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Suit en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He has a suit of.
  2. He wears a pink suit.
  3. I took the suit on.
  4. He was wearing a suit.
  5. He wore a black suit.

  6. Bring a suit and tie.
  7. The man in the suit.
  8. You suit me very well.
  9. A Wookie in a dog suit.
  10. This is a missing suit.
  11. Kiss Tera, put on suit.
  12. Job seems to suit them.
  13. Does this suit you, Mr.
  14. His face, his suit —.
  15. I followed suit and he.

  16. Mars suit and follow him.
  17. In a suit he was flabby.
  18. Not enough to buy a suit.
  19. Each suit has seven tiles.
  20. That would just suit Mrs.
  21. It was the only suit he.
  22. But this did not suit Mr.
  23. Greg checked his EVA suit.
  24. I showered, put on a suit.
  25. Kennedy in a bathing suit.

  26. I didn’t wear a suit.
  27. Inside there's a suit of.
  28. It was a giant-robot suit.
  29. The other men follow suit.
  30. He donned his space suit.
  31. Gary and Sam followed suit.
  32. The two PMWs followed suit.
  33. First, I put on an EVA suit.
  34. The Highland suit came home.
  35. He wore a clean summer suit.
  36. To suit the richest mounting.
  37. He’s still in a gray suit.
  38. You would suit it perfectly.
  39. Today he was wearing a suit.
  40. Conseil and I followed suit.
  41. The NSC suit wanted to meet.
  42. Jeophries and The Money Suit.
  43. Even the Santa Clause suit.
  44. How does that suit you?
  45. Or even worn a bathing suit.
  46. It happens to suit my needs.
  47. It will suit you to a marvel.
  48. Thalis did not press her suit.
  49. He had never liked the suit.
  50. The others soon followed suit.
  51. Jared had turned to the suit.
  52. She stood up, I followed suit.
  53. Cole, or the rest of his suit.
  54. The suit immaculate as before.
  55. His face, his suit, his hands.
  56. Same suit in different dreams.
  57. I’ll never forget that suit.
  58. You suit each other perfectly.
  59. The other ships followed suit.
  60. He’s one of those suit types.
  61. He stood and she followed suit.
  62. It will exactly suit my cross.
  63. That suit you OK, Daniel?
  64. He’s still in the same suit.
  65. He switched on his suit radio.
  66. He wore a suit, shirt and tie.
  67. He went back outside the suit.
  68. His blue suit was blood soaked.
  69. Now, I have forgotten the suit.
  70. And yet, it ought to suit me.
  71. You wear your suit of death.
  72. But this did not suit Justice.
  73. His suit was a deep chocolate.
  74. Tammas followed suit and each.
  75. He wore a hat and a brown suit.
  76. His all-black suit and duster.
  77. This did not suit Sawkins at all.
  78. What you need is a good suit.
  79. He was wearing a swim suit and.
  80. Their beliefs did not suit the.
  81. She was wearing a black cat suit.
  82. Pick a suit in a color that is.
  83. We could suit up and… Rex.
  84. Ivan entered suit against Gavryl.
  85. The grey training suit she was.
  86. Please let me adjust it to suit.
  87. He looked like GI Joe in a suit.
  88. The bank of monitors follow suit.
  89. Doris followed suit with Autumn.
  90. The tailor! He made me this suit.
  91. A white coat over a suit and tie.
  92. But when you arrived in the suit.
  93. And when she saw him in the suit.
  94. That explains the flashy suit.
  95. How does that suit you? I asked.
  96. Andrina led them in her gray suit.
  97. The others quickly followed suit.
  98. Having babies seems to suit her.
  99. Red Suit has rerouted toward.
  100. It does not wear a tailored suit.
  1. March, suiting the action to the word.
  2. A broken voice, and his whole function suiting.
  3. He felt proud, the first suiting task for such a gifted.
  4. And suiting action to words, he plunged after the Cimmerian.
  5. Thither Conan took his way, suiting his long stride to his companion's gait.
  6. After suiting up, I went out to the rover and dragged the solar cells off the roof.
  7. He had often wondered at Rachel’s insistence on suiting up and now he understood.
  8. Adriano chose silence as a suiting honour, and never mentioned anything about this, except that.
  9. Felt great! I was in that damn rover for twenty-two sols and couldn’t even walk without suiting up.
  10. I have been per suiting a new cosmic theory that I partly present in a six part theses, of which the.
  11. By suiting up everyone on board, if they had to gas the ship against an intruder, they would not be affected.
  12. Their strenuous expert training seemed to provide them with untapped stamina, suiting them well to long battles and multiple opponents.
  13. Being a `Christian', he could scarcely object to this, especially as by peeping through the partly open door he could see that they were suiting the action to the word.
  14. I was expecting a strong energy difficult to manage, but instead, I feel the most enchanting and suiting power filling me and then carrying on, out from my right hand to my neighbor.
  15. Here she was a long time in suiting herself and the stylish young lady behind the counter, who was evidently a little annoyed by her, asked her was it wedding-cake she wanted to buy.
