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    1. Some apprehension of cosmic processes is achieved and universe is clearly understood as a play of the cosmic forces

    2. They were in a hurry to finally get me help and yet an apprehension followed in having to see how bad my condition really was

    3. Now that the moment was upon us, my doubts resurfaced and the very presence of all his tokens filled me with apprehension

    4. Her eyes showed most earnest interest, with a hint of apprehension

    5. Jean went to bed that night with an apprehension

    6. He would not be able to quell his apprehension otherwise

    7. But it had not been the time for second guesses and apprehension

    8. This one did not strike them with apprehension, however, as it had been fashioned into the walls

    9. She could sense his apprehension about the outcome of the meeting with the king, but she knew instinctively that it would be fine, especially with Darniil there

    10. But as he looked around the alehouse, his apprehension began to slacken

    11. silent apprehension as to who would speak

    12. As I walked around the Murano, I was eying the building with apprehension

    13. Marley rushed out of the truck to quickly disappear in the throng but Joss and I took our time, the apprehension obvious in both of us

    14. His heart raced, the apprehension forcing away much of the sleepiness

    15. Zardino must have sensed the the apprehension from Torbin’s expression

    16. We have an international warrant for the apprehension of Mr

    17. You are interfering with an internal legal apprehension of a traitor

    18. So, with a relish that somewhat offset his apprehension, he pulled out what he knew to be a cutting laser (he tested it on a dividing bulkhead during the journey) and set it working against the seal

    19. “Joseph, will you have to register?” I stared at him in apprehension

    20. ‘That’s a lot to ask,’ Raiya said, her voice showing her obvious apprehension

    21. He had to fight back his fears and his apprehension

    22. I still felt some apprehension, however, about where my new venture would take me

    23. Understandably, even amongst the most enthusiastic recipients of TIAR, a vocal apprehension existed

    24. Jimmy lay on the bed; his apprehension sparking childhood memories of an operation he feared but knew there was no choice to refuse

    25. The landlady eyed Sicarius with apprehension

    26. said, and shut his mouth grimly, while cold apprehension crept around

    27. Does modern society fear competition because of an uncertain, cynical apprehension of the potential ―consequences‖ or unintended results that such competition might otherwise occasion? Although I am not qualified to answer this question, it would appear that replacing genuine with common talents for the sake of social/cultural diversity will eventually compromise (true) intellectual diversity that our schools once promoted

    28. William, sensing their apprehension, quickly grabbed at the embankment, finding smaller rocks

    29. It has become socially fashionable, instead, to label disagreeable viewpoints as either racist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic or some (reasonable) apprehension or concern as mean-spirited

    30. In other words, the organ employed in the apprehension of spiritual truth characterizes the man

    31. He held her again at arms length, saw trust in her eyes and, with his hands light upon her, pulled her close to his chest and nuzzled into her hair, squeezing shut his eyes to close out his apprehension

    32. Even after apprehension, he continued to behave most uncooperatively, despite being told repeatedly that he was not being arrested, merely brought to the office of Gordon Edward to answer several questions

    33. He steered around every bend with apprehension

    34. Major Guighan exchanged a quick glance of apprehension with Tyrpledge, but quickly resumed his professional tone and stance

    35. The manager rolled his eyes for a moment, then said with slight apprehension:

    36. His eyes should be wild with apprehension, given where we are, but they are still and dark

    37. Their faces were a mixture of bewilderment and apprehension

    38. Although I tend to approach the club with some apprehension and misgivings, I am always warmly welcomed, although in truth I cannot understand why

    39. Luke could tell there was tension between them but did not know what was causing the apprehension

    40. was the cause of the nuclear accident it would lead to too much apprehension

    41. group as intense waves of apprehension washed over him

    42. grounds of the estate, an unwelcome sensation of apprehension

    43. With a great feeling of apprehension, they both clambered out

    44. He felt a mixture of betrayal with Harry and apprehension over the visit by the police

    45. Roger believes that this situation of apprehension and uneasiness will not change until global terrorism has disappeared, for such is the American society that is composed of so many diverse cultures

    46. apprehension were building a lump in the middle of her chest and

    47. Given her own state of apprehension, she was surprised to see the Pastor looking calm and collected

    48. Ken inspected his refueling facilities and rechecked the greases and prop oils in the warehouse, but yet apprehension hid stealthily in the labyrinth of his mind

    49. “Creating a budget” captures in its expression and meaning, both the excitement and the apprehension most of us feel when we have to face our financial situation and or lack of planning and accountability in that area

    50. While many animals in the herd quickly regained their footing, they stood spread-legged but still, with only their tails twitching in nervous apprehension

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    apprehension arrest catch collar pinch taking into custody discernment savvy understanding misgiving apprehensiveness dread perception intelligence comprehension grasp perspicacity reason alarm trepidation uneasiness worry mistrust capture catching knowledge opinion sentiment view sense belief