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    1. important elements of truth that will address questions

    2. “I have to address this immediately so that she learns

    3. See resource directory for address

    4. Make them sign not only on the original but on the copies as well and each should state his name, address and occupation when signing

    5. The first thing you have to do is address the nutritional needs of your property as well as that of the plants

    6. Topher had found the note in a blank envelope in his mailbox—no return address

    7. ‘You have to know an address or at any rate a town

    8. Address and phone is likely to change

    9. Many fans have made the pilgrimage to his California home - he’s not hard to find, his address and phone number printed on every label

    10. ‘Well, I know it probably seems a bit suspect, but I am trying to contact your mother and don’t have her address

    11. ‘Have you got a pen and paper there? I’ll give you her address … it’s not easy to find, but I’ll give you directions

    12. What's the address then?"

    13. Over the public address system there came the first strains of a waltz,

    14. Maybe she hadn't transferred her address book from the old handset yet

    15. needs to address the lungs!

    16. ‘But I must give you the address and directions of how to find The Stables

    17. She writes down the address as I read it from the sheet of headed paper which Stephen chased after me with as I was reversing round his car

    18. Since she knew the address, she decided to go play in one of Ava's virtual rooms, one they'd recently spent time in together

    19. They found his address dead, brought up a view from the geosynchronous and found he had almost nine hours remaining of darkness down there on the ground

    20. "Ava?" he said, "but your address?"

    21. She has been in Athens for four years, she lives with an aunt of hers but she isn't pleased and she wants to change address

    22. Current address: Truth for the World

    23. " Her words and actions confound him on so many levels, he hardly knows which one to address first

    24. He gave Bahkmar a hardware memory address where the motor instruction would originate, it was his job to get it to the antenna, undetected from the monitors on that channel

    25. It would be like this all the way to the address where she now lived, a palatial urban estate in the old stone off third canal

    26. "I have an address, we'll want to find a map, there'll be a news stand with maps along the waterfront I'm sure

    27. "I'm looking for a map that will show me this address," Ava said and showed her the slip

    28. Her first rendition of how it worked was 5, attn#, 5, 4 digit session id, 5, 4 digit address modifier or subsession id, 5, 1 digit random data, in groups of 2 or 3 at a time, every 1000 – 5000 packets, 5, 0 to about 1 million digits of data

    29. She saw there was a different session ID, actually a group of related session ID's and lots of numbers in the address modifier most of the time, but very few attention codes

    30. I think the address may be more like which part of the context we refer to and then some of the content is really the address

    31. If what she thought was true then the address space here was many times that of Sol's civilization

    32. Eventually, armed with the address printed in the rent book, the police handed the kids over to a lady from social services and filed their report, a copy of which was sent to the local police station where Kirk and Ruby lived

    33. Early on, I started to address my father as L Ron Hubbard, since I was his reincarnated son

    34. “I may have been at the address, but I haven’t had more than two conversations this long with him in the past few weeks

    35. He no sooner got thru his door than he keyed in the address of Ava's lab

    36. Obviously no one knew that he had an address for the back door of Ava's lab

    37. He wasn’t sure the address he had was still good, it had been many years since he had worked that closely with Thom and a good chance the address had been changed

    38. At least I was before this address was re-mapped to your back door

    39. Armed with her father’s old address book, and after many disappointing telephone calls to old friends and distant relations, Annie eventually tracked down an ancient great-aunt who owned a crumbling Victorian villa that had been converted into bedsits

    40. They need it by Tuesday of next week but I think there’s an e-mail address

    41. The plan should identify who will address each issue, when, and how, and how the work will be coordinated

    42. Ava put his gear in a separate address space that can't be mapped in

    43. With them out of the way, they would then address the young boys in their own language, explaining that they did not want to kill them, that they could offer them a sanctuary of sorts

    44. and there he saw an address and a name

    45. to address the mob, 'we Hindus have only cried

    46. Eventually, armed with the address

    47. a park or something? I'll have to dig out a map of Naples and see if the address of Bunty’s flat is shown

    48. young man, and having noted down her address, her home

    49. I'll give you his number shall I?' Dawn offered, digging in her handbag for her address book

    50. ' she said, holding out the address book so I can copy the number

    1. he didn't even flinch when we got Christmas cards addressed to the pair of us

    2. Laying her hands on the sick body of her husband, the woman addressed

    3. me is greater than he whom I addressed (1John 4:4 “You are of God,

    4. The pride of Diotrephes was rebuked by John in his third letter that was addressed to

    5. addressed here, but only the wives of the prophets for not all Christian women have

    6. Fortunately, Kara strenuously resisted this attempt to get rid of her as, when the small vehicle materialised, there was a letter addressed to Kara sitting in it

    7. Once Ava could capture the packet header as it went by and convert it to something, she could start trying to figure out how the packets were addressed

