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    1. He should really say, before he was forced to admit what she was

    2. He had to admit Yingolian crystals were a boon

    3. But she looked fine, he had to admit he had enjoyed making love to her even as she was haunted by this ghost from space

    4. He wouldn't admit to Venna that their suspicions sent him up here

    5. Whatever happened, he had to admit, once and for all, that he wouldn't want Tdeshi here

    6. He had to admit, she was a little scary

    7. Using his exceptional brilliance, which unfortunately everyone had to admit he had or they would hear about it for days, Ackers tended to put on an air of entitlement

    8. But she had to admit, she could almost feel the wind in her hair and the thrill of old Earth as it must have been before the motor laws

    9. He wouldn't admit to anything more

    10. She had to admit, she occupied elite strata in the society of the Highland Elves

    11. He had to admit it, the native women had shocked him enough that he came to her

    12. "I'll admit, I would have been tempted to take an expedition out there if I knew there was four tons of aluminum to be found

    13. Family remains a strong influence in kids' lives--even if teenagers and young adults do not always admit that they are listening to anything you say

    14. ‘Hmmmm …’ he said as the door opens again to admit the Inspector

    15. “No,” Ackers had to admit

    16. She was loathe to admit that the thrill of leaping over blue water in the clutches of a Latin Lothario was part of the reason she wasn't angrier about this

    17. She had to admit, she was unlikely to be out here with Kulai

    18. I have to admit that he wasn’t overly bothered when she went away, so maybe it is just as well he didn’t propose, but all the same, it is worrying that he hasn’t settled down

    19. He was ashamed wasn't he? He had never knowingly transported stolen goods before and he wasn't about to admit it

    20. His rationalizations of 'ownership in dispute' and 'it's the Brazilians' were trying to say he wasn't going to admit it to himself weren't they? All for the lure of aluminum

    21. creation, but now that this simulacrum of love stood rigid above him, he had to admit

    22. Yeah, I’ll have to admit that I’m a

    23. "I have to admit, I really don't know

    24. "But you have to admit, you were brushing me off until you saw that

    25. ‘Did he admit the baby was his?’ I asked

    26. I don’t feel safe here any more and, reluctant though I am to admit it, I am really pleased that Molly is here with me

    27. Glenelle had to admit that even though Ava did her best to make the war back at Sol sound exciting, it seemed long ago and far away compared to the adjustments she had to face, being a clone and her whole time had been turned into a fantasy realm

    28. I flinched a bit, I admit, but damn it he was still a Garda

    29. "It's all we have," Ava said, "and you have to admit that provided a different experience than you were used to

    30. She had to admit that while it lasted, life on a pirate ship was a lot more fun

    31. had simply been too scared to admit that he felt the same for all his family

    32. "They still steal now and then, but when you get right down to it," Ava said, "There's no way to explain it other than admit that the wizards of the Kassikan have changed human nature

    33. I was confused, I have to admit

    34. It was not wise to admit failure, especially up front

    35. I am not that liberated and I admit it

    36. Bahkmar could see it from where he was, but he wasn't supposed to admit it

    37. She’s not convinced, but even Betty has to admit that, by the time we’ve finished, the hall looks festive

    38. Bahkmar had to admit that the events of the last week had not made his politics more correct, but they had made him more careful

    39. " Surprisingly, the whole exchange has brought out a degree of exuberance from Apollo and I must admit, I'm thankful for that

    40. Suddenly, an image emerges on the screen that I must admit is rather frightening

    41. “It was too good to be true,” my mother will admit later, when I explain to her the whole story

    42. He had to admit, it was a nicer place to live than Mars, he could breathe

    43. She's a good mother except for treating the kids as adults, but he had to admit, his children were being raised more as Highland Elves than as Brazilians

    44. Actually, he should admit it, he was closer to her than either Brazilian woman he had married, closer by far than his affairs had been

    45. Begrudgingly he had to admit that in spite of the bats-and-spiders decor of their systems, the Kassikan had caught up with what they had on the Lula

    46. They would carry on here, they were actually doing well, though he had to admit, they were less and less Brazilian and more Gengee with every passing decade, especially at his end of the settlement

    47. "Yeah, and I have to admit, an hour and two to shipping cut is record time

    48. "You have to admit, this is the most fun you've had in a long time

    49. "There is some dilution, but I'll admit my attitudes towards the natives have changed over time

