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    1. He had been lovers with that ghost in Tdsehi almost as long as he had with been with Tdeshi, before Jorma knew what she was of course

    2. The rusting cranes and conveyor belts in the water made a challenging obstacle course

    3. This al egation was of course denied, but the net result

    4. Unless of course it is amazing and she is a junior expert in

    5. She had not put any clothing on of course

    6. My parents never told me about this, of course, until I was fifteen, but I remember Mom being really afraid that Dad wouldn’t come home during those days

    7. the decision to write a character out, it will usual y be because of the fact that the actor wishes to depart or because the part has run its full course

    8. But one minute more and one minute less over the course of a year, adding all of those additional steps into your routine, makes a huge difference

    9. “But of course, my sweet

    10. Of course if your nutrition is better and you’re losing weight and you start to feel healthier, that is going to have a drastic affect on your self-confidence

    11. Of course, the reimbursements of expenses are subject to conditions

    12. I told her she was right, of course, and we both agreed that we should take a step back and be friends

    13. “Of course it’s secret, we’re super spies

    14. “We released to the public a much milder dose, of course

    15. “Of course I never tell

    16. Of course the lumber was readily available here, but he had never had the money to buy anything

    17. “Of course it shouldn’t be a problem,” Ackers voice came loud and clear over the ear pieces both Johnny and Nancy were wearing

    18. I’ll wait up here, of course, as mission specialist

    19. Of course there will be periods of anxiety and pain

    20. Of course he would probably give more information over that pillow than what he would gain

    21. ‘No, of course not

    22. ‘Of course … though it’s entirely possible that my fingerprints might be on it … I used it in the play

    23. Of course they really hadn't told him much but their suspicions had they?

    24. ‘Of course it matters!’ he shouted, striding over to where I am standing and snatching the peeler and potato out of my hands

    25. She was a nurse, you know? Oh … yes … of course, you do…

    26. ‘Or is that a stupid question … of course it is

    27. ‘Yes, of course, I wished time and again that things were different, but would have I have made a different choice if I had to do it again? No, I don’t think so

    28. Of course Tdeshi never took this body pounding over the lake on two water park pumps in a fiberglass phallus; now that she thought of it

    29. Of course the Government should have a framework for taking action on such reports without discouraging those reporting such cases

    30. apart from during the play, of course

    31. Because she completely trusted her relationship with Kulai already, she kept to the course

    32. Of course, this thing with Dan's wife has set us all at sixes and sevens

    33. Of course, even that paled in comparison to the speed of the Super Chip

    34. it was totally the wrong sort of gun, of course, but nobody minded that

    35. 'Of course, he didn't go through everything when it came back, he just oversaw Dan unloading the van and shoved the boxes in the store room

    36. Of course, the reason the workers were like that was because they were androids, built for accomplishing tasks and not for looking realistic

    37. I’ve become totally fixated on the things over the course of the last month

    38. From that, everything else followed as a matter of course

    39. Of course it was, but Ackers couldn’t take it for granted

    40. Look how well he had handled the situation! Of course the boy was nothing but a civilian, and there really wasn’t much of a situation to handle, but Ackers was too relieved to think about any of these things

    41. ‘Of course, I will

    42. ’ Stephen explained ‘Paul was at school with the daughter … and with Joanna Sadler for that matter … though her name was different then, of course

    43. But of course, this is not easy to prove in the court of law since substantial evidence would be needed to back such a claim

    44. ‘Yes, of course, he should be contactable at the office shortly

    45. My will power in firm control, I had debated whether a long bath or a stimulating shower would be the best course of action so, my priority being to use up time, I opted for the former; taking a book with me, I had spent an hour in the bath up to my ears in hot water and soap bubbles

    46. Of course she hadn't expected to be placed in a body like this

    47. Of course, it’s too

    48. ’ I said slowly, ‘He taught me how to do that sort of thing … not guns, of course

    49. Food of course was found in this world

    50. Of course, it is school finishing time … damn!

    1. Then all at once a tremendous strength coursed through my body

    2. Chrissie worked at scrubbing the dishes, her mind refusing to contemplate anything beyond this simple activity, her ears were pricked for the sound of footsteps and her pulse raced as the adrenaline coursed through her, sparking the ancient flight instinct

    3. When the pains occurred, I pounded the make shift bed as tears coursed down my cheeks

    4. “Its Rosie Billy Boy can I talk to you for a minute?” I sprang up from the bed and pulled the door open and there she was I gripped her in a fierce hug and tears coursed down my cheeks as she whispered

    5. “There is really no easy way of saying this Billy Boy if there was I would spare you the pain I would rather rip my tongue out than hurt you”, she looked across at me and tears coursed down her face

