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    1. can now add to this ability a further ten languages when submitted as

    2. Do the math, add it up and be honest with yourself

    3. pushups a day add up to 10,950 pushups over a year

    4. consistently put it towards what you want to achieve, then in one year what would that add up to? You will be blown away

    5. · Use onions and garlic to add dimension and flavor to sautés, stir-fries and sauces

    6. Another important dimension that one can add to one’s life post-retirement is spiritualism

    7. By reaching out to someone in need, be it your neighbor, an orphan, or people in a homeless shelter, we add a little more peace and hope to the world

    8. “Yeah,” was all that Johnny could add

    9. This formula can also be used to create a paste (slowly add water to mixture, and stir until it turns into a paste)

    10. “And how can you have no one to add to this mission? We’ll be adding four top operatives that will be joining you

    11. Ackers shook his head as he switched off his database and computer, “If Agent Seventy-Seven has nothing to add to this mission except herself, then perhaps we don’t need any more of her help

    12. Add a dash of Tabasco sauce to increase effectiveness

    13. Add 10 drops Superseaweed or 1/4 cup seaweed powder per gallon and 1 drop natural soap and a dash of Tabasco sauce or any other of the hot sauces mentioned in this book

    14. Add to sprayer and use on plants

    15. So, with his one good arm, Onidas gathered up a bolt and loaded it, frantically cranking the winch to add tension to the drawstring

    16. Add a dash of Tabasco (or other hot sauces) soap

    17. Add to this, the fact that the parents are living longer

    18. Fear will only add to the complications

    19. Add 1 cup of finely powdered clay into a gallon of filtered water, allow to sit for an hour

    20. Add seaweed to increase effectiveness

    21. You can add salt to this mixture at 50/50 to increase effectiveness

    22. Add a dash soap to this and increase its effectiveness

    23. Add a few drops to soap and water

    24. You can add a little bit of soap to the left over soda, etc

    25. I suggest that you add a small wad of peanut butter in the middle of the sticky mat

    26. , and/or to add a small amount of fish emulsion to the water and to change it every month or so as needed

    27. Add 1 cup molasses and allow to sit for three days in the sun

    28. Add 20 drops soap

    29. Add to sprayer and spray fruits, and other areas

    30. However, you will need to add a good organic fertilizer, approx

    31. Suspend in a glass gallon container filled with filtered water and add 1 cup molasses

    32. You can add cayenne pepper to increase its effectiveness

    33. If you are going to use solarized water, you can add city water to the five gallon container the day before, stirring regularly

    34. Summer: To 5 gallons water add the following:

    35. embroidery, to carefully add elements to the skin that would enhance her beauty, and

    36. The trick is to add 1 cup of the molasses per gallon water after it has sit for a few days

    37. to rise add water to cool down

    38. Add water as needed by spraying (this water is the same liquid seaweed I’ve been talking about)

    39. Turn over bin #3 ,water as needed with liquid seaweed and add a sprinkling of the formula

    40. Add a thin layer of rock dust to the compost pile, alternating between layers of grass clippings, manure, kitchen wastes, etc

    41. Bark: Allow bark to dry on sun tray, then grind bark to powder, place in panty hose, tie into ball and add to container of water and allow to soak for 24 hrs, strain through filter

    42. Method 2: Slowly bring water to a boil (use low flame), then turn off heat, add 1 cup of the herb, steep for 5 minutes, turn on heat to low and simmer for 5 min

    43. Since SuperSeaweed is not a fertilizer, I suggest that you add it to your regular liquid organic fertilizer

    44. "I know, that's another reason I'm reluctant to add to the crew and another reason I wish we could move with some haste

    45. "They say they are, but a quick five minutes around the estate once or twice a night doesn't add up to much

    46. "Add to this a punitive weekly interest of 100% over a time period of exactly four weeks and your debt with us comes to a total of 36 grand

    47. But you miss a week and they add on 100%

    48. As a final comment, I add that it is now nearly one o’clock

    49. i think there is nothing to add, except prayer

    50. And I would add that faith also comes by seeing the

    1. I repeated the reasoning behind my wearing it and added that I

    2. I did the math, I added it up, 8 hours every day, that’s 2080 hours this year that I’m wasting at a job I hate

    3. She hesitated a little, and then added,

    4. Earning for our food, rushing to work by various modes of transport, waiting in queues, communication using modern means, social responsibilities, all have been added to the man who was originally created to deal with only nature

    5. · Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which places added strain on the kidneys and can impair mental function

    6. Most of these can be made into a decoction, strained and added to water to be sprayed

    7. “We’re supposed to be doing this the quiet way,” she added with a glare

    8. Chilies are a great source of controlling many insects either as a powder or as a concentrate that can be added to water and sprayed

