In the race to gain the upper hand the enemy were constantly upgrading and adapting.
20. East west, no longer divided, were now using one constantly adapting economic model.
21. Be patient in class, be patient at school, be patient adapting to your new surroundings.
22. That is what makes love now; it is conditioned upon every now adapting itself to every now.
23. I have to tell you, Alan is adapting a lot better to our society than that guy did to mine.
24. Adapting to the change, they found ways to amuse themselves that did not involve their parents.
25. In adapting themselves to the changing conditions, they had sunk far below their original level.
26. Budd Schulberg, who had written the screenplay for On the Waterfront, was adapting the Kennedy work.
27. She moved in with a couple of friends from university and she was adapting seamlessly at the office.
28. What was the point in adapting for a few months? He would bring her back after that project for sure.
29. On the other hand, a very long price history may lead to adapting the system to possibly outdated data.
30. When your life is about adapting to bad situations, they end-up becoming very normal and ordinary to you.
31. Drau’d was a genius builder, his talents easily adapting to defensive construction of the battlefield.
32. And of those, they were mostly humans having trouble adapting to their parent’s constant reassignments.
33. The Time Minstrels specialized in adapting and playing songs and musical pieces from various periods of history.
34. When balanced, then, manifested creations are able to transform as required, in adapting to evolutionary changes.
35. She knew them all, knew the Colonel was the firebrand who had the hardest time adapting to the ways of this world.
36. The other creatures may not have travelled far and may not be as astounded as Derek, therefore adapting quite quickly.
37. For this was how they would have wished to be, each setting up an ideal to which they were now adapting their past life.
38. Traders A and B decide to trade this pattern, but they both realize the importance of adapting it to their personalities.
39. It hasn’t been easy adapting to life on this island without the amenities they’d grown accustomed to in the old world.
40. After a short period of adapting himself to the old conditions of life, Nicholas found it very pleasant to be at home again.
41. So if you’re willing to do whatever it takes, you still have to execute your plan carefully, and keep adapting your approach.
42. Every machine, every exercise class and every method of fitness is based on our bodies adapting to the stress exercise imposes.
43. Accepting that information and estimates are imperfect and adapting as the situation changes is a key component of a good process.
44. Some were middle aged or older and could have great difficulty adapting to the new high-tech equipment which I expected to bring in.
45. But adapting to using renewable technologies on an increasing scale may require significant changes in our institutions and attitudes.
46. So in the overall scheme of things, one can make his best profits by being flexible — by adapting to the current market environment.
47. If education is only adapting the citizenry to integrate with the economy, the student can only be as enlightened as the economy is –.
48. There was a massive pooling of resources and man power with the purpose of adapting to the new technology and the construction of space craft.
49. Adapting his own PDU as an interface so it could be used to control a flyer; a map location simply selected, and the craft would take him to that.
50. If you have this high of blood pressure consider adapting a healthier lifestyle and talk with your doctor about taking medication to help lower it.
51. We trained ourselves as tool-using apes for millions of years to think, feel, act and inter-act linearly: by adapting ourselves to the tools we used.
52. With major determination, I continued with a few studied contortions that in nothing were adapting themselves to the pristine intention of my message.
53. The Reagans have been in Washington for a week, adapting to the capital’s routine after more than a year living out of suitcases on the campaign trail.
54. Adapting the cost of equity to reflect current risk-free yields and market returns while maintaining the long-term beta is a combination that will bias.
55. James Park, a favourite hunting ground of the Sinclair Road gang adapting their African skills as poachers in London’s top spots for a potential roast.
56. Whether it is a bird, or a shark: both manage to survive each day by reacting to and adapting differently and creatively to each new condition and situation.
57. But we’ve gone ahead and started our own school, adapting a lot of what the Marines do but adding a number of things to prepare SEAL snipers for our mission.
58. Connections to normal neurons at the base of the brain are maintained through the new brain adapting itself to the slower firing rates of the unaltered neurons.
59. A good general always selects his battlefield suited to his background and experience rather then falling in the trap of adapting foreign principles and methods.
60. Often new features and capabilities are the result of programmers adapting the existing software for their own uses and then posting their code for others to use.
61. He is a bit lost in Paris, because he can’t produce the plays offered there without adapting them, and in the adaptation much is lost, and nothing takes its place.
62. When heroes engage prophets, martyrs, or messiahs, heroes win by adapting to, then smothering and finally extinguishing the field that is trying to emerge or withstand it.
