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    1. capture all that God is

    2. If you need healing today, you must capture it

    3. FLASH! Bolt steps back into the scene to capture the moment

    4. If we capture seven souls this year, we are already ahead of that schedule

    5. I cried again for the umpteenth time since my capture and incarceration below the wider world’s ever- shifting horizons

    6. Once the euphoria of the meeting subsided a little, we four settled into the habitual comparisons that dominate male conversation, sharing our stories of capture, and gabbling away ten to the dozen in a mixture of Arabic and English about our shared experiences in the hostage hotels

    7. Once we finished with our tales of capture, we moved on to the subject of other hostages

    8. Once Ava could capture the packet header as it went by and convert it to something, she could start trying to figure out how the packets were addressed

    9. "We have no evidence that the impactors have not been captured by some other entity, unrelated to the condensate state changes, and cleansed of most of the condensates, either deliberately or as a by-product of that capture

    10. Once he was finally able to capture and entangle them, he found his strangest result yet

    11. each terrible moment during the chase and capture

    12. surface, so that she could capture them for herself

    13. intended to capture the causeway

    14. He then spread his arms wide to capture the soil between the blades, raised himself with his legs and with the tool clear of the new hole, pivoted and brought his hands back together in front of him, thereby releasing the soil and freeing the tool for another go

    15. An elderly woman suggested that they capture Emma as Chairperson, and before she could decline, the whole place voted a loud approval and the subject was settled — at least as far as they were willing to believe

    16. will capture a fortified city

    17. did their best to try to capture the beasts but the dogs were too quick

    18. Alan made her think of this song, for it told of a witch queen luring a guy from a distant star to a dark meeting house on some rain-soaked decaying waterfront, and from there pursuing him thru centuries and lifetimes to finally capture him on a windy hillside

    19. the capture of the woman

    20. livestock, each of the older contingent trying to capture

    21. If it wasn't for that, there was no way to capture them with a device that wouldn't damage them

    22. God says to his bride, “You capture my heart with one glance of your eyes (SOS 4:9)

    23. what the NN would do, how they would try and capture him, what their procedures

    24. growth! Those who capture the market first in their niche will have the obvious advantage

    25. came to capture Jesus, but He was focused on the Father

    26. Dad Perols said the grass was green and would not burn but Fred stuck to his guns and went to fetch his ride on mower with a capture unit attached whilst his neighbours tackled other jobs around the home

    27. These androids were merely I/O devices with the ability to capture a human body's sensory input channels, and produce a human body's output motions when controlled by a personality that was actually located on some host distributed on the commnet

    28. "Alan has told me how your machines capture souls and I believe you only copy the last impression they made after they're gone

    29. They tried to capture me on the way to Zhlindu and I had to escape into the wilds

    30. avoided capture for the moment, but the road would be

    31. He appeared to have been beaten severely, either during his capture or during interrogation

    32. I begged it to stay and when it refused, I tried to capture it

    33. complaints about Tragus or the injustice of her capture as a slave

    34. The purpose of your squeeze page is to capture interested people’s names and

    35. can appeal to and capture more customers

    36. them, it will capture their interest

    37. There were nine more, including the capture of Cerberus

    38. But as we all know, paintings capture life’s journey at a standstill, forever freezing that unique moment in the annals of time

    39. When his mammalian meal was sadly limited or difficult to capture some days, he would have to diversify his diet, attempting to track down birds, snakes, lizards, and especially in the fall and winter months even complement his normal intake with a few fruit and vegetables

    40. Interestingly though, due to the prey’s need to constantly develop and improve her skills of alertness and evasion, and the resulting need of the predator to continually develop and improve his skills of detection and capture, they both entered into a kind of escalating “arms race” that led to their joint evolution, mutually benefiting both parties

    41. Pretty bizarre, wouldn’t you say! This allows them to better capture sound waves and accurately locate their prey and is thus a pretty high-tech design

    42. care that she’d slept through her capture? And why stay in the cave overnight? Despite the rain, you’d think he would have been eager to collect his bounty

    43. When I have these experiences, they immediately capture my attention

    44. When our thoughts and emotions capture our attention, our vision of the world is subject to the distortions of the mind

    45. I wish I could capture one so that I could add it to my collection

    46. You know, you did hold it once, hence Mim and Yula's deep depression after your capture

    47. If your mind can be still in meditation, so that its activity ceases to capture your attention, you can see things as they are and see yourself as you are

    48. athletes to capture the ‘new born’ star the

    49. too fast for the eye to capture the individual images so

    50. and she moves in for the capture

    1. They thought you were captured

    2. We watched with unblinking eyes as an officer with the local security force kicked one of the captured men in the head