    9. Radish: An infusion of the leaves when added to a dash of Tabasco and a dash of soap will repel most chewing insects, whiteflies, ants and some animals

    10. She was disappointed with herself for noticing that the fact that he had kidnaped her only added to his appeal to her body's glands

    11. None of the nearby stores were open yet and there was a soft morning mist that added to the eerie calm that contrasted strongly with all the fighting and explosions they had just left behind

    12. Boric acid can be added to water for mopping, spraying around walls, etc

    13. Soil nematodes can be added to the planter boxes to discourage termites

    14. DE can also be mixed in with your builders sand for added protection

    15. I suggest 1 part DE to ••• part Boric acid, added to water or to paint until a thick paint like texture, then painted on the wood

    16. Pyrethrum: Pyrethrum can be added to the DE and painted on for additional protection

    17. Therefore compost, when added back to the lawn, reestablishes the cycle and returns nutrients and bacteria to the soil

    18. An added benefit is that roses organically grown are more disease resistant, & they last longer!

    19. Archimedes added their tears to his calculations

    20. Archimedes had never seen a humpback whale die from harpoons before and so added it to his memory files

    21. Archimedes added their tears to his data

    22. ’ She added cheekily as we turn into the nursery gate and join the crowd of young mums and not-so-young grannies waiting to collect the infants

    23. which are added to kill bacteria!

    24. “Keep the change”, he said quietly and then added, “What gentleman?”

    25. Many companies sell rock dust, but it is best to inquire about what minerals it contains and if there are any chemicals added

    26. This allows liquids used in fungus control to work better and should be added to all fungus sprays

    27. If the positive ends in -e, only -r and -st are added

    28. for two mugs, a scraping of milk was added so that it could float in lumps on the

    29. "I only recently added this effect," Ava whispered to Glenelle, "I hadn't heard of this stuff in 2275

    30. I used cheron code, but added another layer of understanding of other's motivations, and another layer of self awareness and more degrees of learning ability

    31. "Okay,” Sarah replied, and they started to move away, when Leonora added,

    32. "First things first,” she added, and she had no idea what she meant by that

    33. all these things shall be added to you

    34. mind that bore the as yet unnamed form of Conscience added just a hint of chiding

    35. ‘Children would have been an added bonus, but I don’t have a craving to be a father just for the sake of it, Liz

    36. He knew the Haadij had seven hundred, he had been an important figure as a mortal also and added a woman a day to his harem in his prime

    37. church and have added women to various committees governing certain aspects of the work

    38. It was said to be beyond anything Earth had ever produced, shouldn't they get a sample of it? It was said the Christials cracked it, but not the Brazilians, they became users of the native system that now had Brazilan technology added on

    39. The sound of my own tongue further added to my general state of confusion

    40. You have added another kind of music

    41. And when we have added enough

    42. "We have heard from seven others," Carlton added

    43. "An incredible tragedy to have to live with," Desa added

    44. ’ She nearly added that he also worked with lightstones but thought that would be a complication too far

    45. That part of his ethereal mind that bore the as yet unnamed form of Conscience added just a hint of chiding harmonic resonance to the song of the universe, and thus was born the conduit between God and the third rock out from an insignificant little star

    46. Volcanoes added deep resonance to the bass lines underpinning the twinkling of the stars

    47. Herod added to the Temple to win some points with the Jews, who pretty much hated him

    48. That’s not a condition of this funding …’ she added quickly

    49. ” She replied and then added; “now, lets go see Sam and Lucy

    50. ’ Wiesse added, casting her a sour look

    1. may have created a step like, lose 1 pound, and you continued adding in

    2. But one minute more and one minute less over the course of a year, adding all of those additional steps into your routine, makes a huge difference

    3. Guatemala City before adding a simple “…yes but only in the South

    4. Yesterday I was adding up how much time I

    5. This solution is created by adding one cup of warm water, along with the bait pack, and 2 drops of natural soap

    6. Adding to a woman's increased dose of stress chemicals, are her increased "opportunities" for stress

    7. “And how can you have no one to add to this mission? We’ll be adding four top operatives that will be joining you

    8. This is done by adding the interest earned to the original deposit at the end of the specified period for subsequent calculation of interest

    9. Adding boric acid to the paint will increase its effectiveness

    10. The entire mob began to weep violently, adding saltwater tears to the beach

    11. You can increase effectiveness of the above mixture by adding one or more of the following combinations (depending on use):

    12. Day 4: Turn contents of bin #1 into bin #2 (you should have three bins for this purpose), turning over well and adding a sprinkling of the formula as you go and also spraying with the liquid seaweed

    13. Compost Production: Using rock dust in compost production increases its energy level by adding minerals, and increasing the activity of bacteria