63. In addition, you should also be journaling about your reactions to the market’s movements, adapting this record to your stage of development and your function as a trader.
64. Transparent governance is a self-monitoring, adjusting and adapting system, whose transparency derives from the lack of inhabitable power structures and the absence of money.
65. Here natural selection has probably come into play, as well as in adapting the general shape of the body of these fishes, and many other peculiarities, to their habits of life.
66. The Delthak Works had already started adapting its own rockets as artillery in response to a fresh Ehdwyrd Howsmyn inspiration, now that the concept had suggested itself to the AOG.
67. She gloried in his attentions as he massaged her shoulders and back with his fingertips, adapting a gentler version of the Ranger’s rubdown techniques he’d used after weapons practices.
68. They did so mostly by using their knowledge of their land and by adapting their tactics to it, fighting a guerrilla war against the British, who were accustomed to regulated, set-piece battles.
69. They were practitioners of my chosen craft at the highest level possible, and if I had to pretend to be interested in adapting The Office for the United States in order to meet them, then so be it.
70. Improvising on the piano – I’d insisted on having one in my classroom, I played honky-tonk versions of little kids’ songs (Afrikaans and English), making up words or adapting them to my purpose.
71. The Elusivers had not succeeded in destroying the temporal field device despite how close their adapting salvo had got, close enough to destroy everything but the very foundations on which they were fixed.
72. Whether natural selection has really thus acted in adapting the various forms of life to their several conditions and stations, must be judged by the general tenour and balance of evidence given in the following chapters.
73. They forget that they can create enormous wealth by simply adapting their talents and abilities towards the improvement of life for many others, through the provision of services or product that solves other people’s problem.
74. To be ready to meet with cordiality satisfactory proofs of such a change, and to proceed, in the mean time, in adapting our measures to the views which have been disclosed through that Minister, will best consult our whole duty.
75. When the time came that the city was encroaching too much upon our paradise, we reluctantly decided to sell it to one of those businesses that promised to maintain a park-like exterior while adapting the lovely old house for a new use.
76. Once the repetitive making and use of tools became the main form of adapting and surviving and living for our ancestors, once their brains were programmed to function like tools functioned… hominid and human awareness began acting like a tool.
77. By this distribution of the schools, the schools themselves, as arranged by the peasants, depart, it is true, from the required pattern of the school, but, instead, acquire the most diversified forms, everywhere adapting themselves to local conditions.
78. What is the trait you most deplore in others? Nothing, I'm strong believer that everyone is made imperfect to help others see different things, and I love every imperfection about everyone, because it help me grow, adapting to love everything about everyone.
79. This may benefit the psychopath as long as there are few other psychopaths in the community since more psychopaths' means increasing the risk of encountering another psychopath as well as non-psychopaths likely adapting more countermeasures against cheaters.
80. Once the images were scanned the older woman copied down the details of Danny’s email and web addresses from Annie’s diary and set about the task of adapting one of her more subtle Trojan Horse viruses so that it would work specifically with Danny in mind.
81. Adapting is important, overcoming obstacles is important, it is important to have motivation, but there is much that the minds of those who are enlightened or have the ability to become this manner of thinking, there is much that they simply accept or choose to ignore.
82. So we married … it wasn’t as simple adapting to the physical side as I thought it would be but I got pregnant fairly quickly and it was easy to persuade Alastair that any physical relationship was unwise during the pregnancy … since then Alastair and I have occupied separate rooms.
83. Are you adapting to the whims of society, following the trend of what is and is not proper to keep the mindless masses off your back? Or is this really you? Tera is perfect; organized, innovative, never questions your decisions, speedy, efficient—the perfect secretary—the perfect wife.
84. By consistently taking massive and effective action, and adapting your approach whenever it doesn’t work and trying something new, you will move toward your dream, but there’s one final, extraordinary element that plays an important role in whether your dream becomes a reality or not.
85. In seeking strict regulation for other financial institutions, legislation might well look at the Act as a template for regulation, adapting the principles of the Act to the regulations of other financial institutions all of whom are vastly different from mutual funds and need vastly different regulations.
86. The British soon were adapting that advanced technology to produce advanced consumer goods that few could beat, selling these products to the rest of Europe and particularly to the countries of the Commonwealth, which in general had suffered little or not at all from the war and had the means to buy those products.