    8. " It was from Thom, not the avatar, it was just addressed to Ava

    9. In the first couple verses we see two things being addressed

    10. ‘Berndt, it’s addressed to you

    11. When finished he addressed them

    12. Delos Alvarez addressed Thom, speaking loudly enough so everyone could hear

    13. It was addressed to her and a card said that it was from ‘Dickie

    14. They could have killed him and his friends without much effort; instead they addressed him in his own language and gave him a choice

    15. Tarak angrily addressed the men, “You men know better than to behave like animals in this place

    16. who is it addressed to? I can't read the squiggle after the M

    17. Together they addressed the crowd

    18. She stood and addressed them

    19. Without introduction he turned and addressed them all, “I’ve been poking the fifth order around a little using some of the latest data

    20. It was addressed in a careful hand, as if the

    21. and were addressed by the Major himself

    22. The troop drew up again, and the Major addressed them

    23. Stopping outside the house, I collect the post from the box on the wall and, as Sam wags her way round my legs, I finger through the half dozen letters … two offering me credit cards I don’t want, something addressed to ‘The occupier’, a bank statement, an electricity bill and a consumer survey

    24. "Are you sure," Emma addressed her fair skinned, blue-eyed child

    25. " Emma addressed her comment directly at him

    26. surprised to have been addressed so casually in Henri’s

    27. An oblong wooden box from Great Malvern, England, addressed to Mr

    28. " she hoped the hand she addressed toward him wasn't shaking as badly as her voice had

    29. ” The Captain next addressed Heymon Kruger, Colonel of Engineering and Fabrication, “Heymon, could you tell me what it will take to home in on his phone with it turned off

    30. "So this processed data spot remains, and can be addressed with the right position context once I translate it to the round-about way you people have of addressing

    31. Seven churches of the region of Asia Minor are addressed, as

    32. " Solo Ki addressed the imp, who was now hovering in the air at eye level with the elf

    33. After the attack on the American Embassy, their new leader, or the Chief, as he now preferred to be addressed, had finally forced the mob into some semblance of order

    34. "Its addressed to ME

    35. He dug deeply into his bag to find her letter but withdrew only a small parcel addressed to the Clothiers Farm

    36. but Legrand ignored him and addressed the Abbot

    37. But the brigadiers could still not get past the enormity of being addressed in such a way by a mere non-commissioned officer, so he simply shook his head and shouted, ‘guards!’

    38. And something more: the communists addressed the

    39. stamped envelopes addressed to your close friend/relative (there

    40. product because the fault has been addressed

    41. The king now addressed them again

    42. eternal torment, so these are now going to be addressed in this section

    43. Such as they were, however, those arguments convinced the people to whom they were addressed

    44. They were addressed by merchants to parliaments and to the councils of princes, to nobles, and to country gentlemen; by those who were supposed to understand trade, to those who were conscious to them selves that they knew nothing about the matter

    45. When the king and his bodyguards were in position, Ashpenaz moved to the front of the platform and addressed the crowd in front of him

    46. He tersely addressed the recruit without even allowing his eyes to break away from those of the red-headed man

    47. and prayer are addressed

    48. He recognised his name as if the note were addressed to him, but the rest of the message was in a different language

    49. He addressed Jacob sharply: "You have done all that is expected of you, and nothing more besides

    50. addressed the gate officer in charge

    1. The Fertrell Company has developed and refined a line of products that addresses the demineralization problem

    2. Again using the addresses he learned via the merchant's council, he found a judgement posted against Tahlmute by the Kassikan just a couple years ago

    3. He stands, addresses the guard

    4. He addresses John from a prepared text the employee handed to him, his voice dripping with venom

    5. The way that they react to our lives is our testimony – do they follow us as we follow Christ, or do they reject Christ? The book of Philemon addresses this very thing

    6. A few passed me phone numbers and addresses; others crossed themselves and spoke into the grave, 'Goodbye, Pantelis

    7. This is what this article truly addresses, as well as the little, intricate details that can assist the "Nice" crowd in this endeavor

    8. She looks relieved and once again addresses herself to her dinner

    9. Once the images were scanned the older woman copied down the details of Danny’s email and web addresses from Annie’s diary and set about the task of adapting one of her more subtle Trojan Horse viruses so that it would work specifically with Danny in mind

    10. It was one each from a teacher, she got six teacher’s addresses that way in case they still wanted to press on

    11. Trace the parents and get cars out to their addresses

    12. I don’t think there are any matches in the Kassikan, there’s a few Hyondahi’s worth checking out in the city, but I’m doing Yorthop’s friend’s places myself first since I have names and addresses

