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    1. "So where'd the aluminum come from?" Herndon asked

    2. Jorma thought he might have asked with a shade of accusation, though his look was friendly when Jorma turned to him

    3. "The one in your silicon electric dream?" Jorma asked

    4. "Have you kept all my old paperwork together?" she asked

    5. "What is it?"he asked

    6. "Why were you on the Brother's Formidable?" he asked about meeting her on that ship

    7. "Why'd you pick Zharvai anyway?" he asked

    8. "What do you think the cargo is that Herndon's paper's are about?" Jorma asked as they walked back toward the camp

    9. Today – when a member of your staff asked me what I thought of you

    10. "So you've had breakfast already?" Jorma asked

    1. They didn't need to ask about Dawnsleep

    2. you have, even though you never ask about them out

    3. Never a strong point of mine, I always used to say that I could ask the whereabouts of a station in five different languages - unfortunately, I couldn’t understand the answer in any of them

    4. problem, ask her to go over her options out loud, ask her what

    5. which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

    6. However, when you set a goal, you need to ask if that goal is realistic for you? Only you can really answer that question

    7. when the last moment was actually due?” I hear you ask

    8. Let me ask you a question

    9. anything more than the traditional educational system that never had them ask these questions, never asked them, “what do you want for your life?”

    10. our Father and ask His forgiveness

    1. “Was the body moved here?” Tobias asks the Militia guard

    2. “What happens with those missing people?” he asks

    3. “Do you see those two makeshift graves over there?” he asks

    4. “How come?” Kevin asks

    5. “With the complements of the Marchese, and he asks will you join him for a

    6. He asks that we find time for Him

    7. ’ He said, his eyes twinkling, when Molly asks him what he thinks of my outfit

    8. Oliver asks a question that impacts the couple

    9. The angel eyes light look man without faith and asks his

    10. She asks a question

    1. “I was asking our guest, Kevin

    2. I’m asking for an opportunity to work for you because I am passionate about what you do

    3. So, get used to asking that question of yourself

    4. Locate horse or cattle farms and, after asking if they spray their animals or the manure, use the manure

    5. Instead of asking, “How old are you?” we should ask, “How many years have you lived?”

    6. “Death isn’t something you should go around asking about, you know

    7. On the second day, people started asking who he was

    8. ’ I said, making a statement rather than asking a question

    9. ‘Yes, it seems he had a phone call a few weeks ago asking about ammunition for a gun of that ilk

    10. ‘I wouldn’t dream of asking you to pay rent

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    ask in English

    appeal request seek beg desire beseech entreat inquire query interrogate survey examine claim call for impose exact expect require call in suggest urge prompt beckon await hope for foresee

    Sinónimos para "ask"

    ask expect require enquire inquire ask out invite out take out call for demand involve necessitate need postulate take appeal request seek beg desire beseech entreat query interrogate survey examine claim impose exact call in suggest urge prompt beckon await hope for foresee