    3. Tenth story: In another cartoon on TV, the hero has been captured by his enemies

    4. Talstan had overrun China's ancient holdings on Earth generations ago, by the time the war started, and captured all their mortals

    5. The assassin was captured and the bodyguard was taken to the healers

    6. I also try my hand at photography, especially portraits where the emotions of a soul can be captured in a shot and

    7. She captured another real data transmission and had more to go on

    8. When we were captured by the circus we were

    9. captured by the change in sounds, my breathing becoming

    10. What was it that had caused this anger? Was it just Nuran's immaturity and her blasé assumption that mother Desa would fill in for her? Was it really jealousy as Nuran thought? She had to admit that Nuran had captured more of Alan's attention than Desa really wanted her to

    11. Every muscle, every tendon, every bit of Jake in his full majesty was shown; the fierceness of Daniel and the flames erupting from him was captured perfectly; it was so real that it felt as if the drawing itself was alive

    12. She had captured Lady Ariel’s likeness in flight; it was done so well that Lady Emily had hung it in their quarters

    13. Alan had long suspected that there were really two Ava's aboard the ship, that Ava hadn't really captured and terminated her avatar during reunification

    14. He thought of the sister from Biology Base again, he wondered what he could learn by restarting the one she captured

    15. I have the whole interface library in the data from the captured avatar

    16. Not since I saw him torturing a captured Septack beast; he was almost delighting in the poor animal’s suffering

    17. "We have no evidence that the impactors have not been captured by some other entity, unrelated to the condensate state changes, and cleansed of most of the condensates, either deliberately or as a by-product of that capture

    18. Soon it was about the entire Hold that the Lord had captured Lady Rayne’s heart

    19. The artisan had captured the personalities of both of the Taks

    20. It was unlikely that grant was going anywhere now, whatever this OS was that had captured her, it would undoubtedly have a grant system of its own

    21. “So it can have thoughts quick enough,” Thom said, “it is taking action two hundred years after our souls began to be captured in silicon

    22. The way in which the incoming message was captured was

    23. Then immediately spread the lever poles to grasp the captured soil, returned to the initial posture---but now with their hands wide apart instead of together---pivoted on one foot, disgorged the captured soil, pivoted back on the same foot and repeated the process

    24. “How many dragons have they captured?” he asked, urgently

    25. dragons being captured, he said he had lost the dragon hunters he was

    26. As she stood there examining, the soft light cast by the morning sun, captured her soul, and she was led into the first room

    27. He knew right where they were headed, but the child-like expression on her face had captured him once more

    28. " Again, his eyes captured hers and for a minute, she felt as if he were exploring her soul

    29. Her complexion was whipped strawberry cream, the high check bone hinted at her the small frame, captured in the wheel chair

    30. will be captured, the houses

    31. me pull the trigger than be captured alive

    32. Her place was down in the foundations of the Institute but some of the outer foundation walls extended above the growth from below and captured plenty of light

    33. opportunity to torment me, then Lindy captured it as she

    34. He’d captured the souls of the populace and

    35. He contemplated how Shinvei was going to take the news that his heart had been captured by another

    36. And it came to pass that the Sultan who listened to the stories of Scheharazade, was so captured by her tales that he let her tell another and another for 1,000 nights At the end of that time, he was so in love with her that he wanted her to live and be his wife truly and he stopped the practice of taking any more new wives

    37. All I need to know is if they got away or were captured

    38. Which would she prefer? To go with him to YingolNeerie or live here without him? A decade ago if they had captured him when they tried on the Lhar, it would have been no decision at all

    39. She knew that on a fundamental level she could not prove she was not the avatar that had captured all her memories in the battle

    40. She would have to wake the captured avatar and question it, maybe it had even encountered the entity and would know something about it

    41. Lurking in the maze, he recognized the corrupted forms of the other Chosen who had been captured by the Dead Tree

    42. I’d soon be captured,

    43. screener and you can use their screen captured videos to create content

    44. was they’d captured first

    45. customer thinks they know the answer, then you haven’t captured their

    46. Once you’ve captured their interest, your job now is to keep your potential

    47. “You aren’t captured in any of your tales

    48. Complementing this, his beak has been ingeniously designed, having a hook at the tip for being able to get a quick grip on his targeted dinner (got ya!), and then tearing it up with ease (no sweat, dude!) once he’s got it captured

    49. If he didn’t want her body, what did he intend to do with her? Certainly, he couldn’t plan to return her as a captured slave