    13. Most women carry the names and addresses of their loved ones … it would be unlucky if she turns out to be an orphan

    14. There was a book with the addresses of quite a few people

    15. The warehouses in between put doorways on each floor with outlet clerks and GazaggaStairs gained a whole bunch of new addresses with negative floor numbers

    16. The backbone's data pins were still isolated, the addresses started returning retries

    17. “We want a list of all the people here in Dart, together with their addresses

    18. addresses (and sometimes additional information) to build prospect or customer

    19. This will allow you to collect e-mail addresses and then to follow up

    20. w you to collect e-mail addresses and then to follow up

    21. addresses without the owner knowing their address is being sold to

    22. We have to consider that the information contained in the Bible also addresses our origins in the creation account in which it describes how God created everything and that it was a deliberate choice and action from God to perform his creative work

    23. Another section from the Bible that specifically anticipates and addresses the Theory of Evolution is given in the passages below:

    24. C: -- This passage also addresses the consequences of adopting a false belief when it comes to understanding our origin - it specifically spells out homosexuality as a result of this - but not only that, there are also 24 other characteristics that are mentioned, which would be found increasingly in people if they changed their belief from that of being created by God, to that of spontaneously evolving

    25. The phone directories didn't list Witches, HawHaw! And neither the phone numbers nor the addresses were of any help, either

    26. While the overall goal is incredible muscle gain, each phase has a diferent method by which it addresses more speciic goals

    27. Maybe she would offer a note from Felix, or names and addresses of the other participants in this mess

    28. But, you can’t just look up names and find people’s addresses

    29. With phone numbers and addresses found in the telephone listings, we could reasonably expect to find at least some of them

    30. The home addresses turned out to be one number apart on the same street, they attended university together, and an additional check with authorities in Managua confirmed my suspicion: they are first cousins, there’s no doubt about it

    31. There was also a typewritten list of names and addresses that Quarles suggested he memorize if he were to explain his temporary duty assignment in Paris

    32. ” Noting Colling’s quizzical look, Quarles continued, “She’s supposed to send a postcard every day to one of a bunch of addresses here in Germany in DP camps

    33. He typed the addresses he had chosen on the envelopes, thanked the clerk, who was still absorbed in what Colling saw was Superman Comics, and returned to his quarters

    34. Money with names and addresses written on it was a fairly common sight and likely to escape notice among someone’s personal effects

    35. Laughter fills the room, chattering about current events, promotions at work, and getting up to speed with who is richer and better off nowadays… Photographs are taken, addresses are written down and promises made…

    36. “Now that we have each others addresses we must visit soon…they would reassure one another of their good intensions” Now and then they spot the grieving person, really sad and in no mood to join the jollification – “I wonder what’s with him?” they would say in a whispery voice, while nodding their heads in the direction of the grieving person

    37. From a cost effective point of view however the reception is nothing more than a reunion, and believe me, all those addresses and telephone numbers which were exchanged and all those promises of visiting one another don’t mean a damn thing

    38. • User education should never be overlooked and really addresses “what”

    39. These skills are not simply a background search where you get previous addresses and

    40. performed by the computer and strings of characters to represent addresses of locations in the computer"s

    41. Under those there appear to be a few levels of power, and each lower level addresses the people in the levels above them as “master”

    42. Next Paul addresses the suffering of the believers in the world in which they live, -

    43. So, there will be a little form that they fil out and they’l type in five different email addresses,

    44. addresses and a bit of time and a bit of a plan

    45. This might include email addresses for the

    46. "Oh, the base registers are used to store addresses that enable a program to access data and or other instructions within an allowable range of four thousand ninety-six bytes

    47. Remember that the OSI model uses IP addresses, or “Layer 3

    48. routers have IP addresses on the 172

    49. and addresses in the reference section]

    50. He knew all about computer addresses, but that knowledge, although it

    1. God is addressing the king of Babylon, but then starts addressing Satan

    2. JOYCE: (turning away from SAMANTHA, and almost addressing the Jury) Yes, rape is a male problem

    3. I started addressing my mother as Miriam at times

    4. The same will probably hold true for fear; if you are addressing very long-standing, intense fears, they may take some time to fully clear

    5. Addressing him in his own (Scather) language, she was able to put his fears to rest and learn a great deal

    6. I start by simply addressing God, usually by saying, “Heavenly Father”, as I believe He is my father

    7. would stare into the middle distance as if addressing

    8. 'What's brought all this on?' he asked, addressing his

    9. The comments that caused her the most trouble though, where addressing the Legend of the valley, and the way they had of tying her, into the subject,

    10. " He was addressing her more than he was addressing the others

    11. asked, addressing her question to whichever man wished

    12. The addressing to read the other senses is already provided by my environment if you can find a way to hook them up on yours when and if you want to

    13. "So this processed data spot remains, and can be addressed with the right position context once I translate it to the round-about way you people have of addressing

    14. "Were you addressing me, sir?" says the doctor; and the captain replied yes, with a curse, "I have only one thing to say to you, sir," replied the doctor, "that if you keep on drinking rum, you’ll soon be dead!"

