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    1. teach is working for them it means it is a real deal

    2. This time it's for the romance of being who I really am, who I am without the distractions of an early death and resurrection in an experimental environment, a starship expedition that went wrong and the founding of an industry to deal with

    3. Can deal with most of the situations

    4. Note any subtle ways in which you might already feel somewhat better as you deal with difficult situations

    5. deal because you have repented on the spot

    6. The world has changed so comprehensively that we can no longer deal with our day-to-day problems by simply using our bodies’ physical powers

    7. Earning for our food, rushing to work by various modes of transport, waiting in queues, communication using modern means, social responsibilities, all have been added to the man who was originally created to deal with only nature

    8. As I said, I prefer to deal with someone who committed

    9. Everything depends on what we think about the nature and environment and how we want to deal with our fellow beings

    10. He ordered his assistant to fetch some over-priced coffee from the nearby Starbucks and contemplated his next big deal, a large painting of Jesus and Lady Julep entwined in a strangely sexless pose

    11. He does not deal with us

    12. throwing at Him, God have enough goodness to deal with

    13. bringing them to the one who is able of deal with their

    14. Jesus will deal with everyone’s sin without rejecting

    15. Jesus, why it is always a big deal to some, not all, but

    16. It came more from their depression than reality, but it had hurt Kira a great deal

    17. was able to deal with this woman’s sins even though

    18. Simon had a problem with her, He was able to deal with

    19. wanted to stone her, He was able to deal with Peter’s

    20. three times, and He is able to deal with our sins, because

    21. · Look carefully for the cause of pain and then search for a way to deal with the cause

    22. God deal with man

    23. " The media frenzy over finding the 'lost Angel' had really petered out by now, so it wasn't such a big deal

    24. He kept the appointments, he did most of the legwork, everything but negotiate the financial terms of the deal

    25. Frogs actually eat up a great deal of insects and should always be welcomed in the garden

    26. Men need to learn to deal with stress through mental shielding which involves developing the ability to disengage from hostile comments and remain in control, first by achieving a calm, relaxed state, and then creating a mental shield between yourself and person responsible for causing stress

    27. Not a big deal on this world, but certainly more than she ever dreamed of as a girl

    28. "If they get that four tons of aluminum, they can do more harm than we can deal with

    29. While it is difficult to plan a trouble free retirement, being better prepared will help us deal with the uncertainties more effectively

    30. They suck the sugars from the plant, leaving a great deal of this nectar behind on the leaves of the plants being attacked

    31. My feeling is to deal with the cause and that the whitefly only the effects

    32. ‘How did you deal with that?’

    33. Which brought him to his next order of business; he had to find out who he was dealing with and how best to deal with them

    34. Whilst wielding the loo brush and scrubbing at decades of limescale, I’d decided that I shall deal with this … this setback … come to terms with it and then I will call her

    35. Is it very wet? Fog? Winds? Where are you located? Your state will have its own special environmental issues that you will have to deal with

    36. Chemicals cause a great deal of stress to trees

    37. If he was ever going to deal with stolen things, that bead would be enormous temptation

    38. We possess a great deal of knowledge, mental power, and capacities, which have never been drawn forth from the realm of the subconscious into objective usefulness; anyone who has watched the effect of Meditation upon the beginner will substantiate this statement

    39. He noticed that the map was an eye-copy of an old handwritten scrap of paper, more evidence that there was plenty of money involved in this deal

    40. He didn't see what it had to do with the cargo, other than Tahlmute cannot be considered confirmation that the deal was good

    41. It was up to doostEr to verify the fairness of this deal

    42. He would deal directly with the debt collectors himself and re-negotiate the deal as he had done on many occasions

    43. On top of that, I spent most of yesterday keeping within reach of the phone and, on the two occasions I had to go out of earshot into the garden to deal with the washing, I had checked to see if anyone had called while I was out there as soon as I got back inside … but Stephen didn’t call

    44. The phone rang and I decided to deal with Will later

    45. "I thought we had a deal on that?"

    46. "Dennis, I'm really sorry but the deal is off for now

    47. They look into each others eyes and she smiles, turns to deal with Ahmed

    48. "Why is she such a big deal? You've had other girls

    49. "So what was the deal with Zamir's tattoo? Why would anyone want a tattoo of the Albanian flag?"