    14. Adding some rock dust to kitchen waste will help reduce smells and fly’s, and will also increase microbial activity

    15. ’ She said, adding quickly

    16. She actually mixed them, adding a pint of vodka to each quart of yaag

    17. Things weren't adding up and I couldn't make any sense of it, but whatever the explanation, I just couldn't watch her cry

    18. Inspired writers of the New Testament have warned against adding to or taking away from God's Word

    19. My feelings towards this strange new world in which I existed, and more especially for the young man holding my life in his hands, troubled me greatly, adding volume to the already flooded sea of confusion upon which I bobbed along

    20. Especially this morning, she revealed to me many things about herself: She is 23 years old, very sociable and popular, with a large circle of friends! I talked to her about myself too, adding a fib or two, that I also have many friends and that I often go out to discos and clubs

    21. They stared at her, adding up the gashes in her head and limbs, the mess of her skirt and her lack of shoes into an algebra of puzzlement

    22. ’ She went on, unfazed by my silence, adding in a very dry tone

    23. ’ He replied, adding almost as an afterthought

    24. We stare at the building silently for a moment – me taking this information in and adding it to my growing knowledge of this world, he watching me

    25. ’ He said, adding this information to the fund of facts he stores in that head of his

    26. ’ He said simply, adding mischeviously

    27. What is the difference between adding routes, to a webforms application and to an MVC application?

    28. What are the 2 ways of adding constraints to a route?

    29. Karen chips in about how dreadful a teacher’s life has become as a result of the increased paperwork demanded by the powers that be, Alastair adding his pennyworth that, as a musician, he doesn’t have to do paperwork

    30. ‘It was cool!’ he finished, adding that Katie had a bit of a thing for Jake, before grabbing a handful of biscuits and disappearing up to his room again

    31. I've set up the website to be user-friendly and I'll constantly be adding more good stuff that will help you on your quit

    32. Adding that to the

    33. case they were of no comfort for they burned as they fell, adding to

    34. adding to its solution

    35. could say a “yes” without adding a “but”

    36. much bad news already without adding to her misery

    37. He vomits, adding his own foul odour to the already putrid air

    38. Adding the broken wing, she stood for a moment gazing at the bird unwilling to lose it

    39. brambles, the branches of the trees overhead adding to the effect of a

    40. ’ She said, looking round the kitchen as though adding what she can see to the sum total of her knowledge of her twin

    41. armed with rifles also opened fire, adding to the noise and confusion,

    42. Her resultant screams were deafening, resounding around the room, bouncing off the bare walls, adding tearing harmonics to dizzying echoes

    43. He moaned then retched, adding to the mess on the floor with vomit of his own

    44. “Do you know where he is?” Tom asked, adding, “It’s really

    45. "Not much”, he says, adding, “but he did say something about tidying up this morning, but not where or when

    46. ’ I said sternly, adding a few words on the benefits of trusting people (sometimes I feel almost maternal in this job) before suggesting that she rings him

    47. As he made the sudden lunge forward, they dropped their own staffs, grasped the ends of his just as suddenly and with the strength necessary to heft a two hundred pound timber, they pulled him forward adding his own momentum to theirs

    48. before adding: 'He also said that his wife wasn't

    49. Haager had improved the place, by adding electricity, to the method Old Johnny, had used

    50. Haager had come along and updated his method, by adding a conversion plant that produced electricity, how she’d been worried the old pipes would leak, and finally he closed with the decay the place had under gone in the last few years

    1. months, into years and all that time adds up to your lifetime

    2. " Most people enjoyed a relationship with nature that made them feel less alone, he adds, but suburban living has diminished that connection

    3. “Real boring, I know,” Jesse adds, waving his hand in the air

    4. Mechanically, she throws another dog on a bun, adds the mustard and relish

    5. Remember every little bit of toxin adds up to a lot

    6. The pilot stops talking, smiles kindly, adds a remark

    7. “We had better be friends only, nothing else!” he adds nervously and he takes his hand off mine

    8. I miss Nick so much it is a physical pain and the knowledge that I have hurt him merely adds to the torment

    9. When we read of Jesus’ words, “Beware of false prophets,” he adds that they are wolves in sheep’s clothing

    10. Still it adds a touch of the bizarre and the exotic to this exacting science of discipline and, as with all Yoga practices, there is sound good sense behind its methods

    11. ‘Mmm, that adds up to what he said to me the other day when he was talking about Prague

    12. He heaves the bag downstairs and adds it to the pile of stuff by the front door - this heap is getting quite big

    13. As he reaches the door he adds, "I'll be telling Jock about this"

    14. Leona is serious, though and adds, "Shouldn't be allowed"

    15. " He stands and is about to go, but stops and adds, "Although, if you want my opinion, what were the bloody parents doing letting seventeen year old girls out on their own somewhere like that? If you want to know who's really fucking stupid, ask yourself that one