    15. ‘Excuse me,’ he said, addressing himself to the

    16. money in refunds and in time addressing the same problem multiple times

    17. And I apologize for addressing you in such a direct fashion, but you see, I have knowledge of all wayward travelers and their travails since that is my reason for being on this planet

    18. You may be putting up a front instead of addressing the core matter at hand

    19. It was her wise aunt, Azubah, who broke the uneasy silence and spoke up first, addressing Rachel

    20. To answer the question above, it is clear that the passage from Isaiah indicates that God is addressing his purpose for the Earth and that his intentions would be for it to be inhabited

    21. The practice of one teacher addressing passive listeners

    22. But Paul was addressing something else at

    23. will try to not include verses that are addressing our

    24. And while you do, keep in mind this from Deucalion, the Frankenstein Monster turned human in the writing of Dean Koontz, addressing the clone of his maker

    25. Usted is the polite (singular) form and would be used for addressing

    26. I consider you worthy of addressing me, though I would ask that you try to remain civil, or else my edict will be enforced

    27. That’s me again, addressing a meeting of the leading stockbrokers of the

    28. “We’ve been lucky,” said Jhordel, addressing the others seated about the briefing room

    29. Addressing the prisoners, he began, “Gentleman, and gentlewomen, you see before you our little confederacy

    30. I have seen Colonel Roosevelt gently soothing his wounded, fearlessly leading a charge, addressing meeting after meeting during his political campaign, and quietly resting with his family

    31. Addressing his well wishers, his boyish countenance revealing signs of age however retaining its youthful glimmer, his delivery, once flawless, however a tad slower and unsteady, I was suddenly overcome by fits of tears

    32. Like a father speaking to a son he thought he knew—or perhaps an old general addressing a soldier he had supervised from the earliest days

    33. "There's the milk, and I near froze gettin' it," said he, addressing

    34. Greenberg‘s column (―Poll-itically Incorrect‖) criticizing the unsportsmanlike manner of some college football coaches who perennially run up scores against weaker opponents in order to impress pollsters, (and thereby secure higher national rankings), inconsistent with previous viewpoints expressed in earlier columns addressing the same issue

    35. Our society should be addressing such issues in a straight-forward manner, instead of (indirectly) subsidizing such behavior on the chance that the problem(s) will magically disappear on their own accord or by making feeble excuses that may score political points in some circles; whose implausible assumptions, however, are likely to enflame passions

    36. The Patriarch then spoke, addressing the Inquisitor without turning his head or gaze with his examination of the prisoner’s belongings uninterrupted and now seemingly even more thorough:

    37. Addressing him for the first time as “Herr Breitmann,” Colling began the preparations for the journey ahead of them by explaining what he and Helga would have to be prepared to do to make their escape from Poland successful

    38. Addressing the problem in ourselves first as adults will achieve more easily the results we desire

    39. There are those who would argue that it is impossible for history to repeat itself; that each generation is presented with a set of problems that is unique to it and that history is of little use in addressing them

    40. Then Apsu, progenitor of the great gods, shouted, addressing Mummu, his vizier: "Oh Mummu, my vizier, who brightens my spirit, come with me to Tiamat

    41. They talked on without addressing either her or Araltall

    42. Then Apsu, progenitor of the great gods, shouted, addressing Mummu, His vizier: "Oh Mummu, my vizier, who brightens my spirit, come with Me to Tiamat

    43. yet, i was hearing this audible challenge addressing all of my earthly

    44. I was persuaded to join the Library, the Lecture Society (addressing everything including History, Anthropology, Medicine and more); to attend a course on Ikebana (the Art of Japanese Flower Arranging) - this notion had annoyed me at first but my friend with the improbable name of Bubbles convinced me that I'd benefit, and I did

    45. Addressing Nic, she said she’d come to check him out

    46. I could," said Ellen, addressing the unmoved stars with a spiteful emphasis, "I could have made a better world myself

    47. When he finished addressing the whole group, he called out the officers and talked to us apart

    48. Your right brain, the seat of your subconscious, is aware of all your unresolved karma that needs addressing

    49. In addressing these issues, we must count mainly on our own convictions, commitment, and perseverance rather than on

    50. addressing the Navy and Air Force at Junon today

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    address savoir-faire computer address reference destination name and address speech turn to speak accost come up to direct cover deal handle plow treat call abode headquarters domicile dwelling habitation location house harangue discourse sermon oration demeanour bearing manner appearance behaviour deftness adroitness art cleverness artistry dexterity hail apply approach speak to style petition apply to ask invoke plead orate declaim sermonise sermonize