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    1. to adjust her approach and think up a new plan

    2. This allows both you and the plant time to adjust to the new organic regime

    3. Please let me adjust it to suit

    4. "Is it alright if I adjust my island to have a lot more wild fruit on it?" She asked

    5. If he wanted to adjust the magic level of his universe he could bring that interface with him, but as it was he allowed it only at the kitchen table and the den of his house and at the desk of the main cabin in his yacht

    6. I am in a virtual universe in Narrulla's Tear, up here with your starship and can adjust my personification at will

    7. Inside the cave I was trying to adjust my eyes to the dark when I heard the dragons outside sniffing at all the caves

    8. She let her eyes adjust, and looked about

    9. Up above Sally entered the hatching ground and let her eyes adjust to the dark

    10. Adjust the position of your hands according to your

    11. Practice Yoga as a complete science, and very slowly adjust your eating habits according to your state of mind

    12. Even though she was living here, she was not under sentence and could adjust the need for a shower out of her life

    13. In Practice: adjust the weights by amplifying what is

    14. “Sit up slowly, just sit there in the tub for a few moments and adjust

    15. He hits the main light switch, smothering the bed-sit in darkness and as his eyes adjust slowly, he fumbles for a lamp on top of the fridge, preferring soft shadows at this time of night

    16. His eyes take a second or two to adjust from morning sunlight to dusty, exhaust laced shadow

    17. To let her eyes adjust to the moonless night

    18. a moment for his eyes to adjust to the darkness

    19. The natives do not possess the technology to record sound and video from the back of a Tawny Springkette and could not have made that documentary, but they know those numbers and adjust for them in their calculations

    20. All the time Father Savage would be putting his hand up to his hearing aid and trying to adjust it because he thought there was something wrong with his hearing aid

    21. He hadn't felt the need to adjust the key knob yet, much less try any alternate key basis other than chromatic

    22. In settling the terms of the lease, the landlord and farmer endeavour, according to their best judgment, to adjust that rate, not to the temporary and occasional, but to the average and ordinary price of the produce

    23. Next to her, there was a pair of scraggly looking soldiers donned in breastplates and helms, one of which had to continuously stop fighting in order to adjust his falling visor

    24. From the water’s taste alone, he was able to adjust our course

    25. To see or dream that you are in a savanna suggests that you need to learn to adjust to the various situations and circumstances in your life

    26. They also learn that the ideas generated by two or more people in a group are sometimes more creative and better than just their idea; and they learn to collaborate, adjust and go with the flow

    27. Uar had to adjust his thinking and speech

    28. “That was sneaky of him to adjust the

    29. If we are passing through a landscape of great beauty we might choose to adjust the lenses to ‘zoom in’ on its glory

    30. As for the sons, one hears little from them, but it would appear that they soon learn to adjust to this labor - in fact, there is some evidence that most of the boys grow to enjoy the situation enormously

    31. Aspen entered the room slowly, her hand on her gun as she allowed her eyes to adjust to the dimly lit room

    32. The transition of my feelings was so rapid, it was difficult to adjust

    33. I left the rest of them and went further towards the rear were I could find a place to test the sight luckily Ted had fetched quite few clips for the Mauser and I was able to adjust the sights to fit me

    34. group of individuals who can adjust their heads

    35. She used her hand to adjust her

    36. was trying to adjust to life in England

    37. As my eyes struggled to adjust to the low

    38. ) our Dear, Fearless Leader in a feckless attempt to adjust gasoline prices downward, decided to release 30 million barrels of the Strategic Reserve for current consumption by refineries and thus more gasoline

    39. Carmen would probably eventually warm to that alternative, but she needed time to adjust to the idea

    40. Indeed, many of those ‘retrieved’ underwent psychiatric counseling for the time beyond their formative years: It took on average six years to adjust to being brought back, essentially, from the dead

    41. She stood in the doorway a bit, as if to adjust her eyes, but as it was nearly 10:00 P

    42. Pretoria sits at high altitude and the air was thin, so those of us who came up from the sea level struggled in the beginning to adjust

    43. He jumped off to adjust the trolley with a curious sense of unreality

    44. Had to bribe a female constable to adjust it at home

    45. You can also use the Windows XP method described above to adjust Windows 7

    46. You can access XP’s power options by clicking on the battery icon in the tray and clicking on Adjust Power Properties

    47. If you are running Windows 7, you can choose to adjust indexing options

    48. William had to adjust his eyes

    49. He fell from a ladder while reaching to adjust a display above an entrance to a wine cellar

    50. The cab ride over to Midway Airport seemed to take forever, and if they thought traffic in Washington was bad, Chicago's busy traffic made them adjust their thinking