    16. She decides that she needs sugar, so she breaks open a paper tube and adds its contents to her tea, something she has not done for nearly twenty years

    17. ‘But that just adds to the character

    18. "Your room’s across the hall, and I think the extra color adds to your beauty

    19. I enjoy receiving your letters and it adds joy on my day

    20. As soon as stock has accumulated in the hands of particular persons, some of them will naturally employ it in setting to work industrious people, whom they will supply with materials and subsistence, in order to make a profit by the sale of their work, or by what their labour adds to the value of the materials

    21. He shares in the produce of their labour, or in the value which it adds to the materials upon which it is bestowed; and in this share consists his profit

    22. The labour of an able-bodied slave, the same author adds, is computed to be worth double his maintenance ; and that of the meanest labourer, he thinks, cannot be worth less than that of an able-bodied slave

    23. adds something, or corrects him

    24. Adds links to navigate to the next and previous posts when editing a post in the WordPress admin

    25. The gross revenue of the society, the annual produce of their land and labour, is increased by the whole value which the labour of those workmen adds to the materials upon which they are employed, and their neat revenue by what remains of this value, after deducting what is necessary for supporting the tools and instruments of their trade

    26. The operation, in some measure, resembles that of the undertaker of some great work, who, in consequence of some improvement in mechanics, takes down his old machinery, and adds the difference between its price and that of the new to his circulating capital, to the fund from which he furnishes materials and wages to his workmen

    27. anything and everything that adds to the achievement of your success

    28. “Now you needn’t worry; whatever bad happens, only adds spice

    29. happen, it just adds fun to the story, think about it that way

    30. A way which only adds on

    31. There is one sort of labour which adds to the value of the subject upon which it is bestowed ; there is another which has no such effect

    32. } Thus the labour of a manufacturer adds generally to the value of the materials which he works upon, that of his own maintenance, and of his master's profit

    33. The labour of a menial servant, on the contrary, adds to the value of nothing

    34. Whatever a person saves from his revenue he adds to his capital, and either employs it himself in maintaining an additional number of productive hands, or enables some other person to do so, by lending it to him for an interest, that is, for a share of the profits

    35. Parsimony, by increasing the fund which is destined for the maintenance of productive hands, tends to increase the number of those hands whose labour adds to the value of the subject upon winch it is bestowed

    36. By diminishing the funds destined for the employment of productive labour, he necessarily diminishes, so far as it depends upon him, the quantity of that labour which adds a value to the subject upon which it is bestowed, and, consequently, the value of the annual produce of the land and labour of the whole country, the real wealth and revenue of its inhabitants

    37. But when you offer something that adds value and enhances the original

    38. Though all capitals are destined for the maintenance of productive labour only, yet the quantity of that labour which equal capitals are capable of putting into motion, varies extremely according to the diversity of their employment; as does likewise the value which that employment adds to the annual produce of the land and labour of the country

    39. Their labour, when properly directed, fixes and realizes itself in the subject or vendible commodity upon which it is bestowed, and generally adds to its price the value at least of their own maintenance and consumption

    40. In his profit consists the whole value which its employment adds to the annual produce of the land and labour of the society

    41. This is all the productive labour which it immediately puts into motion, and all the value which it immediately adds to the annual produce

    42. It puts immediately into motion, therefore, a much greater quantity of productive labour, and adds a much greater value to the annual produce of the land and labour of the society, than an equal capital in the hands of any wholesale merchant

    43. The capital employed in agriculture, therefore, not only puts into motion a greater quantity of productive labour than any equal capital employed in manufactures; but in proportion, too, to the quantity of productive labour which it employs, it adds a much greater value to the annual produce of the land and labour of the country, to the real wealth and revenue of its inhabitants

    44. It necessarily puts into motion a greater quantity of productive labour, and adds a greater value to the annual produce of the land and labour of the society

    45. When the capital of any country is not sufficient for all those three purposes, in proportion as a greater share of it is employed in agriculture, the greater will be the quantity of productive labour which it puts into motion within the country ; as will likewise be the value which its employment adds to the annual produce of the land and labour of the society

    46. After agriculture, the capital employed in manufactures puts into motion the greatest quantity of productive labour, and adds the greatest value to the annual produce

    47. In France, the workmanship, as you pay for it, adds to the value, in the same manner as to that of wrought plate

    48. ” She adds, “Charity or compassion is no longer something we practice; it is the deepest center of our being that arises automatically, spontaneously

    49. Parsley adds color and aids digestion of the foods we eat and acts to prevent gas and bloating

    50. Mom clips out the photo and adds it to the other five incriminating pictures in the photo album

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