87. With all the security which love of another and disesteem of him could give to the peace of mind he was attacking, his continued attentions—continued, but not obtrusive, and adapting themselves more and more to the gentleness and delicacy of her character—obliged her very soon to dislike him less than formerly.
88. With all the security which love of another and disesteem of him could give to the peace of mind he was attacking, his continued attentions – continued, but not obtrusive, and adapting themselves more and more to the gentleness and delicacy of her character – obliged her very soon to dislike him less than formerly.
89. This act of Congress, passed to give full effect to this ordinance by adapting its working to the new Federal Constitution, was among the earliest acts of the Federal Congress, being number eight in the list of acts passed at the first session of the first Congress; and classes with the acts necessary to the working of the new government.
90. Therefore a greater power may be at play here in the process of any evolution than just a species adapting to the environment through the random chance of accidental mutations of genes that create physiological and functional changes that by chance become strengths out-surviving the same species with physiological and functional weaknesses.
91. Third-party support, on the other hand, was slower in coming; game designers, used to the conventional gamepad control sets, had difficulty adapting popular franchises to the heavily motion-based Wii controller, and some didn't bother, preferring instead to concentrate on what they felt to be their core audience on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
92. Resolved, That so much of the President's Message as relates to a revision of our commercial laws, for the purpose of adapting them to the arrangement which has taken place with Great Britain, be referred to a select committee, with instructions to examine the same and report thereon to the Senate; and that the committee have leave to report by bill or otherwise.
93. He had pictured each of those young ladies as almost all honest-hearted young men do, that is, as a possible wife, adapting her in his imagination to all the conditions of married life: a white dressing gown, his wife at the tea table, his wife’s carriage, little ones, Mamma and Papa, their relations to her, and so on- and these pictures of the future had given him pleasure.
94. He had pictured each of those young ladies as almost all honest-hearted young men do, that is, as a possible wife, adapting her in his imagination to all the conditions of married life: a white dressing gown, his wife at the tea table, his wife’s carriage, little ones, Mamma and Papa, their relations to her, and so on—and these pictures of the future had given him pleasure.
95. For natural selection acts by either now adapting the varying parts of each being to its organic and inorganic conditions of life; or by having adapted them during past periods of time: the adaptations being aided in many cases by the increased use or disuse of parts, being affected by the direct action of external conditions of life, and subjected in all cases to the several laws of growth and variation.
96. Consultants for both what you want or should want to become and the form of its online presentation; defenders to search and scrub the web for any defamatory bytes of information that might besmirch your image and then vigilantly maintain your perfected reputation; lawyers to sue those who defame or copyright infringe upon your image; and counselors to aid you in adapting to and dealing with virtual relationships and screened feelings.
97. We have no choice but to wrap ourselves and insulate ourselves from this rape… and in that process: by that process… because of that process: we become numbed, normalized, and dehumanized… adapting to our tool-cultures, becoming better tools, becoming less human… while also living in denial, brainwashed, ignorant, unaware, numbed… defending ourselves in a thousand destructive ways, deflecting painful truths a thousand different ways.
98. Again, with respect to the singular fact that many terrestrial and fresh-water animals do not undergo any metamorphosis, while marine members of the same groups pass through various transformations, Fritz Muller has suggested that the process of slowly modifying and adapting an animal to live on the land or in fresh water, instead of in the sea, would be greatly simplified by its not passing through any larval stage; for it is not probable that places well adapted for both the larval and mature stages, under such new and greatly changed habits of life, would commonly be found unoccupied or ill-occupied by other organisms.
99. If, then, animals and plants do vary, let it be ever so slightly or slowly, why should not variations or individual differences, which are in any way beneficial, be preserved and accumulated through natural selection, or the survival of the fittest? If man can by patience select variations useful to him, why, under changing and complex conditions of life, should not variations useful to nature's living products often arise, and be preserved or selected? What limit can be put to this power, acting during long ages and rigidly scrutinising the whole constitution, structure, and habits of each creature, favouring the good and rejecting the bad? I can see no limit to this power, in slowly and beautifully adapting each form to the most complex relations of life.