    50. Tonight, though, he fancied quiet and peaceful, which he had to admit was a bit of a departure from the norm

    1. Reluctantly, she admits this is a prudent scheme

    2. lieve that I have it even now, not when my body finally admits it

    3. He admits the whole thing – Joanna’s murder, the plot to implicate you … the whole lot

    4. ‘What is it, Ben?’ he looks shamefaced then admits that he’s upset Katie and that she’s crying

    5. Alastair rises to his feet to shake hands and admits that yes, he and Laura have met before

    6. He admits it, NCR 40 Roger said

    7. She knows Alan as you might have guessed, whether she admits it or not

    8. A country which neglects or despises foreign commerce, and which admits the vessel of foreign nations into one or two of its ports only, cannot transact the same quantity of business which it might do with different laws and institutions

    9. She can take you to Alan, she admits that

    10. The number of workmen increases with the increasing quantity of food, or with the growing improvement and cultivation of the lands ; and as the nature of their business admits of the utmost subdivisions of labour, the quantity of materials which they can work up, increases in a much greater proportion than their numbers

    11. That the most extensive authority and jurisdictions were possessed by the great lords in France allodially, long before the feudal law was introduced into that country, is a matter of fact that admits of no doubt

    12. The channel of circulation necessarily draws to itself a sum sufficient to fill it, and never admits any more

    13. Age is a plain and palpable quality, which admits of no dispute

    14. The authority of riches, however, though great in every age of society, is, perhaps, greatest in the rudest ages of society, which admits of any considerable inequality of fortune

    15. The first period of society, that of hunters, admits of no such inequality

    16. The second period of society, that of shepherds, admits of very great inequalities of fortune, and there is no period in which the superiority of fortune gives so great authority to those who possess it

    17. The value of the risk, either from fire, or from loss by sea, or by capture, though it cannot, perhaps, be calculated very exactly, admits, however, of such a gross estimation, as renders it, in some degree, reducible to strict rule and method

    18. The OMB admits that twelve attorneys general and three Supreme Court decisions have refused to rubber-stamp the decisions of the Obama administration

    19. The configuration of the ground seldom admits guns remaining far in rear of the advance, but there is no justifiable hope in advancing strong masses of troops against an entrenched position without preparatory artillery action, and no assault should be ordered until the artillery duel has silenced the enemy's guns and shaken the defending forces

    20. Both the Spanish battalions, Isabel la Catolica and Andalusia charged the position, but were driven back; and had Rabbi and his force been sent over, Escario admits that the Spaniards must have been routed

    21. the police admits, that Dunseith was the place of the last chapter in a story of the by

    22. “Dangerous driving is a little iffy, but he admits to speeding on the Lake Road

    23. His fingerprints are located in various areas of the apartment and he admits to having an argument with her at the time

    24. Even Clinton admits 300,000 could have been saved

    25. “I don’t know,” she admits

    26. admits exceptions to her laws, unless we agree that everything is

    27. Hibbs, by contrast, rather sheepishly admits that he likes mass culture

    28. He admits that while he is aware of it,

    29. High, who admits he spent little time with the guards, said it was widely known that

    30. to sue to a person that has no interest in the saying of the Pledge (except that he admits being an atheist) and not allow status to six individuals that have rights under the second Amendment to bear

    31. ” Despite years of earnest efforts, the study admits, “states haven’t made much progress

    32. I see no reason to change that view, just because I’m an elderly bachelor, and an attractive young girl admits she would have been submissive if pressed

    33. I love you”, he admits as she begins tearing

    34. ” Torin admits as Mrs

    35. In the metropolises, there is nobody who admits providing for poisoning, but at

    36. If this happens, he admits to himself that it will be something of a relief, in spite of the shame it will bring

    37. Dad admits to molesting me--the old truth in wine stuff, huh?

    38. himself admits that there is evidence that this may extend to even more than

    39. No one else admits to it although my cousin seems a bit strange at times

    40. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson freely admits that she cooks because she loves to eat

    41. If he admits anything then he will be in contempt of court

    42. "A man rarely admits he is a coward," said Orlov frowning

    43. Putting the coffee onto the table his brow creases into a frown; he admits to himself that he is very worried about Simon

    44. �Not entirely,� admits Steve, �his share of the money is still in there and he knows where the rest is

    45. Dippa turns pale; he had been scared of being arrested and admits it to himself

    46. ” she admits as she takes the letter from Darren off the shelf and hands it to Lewis