    6. The tears coursed down my face now just like Helens had and I just wanted to scream or even better kill someone at this moment I could really do serious damage to someone or something

    7. Raw terror coursed through my veins as I fought back acid in my throat

    8. “Of course it does my love if you will have me that is”, and tears coursed down both our cheeks

    9. Fever flushed Sespian’s face, tremors coursed through his body, and nausea writhed in his stomach

    10. Rage coursed through her

    11. The magical power coursed through him, animating him with a joy like he had never experienced

    12. Anticipation coursed through the forest; tonight would be different

    13. The pain coursed through her body

    14. Faint bluish crackles of light like tiny lightnings and sparks of light coursed through the Patriarch, his bald scalp having taken on an eerie sheen as if it had suddenly transformed into a shiny metal mirror

    15. At some point in the latter part of each deglaciation, torrents of meltwater, unimaginable today, could have coursed through this valley system tearing loose its plant life

    16. He spoke then with a voice that emanated menace, as if blood stained his tongue and venom coursed in his veins:

    17. Her parapet was gone, and the jewel had almost been lost for all time! A shiver coursed through her being at the thought

    18. that coursed through his lean body

    19. The wind danced and shivered as the voice coursed through it

    20. Once again pain coursed through her, wave after wave, unceasing

    21. managed to convey the shameless longing that coursed through each of our bodies,

    22. He sported solid gold cuff links, and a gold chain coursed across his middle to the watch pocket of his crisp Sulka black suit

    23. The pain of it coursed through her and, at the same time, the air around them both turned to night

    24. A tear slowly coursed down her cheek, followed by another as she momentarily hesitated

    25. As alone and incapable of resistance as I was when that wall of water crashed over me, he continued, a shudder coursed through his body as the memory unfolded

    26. A shudder coursed through his

    27. To the north, although at a greater distance, more water from the deluge coursed up an

    28. continued, a shudder coursed through his body as the memory unfolded

    29. But he rejoiced in this blackness, he inhaled it and savoured its stark chill that coursed through his ancient, desiccated being

    30. Michael the Red had once heard of the fearsome tale about the ferryboat of the north that coursed its way through the rivers of the sky; it was said to carry the souls of the dead of the forest returning for a last look at their homes and loved ones

    31. Squirming about in his grasp she threw her slender arms about his massive neck in an abandon of terror; tears coursed down her cheeks, and her sobs quivered with a note of hysteria

    32. But underneath this veneer of naivete coursed a stream of insight and perception that was incomprehensible to Jo Kirby‘s mendacious son

    33. A cold chill coursed her body

    34. The effort caused more than skeletal discomfort as dizziness and nausea coursed his palsied frame

    35. ‖ Joe Billie faced the moon as he ranted and a tingle coursed his charged body

    36. Three months of repressed anger coursed through his body in a torrential firestorm of fury

    37. I watched us swim, reaching the other side of the shore, and then I took off running, daring him to catch me, as we coursed through the thick, green forest, laughing as we went

    38. The alcohol still coursed through his veins, but it was no match for the hatred that surged through his limbs and mind, creating a sharp and needful bloodlust that focused his being

    39. An uneasy energy coursed through my body, releasing itself at the loud ringtone of my cell phone

    40. Then he could feel his gastrointestinal tract quiver as sounds gurgled upward as undulating bubbles of gas wound and coursed their way through his innards on their way to cause eerie discomfort above

    41. coursed down his cheek

    42. Sharp juices coursed again through his veins

    43. What coursed through his mind were the words, ‘miserable little’ Greek

    44. A feeling of cold surging numbness coursed through my

    45. Doing so generated a really satisfying sensation that coursed

    46. Very little traffic coursed Michigan SR 32 – but, when it did, we moved off the road into the

    47. Adrenaline coursed through his body, bringing his brain out of a full decade of gauzily aware numbness

    48. His awareness coursed through the mechanism

    49. The numbers coursed through the electronic circuits, and the door slid open

    50. muscles and his skeleton visible as the lightening coursed over and through his body

    1. built on four courses of crumble-edged house bricks,

    2. I have also seen enquiries from France and Italy asking for information about the courses offered here at the Guild Hall so it seems that the concept of a trained cadre of performing musicians, singers and actors is taking off worldwide

    3. that courses through the veins of those

    4. There were hundreds of them along their course, but only a few were on collision courses with Sol, he made those red outlines blink

    5. They were certainly transferring less quantum info than their brethren who were not on collision courses with some body in the Sol system, but there were still condensates on them and they were undergoing state changes

    6. I took courses in Physics of

    7. He was all but hinting she should give up her courses

    8. wind returns again to its courses

    9. Other than the gymnastics, the courses she did well in were courses Ava would do well in

    10. The train rumbled on beneath their feet as the landscape flowed by the windows and Harry outlined his courses of study to the receptive British gentleman before him