  16. By suiting, besides, to one particular market only, so great a part of the industry and commerce of Great Britain, it has rendered the whole state of that industry and commerce more precarious and less secure, than if their produce had been accommodated to a greater variety of markets.
  17. Those of the circle are orderly satellites, turning an eternal sameness to the attraction they patrol, and as incapable of suiting themselves to a suitor, or of varying their reflection of his passion to a man’s requirements, as of coyness with its quoted sunlight is the cold face of the moon.
  18. By high wages, and by suiting these protections to the description of British sailors, he procured this captain his ship's crew; not only so, but when the ship was about to sail, and it was doubtful whether those who had engaged for the voyage would actually go on board, this man actually procured some of a press gang to take them as American sailors, who had deserted from their ships, and put them on board.
  19. Halt! ill-born rabble, follow him not nor pursue him, or ye will have to reckon with me in battle! and suiting the action to the word, he drew his sword, and with one bound placed himself close to the show, and with unexampled rapidity and fury began to shower down blows on the puppet troop of Moors, knocking over some, decapitating others, maiming this one and demolishing that; and among many more he delivered one down stroke which, if Master Pedro had not ducked, made himself small, and got out of the way, would have sliced off his head as easily as if it had been made of almond-paste.
  1. In a way, it suited me.
  2. You seemed suited to it.
  3. This suited him just fine.
  4. Dark gray suited him well.
  5. You weren't suited for her.
  6. I suited up and headed out.
  7. But the job suited him well.
  8. The dark material suited him.
  9. Wimple suited her small head.
  10. He found it suited his image.
  11. One well suited to the other.
  12. Her new hairstyle suited her.
  13. The new hairstyle suited her.
  14. It suited him to be fleshless.
  15. This suited the Boss just fine.
  16. That suited her, and I could.
  17. I suited the action to the word.
  18. They aren’t very suited for.
  19. This arrangement suited me fine.
  20. This arrangement suited him fine.
  21. The move suited Kejriwal perfectly.
  22. Or more suited to a demonologist.
  23. At first this suited Joe just fine.
  24. It is suited to the Dorset uplands.
  25. This patron saint suited this soul.
  26. They are well suited for each other.
  27. None of them suited me, not one bit.
  28. Either that, or he suited the Jacket.
  29. His disposition was best suited to.
  30. Guess he had a name that suited him.
  31. I suited up and depressurized the Hab.
  32. It hid him perfectly, and suited the.
  33. Danny thought the imperfection suited.
  34. FB - Yes, going to, when it suited you.
  35. And better suited to th' immortal mind.
  36. Merdon is much more suited for the task.
  37. Of соurѕе, the (S) mеаnѕ suited.
  38. The colours suited his dark good looks.
  39. It is especially suited for Boy Scouts.
  40. My hooters are fully suited and hooted.
  41. Sespian isn’t suited to rule a nation.
  42. He is very well suited to engineering.
  43. The word cutthroat suited this guy to a T.
  44. Buying a horse that is well suited to you.
  45. I am glad thatthe contract has suited you.
  46. Being Ramses II would have suited me fine.
  47. Appropriating Patel’s legacy suited Modi.
  48. Yes, we are all suited up and ready to go.
  49. This arrangement suited my father perfectly.
  50. It suited us both, there was mutual respect.
  51. Suited for economically sound society where.
  52. It suited him better to keep the pressure up.
  53. Then I suited up and headed out to the rover.
  54. He was perfectly suited for such a job, and.
  55. It was plain, not fashionable, but it suited.
  56. They were suited in more ways than one, both.
  57. The abbot found the truth where it suited him.
  58. It was an arrangement that suited both parties.
  59. It was not suited to life, but it was to death.
  60. It suited Jason immensely, he was guaranteed a.
  61. Chris Beck, suited up and ready the whole time.
  62. Then hurry up and get suited! Telkit said.
  63. The most suited months for Direct Response are.
  64. Though 34, his disposition suited a 45-year old.
  65. I’m sorry Ben but we would have never suited.
  66. Evan, you are best suited to lead this project.
  67. Velma Wilkinson then turned to the white suited.
  68. He was obviously well suited to the constabulary.
  69. We will have you suited up and ready for the.
  70. We were better suited for each other after all.
  71. I like Chris and Owen, they seem very well suited.
  72. Indeed, the ghosts were the only ones suited to it.
  73. His clothes were warm and suited to his manner of.
  74. His hair seemed not suited to his age, thirty five.
  75. In addition, the Swissy is better suited for cold.
  76. Actually, they were much better suited to the Camels.
  77. In my mind it's more suited to the African savannah.
  78. Vera’s car was more suited for the evening anyway.
  79. Thіѕ іnсludеѕ suited cards that can't flop a.
  80. The Grand Duke was there because it suited him to be.
  81. Each great Teacher expounded a method suited to one.
  82. I didn’t have a typical childhood, yet it suited me.
  83. But she was wearing a dress that she knew suited her.
  84. Captain Nemo and my two companions suited up as well.