    50. "Michael was three months into his deal with Sammy

    1. struggles we are dealing with, they bring questions on

    2. stance when dealing with you? The next time you are completely

    3. from His throne dealing with life challenges on your own

    4. Dealing with long term problems was not envisaged

    5. before dealing with the women

    6. that, when it’s comes to forgiveness or dealing with

    7. one who is capable of the dealing with sin

    8. Grandma would usually lock her in a closet if she didn’t feel like dealing with her that day

    9. · Chinese, Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine all have effective remedies for dealing with stress

    10. We should not commit the same mistakes while dealing with children and grand children in our present age

    11. When dealing with diseases, it’s the cause that you must control, or cure, rather

    12. ” It was time to show Ackers who he was dealing with

    13. In the case of dealing with patients in the medical profession the counseling takes a much wider and long-term meaning between the doctor or counselor and the patient

    14. Which brought him to his next order of business; he had to find out who he was dealing with and how best to deal with them

    15. Keeping moving, I’d started on the bathroom, dealing with the bath, hand basin and loo in turn and ending up scrubbing the bathroom floor with an energy driven by desperation not to fall apart

    16. ‘Molly, can you pass on what I’ve said to Stephen, please? He’s in touch with the Inspector dealing with the case and I feel he ought to know about Dan’s behaviour

    17. He could feel it in his bones and in his waters, and now that it came down to dealing

    18. crafty in dealing with Moses and Aaron

    19. congregation about respect and humility when it comes to dealing with one another (6:3-5)

    20. dealing one with another (2:3)

    21. The Qaida creed is appealing to those dealing with extreme privation

    22. I’d quite enjoyed dealing with that – there is something very satisfying about plumbing

    23. I was an addict strung out on violence and Smiler’s dealing in opiate thuggery

    24. Corinthian letter to dealing with them

    25. In this chapter, Paul is dealing with public worship

    26. I learned, finally, to accept the hand that fate was dealing me

    27. In dealing with "inference" we are dealing with implicit teaching

    28. "Because you underestimate the deviousness of the people we are dealing with," Diam said, "not because of your shortcomings as a technician

    29. "This is the way to see these," Luray said, "To be right here dealing with it

    30. He could feel it in his bones and in his waters, and now that it came down to dealing with the ferryman, the old man very much wanted to live

    31. This is why we needed to study so vast an array of subjects before we could even start to plunge into the texts dealing with Jesus and His Kingdom on this Earth

    32. The heathen and the people, the kings and the rulers, why the repetition? It is my belief that we’re not dealing with kings and rulers in the sense that the king appoints others under him that also rule

    33. ROBERT: Is it fair to say your experience of dealing with rape victims is limited to only two cases?

    34. Robbins, your experience of dealing with rape victims is limited to only two cases

    35. It stops you dealing with your faults

    36. ’ Berndt said, ‘It is for your own protection that your cabin is off mine – it means that no-one can get to you without dealing with me first

    37. Calling on every ounce of his experience and all of his blithe abilities, honed to perfection through dealing with cabinet crises and the terrier snappings of the gutter press, the great politician read through a few pages silently

    38. I stare at his back, watching him as he grooms Sefir with a passion, as though dealing with a different entity all together

    39. Having said all of that, the key to everything dealing with life and love is balance

    40. ‘Property is always a sensible investment whatever the market and in the long term it might be the best way of dealing with it

    41. Danny was sure that he could design a much more efficient way of dealing with the arcane world of paper and people, and regularly assailed his sister with critiques of off-line morbidity

    42. It was all about dealing with problems and they got me to stand up and talk about mum and dad dying and how I’d dealt with it

    43. Rather rapidly, Helen Roach found that dealing with the world through a haze of cigarette smoke and vodka fumes was the only way in which she could make sense of her strange new world order

    44. I’m better at dealing with these days and it helps that Simon understands about it – his mother used to suffer much the same way, so he grew up with it like you

    45. on whatever subject you may be dealing with

    46. to only dealing with what is directly in front of you

    47. you are constantly dealing with the world in front of

    48. She was having a difficult time dealing with life when

    49. ” Minister Gordon was doubtful, “in all my years of dealing with Scathers, I have found only one constant… they are deceitful

    50. "She knew a lot about Alan's hack," he continued, "I think we are dealing with Alan again myself

    1. The kinds of interpersonal violence that women are exposed to tend to be in domestic situations, by, unfortunately, parents or other family members, and they tend not to be one-shot deals

    2. He knew the councils in the Yakhan only discussed deals recorded on documents with signatures and thumbprints

    3. I get the feeling that she deals with things and moves on

    4. One never loses if he deals with people in loving

    5. The planet had been literate so long that many of them had book deals by the time they could hold a crayon

    6. She would be making what deals she could to fill the ship, and wanted most of it to be going at least as far as Shempala, not to the next five bump-n'-rolls downstream