    1. She hadn't been a native as long then, she hadn't adjusted to sharing her men, not even a copy

    2. It could be adjusted to carry something of arbitrary shape

    3. adjusted the bangles, each on their right wrist, while waiters and bar tenders

    4. He adjusted his Boucheron cuff links and shrugged his shoulders comfortably into his tailor made suit

    5. Theo stood up sharply and adjusted his suit and tie

    6. Theo straightened his suit, adjusted his cuff-links

    7. Jaseem played with the girl, bent her over and adjusted her to arousal

    8. Her artificial limbs would still work and the palsic shakes that came on would go away once she adjusted to them, but she wouldn't have the same fine control as before, not until the damaged interfaces were replaced back at Sagan

    9. not see in the darkness of the tunnel, but Sons’ eyes were well adjusted to it

    10. children had adjusted beautifully to the country climate

    11. adjusted to the excitement of having their mother back

    12. have adjusted to having them here”

    13. Over here, Jerry had adjusted to the dark first; it’s over there, towards the sidewall, by that boulder

    14. I adjusted my attitude to appear more professional

    15. The way you have adjusted and dealt with your grief and your pain has marked you as a leader

    16. My body seems to have adjusted, and I noticed the air has a very

    17. The young man opened the door with his usual flourish, a showman to the end, and was greeted by a storm of flashing electric light, and once his eyes had adjusted, to a positive vision in pink

    18. He adjusted his ascot, he allowed himself enough magic that he could draw it into position on his mirror and not have to have his hands fumble with it

    19. He adjusted the gravity to put Sol straight ahead of them so people wouldn't be 'looking thru the floor', though he did not have a floor visualized in his public space

    20. Harry nodded back, adjusted the cuffs of his shirt so that they

    21. "How you adjusted your personification this way

    22. Alan had not adjusted his personification much on her behalf

    23. a few, as I had expected, and adjusted them

    24. once his eyes had adjusted, to a positive vision in pink

    25. Jalan stood and adjusted his tunic

    26. The first thing Andy saw when his eyes had adjusted from the brightness in the hall, was Chrissie

    27. Before Harry's eyes adjusted to the lower light of the foyer, they were divested of their hats and led through a brighter dining area to a private table where two gentlemen already sat with drinks at their elbows and cigars in their hands

    28. more she drank, the better it started to taste, or maybe her taste buds just adjusted

    29. The herd adjusted, becoming three horizontal rows, instead of

    30. “Oh I would think it has to be longer than that, since the 40-something decade of the 55th wasn’t it? I remember we had some lumpy times getting adjusted but we’ve been pretty much OK since the start of the 100th I think

    31. When they had walked some little way from the lanes of the town, Harry adjusted her grip on the stout cane pole and they continued further a little ways

    32. He put his glasses back on and adjusted his tie, trying to compose himself

    33. As her eyes adjusted to the blackness, she was able to distinguish she was out front of the big house

    34. Slowly, their eyes adjusted to the gloom

    35. Hartman stood up, adjusted

    36. You know I have the same sickness since you have when I was still young, but little by little I've had adjusted myself

    37. Babs adjusted his Gerry Garcia tie

    38. They sent Alan in to get his pack and Desa’s duffel while the girls adjusted the straps and lead the kedas out of the field and down to the street

    39. I adjusted to the situation but really upset our secretary, Carol who is such a wonderful lady

    40. A few seconds later he stopped, adjusted his

    41. Gradually, his eyes adjusted to the difference

    42. "Alan, I'm glad we meet again in more pleasant surroundings," a raspy voice said as her eyes adjusted to the gloom

    43. eyes adjusted and he could just make out a cowled figure

    44. The lighting could be adjusted for flow, color and swirl as well as brightness

    45. that she held it with her right and adjusted the bend of my left

    46. I adjusted my shirt a little and then looked in the rear-

    47. A whole lot of it is taken from examples given in nature and then adjusted to fit their own material-world objectives

    48. As her eyes adjusted to the meager light, Nerissa made out a human shape lying by the cave mouth

    49. Following that, he felt the blindfold being removed from his head and after his eyes had adjusted, he could see the large warehouse that he was in

    50. Once his eyes had adjusted to the light in the room he recognised her and smiled sheepishly

    1. Her eyes were adjusting to the dark when she saw him and went to her knees

    2. They were so happy, she was very glad that they were adjusting so well

    3. Will he be okay?” She was having a hard time adjusting

    4. He thought about looking up cheron allocation quotients while he was here and adjusting his so he had enough to run Desa again