1. I have adapted to this.
2. Had adapted to our ways.
3. Image adapted from a small.
4. We had adapted, hadn’t we?
5. My body has adapted to thin air.
6. He explained how they had adapted.
7. My personality would have adapted.
8. So they adapted to a new environment.
9. We each adapted in an individual way.
10. Brown Automotive Group has adapted to.
11. Old Testament, found it and adapted it.
12. These adapted traits are a very small.
13. His body soon adapted to the water as.
14. Paper had been adapted from the Chinese.
15. He then adapted George Abbott and John C.
16. They are adapted using the Adapter class.
17. That or a specially adapted space habitat.
18. Novum Organum he adapted those rules to the.
19. We have adapted, said the chief simply.
20. The Adventure of the Dying Detective (adapted).
21. The hand-held console adapted as a sensor relay.
22. Vasantha has adapted the recipes for an Ameri-.
23. This room is not well adapted for a cell, and Mr.
25. Even their large eyes have adapted to this phenomenon.
26. Her old bed had been adapted for two younger children.
27. Jean was surprised at how well he adapted to riding a.
28. Most perfectly adapted for use in Churches and Stores.
29. The sect of the Pharisee’s are well adapted for this.
30. He had never been so happy, and he knew she had adapted.
31. There’s a term out there (now adapted for networking).
32. They are building a suntower adapted to their technology.
33. As a result, those organizations must be adapted so that.
34. The best in the market, and adapted to the Reflector Bases.
35. Wilsons were excited about going back home, they adapted to.
36. Even the Humanists ironically have adapted the Golden Rule:.
37. For all that they were surprisingly normal and well adapted.
38. This care was adapted due to life threatening warnings to MR.
39. Russian women adapted to the new system much better than the.
40. It would later be adapted to a song by the band, Aggressive.
41. So, as they evolved, this was the life their bodies adapted to.
42. We have adapted! I shouted mentally, as if someone was indeed.
43. They will sleep some, but they are adapted to weeks, not days.
44. Project Cleanse has adapted to changes through the generations.
45. This place was well adapted by its situation to expose them to.
46. The soul's tenement, if it has one, must be adapted to the new.
47. That is where what my dad did and how I reacted to it and adapted.
48. They appear, however, to have quickly adapted themselves, and Mrs.
49. Then I gave her a body, adapted from the popular dolls of the day.
50. Through many ages it has been adapted to carry out the commands of.
51. A system of purely secular education is adapted to very few nations.
52. Robin followed immediately, and inserted his specially adapted card.
53. Shiritori is a Japanese game that has been adapted for ESL classrooms.
54. I was quite happy at BU and adapted well to the American way of life.
55. She bought me a mid length skirt with pockets and we adapted one of.
56. Adapted to the State and Condition of all Orders of Chritians (1728).
57. Travelers, however, simply adapted and managed their time accordingly.
58. Their rose short comb is well adapted for withstanding the frost bite.
59. We would have lost the war with the Romulans had we not adapted our.
60. Perhaps it was adapted from this, before being transferred to landline.
61. A skill does not necessarily mean it was adapted in a work environment.
62. The foods our ancestors consumed remain to be the foods best adapted to.
63. He adapted it from an old hymn and put it at the end of all his letters.
64. He didn’t know, of course, and as soon as I made the point he adapted.
65. That is how the new brain adapted itself to the polymer and rapid firing.
66. The songs have been adapted for dance performances and dramatic scenarios.
67. She adapted well to the art college she attended and made a friend or two.
68. He then used his adapted card, and successfully took out another ten pounds.
69. Their bodies were perfectly adapted to the food they ate, not for the foods.
70. If their craft was not adapted to submersible travel then there was a chance.
71. It was something they had adapted to give the songs an authentic Irish sound.
72. As my eyes adapted to the shadows I could make out Italian mob hair as well.
73. Hartle was aware that the sim adapted constantly as it learned more about him.
74. They adapted, learning to fish through the ice in winter months, when only the.
75. I think I adapted to the weather better than he did, but I miss my social life.
76. The latter, then, adapted themselves to their hardy new environment and throve.
77. The Air Force Sikorsky helicopter was adapted for Navy and Coast Guard missions.
78. The Revolution was more adapted for breathing with Combeferre than with Enjolras.
79. Asia is best adapted for growth for the driving force of evolution is adaptation.
80. It is very interesting to see how they adapted to the different phases of the war.
81. Diamond, and the film earned them an Oscar nomination for best adapted screenplay.
82. It seems that plant life in this region has truly adapted for optimum survival.
83. The soul's tenement, if it has one, must be adapted to the new conditions of being.
84. Today, nearly every broker has adapted, and everybody has lightning-fast executions.
85. Barney’s painting adapted some background elements of Picasso’s Three Musicians.
86. There were a half dozen of us that worked with the new technology and adapted to it.
