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    1. Chief Cornerstone, The Truth, The Soon Coming King,

    2. Abimelech and Phichol the chief captain of his host spoke

    3. Yehuda, Chief Psychiatrist at New York's Veteran's Administration Hospital, notes another difference between the sexes

    4. chief" of this college

    5. Big Chief said that?

    6. Yes, Ricci, he one and only chief

    7. "I'm sorry about the chief engineer, but we have several of his senior staff

    8. "What happened to him and the chief engineer?"

    9. sons of Sceva, a Jewish chief priest, who did so

    10. He chief my staff

    11. It wasn't the best arrangement, morale-wise, but as Chief Security Officer, that was none of her concern

    12. Presbuteros(4245)(NT) - members of the Sanhedrin, consisting of chief priests,

    13. Jerusalem, and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day

    14. "The manuals for this ship and these systems are restricted material," the Chief said

    15. " Tig said it more quietly than he’d meant to, but the Chief still shot him a death stare

    16. "Because he used to steal from Staas Company warehouses, I’ll wager," Chief Horcheese told her

    17. Meester? You promised your Chief a treasure map

    18. It resisted, and he held on to the bulkhead straps and kicked at it with one heel until Chief Horcheese thumped it once with her artificial fist and a few hundred kilograms of force

    19. " Audacity’s crew chief scowled a little at that

    20. Alien atmo vented out punctures where Chief Horcheese’s machine fingers pressed their way straight through the Squidy’s suit

    21. "Forget it!" When he looked at the Chief through the pale, bluish alien blood frozen to her visor, he saw her face turn white in an instant

    22. Chief Horcheese’s neural processors can do the job," he said

    23. You’re going to tell me what happened or you’re going to tell Chief Horcheese what happened

    24. "The Chief doesn’t need to find out about Wambach," Tig said "I don’t want to report him

    25. However much or how little confidence she had in him after that omission and however she felt about using the Chief like that, Burn did the only thing she could do

    26. The structure of the conduits for the new control system that would interface with Chief Horcheese had been color-coded and now covered the ghostly, holographic ship like nerves coming together in a nexus at the center of the breaching ship’s bridge

    27. "That’s where Chief Horcheese sits, right?"

    28. Luckily, Mrs Julia, our chief editor, knows what's going on and she is on my side

    29. When her finger hit the console, the life-size schematic of limbless Master Chief Evelyn Horcheese was projected upwards to float perfectly vertical in the air over the console next to the meter-long model of Tipperary

    30. From the four places on her torso where the artificial, machine limbs would have attached had they been represented, what looked like endless colored veins extended out from the neural interface ports, representing the connections between the breaching ship’s systems and the neural processors set in Chief Horcheese’s torso

    31. "Everyone off the bridge!" Chief Horcheese practically bellowed it

    32. "Are you really that confident?" Chief Horcheese wasn’t, judging by the way she’d asked

    33. Chief Horcheese landed hard in a three-point stance and he swore she dented the hull

    34. among you, let him be as the younger; and he that is chief, as he that doth serve” (Luke

    35. It didn’t seem to bother Timms much to see the image of the Chief like that, with bundles of control cables thick as her thighs and arms coming out of her pelvis and her shoulders

    36. words/phrases (rule, ruler, have rule over, make ruler, ruler of the city, ruler of the synagogue, chief ruler of the synagogue, rule over, and chief ruler)

    37. overseers or leaders of the church): chief commander

    38. Rule over (Strong's number 757) and means to be chief, to lead, to rule

    39. The Chief grabbed a handhold in front of the command chair

    40. "Chief, how is anyone supposed to do this job knowing about all the things we've never even heard of that can go wrong

    41. The Chief shocked him then

    42. "After I release my arms, you’re both going to rotate counter clockwise," the Chief said, "Ready?"

    43. Three hours later, Chief Evelyn Horcheese sat strapped into the command chair with 184 control conduits fanning out from the interface ports at her shoulders and pelvis

    44. It was impossible to say the Chief looked helpless now

    45. Chief Horcheese was the control system now

    46. Only ones that stay on Tipperary are Chief Horcheese and Lt

    47. "The guy who wired the Chief into Tipperary?"

    48. "You watch the Chief

    49. Chief Horcheese’s head hung back on the command chair and she stared up through the dome at the jagged rivers of raw electrons and plasma burning in the atmo as those crackling tendrils whipped at them from all directions, drawing line after line from the clouds to Tipperary’s ring-shaped bow

    50. "The Chief is back!" Rampone left his console and flew over the web of control leads and concatenators

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    boss chief foreman gaffer honcho head top dog chieftain headman tribal chief main master primary principal captain supervisor commander lord leader fundamental central cardinal leading top