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    1. ‘You can affix it to the harness

    2. publish and to affix in writing (as Calvin thinks the custom of the prophets

    3. You can use the doll cake and have a Barbie theme party, the race car cake to have a Car's theme party, and of course, you can decorate for the Candy Land party with huge gumdrops and gingerbread men made of construction paper to hang or affix to the walls

    4. She saw that what man calls “humanity” is what remains foreign to his nature—that which must be taught and can be learned only by a few, who through the millennia, continually failed to affix it permanently in the human psyche

    5. Computer graphics software was used to draw the numeral and affix a cropped image of an

    6. with gloves on) and affix it to a reef plug with super glue or other saltwater aquarium safe

    7. Gil explained that they should affix these to their jumpsuits above their vest pockets

    8. use it, and annex to the others a significant different from that we affix

    9. Joseph suggested they just affix a sign to it with the words “Nature hurts

    10. we affix to them--such as to mean life by the term death, happiness by the punishment, and a

    11. If you set goals, affix a timeline to them and make a plan of action to achieve those goals, by the end of the time period you would have achieved over half, if not three-quarters of your goals, but that is crude and ineffective

    12. different from that we affix to them--such as to mean life by the term death, happiness

    13. For example: were God to speak to us in English, and select from our vocabulary the words death, punishment, perpetual, and wicked; were he to use the last term as we use it, and annex to the others a significant different from that we affix to them--such as to mean life by the term death, happiness by the punishment, and a limited time by the word perpetual; and without apprising us of such a change, in their meaning

    14. The points you affix can change dynamically within the jump-timeframe, sort of bouncing back and forth

    15. An attempt has been made to affix the lighter meaning of excommunication to this penalty in some instances; but it is unlikely, as Ewalda urges, that a clearly annexed penalty would signify some light punishment in one case, and capital punishment in others

    16. We should never be induced to employ these phrases in any case in which it was not evident or probable that the disease would end in dissolution; and it remains to be seen by what process of thought in the apostles of old it originally was, that they came as is supposed to affix these expressions to the cases of those whose torments should be 'without measure or end

    17. IT is well known, notwithstanding the preceding arguments, that there are three or four passages in the reports of Christ's discourses, and two in the Apocalypse, which are considered by many pious and able men to contain statements so precise, distinct, and decisive, in affirmation of the awful doctrine of the eternal suffering of the wicked, as to compel us to affix a corresponding meaning to the whole mass of prophetic and apostolic language, which, it is generally admitted, must otherwise bear the sense which we have imputed to it

    18. The whole deception practised by both Duncan and Hawkeye was, of course, laid naked, and no room was found, even for the most superstitious of the tribe, any longer to affix a doubt on the character of the occurrences

    19. Slight adjustment to plan, then: pack the baggie in a satchel and affix to bike-rack

    20. Rochester, --- Hotel, London,” on each: I could not persuade myself to affix them, or to have them affixed

    1. He produced a threaded flange and affixed it round the hole under the floor with screws, then began twisting the pipe to mate it to the flange

    2. Opens the metal mailbox that’s affixed to the house

    3. After placing the bandit chief’s sword in a loose sheath and binding it in thick cloth, she took leather straps and tied them to the grip which she then affixed to the saddle

    4. Dena touched one after other of the buttons on one of the new panels affixed to the arm of the Captain's chair

    5. He hadn’t walked more than a half-mile when he noticed a fabricated steel bench with a brass plaque affixed to its back

    6. colored sign affixed to it reading ‘Mailbox #2’

    7. He, too, affixed Akstyr with a frosty glare and worked a toothpick back and forth with his tongue

    8. “Lez go; we eat someteeng, hokay?” In the kitchen, Herminia glared at a padlock affixed to the refrigerator and angrily rattled it within its hasp

    9. He confirmed that it was properly directed to Vera Cruz, all the necessary stamps and seals having been affixed, and drove a jeep through the yard to see that there was nothing about it likely to attract attention

    10. Zaminoski used the metal from tin cans to fashion numbers and letters that he painted black and affixed to the boat’s bow

    11. Vincent ordered all their helmet liners to be repainted a uniform glossy olive drab, and he had produced from somewhere, decals of the 61st Division patch to be affixed to the sides of each liner

    12. I affixed myself to the wall of people that were surrounding the break circle

    13. He affixed tiny images of wheat and cows to the former, and humans, to the latter, at least up to the number 16

    14. They beheaded Saul and affixed his and his son’s bodies to the wall of Bethlehem as a symbol of the Philistines victory for all to witness

    15. Nails: Words that are fastened in the memory; constant; permanent; incapable of being moved; unyielding; something that is affixed

    16. A small brass plate affixed to the picture frame said, “Help Charles Darwin – Kill a Catholic

    17. tray affixed to the back of the seat in front of Selma and put the

    18. that he’d affixed to his shirt

    19. but neglecting to engage the electronic lock Norman had affixed to

    20. The end for this manager followed a new New York State Department of Transportation law requiring that metal plates with license numbers be affixed to all billboards on federal and interstate highways

    21. The call sign of any tank with a basket always had the letter P as in Papa affixed to it

    22. Denson is affixed, of course, his mind torn

    23. The two officers grabbed his arms and pulled them in front of him and affixed the handcuffs

    24. The fish’s whiskers curled up in a wide grin, but before he could answer, the sea spiraled into the base of the wooden pole to which the spinning, white arrow was affixed, and Coral Wing, the stone turtle, and the pink boat, drifting near enough by, vanished like stars in the light