    5. After years of keeping everything under wraps, I’m having problems adjusting

    6. prevented by adjusting or manipulating the energy

    7. I don't know if I told you, but she was having problems adjusting to life in a secondary school

    8. Adjusting her dress she spied herself in the mirror

    9. If her mind was as powerful as that of the Acolyte that held her here, she should be able to figure out what electrons it took to get that pointer into the grant list and move them by adjusting their quantum states

    10. Holding the blanket in place she raises herself up into a sitting position, adjusting the pillow so that her back is protected from the cold stone wall

    11. ’ I muttered, hesitating in the doorway, I hadn’t expected to run into her and am still adjusting to the concept of sleeping with Dave while his parents are in the house

    12. He waits for the water to boil and then spends another minute adjusting the mixer

    13. ” They each took their staff into the other hand and, after adjusting their grip to the new hand, started on

    14. He offered his own accounts of adjusting to the hectic social requirements of University life and of the new acquaintances he'd made

    15. LeCynic's grin rested on his wife, Katrina, who was adjusting her black wig

    16. In adjusting the terms of the lease, the landlord endeavours to leave him no greater share of the produce than what is sufficient to keep up the stock from which he furnishes the seed, pays the labour, and purchases and maintains the cattle and other instruments of husbandry, together with the ordinary profits of farming stock in the neighbourhood

    17. Izzy’s mom had this irritating, but funny way of adjusting Izzy’s clothing

    18. "How are you adjusting to the witness protection program?"

    19. “I’m sure the bridge was still up last year,” Elizabeth offered, adjusting her back pack

    20. wooden board in the steeple adjusting as it

    21. body is adjusting to the position of a new or adjusted stance

    22. By the time he got to the laundry room area, where he would spend his first few days adjusting to his new surroundings and the other animals, he was exhausted

    23. When my daughter was adjusting to the language barrier and a new preschool, Margot stood sentry by her bed at night, watching over her and ready to dry tears with a furry cuddle and a purr

    24. All of these ships were adjusting to the relatively cold weather in the Bering Sea after having spent the winter months

    25. She had to wonder why it would be so discerning; why the apparent need for this level of security? Enough, then, surely to sustain her interest through all the mundane work of minutely adjusting interface responses to get the TIAR computer to take the bate and do its thing

    26. Adjusting to a new environment or accepting a new home are also situations where a dog may act out of character because of stress

    27. in the Soviet system, whether they had more difficulty adjusting

    28. adjusting veils and hats with adroit feminine touches; the pretty

    29. Adjusting the volume, she showered in the en-suite and pulled on a pair of jogging bottoms and tee-shirt that she used for pyjamas, then sat on the bed and updated her diary while listening to Lady GaGa

    30. Dawn watched as he busied himself adjusting something on the machine

    31. “How many are there?” he asked, giving her a once-over, adjusting her jerkin with a practiced eye

    32. Machines surrounded the head of the slab and I shivered, adjusting to the cold air and mood of the room

    33. ‘Probably Josh messing around with the sound system again,’ I muttered to myself and carried on adjusting the lilies

    34. The “visiting” set might have a tougher time integrating into the fabric of the household while the “live-in” set of children have an easier time of adjusting because they experience the day-to-day functioning and routine of the family

    35. She head for the shower and have difficulty adjusting with the

    36. “Your friend didn’t have any juicy stories about me, did she?” She busied herself adjusting the pleat of her pants

    37. As Cole Bell attended to the gas boiler, partially blocking the vent with the remains of a bird’s nest, and adjusting the burners to the most inefficient setting he could, Mai Bell made sure all the windows were tightly closed

    38. “In the horse’s belly I can put anything you want, emeralds, cocaine, heroin, anything,” he boasted, smiling and adjusting his hat

    39. It sounded easy, but he was having an awful time adjusting to his new role as traitor and, for his first performance, he trembled all over

    40. His was as hot as any of the others: they had had to wait in Puriscal for hours while Caroline overslept, relaxed over a lingering breakfast, prepared herself for riding by braiding her hair into a bun and adjusting her riding regalia to perfection

    41. Molo had noticed that every time the Pilgrim used it, always after offering praise to his God and praying, he slightly changed course as if adjusting to what the stone showed him

    42. He raised his head and blinked, his eyes adjusting slowly to what little light shone through the shadows of the mangroves surrounding the catholic mission

    43. Junya"s eyes grew weary, while adjusting his jeans from his reaction from the sex

    44. After a half dozen revolutions, he abruptly exited the linoleum and said to me, “I’d have done more, but out of the corner of my eye I saw mi hermano talking to some chicas at the fountain, so I’m going to go over there and help him out,” he said wantonly while adjusting his crotch for effect

    45. Only by excavating buried facts and adjusting glorified stories might history teach

    46. They are usually a result of your spirit group either adjusting your chakras" and/or adding chemicals to your physical body