    7. she deals with the jokes

    8. The genius of Obagi is that it deals more with skin health rather than skin beautification –

    9. He has made it very clear that he doesn’t care for convenient little compromises and political deals, believing absolutely that a spade should be called a shovel

    10. For example, the Relationship Matrix deals a ton with the communication styles of its

    11. With everyone’s confidence in his gardening knowledge thoroughly shattered and with old scores being settled, his programme was axed from the schedules and his publishing deals quickly dried up

    12. Not for her any serious preparations or special tactical considerations, she'd be receiving special attention from her massage therapist, expanding her mind on something exotic, receiving visitors and doing deals, safe on her boat with mindless mercenaries at her beck and call

    13. learn the part of the Emotion Code that deals with

    14. He that is soon angry deals foolishly: and a man of wicked devices is hated

    15. He becomes poor that deals with a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent makes rich

    16. Maggie deals with it, telling Bex that she will be round for a proper chat in a second

    17. He deals with the police calmly, making a note of the hospital address and ward name

    18. All those people couldn’t eat unless he found enough freight transfer deals to earn them the iron or two a week it took to eat in this city

    19. I made thirty one coppers profit on that, I’m proud to say, one of the best deals I’ve made this decade and too new for those outside my organization to have counted in my income

    20. He wasn’t going to go into that, “Like I said earlier, a few lucky real estate deals

    21. “I’m hardly rich, I made a string of lucky real-estate deals and wound up with this home, and yeah, I’m doing better than the iron or two a week I would make off the boards, but my position at the Kassikan has to see us all thru in a bad turn

    22. Of course this would be the day several major shipping deals had to be decided so he barely had time to post it and print it out before the whirlwind began

    23. A world of inner promises and deals, the life changes writ large for a moment, meant truly, forever, anything now that prayers have been answered

    24. Well, that deals with tomorrow …

    25. You read fiction by the truckload, which deals with nothing but people’s lives

    26. It is affected, not only by every variation of price in the commodities which he deals in, but by the good or bad fortune both of his rivals and of his customers, and by a thousand other accidents, to which goods, when carried either by sea or by land, or even when stored in a warehouse, are liable

    27. Birmingham deals chiefly in manufactures of the former kind ; Sheffield in those of the latter ;

    28. compliance deals with how credit card information is stored and used

    29. He must not only sell what he deals in somewhat cheaper, but, in order to get it to sell, he must sometimes, too, buy it dearer

    30. The capital of the wholesale merchant replaces, together with their profits, the capital's of the farmers and manufacturers of whom he purchases the rude and manufactured produce which he deals in, and thereby enables them to continue their respective trades

    31. and new product owners to do deals with

    32. The interest of a nation, in its commercial relations to foreign nations, is, like that of a merchant with regard to the different people with whom he deals, to buy as cheap, and to sell as dear as possible

    33. A nation may import to a greater value than it exports for half a century, perhaps, together; the gold and silver which comes into it during all this time, may be all immediately sent out of it; its circulating coin may gradually decay, different sorts of paper money being substituted in its place, and even the debts, too, which it contracts in the principal nations with whom it deals, may be gradually increasing; and yet its real wealth, the exchangeable value of the annual produce of its lands and labour, may, during the same period, have been increasing in a much greater proportion

    34. The mind, which deals only in finite images, thoughts, and ideas, cannot hold on to the concept of something that is not finite and is not a thing

    35. When the tax upon a commodity is so moderate as not to encourage smuggling, the merchant who deals in it, though he advances, does not properly pay the tax, as he gets it back in the price of the commodity

    36. “Are you gonna fuck me good today, kid, or is it gonna be one of those squirt-and-run deals?”

    37. Closed deals with 100 major new accounts

    38. Though the same capital never will maintain the same quantity of productive labour in a distant as in a near employment, yet a distant employment maybe as necessary for the welfare of the society as a near one; the goods which the distant employment deals in being necessary, perhaps, for carrying on many of the nearer employments

    39. Their interest, therefore, in this case, requires, that some stock should be withdrawn from those nearer employments, and turned towards that distant one, in order to reduce its profits to their proper level, and the price of the goods which it deals in to their natural price

    40. The greater part of that nation are thereby not only excluded from a trade to which it might be convenient for them to turn some part of their stock, but are obliged to buy the goods which that trade deals in somewhat dearer than if it was open and free to all their countrymen

    41. Book Three: The Quest deals with the nature of reality,

    42. But the whole amount of the capital and credit of a merchant, who deals in a trade of which the returns are very quick, may sometimes pass through his hands two, three, or four times in a year