    25. the walls with coffin lids but each of these coffin lids affixed to the walls had a

    26. Was he going to leave them on the platform, if so, why?…then tilting the binoculars upwards, his question was answered – affixed below the beacon, well out of reach of the hostages, was a small electronic box with a tiny flashing red light, which was embedded in a plasticine-like substance…

    27. Rory quickly examined the Semtex “bomb” affixed below the beacon and realised that he could defuse it by pulling the electrical leads out of the Semtex – it was really a very simple construction – that was why the prisoners hands had been tied to the floorboards and not to the handrails…

    28. While everyone’s attention was concentrated on the lit-up download bay, Rory stealthily affixed a miniature radio-controlled digital video camera with high-powered microphone to a girder, focussed on the scene below

    29. He opened the attaché case and brought out several packages of “semtex” explosives, each with an electronic mini-remote affixed to it

    30. another pair of lions was affixed

    31. ‗desperate‘ was affixed to the situation—and for sure that word was affixed!

    32. As I expected the houses in the area were affixed and aligned in the 137

    33. those brave souls who boldly affixed their

    34. With the dog still affixed to Jeff’s leg, he moved as quickly as he could towards the open door without harming Graisse

    35. affixed to where the liquid had been painted, the same thing

    36. Despite having to keep one hand affixed to it, Feltus’s hat had managed to protect his head from much of the rain though the lower portion of his face had not been as lucky as large drops of water dripped from his chin and nose

    37. "Do you want something like that? Or does she keep haunting your head?" Mitchell's eyes remained affixed on Chance's insatiable appetite, for lustful sex

    38. Judge Hayward, a stout gentleman, affixed his glasses to the bridge of his nose

    39. With head affixed to the window, he cautiously shifted his eyes to her

    40. From his affixed gaze, she seemed to penetrate his thoughts

    41. "Shine the light on the hatch," I said quickly, as I closed it and began turning the handle affixed to its top

    42. The green glow came from an underwater dive light affixed to his head

    43. The frozen gel facial mask affixed to my face was not doing its job, nor was the dark room, down comforter or fluffy pillows

    44. His gaze was still affixed on an imaginary point above the

    45. Her eyes were sewn shut, cruelly affixed with brutish-crosses of black thread

    46. She snarled and glared at the pole affixed to the wall

    47. Upon a second glance, however, Morse noticed that the fleur-de-lis affixed on the wall behind the cask seemed to shine a little more than the others

    48. Schmatzenbladder missed his grab, but nonetheless came back with a poodle firmly affixed to his forefinger

    49. AWACS: Airborne Warning and Command System, a converted 707 or 767 model Boeing four engined jet aircraft equipped with a hugely powerful Westinghouse/Northrop Grumman radar mounted in a UFO saucer-like rotating motorized dome affixed to the aircraft's upper rear fuselage

    50. the suction pad affixed to the mecha

    1. Teaching affixes is only one of several

    2. Affixes (prefixes and suffixes) help us create a variety of words from one base word

    3. Teaching affixes is only one of several strategies for teaching vocabulary

    4. Affixes one end on the surface of the

    5. where a partner is illiterate and affixes thumb impression, can be opened provided

    6. A single, long tongue, dripping-wet with bile the color of pale honey slides forth and affixes itself to the side of her face

    7. A Stereo-Double, whose wave Configuration (specifically structured by UU-VVU-copies) is simultaneously “unpacked” from the temporal ethereal constituent of its Stereo-Form and is “unfolded” in the skrruullerrt system of Self-Consciousness, doesn’t make any decisions! It is, in fact, its wave Configuration, and not its “external appearance”, that rezonationally affixes “a personality’s” psychic state (NUU-VVU) to a particular event in a particular scenario inertially “unpacked” in Space-Time through creative dynamics of this individual rotation Cycle

    8. But if this were the effect of inspiration, inspiration would be fatal to revelation; since revelation consists in making truth known to the nations through language, and inspiration of the quality supposed deprives words of their proper meaning and affixes one diametrically opposite

    9. ” Reagan affixes his signature to the directive on April 3, 1984

    1. ’ Gary said, affixing a red label to the table

    2. He set the box next to me and then coated the electrodes with a salve before affixing them across my forehead

    3. He was affixing a

    4. Isn’t it clear to both of us that we’re in love with each other? Haven’t we conveyed our love in so many words and in such subtle ways? What remained was affixing the ‘I Love You’ stamp to the envelope of our mutual fascination

    5. are formed by affixing ›k, the inseparable form of the preposition kt/ to or for,

    6. Evette yanked the dagger, affixing his hand to the counter top, out and slid off the counter gracefully

    7. This triumphant school will permit only of two ends in criminal legislation prevention of similar offences, by affixing pain or loss to the offence; and personal reformation of the offender, to be carefully considered in every stage of the chastisement

    8. He is just moments away from walking downstairs to the Oval Office and affixing his signature to a one-line document: “I hereby resign the Office of President of the United States

    9. Enough that in each quiet motion, turning here, bending there, affixing her gaze, her secret segments, sections, the abutment of her nose, the sculptured chinbone, the wax-tallow plastic metal forever warmed and was forever susceptible of loving change

    10. After many more attempts, and with an arm that acheth much, you succeed in affixing your rope round something, throwing from the saddle

    11. Pinkney, who, previous to affixing their signatures to the treaty concluded by them with the British Commissioners, publicly apprised the Commissioners that they had no authority to bind the Government of the United States, as their instructions did not permit them to conclude a treaty which should not contain stipulations against impressments

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