    50. Had someone captured him? Had he revealed her presence? Or before the hermit burned

    1. The mantis captures, holds and devours many different bothersome insects

    2. himself be in touch with God, the faith captures his heart and changes

    3. He captures the hearts of the people with one clench and

    4. The residents call the thing a god, a kind of creature, but I think it is more like an OS and the souls it captures are like its users

    5. These days, she mostly captures unwary visitors

    6. Once your mind kicks into gear and captures your attention, your ability to hold onto the experience of happiness vanishes

    7. as in all other captures

    8. As of the end of this day, there would be no more captures and no more ships destroyed during the rest of

    9. To understand it better, I would like to refer to how the Catholic Church deals with the idea of the sacred writer, the writer who captures what he understands to be the word of God

    10. The great battles of Moscow, Stalingrad, and Korsk went with huge captures and losses, and turned the tide against the German forces

    11. captures the beauty of

    12. Opposite: This bird’s eye view of the organ at the historic First Baptist Church, captures the scope of the impressive instrument

    13. obedience, love, and faith that captures every iota of

    14. she captures with her

    15. It has another agenda: to reduce all the universe and everything in it to a simple material process—a single mathematical equation that captures yet diminishes the complexity of life, reality, and the cosmos

    16. The pup yelps, a haunting cry that captures the misery of existence

    17. Generally speaking, if you are able to produce the type of original and engaging content that is not freely available on the internet and captures the passion you have for your industry, it will be very effective for you

    18. Raoul and Fred expressed their appreciation to Roger for having taken them to the “Herrería”, for that unique relic of arts and crafts of old captures the imagination, curiosity and interest of the visitor in a way that no other remnant of ancient technology does

    19. “Creating a budget” captures in its expression and meaning, both the excitement and the apprehension most of us feel when we have to face our financial situation and or lack of planning and accountability in that area

    20. Before Sloth can answer the wolf, the animal captures his arm with its teeth

    21. When you are watching a movie that you are engrossed in, driving down a long monotonous road, listening to music that captures a mood or engrosses you, you are in hypnosis

    22. A recent example of the technology-enhanced ability to have everyone manage processes was described by Denis Pombriant in his look at Right90, which captures and tracks changes to the business forecast (all the things that can and should be forecasted in addition to revenue, so that a company can keep its supply chain informed of coming changes) in real time

    23. In a coastal capitol town a bobbing camera captures cars being burned in the darkness

    24. The one in Bart’s lounge captures exactly the primitive feeling of wrestling

    25. 3 "Verily, verily, I say to you, he who rules his own self is greater than he who captures a city

    26. captures his or her imagination

    27. But after a while, you‘d realise the only way to explain the music is to assume there are invisible radio waves in the air, and this box simply captures those waves and translates them into sound – even though you couldn‘t prove it

    28. As soon as the two bullied saw their captures, they started with the threats and insults


    30. It’s a “magic” topic that captures people’s imagination and it lures a lot of

    31. impressive and the statement “in 24 Hours or Less” accompanies them, it captures the reader’s

    32. If the story captures the attention and imagination of the reader, he or she rarely needs

    33. Whoever captures the mongrel-head will receive five hundred

    34. captures light by feeling friction with the mass-

    35. There are many ways to plan an estate and the one that captures your interests in the most thorough way is the best

    36. The WACC captures the

    37. Although it fluctuates and shifts to reflect immediate conditions, no other measurement so precisely captures investor

    38. through changes in the production process, momentum captures the volatility of year to

    39. and captures default risk in a few expressions

    40. that which best captures both the changes in the market, and the internal dynamics of the

    41. measures performance, but also captures any inherent trend when used collectively

    42. This method captures the

    43. The very first section captures the cost of the property, the

    44. The next step captures the reduction of your loan

    45. The following morning, the headline of the Citadel Sentinel reads, “HERO COP CAPTURES WEISS SINGLE HANDED!”

    46. satellite captures of the bombing, live feed, and

    47. as you record video, do you best to position the microphone in a way that captures

    48. I believe God is trying to tell us something very important with this statement, and the apostle Paul perfectly captures what that something is in the second verse I will list below

    49. The verse that perfectly captures this big picture revelation is the following verse:

    50. Bemused enrapture captures casual intricacies throughout the days leisure in

    1. John is capturing water in a bowl and pouring it into a container as Dave watches the sky, tries to keep the small boat

    2. of pipe and slippers, but in capturing my heart she restored the vital flow to me in so

    3. Alfred was still useless in his mope over the mess he'd made of capturing Alan and the fear that he had killed his son in the wilds below

    4. Above the massive fireplace that occupied one whole wall, was a portrait of Lord Boras in his youth, an imposing figure even then; the artist capturing the darkness in his eye