    47. ‘Yes, that could indeed be the case,’ Jabar admits

    48. He admits that he didn’t tie them very tightly

    49. Defend your truths but admits to

    50. She looks straight and admits herself that she really is imagining someone

    1. You already admitted your way of life takes too much fuel

    2. They admitted that it entitled them to receive some concessions from the Government

    3. “Right, I forgot about that,” Ackers admitted

    4. ’ The Inspector admitted

    5. In other words, although Ackers would never have admitted it this way, he had to find out how best to get away from whoever was now in the house

    6. ’ He admitted with a wry grin

    7. ’ I admitted, not wanting to go into details about how I dealt with it … that could be a little awkward

    8. ’ He admitted with a grin

    9. Yeah, doostEr admitted to himself, but he'd be a lot less nervous and just as interested in the job if he'd showed him ten coppers

    10. Tahlmute's certificates and incantations performed correctly this week and they were admitted to the storage facility after quite a lengthy process of looking up records and cross checking thieves files

    11. He denied it at first but they ground him down and eventually he admitted that he’d known her

    12. ‘… sort of … he admitted that it could have been

    13. ’ Stephen admitted, tracing the top of his mug with one finger

    14. ’ He admitted awkwardly

    15. "Yes, there is something else I need to talk about," Glenelle admitted

    16. When she admitted it to herself, that link into their knowledge base had been a little disorienting

    17. the mechanic admitted that he’d made up the story when Sadler asked him to

    18. In the past year they had become 'prosperous' in a virtual sense, and she still thought they had a lot more crystal than Ava admitted to

    19. ’ He admitted sheepishly

    20. "Yes," she admitted, "but he will be the only copy of himself here

    21. He freely admitted tampering with your car

    22. Fred, of course, has never admitted anything and merely looks enigmatic, so I am told … not that I’d dream of asking him straight out

    23. "I barely got to know any woman I ever married," he finally admitted

    24. number of congregations which have admitted women to public roles in the worship of the

    25. Only once, in a rare demonstration of sincerity, he admitted that the subconscious affects human behaviour only by 2%

    26. He shouldn't have said anything to Enrico, but then Enrico had admitted more to him hadn't he? Homosexuality was at least as important a crime as attempting to contact a wife

    27. "Yes, occasionally," Alfred admitted

    28. "Maybe you've admitted it to yourself and that's the important one of us to admit it to, but you haven't admitted it to me," Vic said

    29. ’ I admitted, staring into the flames again

    30. ’ He admitted, rubbing his chin with one hand

    31. "Yeah," she admitted, "and I don't really feel it now, I admit

    32. I admitted that from my childhood I was bullied

    33. ’ Gilla admitted, ‘But I just said she was a friend of the family, new to the area

    34. ‘Yes, there’s the three here in the Med, one somewhere in the Rhone valley in France, four in the north American continent, a handful in Russia, two or three in the Germany/Poland/Austria regions, the three which we have in the British Isles and goodness only knows how many in the Oriental areas … they’ve never admitted to more than two up to now

    35. ’ I admitted equally flirtatiously

    36. ‘Hmmm … he admitted he had one or two moments on that trek of yours into the wilds of Wales

    37. "We could build missiles again, we have to use crystal instead of titanium, but we could do that," the unnamed one admitted, "If this visitor proves hostile we may have to do that to defend ourselves

    38. ’ He admitted, struggling to put his tunic over the bandage

    39. ’ He admitted with a grin, ‘I know which I prefer at the moment

    40. After twenty minutes of sheer and utter frustration, and with a nose that was black and blue from battering the cage bars, he finally sat back on the floor and, for the first time in his life, admitted to himself just how long his nose really was

    41. During this time Kate finally relented and admitted the truth to herself; she was pregnant too! She told Jake first, who approved loudly, and then laid the news on Daniel

    42. "I was getting close to playing with a cherub," he admitted as he glanced up at it before stepping inside

    43. He admitted that the only prophecy he knew of was the Legend of the White

    44. "They're all main population," Thom admitted

    45. "That was Trenst," she admitted

    46. "It seems like that's a lot," he admitted

    47. "Oh I know," Heymon admitted, "and I admit I can't push that level of math around either, but it would certainly explain your results as well as information creation and do a lot less mathematical havoc

    48. "Seven fabricator-hours," he admitted

    49. “Ava’s as much as admitted that avatar that she left on your base was a clone,” Elmore said

    50. Several of the human women admitted they wouldn’t mind having a go at one of the Ogatu males

    1. Instead of admitting they had a legitimate

    2. Can you imagine the Islamic and Moslem extremist nations that desire the death of Israel seeing this take place? Can you imagine what will happen when those nations hear the Jewish people admitting their failure before God – and that their judgment was due to their sin – and in love embracing their enemies and blessing them that cursed them?