    11. The hallways and elevators were crowded, most people who knew him in these halls knew him as professor Mithrandir who taught Troubled Times History of the Ttharmine Basin 218 (The Dark Lord and his fall) and 221 (The Wars of Magic and their aftermath), both very popular courses that he taught faithfully until the starship age

    12. When Harry had gotten two courses of the planking attached, George was hanging joists for rafters and pinning them at the roof's eave and the tops of the newly erected walls

    13. When Harry had five courses of the floor planking completed, the cross-members of the roof, and all round the upright studs of the walls were in place, and the little room was ready for sheathing

    14. After each couple courses were fitted in this manner, his father would take straw and pack it into the spaces made by the studs and the two wall sides

    15. You are not expected to have this knowledge at your fingertips at this juncture, but for the purposes of assessing your intellectual fitness and compatibility with the courses of study here at Malvern, we ask you to do your best to answer all the questions, and as fully as you are able

    16. They debated courses of action and adjourned after assigning committees to pursue investigation of the three solutions they had qualified as possible solutions from the outset two hours earlier

    17. beginning his first day of courses at Malvern College in England as a third year class-man, one of the 'Hundred' I believe

    18. And since Don Bosco High School wasted my time with horrible courses like algebra, geometry, trigonometry instead of useful courses like financial management, something you would need when you become an adult at 18; I had no idea how to manage my finances

    19. I was one of the students who actually did go because I took courses I thought I would find interesting

    20. Because I had never taken any business courses, I wanted to learn something about business and I wanted to learn something about auto mechanics so I figured that this would be the first time I would have fun in college, not caring at all whether I got a degree or not

    21. Hankins was in college now, taking online courses from Everest University and living off the

    22. Nerissa helped serve seven courses, along with copious amounts of the finest wine

    23. adults, at the courses for specialization, refresher

    24. You can go through the required courses at fast speed and dive into those subjects you have a strong attraction for

    25. Third is Teleseminars, or Webinars, or Home Study Courses that could be offered

    26. The science has been nicely outlined in many books and courses

    27. The unions represent the normal people here, but all our legal courses of action are pointless in the face of what’s coming

    28. “So you’re suggesting illegal courses of action

    29. Here are some tips from those who hit the courses on a regular basis

    30. ” This refers to how fast the courses are running and that speed can actually be estimated with a stimp meter

    31. Most Professional Golfers Association courses run at a 10 to 12 stimp rating

    32. Most municipal golf courses have an average stimp reading range from 7 to 10

    33. These are courses where legends have played -

    34. Some courses have par 3 holes as short as one hundred yards, so anything more than a nine-iron will be too much club

    35. You can also discover through online golfing tips the cost of greens fees, the best times of the year to play certain courses and also whether or not you have the choice of nine or eighteen holes

    36. A question plaguing designers of golf courses all over the world is what makes a good golf course? The answer, simplified greatly, is the lay of the land it is being built on

    37. Good golf courses have elevated tee boxes to help the golfers get more elevation on their drives

    38. Speaking of grass on the green, the better golf courses have bent grass greens

    39. Some golf courses have rocks all over the place

    40. He has really good copywriting courses

    41. “Cool,” because that’s going to help him sell more courses

    42. For a long while it was required reading in university courses in psychology and psychiatry

    43. SMI taught a variety of motivation courses when I joined up,

    44. Five hours later, Halon had thought about all his possible courses of action and the supposed consequences of each

    45. Meat loaf, mashed potatoes, beans, and salad were the courses this evening

    46. About the only courses one could fail was selection, either to the Special Task Force, Dog Unit, or Special Guard Unit in the beginning

    47. I believed and still do that combat shooting courses offered the most value in practical terms, hence we all enlisted in shooting clubs, or we created our own courses where we could practice—usually at a Reservist’s farm and very unofficial it was too

    48. A dinner with many courses, with wines of the finest

    49. which made me wonder what happened at previous courses

    50. I can tell you that you really need to love dogs to become part of the Dog Unit (K9) as the training was tough, and it was one of the few courses you could actually fail

    1. terror coursing through his veins, he managed to shake his clothes out and dress,

    2. Nevertheless, centuries of fine and proper blood were coursing through her adrenalin swollen arteries, and with her unwavering sense of indignation on behalf of underdogs everywhere, she steeled herself for the physical punishment that was about to pour forth upon her head

    3. She felt as though the blood coursing through her veins had been infused with raw, unadulterated gunpowder

    4. She felt as though the blood coursing through her veins had been

    5. She appears in the kitchen doorway, carrying two mugs of tea and Jock visibly sags as the adrenalin coursing through his veins loses the fight with the sheer bloody fatigue that he feels in his bones