    5. It had become clear to Tom that the capturing of several dragons

    6. who had been capturing dragons for the earlier attack, the group that

    7. about capturing dragons, and then staged the diversionary attack on

    8. capturing this man, and for his courtesy in letting us know

    9. Capturing the Skimmer’s Attention

    10. want him capturing one of his men

    11. Could the Elusivers really just leave him to die? Or save him when he had nothing left? He imagined that in their muted way they’d delight in re- capturing him at his most vulnerable point

    12. E: -- Designing the text in such a manner that future parts, which were still not written at the time when the earliest books were written, would be crafted to link in with those future texts, capturing the names of people who were yet to exist

    13. ‘So they didn't have to bother capturing me; they knew I'd come here, right into their trap

    14. With the majority of Earth's population in the capturing embrace of an artificially induced existence underground – oblivious to the world above – the way had been made clear for the Darangi colony

    15. Ostensibly the army was to go to Santiago to attack and destroy the batteries thus enabling the navy to enter the harbour, remove the mines, and co-operate with the army on land in destroying the fleet and capturing the city

    16. There are defined, strategic rules for capturing such a position

    17. It was the most powerful nation on the planet and had badly beaten the US in the War of 1812, even capturing Washington and burning down the White House

    18. He caught my hands when we met in the middle, capturing them in one hand and lifting them to his lips for a brief kiss as he pulled the last button free

    19. Caroline introduced her to a twenty-five-room country inn that she liked immediately, envisioning a slowed pace with placid afternoons on the deck, capturing the views in watercolors

    20. “Remember, Cora,” he said, capturing me in his gaze

    21. In December 2001, US troops came within one hour of capturing him at Tora Bora, Afghanistan

    22. “Ah, I have to tell you what happened,” he said abruptly, his broadening smile capturing Gordon’s attention

    23. Men, women, children, dogs, chickens, goats and pigs roamed freely in a confusing sea of activity: just the sort of scene she had once dreamed of capturing on film

    24. The cup of drunkenness, and the heavy stone refer to the capturing of any city

    25. Over a period of time, when people understand that poor requirements capturing lead to most of the major failures, the requirements engineering concepts get strengthened and better structured activities are introduced in requirements engineering

    26. Both have the gift of capturing

    27. Capturing The Essence Of Your Production

    28. Capturing your focus

    29. He has been successful in capturing tax dollars, foundation money, and union funds

    30. “They start to fall to the ground, but she Translocates them elsewhere, capturing them for interrogation by The Just Alliance

    31. “Thus the Six of Hilia claim complete victory over an attacking force of twenty-four spell casters, capturing every one alive, with no loss of life on either side thus far

    32. Do it then,” he said and, capturing Simon’s hand, pressed it against his head

    33. Les Gillis is pretty put out at you boys for capturing him

    34. capturing it, and, after pilfering a couple of jars from one of the

    35. The order to take the mines as a priority was ridiculous to him, he had argued the flaws of not capturing all strategic areas first until he was sick to what remained of his back teeth, but the order was unchanging and came directly from the top

    36. "I have to remind you," said Summers, "that our mission is to assist in finding and capturing the Harbinger and anything else, including a detailed investigation of what Raidan's been trying to do, is off-mission

    37. "And every scrap of information we can get our hands on will get us that much closer to finding and capturing Raidan

    38. Expecting that there would be great efficiency in capturing lost sheep, I wanted to take no chances

    39. capturing their name and e-mail, which of course you should, they’ve taken some action; they’ve

    40. It looked like the nets I threw over the sea were for fish, but I was really capturing a beast before it could devour a maiden most fair

    41. Beatrice did modulate the steps and took more time than needed in her descent, in emulation to exhibit herself like a spongy peacock and capturing the biggest quantity of looks from the young gentlemen

    42. “I just wanted to hold you if…” She stopped to take a breath, and in that instant, he leaned down, capturing her lips, kissing her

    43. After capturing the state

    44. lovable? All dolphins have a capturing

    45. capturing pictures of erotic bits of women’s bodies

    46. Circumstance was her photographer, posing her, positioning, then clicking and capturing echoes of her light, tugging at the essence behind it

    47. Already the news helicopter was overhead capturing the chaos below to feed to thousands of television screens instantly

    48. Will the Devil and his demon children succeed in capturing enough souls?


    50. You said yourself that capturing a demon alive has never been done

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    capture gaining control seizure catch get becharm beguile bewitch captivate charm enamor enamour enchant entrance fascinate trance appropriate conquer seize acquisition confiscation conquering appropriation abduction apprehension catching kidnapping occupy apprehend snare arrest obtain secure achieve gain entice enthral attract