    3. Duncan could see her obvious uneasiness at admitting all this; she was always in control, always strong and sure of herself

    4. “Well, what’s next Tara,” he asked admitting she was the expert in this environment

    5. There – he’d thought it, the truth he’d been avoiding admitting to himself during those hours perched in the darkness

    6. There was no sense in pretending the other didn’t know what was going on, was there? “So you’re admitting that I am under suspicion?”

    7. “Harry, why were you so coy about admitting to your training before; when I asked if you knew about the Ten Tigers?”

    8. Even though she had done things Desa considered many times more degrading than admitting a mistake, Valla thought differently, maybe it was because she had grown up too fast out in that pass? If Desa could avoid teasing and prodding, Valla was going to come around

    9. admitting that he barely understood a word the young

    10. He felt vulnerable admitting it, but he had

    11. Admitting she hadn't been listening, would’ve been like getting her to go to the doctor

    12. admitting foreigners to public offices than the Athenians, their consideration for him must

    13. “I don’t mind admitting she’s the

    14. “Certainly the Legion isn’t admitting children now?” She snickered aloud

    15. However, with the passage of time and through experiments, scientists are admitting this openly that they believe in the existence of multiple dimensions which seem to co-exist with our physical world simultaneously

    16. She didn’t like admitting someone reached her

    17. They knew, without admitting it, this was probably the last time they would see Joseph alive

    18. This, however, could scarce, perhaps, be done, consistently with the principles of the British constitution, without admitting into the British parliament, or, if you will, into the states-general of the British empire, a fair and equal representation of all those different provinces ; that of each province bearing the same proportion to the produce of its taxes, as the representation of Great Britain might bear to the produce of the taxes levied upon Great Britain

    19. The British apologized for the destruction caused by the British-built cruisers, while admitting no guilt

    20. Raven wondered whether her stomach was distended through starvation or if Salverford had begun admitting pregnant women

    21. questions I’d get him around to admitting that he’d worked hard,

    22. ” This guy was admitting to us he had killed Tony Reilly

    23. Still, he did seem to have a better idea what the creature was than he was admitting

    24. Unable to stop the tears of rage, pain and fright from rising up in his eyes, Darkburst lowered his head to the ground and groaned, finally admitting that there was nothing he could do to release himself

    25. ” Others were absurdities to anyone angered over losses to terrorists, such as publicly admitting he did not care about finding Bin Laden

    26. Finally admitting defeat, I watched as Uncle Hobart deftly open it with a self-satisfied smirk

    27. We made peace, after admitting with a smile that “we hit each other hard”

    28. Moreover, I have testimony that states the murdered man was far more closely involved with you than you’re admitting

    29. While admitting that he helped his brother, he was unable or unwilling to explain their actions

    30. Sitting in the rapidly-cooling water, he resigned himself to the fact that he would have to allow his beard to continue to grow, admitting to himself that unshaven, he would blend into the mass of refugees travelling across Poland

    31. It was a human gesture, admitting one’s imperfection eagerly without guilt, shame or regret

    32. Secretly, without even admitting it to himself, he believed that time was approaching fast now

    33. “Yes,” Zavek said cautiously, as if admitting such knowledge could be dangerous

    34. Courageous? Courageous would have been admitting weakness and leaving Dauntless, no matter what shame accompanied it

    35. There is a difference between admitting and confessing

    36. Admitting involves softening, making excuses for things that cannot be excused; confessing just names the crime at its full severity

    37. Chabi knows that she has overstepped her bounds this time since she is not denouncing you in any way nor admitting to anyone that she has ever seen you

    38. He agreed, admitting that he had read some of my grandfather’s books but found them difficult to follow

    39. ○ Humility in admitting that He is far greater then we can describe, or our

    40. David is being humble by admitting that the Lord has the power to achieve things

    41. “Despite admitting to very serious charges, Dosanjh was allowed to return to the

    42. And as stupid and irrational as it was admitting it

    43. admitting transfers from dinky lower tier Chicago LSs like DePaul and Loyola, and taking students whose GPAs and LSATs would not have gotten them admitted as 1Ls

    44. Even reluctant Democrats agreed he handled the issue well, admitting the affair

    45. Instead of admitting when they"re

    46. Father Broward laughed and nodded, admitting that he’d

    47. ’I’m admitting nothing, but would you object if that was the case?’ asked David

    48. thought might have been, and I’m admitting nothing either way, having sex without

    49. admitting it to herself

    50. She wondered if his admitting to having the

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