    6. Slipping through the muddy torrents coursing from the Main Street down the Lakeside Road, we reached the shelter of the porch and I went with father around to shutter the store windows, just in case the winds shifted suddenly and threatened from the north

    7. Now with Anon’s blood coursing through his veins, the Void’s will was buried deeper than ever before, almost as if he was entirely freed

    8. The adrenalin was coursing through him and it made him feel elated and carefree

    9. Raiya got up from her chair, her heart thumping, adrenalin coursing – doubtless in futile preparation

    10. Psyche ran up to Cupid, panicked, tears coursing down her cheeks as she cried loudly

    11. ‘Who are you really?’ asked Raiya, still feeling the adrenalin coursing through her veins

    12. ” The briefing broke up and we went off to get ready for tomorrow each one of us with our own thoughts and more than a little fear coursing through our veins

    13. He turned to look at her, fear coursing through every nerve in his body

    14. He saw a few familiar faces, some looking up at him with awe or respect, others with hatred, and a few stared at him with envy coursing through their eyes

    15. He was in motion again, and for once she was coursing with fresh energy at his side, pressing toward the light which grew in luminescence with every step

    16. His eyes sought out Kay’s for a long moment, and her heart stopped, her body resonated with the power of his emotions as a physical force coursing through her

    17. Slowly regaining consciousness, Darkburst kept his eyes closed for a moment, trying to mentally ease the pain that was coursing through his body

    18. Fear was coursing through the beast's veins, as he disappeared into the dark shadows of the forest

    19. "The Baron knows that we're in the courtyard?" inquired Joseph, the sound of concern coursing through his voice

    20. The thought made her weep once more, all the tears of the world coursing down her cheeks like the torrent of pain and anguish that ran throughout every living thing swept through her soul

    21. I'm not a Stibmit, but the herbs they used to heal me are still coursing through my veins

    22. Ranger scurried to a nearby trunk, "That showed them, fantastic job!" Their excitement was clearly coursing through their veins

    23. He could feel a throbbing sensation coursing through his body, not very much unlike a headache

    24. That would be the only thought coursing in his mind, and he would make-believe if he had to

    25. shows when Jim awoke one morning with a song coursing through

    26. I have electricity coursing through my veins instead of blood

    27. Something was coursing through her like anesthesia

    28. fight, he lost that time too but the adrenalin was coursing through his veins, he had to know what they were up to

    29. have felt the energy coursing from his body into mine

    30. Fear, stupidity, and a good dose of machismo were coursing

    31. I followed him out and went into one of the bedroom cabins, heated anticipation coursing through me was almost unbearable

    32. The adrenaline coursing through her body pushed her into a run

    33. feeling coursing through Eke's veins because he knew that he and

    34. coursing in plain English! The season in Spain is only 4 months long, after which most of

    35. “I don’t see why not! We have ample room for barracks and coursing runs and the rest of what’s needed, and we have grazing for over a thousand more steeds! I cut my teeth in the cavalry and served sixteen years, and I haven’t forgotten the skills!”

    36. It is an unstarlike mixture of the dogs’ howling, the emerald sphere’s own unworldly voice, and the red terror coursing through both himself and the Lost One, as if here there can be no deceit and no shadows

    37. “They have taken my Moshe away!” She wailed as tears overflowed those dark, almond eyes, coursing down her dimpled cheeks, only to stream from her quivering chin

    38. Fighting to keep a tear from coursing down his powdered and perfumed cheek, he scowled as the now-familiar thought nagged him one more time

    39. coursing down her dimpled cheeks, only to stream from her quivering chin

    40. The child felt lighter than he’d expected—was that to do with the air itself? He took a jagged breath, the heat of it coursing through his veins

    41. I had so much adrenaline coursing

    42. ” It is hard to get around whatever is now coursing its way through your veins, it isn’t something you have taken before, that is positive, most anesthetics that worked this fast are gassed in

    43. These questions were easily answered, but the next sent confused emotions of duty and guilt coursing through their veins

    44. ” My voice wasn’t buzzing quite so much now, and the electrical current that had seemed to be coursing through my body for the past few minutes was sputtering slightly

    45. He ambled toward the waterline without taking his eyes off Philip, a sense of overwhelming jubilance coursing through his veins

    46. James sat staring into space, trembling violently – the tears coursing down his cheeks

    47. He wiped at the tears, which were silently coursing down his face

    48. Sancha was standing near him, hysterical tears coursing down her cheeks

    49. Life was coursing sluggishly back into his veins, but still he could not lift his mighty frame from the dais

    50. The man nodded for me to move forwards and I took five steps, crossing the white painted line on the floor with the fear and dread coursing through my body in a sickening rush

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