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Apprehension in a sentence | apprehension example sentences

  1. Our fear and apprehension were.
  2. Corey and I froze in apprehension.
  3. Apprehension knotted in her stomach.
  4. Numb, coated by apprehension, his.
  5. Monty felt a surge of apprehension.

  6. Godwyn’s apprehension began to ease.
  7. I froze out of shock and apprehension.
  8. It was a burn of fear and apprehension.
  9. Part of me bristled with apprehension.
  10. Jenks’s face twitched in apprehension.
  11. Lennie's face wrinkled with apprehension.
  12. Judy's eyes grew large with apprehension.
  13. His face was wrinkled with apprehension.
  14. But Betty Ford is hiding her apprehension.
  15. Mostly she caught apprehension and anger.

  16. Here, too, he says that apprehension of.
  17. This apprehension experience has realized.
  18. Harald listened with mounting apprehension.
  19. He saw the apprehension on Thomas’s face.
  20. Cruncher, with signs of angry apprehension.
  21. Fear and apprehension are the key responses.
  22. The landlady eyed Sicarius with apprehension.
  23. He looked up in sudden anguished apprehension.
  24. Hawkins nodded once, feeling apprehension now.
  25. He faced Robert, voice tight with apprehension.

  26. It was an apprehension that many of the youth.
  27. It was caused by extreme fear and apprehension.
  28. There were several looks of apprehension when.
  29. The boys recoiled away from him in apprehension.
  30. He steered around every bend with apprehension.
  31. My heart melted and any apprehension disappeared.
  32. Jean went to bed that night with an apprehension.
  33. This direct apprehension of truth rather than a.
  34. Andre nodded assent with a twinge of apprehension.
  35. There was simply no fear or apprehension within me.
  36. The incredible pain, agony, and apprehension that I.
  37. Their faces and postures betrayed great apprehension.
  38. He had to fight back his fears and his apprehension.
  39. Gould bent low, fascinated—cold with apprehension.
  40. Don't suppose that I am in any apprehension about it.
  41. Apprehension about being booted out of her sleeping.
  42. Those who are not prepared for the apprehension of a.
  43. Investigation) was requested to aid in my apprehension.
  44. The following week was full of stress and apprehension.
  45. Don’t suppose that I am in any apprehension about it.
  46. Stretching, Hanor felt a shade of apprehension bite him.
  47. Willie looks up with apprehension as the robot's first.
  48. Jerusalem in the apprehension he should suffer the same.
  49. Any apprehension he may have had on Sol 1 was long gone.
  50. The vice-presidents watched Aunt Tildy with apprehension.
  51. He would not be able to quell his apprehension otherwise.
  52. He felt the familiar mixture of pleasure and apprehension.
  53. No, I didn’t know that, Hap said with apprehension.
  54. There was some apprehension, but no positive alarm, as yet.
  55. Naturally, Lahey`s apprehension and conviction shocked his.
  56. Their faces were a mixture of bewilderment and apprehension.
  57. We have an international warrant for the apprehension of Mr.
  58. The tiny hairs on the back of his neck rose in apprehension.
  59. Because of my apprehension my recognizing of the pigeon was.
  60. The immense anxiety, apprehension, fear and stress homeless.
  61. Mr Power gazed at the passing houses with rueful apprehension.
  62. With a great feeling of apprehension, they both clambered out.
  63. Two days which should be kept free from fear and apprehension.
  64. Fanny was all agitation and flutter; all hope and apprehension.
  65. Her eyes showed apprehension at what was coming, but not fear.
  66. His scanning appeared to be done out of fear and apprehension.
  67. The Lykanthros had an innate apprehension of the sturdy beings.
  68. He put me in the arena with members of the Apprehension Team.
  69. She felt his apprehension as he asked the next burning question.
  70. But it had not been the time for second guesses and apprehension.
  71. It was a kind smile, and it dulled the edges of her apprehension.
  72. He read her nametag and a surge of apprehension went through him.
  73. But Bertillon's new portrait parle is the thing for apprehension.
  74. I had fun writing those letters, full speed, without apprehension.
  75. Joseph’s reflections were a stew of apprehension and excitement.
  76. Joe watched with deep fascination and considerable apprehension.
  77. Wickland glanced at him and noticed some apprehension in his eyes.
  78. John sensed my apprehension, pausing momentarily, his eye serious.
  79. Henry glanced with apprehension at the soldiers who surrounded him.
  80. Looks of both curiosity and apprehension appeared upon their faces.
  81. There was not, however, any instant cause for such an apprehension.
  82. It has the instinct to do psychic experiences without apprehension.
  83. Apprehension wrapped around him as he slid into the back of the car.
  84. Her eyes showed most earnest interest, with a hint of apprehension.
  85. You are interfering with an internal legal apprehension of a traitor.
  86. The cold hand of apprehension gripped them both as they fell into a.
  87. Kate thought about Banda and was filled with a sense of apprehension.
  88. At that moment my apprehension left and I knew everything would be o.
  89. Marilyn looked with apprehension at the sailor on hearing those words.
  90. His heart raced, the apprehension forcing away much of the sleepiness.
  91. Reality outran apprehension; Captain Ahab stood upon his quarter-deck.
  92. Later, I head for bed in a state of total wonder but also apprehension.
  93. There is something in her voice, fear or apprehension; he can’t tell.
  94. My time in New England had relaxed me but there still was apprehension.
  95. But as he looked around the alehouse, his apprehension began to slacken.
  96. Irma was almost paralysed with apprehension by the time the men arrived.
  97. Zardino must have sensed the the apprehension from Torbin’s expression.
  98. And the vagueness of his apprehension increased the apprehension itself.
  99. Joseph, will you have to register? I stared at him in apprehension.
  100. About what? There was a discreet hint of apprehension in his tone.

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