87. The Mountain lion was a mutant that had lungs that had already adapted to the harsh.
88. This trade can be adapted for all time frames: scalping, intraday, swing, investing.
89. Note: Some images used in this short guide have been adapted courtesy of some of the.
90. The flash left my eyes less adapted to the dark than they had been an instant earlier.
91. This model can be used as a stand alone for sensitivity analysis or adapted for.
92. The definition adapted was less than 5 employees and turnover not exceeding N$ 250,000.
93. Most of the sea animals adapted with wings or fins that work underwater and in the air.
94. A A weapon intended or adapted to cause injury and carried for such use by the possessor.
95. This was just one example of how his body had changed and adapted to its new environment.
96. These latter dishes are best adapted for casserole service and for cold jellied offerings.
97. And those specially adapted arms of theirs can both seize and slash with fatal efficiency.
98. As would be expected, most of the school aged children adapted quicker than their parents.
99. He quickly adapted to our ways and followed our example as he realised he will die if not.
100. The stigma (in law anyway) disappeared when the law was adapted to stop the discrimination.
1. A human grows and adapts, he continued.
2. Your body adapts to anything you throw at it.
3. The seal under Onyx changes as it adapts to his.
4. Sensitivity without knowledge adapts a runaway mind.
5. He adapts his technique to the exigencies of the moment.
6. He thus adapts animals and plants for his own benefit or pleasure.
7. A Trading Channel That Moves and Adapts to the Markets in Real Time.
8. It adapts itself well to live in the outskirts and suburbs of the city.
9. A wider pass-band filter adapts more quickly to changes in the input data.
10. He might want to play a game where everyone adapts their favorite characters.
11. Accustomed to the noise of the props and motors, your hearing adapts, oddly enough.
12. A clever man adapts himself to the heavenly laws now for the amazing events to come.
13. Sophianalyst creates their own model and adapts it to the needs of the group, which.
14. Love adapts by celebrating emergences by comformicating to the circumstances and.
15. Every species chooses the niche it lives and evolves in, and it adapts to the needs.
16. The thing is that your neurological system adapts very quickly to your set/rep patterns.
17. The human organism, for survival, adapts to stressful situations in such a way that the.
18. A child growing up having a drug abuser and addict parent adapts the values the parent's exhibits.
19. Welcome to war games, Mac, where the terrain never stops changing and he who adapts fastest wins.
20. The options market is truly efficient, so much so that it adapts and learns from changes in the market.
21. But today, in the 21st century, it is not the strong who survives but the one who adapts the quickest!.
22. It is the smoothness and slipperiness of his skin that protects from and adapts to high solar radiation.
23. Culture adapts itself to the expressions of the people, and culture affects the acts of the people in it.
24. Each entity within the macro-structure mutates and adapts so as to increase the possibility of survival as a whole.
25. He is penetrated with the spirit of Plato, and quotes or adapts many thoughts both from the Republic and from the Timaeus.
26. Man adapts his morals for the smooth functioning of society, the propagation of the species and the needs of wars and conquests.
27. But a man who believes in something else than his own greed, has necessarily a conscience or standard to which he more or less adapts himself.
28. He pours forth, that it adapts itself to each one of these millions as though he were the only object of its influence, and it appears as though what for us.
29. The individual body evolutionarily alters as it engages in, adapts to, and is comformicated by the real and virtual physical distribution of social functions.
30. Each competitor has his own complex and secret tactics, and the race will be won by the person who best adapts his plans to the conditions and other variables of that year.
31. If the land humans live on owns them as much as they own the land, then they become just another animal that adapts itself genetically to the needs of whatever ecosystem they live in.
32. The strong, silent, dangerously attractive type that harbors a private, vast, brilliant inner landscape of knowledge, wisdom, and experience, and watches, always watches, learns, adapts, evolves.
33. Niall Ferguson (2007) adapts Milton Friedman’s famous quote (that inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon) by arguing that hyperinflation is always a political phenomenon, preceded by political instability and unrest.
34. Why are the planets closest to the earth so barren yet miraculously Green Water lives and produces beings similar to us? Why would the spores that settled on Earth settle on Green Water and nowhere else? More importantly, every species adapts and changes to the environment it lives in.
35. As natural selection acts by competition, it adapts and improves the inhabitants of each country only in relation to their co-inhabitants; so that we need feel no surprise at the species of any one country, although on the ordinary view supposed to have been created and specially adapted for that country, being beaten and supplanted by the naturalised productions from another land.

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