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    1. had also placed a long rope around the arena

    2. Lord Tarak led Lady Rayne and First Kai along a walkway that angled past the Warrior Quarters, and overlooked what was obviously their training arena

    3. Below, in the arena, Rayne could see the different training areas

    4. Strange-looking spears were lined up on the other end of the arena; spears that reminded her of the Assegai welded by the Zulu warriors of old Earth; only these were twice their size

    5. “Very interesting,” murmured Rayne, her eyes darting about the arena; “but who do they fight?”

    6. “U-WAH (stomp), U-WAH, (stomp) U-WAH!” resounded around the arena

    7. He was employed on account of that peculiarity of his nature; as the substance of his dealings was more in the arena of corporate reconnaissance, rather than 'over the counter' business

    8. We seriously considered promoting you instantly to the Lower Sixth, but I had to account for your inexperience in a formal educational setting, and therefore would wish you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with both that new arena and our own culture here at Malvern

    9. 'As above, so below,' may be turned on its head and read the other way round as well, and that is precisely what we can see in the world within our arena of observation

    10. The care of horses certainly, but the hired care of another person's property was in a different arena

    11. converted into an arena

    12. The only problem is the only way into the basement is through the arena

    13. The arena had a dirt floor

    14. At the north end of the arena floor was a doorway, about twice the size of a

    15. I noticed the reddish-pink dirt on the arena floor

    16. A second later the arena was dark and with it the chatter of those in

    17. The crowd in the arena rose to its feet, standing and clapping in ovation

    18. their way to the arena wall and before I could run I realized they were coming for

    19. In the middle of the arena now the clowns pulled up a

    20. decorations there was an underlying odor in the arena

    21. It lingered throughout and hung in the air like a fog over the arena

    22. Roman said, starting back to the arena

    23. Don’t hang around in the arena, I can take care of myself

    24. violent snarls from the floor of the arena

    25. heard in the arena even though the crowd was the loudest it had been all night

    26. The two dogs doing battle in the middle of the arena floor were a blood-

    27. She was suddenly lost in another world, looking at the arena floor

    28. Heather continued to stare at the awful sight on the arena floor

    29. looked down at the arena floor

    30. and he landed on the dirt floor of the arena

    31. One of the men in the dirt clawed his way up the arena wall and tried to

    32. arena, a mass exodus that pushed and trampled the weaker of its members

    33. “Enough of this foolishness,” Freddy’s voice grated over the arena

    34. shouted to the man in the grandstand across the arena

    35. Another man reached out and was sent flying into the arena wall

    36. Several of the soldiers turned their heads back toward Freddy’s side of the arena,

    37. the only sound in the entire arena

    38. and slowly started to surround Roman in the middle of the arena

    39. Roman stood in the center of the arena with his hands on his knees as the

    40. walkway across the arena

    41. I jumped the rail and sprinted across the blood-soaked dirt of the arena

    42. The arena floor was scattered with bodies, some

    43. arena and went for the wounded men on the floor, savage piranhas swarming the

    44. would have voted to fall straight to Hell instead of onto the arena floor

    45. When all stomachs were full, our four-legged friends paced the arena

    46. Johnny watched as Roman approached on the arena floor below

    47. I could feel the heat all around me and hear the crackle of Freddy’s arena as

    48. Boochie dropped me and I fell to the arena floor

    49. the arena for something that would help his man

    50. I ran down the length of the arena wall, stopped at Johnny’s ankles, and

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