    43. See, for example, his notes on the establishment of the University of Virginia, one of which notes deals specifically with the rotation of Baptist ministers to that institution

    44. “I’m not one of the new boys impressed by your shit I have seen more bullets flying than you have seen dodgy deals and I will tell you what on Gallipoli we would have shot you out of hand and made the world a better place

    45. The Phoenix Project deals an excessive amount of punishment to all offenders equally, regardless of their crimes

    46. sold the franchises and worked out the real estate deals while other people ran the car washes and the gas stations

    47. There are also a couple of other endorsement deals that were already completed that total over $7 million

    48. Unknown to everyone else, that was not ever their intention and realizing ethically that people were number one priority over greed and drug deals, they blocked off as many clearly racist infidels as they could

    49. I don’t know how he is involved here, except that he might be a rival of my captors, because of his own drug deals

    50. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and released restored to his rank under the TRC amnesty deals

    1. These grubs can be dealt with, by using beneficial nematodes

    2. ’ I admitted, not wanting to go into details about how I dealt with it … that could be a little awkward

    3. He dealt in hooks and ropes and wheels, getting bulky objects from here to there

    4. ‘But that’s life … you get what you are dealt

    5. ‘I wish I could believe that she has dealt with that Dan Sadler and moved on

    6. ‘I hope you dealt with this lout appropriately, Liz

    7. At one time I attended a business meeting and although I do not know all the past history of the congregation it seemed evident to me that some were still licking their wounds These matters ought to be dealt with initially on an individual basis and not be allowed to create havoc in a meeting of the congregation

    8. Paul dealt with the matter by laying down the

    9. In the thinking time afforded me by slow recovery it became clear that while the casual maltreatment of heathen prisoners might be acceptable as part of the day-to-day routine of hostage supervision, the loss of one of their precious bargaining chips before the cards have been dealt, was unthinkable

    10. We sat in silence for the next few minutes while the rest of the guards dealt with my fellow hostages

    11. "You should alert the Kassikan," she said, "they've dealt with hostile starships before

    12. The way you have adjusted and dealt with your grief and your pain has marked you as a leader

    13. Wonder how Jo dealt with explaining things to the kids - and to Anna for that matter

    14. It was all about dealing with problems and they got me to stand up and talk about mum and dad dying and how I’d dealt with it

    15. I dealt in

    16. into tears and exclaimed, “I thought I’d dealt with all

    17. In her mind she’d dealt with it

    18. She had dealt with her troubles

    19. dealt with and processed

    20. He turns the conversation to the memorial service saying how well he felt the vicar dealt with it

    21. If the essential cause of your illness is not dealt with,

    22. No, Bunty dealt with it all on her own

    23. “He will be dealt with and executed for his crimes

    24. I have dealt with evil men before Kai; the race and language may differ, but they are all basically the same

    25. After consulting with the Queen, Altera received a judgment that the girl be trained so she could be part of the justice she craved when it was dealt out

    26. We are supposed to file stuff as it comes in but that never happens; the heap is usually on the verge of falling over by the time it is dealt with

    27. He has dealt with real mafia hoods already

    28. ” He had progressed to the head of the line by now and dealt with that

    29. him were dealt with, during which time he took note of his

    30. 'Gentlemen, this death needs to be dealt with quickly

    31. Roman dealt with the

    32. Oh, well, at least the dishes have been dealt with

    33. ‘I’ll have a look at her when I’ve dealt with Sally

    34. Six guys sat in front of Pick as he dealt

    35. The money was bet, the cards dealt

    36. Pick dealt his card—the five of diamonds

    37. Desa was now convinced that every plant had been examined and all the offenders dealt with, and stood up and looked over the house

    38. 24I dealt with them according to

    39. Having dealt with the two females we made our way to the large building

    40. "I've dealt with them, remember

    41. Ava's most difficult problem was that there was no human mind I/O channel that her system dealt with that connected to what could be called the human mind's memory bus

    42. regaining his strength while the other dealt with Roman

    43. I dealt with rejection issues and

    44. Nor did he feel it was necessary to learn more, for one of the things he did know was that the slightest sign of illness was always investigated and always dealt with

    45. spirits were also dealt a blow when they were caught in a

    46. they'd effectively dealt with the intruder, they now

    47. Pierre’s fate could be dealt with later, the future of the

    48. an e-mail has been dealt with then archive it

    49. It had to be dealt with

    50. the important ones and decide which ones can be dealt with this

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