  85. He set a slower pace, more suited to Manfred and Kris.
  86. She was dressed very simply, but this suited her well.
  87. And as he ended Rodolphe suited the action to the word.
  88. Let’s go: this place is obviously not suited to us.
  89. Dalmatians are not suited for living in small, crowded.
  90. His clothes were warm and suited to his manner of life.
  91. Luckily there wasn’t anyone better suited for that job.
  92. Wade, which suited that particular old gentleman to a T.
  93. Unfortunately, what suited her didn’t always suit him.
  94. The chapín wasa heavy low shoe or sandal better suited.
  95. Different woods are better suited for different projects.
  96. One the suited men saw he was awake and came over to him.
  97. The smile suited his face; he was quite handsome with it.
  98. A moustache suited his serious face that demands respect.
  99. Larcher for instance, were likely to be much better suited.
  100. Later that night Jack suited up in his tuxedo and hid his.
  1. Or maybe what suits me.
  2. When to wear black suits.
  3. I think this one suits me.
  4. The suits crashed the room.
  5. The get up suits you, you.
  6. Fine, that suits me fine.
  7. The suits that some of the.
  8. I think it suits you well.
  9. Reall formal dress suits also.
  10. The dress was business suits.
  11. He beat the law suits?
  12. She's not sure it suits her.
  13. Two men in suits climbed out.
  14. White suits and latex gloves.
  15. It suits you, said Zach.
  16. One of the suits claims that.
  17. At first we had to wear suits.
  18. Even the shape of it suits you.
  19. This is as it suits him or her.
  20. And that just suits your madam.
  21. They were all wearing suits in.
  22. These are suits of space armour.
  23. His expensive suits and custom.
  24. Which best suits your business?
  25. Amen! said one of the suits.
  26. Bathing suits were an option in.
  27. It was lined with suits of armour.
  28. Two suits will protect more than.
  29. He does all the Partners’ suits.
  30. We don't have any large suits left.
  31. They go both ways as it suits them.
  32. Suits, dresses, shoes? Small change.
  33. He was engaged in several law suits.
  34. It was the posse spooking the suits.
  35. Now you go about in suits of steel.
  36. The former suits his needs the best.
  37. Business suits, hardware tucked in.
  38. When it suits she’ll lie and cheat.
  39. Wearing suits made of ejected carbon.
  40. Or you can choose one that suits you.
  41. He shall resolve many nations' suits.
  42. The suits had a VRC logo on the front.
  43. If I can find a horse that suits me.
  44. We both made a mistake with the suits.
  45. Where are the chemical suits? Mrs.
  46. Is it not by the name of God, as suits.
  47. Chris and I stripped down to our suits.
  48. All I can say about this is it suits me.
  49. At least two of the suits were now dead.
  50. The girls wore suits and had short hair.
  51. The yota suits you, she commented.
  52. Suits her, with a little jessamine mixed.
  53. We can choose a style that suits us best.
  54. They had both made mistakes with suits!.
  55. Afraid of the suits! Afraid to interfere.
  56. At least I won't have any paternity suits.
  57. We’ll need a couple of suits, too, Mr.
  58. She nodded Oh is that his name? Suits him.
  59. Thank God the two suits managed to save my.
  60. He had diving suits aboard the Alliford Bay.
  61. They’re all a bunch of fuckups in suits.
  62. If it suits them, face the coachee Squarely.
  63. It's a pity he didn't wear suits more often.
  64. It is up to you to choose which suits your.
  65. It certainly suits you well to play the hero.
  66. I'm going to call the men in the white suits.
  67. Both had their Blues Brothers suits on.
  68. He was followed by two men in business suits.
  69. Like all Quinn's suits, exquisitely tailored.
  70. Most of the men wore suits and red ties and.
  71. And, 26 states have filed suits against the.
  72. I think we should take our EVA suits with us.
  73. The dress really suits you and your coloring.
  74. I only owned two good suits that still fit me.
  75. Guard: These suits don’t come with a belt.
  77. We have the suits for situations like these.
  78. Only you will discover which method suits you.
  79. What did we do with the chemical suits?
  80. But there’s only one outcome that suits you.
  81. As far as he knew there were no other EVA suits.
  82. And continue to push for those pressurized suits.
  83. Men in hazmat suits sprang from one of the trucks.
  84. The men were all - well, mostly, - in grey suits.
  85. He deludes himself And that just suits your madam.
  86. His closet was filled with Imperial branded suits.
  87. Seeing them in bathing suits was good for his ego.
  88. If it was so safe, they wouldn’t need the suits.
  89. The men looked out of place in their trendy suits.
  90. You can choose what suits your circumstances best.
  91. Nonetheless this is not the warfare that suits me.
  92. I have my share of both as it suits my purpose.
  93. Even with those suits, you need to be very careful.
  94. Well then…choose the one which suits you best.
  95. Oh, I shall greet you with a smile when it suits me.
  96. It’s lovely, and suits the place well, I think.
  97. Morgan had taken the radios out of their suits so.
  98. Said the conductor, That suits me just fine, sir.
  99. EVA suits have cameras recording everything they see.
  100. And those industrial jokers in their tailored suits.

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