    47. “Mother is adjusting, but she spends a lot of time in Texcoco now with her brother’s family

    48. adjusting his red waistcoat as he made his way towards the gate

    49. constantly adjusting the jacket of his burgundy suit

    50. the cold slime trickle down his back, his eyes adjusting to the

    1. She adjusts, props herself up on one elbow, never losing her touch, and the first things that Arbnor Jasari sees of this new day are Helen's eyes

    2. Adjusts the flowers again with a happy smile

    3. adjusts his mirror  starts the car  and then pulls off

    4. He cringes and adjusts his grip on her legs

    5. Fortunately, the nose quickly adjusts to almost any outrage

    6. Third, how species’ DNA evolves, learns and adjusts to its host

    7. Jaden’s body goes into shock as it adjusts to Earth’s atmosphere and he finds himself in a local hospital in upstate New York

    8. He adjusts his favorite blazer, rich caramel in color with minimal armor details by the shoulders

    9. Maxx stares straight into my eyes, then adjusts the coat over my shoulders

    10. While he adjusts, Johan stares around the tunnel, its walls adorned here and there with sparkling stones

    11. What the socialists fail to remember is that the decentralized, unfettered free market adjusts production and consumption

    12. The light adjusts in the corner of the frame, she jostles the camera from direct center but it is quickly back on level

    13. you blame her?) and adjusts the AC

    14. The “sub-unconscious” often overlooks the difference, and just adjusts accordingly

    15. Suzy put her big coat on and the big felt hat Lewis had got her, looking in the mirror she adjusts the hat to a jaunty angle; “How do I look?” she asks Sharon with a smile as she keeps staring into the mirror

    16. to a higher frequency and you still wear upon you the change that adjusts

    17. Capital structure analysis adjusts for both the amount and variability of sales by

    18. When the Federal Reserve cuts or adjusts

    19. the sample standard deviation, it automatically adjusts for the expected volatility found in

    20. when one adjusts the dial on a pair of binoculars

    21. She then looks forward and adjusts the CD player as Judy leans forward and starts to chat with her again

    22. “We got it covered Aunt Celeste,” Bernice says as she adjusts the corset straps around Dana's right shoulder

    23. Static crackles and whines as she adjusts a radio dial from the long dashboard of glowing lights

    24. only a split second to calculate, he adjusts and slides

    25. as the condition of the alloy, and adjusts the figures accordingly

    26. adjusts the shares of the Investor so that their original investment retains its

    27. adjusts so that there are three protective layers in the shield

    28. The flight is smooth and without incident and just before midnight the plane adjusts its position for the final approach

    29. That is, a person adjusts to a completely different frequency of reality and consequently perceives this world only as the lowest illusion

    30. Upon seating of children at a table, waiter automatical y adjusts covers with

    31. court adjusts the shares of beneficiaries who are not on

    32. Unks adjusts the back of Cass’ shirt while they cross over the gangplank

    33. Yet it contains the beginning and the end of all philosophical speculation; it demonstrates a causal relation between the Infinite and the finite, for Karma is that Infinite Power which adjusts each effect to its originating cause

    34. "How does Christopher's on East sound?" He briefly adjusts his rear-view mirror

    35. "Possibly, but have you heard of a Darkálfar?" He picks up the pistol and adjusts the setting to semi-automatic

    36. Be sure to have an automated XML sitemap that adjusts

    37. The Professor, trying to save face starts giggling nervously as he adjusts himself in his chair

    38. He awkwardly adjusts them both until he can slide an arm under her legs and scoot off the bench, hefting her dead weight up into his arms

    39. Something twists in his heart at the sight and he adjusts his hold on her to pull her closer so he can press his lips to her forehead and continue to walk

    40. " She adjusts her hold around his neck, something glittering in her eyes

    41. Behind him he hears the queen's delicate cough that she uses to cover up her laugh as the instructor adjusts everything about his posture

    42. One of the tailors adjusts his baldric, then as one the crowd around him steps backwards and he's able to see himself in the mirrors

    43. Easily adjusts in 6" increments with a touch of the thumb

    44. So when he measures distance, he doesn’t need to count the clicks on the turret, he simply adjusts it until the indicator reaches the figure shown on the engraved side of the distance recorder

    45. An efficient reader adjusts his speed and strategy to suit the need of the moment

    46. A professional then adjusts to the differences

    47. The red line adjusts for each lower low

    48. • Depending on the loan terms and prevailing interest rates at the time the rate adjusts or “resets,” your monthly payment can increase by many hundreds of dollars

    49. “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails

    50. (Zoe runs to the chandelier and, crooking her leg, adjusts the mantle

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