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Attendant in a sentence

He said to his attendant:.
But it was not an attendant.
I was a lowly room attendant.
The attendant was waiting for me.
An attendant came in with punch.
Who will be the attendant?
I wish I could be your attendant.

He made the attendant send for me.
The attendant shook her head slowly.
He called the attendant who was in.
The attendant will show you the way.
An attendant opened the door for her.
Because that she as her attendant hath.
I have located a suitable attendant.
He rang the bell to summon an attendant.
One ol the attendant nuns turned to him.
Martha the Attendant at the Bus Station.
Krishnan went in search of the attendant.
Head attendant at the Hotel Cosmopolitan.
He also shot the chained flight attendant.
Even his daycare attendant couldn’t help.
Luckily, there was an attendant on the other.
Merry Christmas, the attendant had said.
The attendant looked at me thoughtfully a while.
At the end, the attendant, trying not to show.
The hearse and attendant vehicles parked there.
He closed the book, then gave it to an attendant.
But like the flight attendant, she was off-limits.
At the door a female attendant stood smiling and.
Personal attendant on Zvezdíntsef, aged about 60.
The museum attendant followed us everywhere we went.
The attendant added, He seems very importunate, sir.
Sir, do you want some tea? The attendant asked.
The attendant had put the coffee on a table near her.
Mine was salad bar attendant in a Toronto restaurant.
With the bowl and its attendant pipe in place on the.
The flight attendant had said he never broke a promise.
There was a knock on the door, and an attendant entered.
He was an attendant at the court and he loved the forest.
His attitude to me was the same as that to the attendant.

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