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    1. Michael Miller, director of preventive cardiology at the University of Maryland Medical Center

    2. It was sixty-three when our Managing Director called me into his office and

    3. I grope in my handbag for the information which the agency sent me about the job … reading through the job description again … personal assistant to the sales director – all usual computer skills, office practices etc - no problems there

    4. Writing: Director of Publications for Truth for the World

    5. In less than two minutes, my phone rings; it is Mr Gryparis, the managing director: “Have you got any untyped texts of Mrs Parissis?” he asks

    6. A little later, Mrs Stavrakis informs me that shrew of Parissis went to the managing director and told him “This morning Yvonne was half an hour absent from her office!” – that's when I was out to buy Mrs Stavrakis some coffee

    7. The director of the live television special whispered into his microphone and the cameras panned in on the hangman, on the judge and on the soldier

    8. Through the latest audio communications wizardry, the director asked the hangman to wait

    9. The director wanted to build both the atmosphere and his chance of a gong at the annual television awards ceremony

    10. The director of the broadcast panned his cameras around the studio and zoomed in on every smile and every grin as the audience pulsated in time with the continual explosion of flash bulbs and the shouts and screams of the wildly happy crew

    11. The director of the live television special

    12. communications wizardry, the director asked the hangman to wait

    13. The director wanted to build both the

    14. The director of

    15. director of the television broadcast cut to close ups of the young

    16. “Didn't you read the memo from the director about case reviews? It was through the office about a week ago

    17. Harry didn't have a firm grasp of even modest compound interest earned over time with monthly and annual contributions, otherwise he might have been prepared for the sums he ogled as they sat with George's Bank Director friend in his office

    18. “Harry, just sign where the Director has indicated please

    19. Chloe was now the busy Director of Staff at The Rooms, handling every little crisis with deliberation and resolve, and having the time of her life enjoying every day, rain or shine

    20. Miss Spelman, as the de facto director and producer due to her own training with the Royal Shakespeare Company in the bard's own hometown, solicited ideas from their rolls at their next scheduled meeting in the new School House

    21. His posture was proud like the director of a Tony winning

    22. The office door opened again, and Harry's Supervisor's Boss's Director stood waiting for instructions from his master

    23. Strenhowell, the Director said, “Well done, I look forward to your presentation at the meeting with Brown & Backhouse and the Scottish Rite principles Monday next

    24. No sooner had we gone to sleep when we were awake and in the cloned bodies of director Lan Trant and his wife Lyn

    25. The next few days were a mixture of visiting the various places that the director and his wife would visit while trying to keep a low profile

    26. My good friend's wife is the assistant director

    27. Well, the director of the scene would have wanted to me to

    28. Well the chief at that time was chummy with the director of Selective Services

    29. “Yes,” the Elf chuckled, “Surprising what just a word in the ear of a Guild Director will do

    30. senior director after the chairman responsible for day-to-day direction

    31. conducted by the director whose name is

    32. The court of twenty-four directors had before been chosen annually; but it was now enacted, that each director should, for the future, be chosen for four years ; six of them, however, to go out of office by rotation every year, and not be capable of being re-chosen at the election of the six new directors for the ensuing year

    33. “She’s going to be a movie director when she grows up

    34. Through a contact that I made while doing some research, I was referred to the director of Women’s Studies at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas

    35. Let"s not forget the death panels, especially as they are described and forgotten into nothingness by the current Director of the Office of Management and Budget

    36. And then, to go on and amass a fortune (several millions) as a director of Fannie May, while that organization and Freddie Mack were on their last legs, thanks to the egregious Community Reinvestment Act, fostered by Carter, and strengthened by Clinton, lays her bare as one of the most devastating females in power in all of American history

    37. Toran decided to do something he’d never have considered rational in his early days as director of news, certainly not when the prime factor had always been profit

    38. He was never proclaimed to be the director, only the one on whose idea everyone else built around

    39. There was of course a real director; someone behind the scenes, giving little nudges, he guessed, in the right direction

    40. in Cabo so much they promoted me to national sales director, my

    41. He promised a call to the Director of the FBI

    42. I am senior director of T

    43. I am a director myself these days

    44. As she was not merely an employee but a director and a member of the Board, they were eager for her to regain her health and return to work

    45. He had no idea that his release was due to a conversation that had taken place between the director of the hospital and the commander of the NKWD, who looked into his file and found that he posed no risk

    46. When the hospital director wanted to contact the local military headquarters to inquire about Dr

    47. “I am the director of the center and will gladly give you any and all the information that I have, that may be helpful to you

    48. You have a business card stating that you are the CEO or director of such and such a corporate

    49. I requested a meeting with the hospital director

    50. The hospital director sat in his chair totally humiliated and did not say a word the entire time that I was speaking

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