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    1. As they drifted to a stop in an indoor quay, he was interrupted by arguing with the docking attendant about who was going to park the boat

    2. They were at a table in the Balconies by the time he got over the dock attendant

    3. The SNACK BAR ATTENDANT -- a middle-aged man from the Subcontinent in a stained white uniform -- languidly shoves a plate toward one customer, takes a drag off his cigarette, points slowly to another student in the gaggle of customers crushing around the counter waiting to be served

    4. She’d dragged a detailed version of my adventures in Italy out of me when I’d been too relaxed to resist and has no illusions about the very real dangers attendant on this quest of mine

    5. On one of the side walls was set a cabineted sink-basin with attendant knob and faucet, which Mandy immediately went to test

    6. He fiddled nervously with the watch and fob with its attendant key in his vest pocket while he waited on the platform with the few other travelers

    7. The documents concerning meetings with salesmen and such were arranged by schedule, so that as one conference was ended, the attendant paperwork might simply be moved to the bottom of the stack or removed to a separate case, leaving the next meeting's documents on top and ready for reference

    8. Spelman was approached by the room's attendant and told that his daughter was without and wished urgently to speak with him

    9. Spelman mostly stayed in her cabins the first couple days, unaccustomed to sea travel and suffering the maladies attendant upon the traumatic difference between land and rolling swells

    10. The gardens were made ready for the ceremony with all the attendant accessories purchased or rented for the occasion

    11. “You will, of course be presented with all accolades attendant upon a Malvern graduate, and special note made of your own achievement of Double First Honors with Distinction for those subjects which you have already completed entirely

    12. As she tallied the slips and listed the preferences, she noted with amusement that Hipolyta and Titania had each listed several plays and set themselves to all the roles attendant to them

    13. He shared an old one-bedroom sparsely decorated mould encrusted apartment with Sue, a 31-year old flight attendant

    14. “If the passengers have little oxygen they will offer no resistance so I will need a senior flight attendant to run the operation and another to help

    15. fairly calm when the attendant at the check-in the

    16. He was charmed and amazed by the wonder of everything he saw, and mostly by the gorgeous palace, through which he was taken, by attendant fishes, to the sick chamber of the king, where he found a great council of learned doctors, who welcomed him very warmly

    17. He was filled with horror, and, questioning an attendant, the whole plot was explained to him

    18. He told the attendant:

    19. N: The attendant explained this to the council of fishes and they listened

    20. He said his name was Prochus and that he’d been Peiton’s bath attendant for six years

    21. At the gardens he left his horse with the attendant at the gate and entered, marvelling again at the sheer beauty of the place and the ingenious way in which the hanging masterpiece had been engineered

    22. To dream that you are a parking attendant indicates that you are lacking your own direction in life

    23. ' Husim and his bridge crew were staring directly in front of their ship's bridge at the actual form of the Elf standing with her attendants in the opening of her loading bay that looked to them like a narrowly illumined dais---floating in front of their eyes without an attendant ship! And not thirty yards from where he stood on his own bridge!

    24. Contented with the information that I had attained during the twenty minute visit, I thanked the attendant and proceeded to leave the building

    25. He closed the book, then gave it to an attendant

    26. The attendant sat on a stool, writing notes on a clipboard

    27. The attendant will show you the way

    28. The cabin attendant headed for the intercom, pushing the button frantically

    29. A society in the throes of a Cultural War (or a War of Ideas), whose socially transmitted customs are under assault, is never quite apparent to the uninitiated, (unlike the attendant violence of civil wars, for example, whose apparent destruction of person and property, not to mention its deleterious effect on the economy, are much easier to assess), and whose consequential impact on that society‘s traditions (usually) take longer for an non-engaging or morally indifferent society to absorb

    30. The attendant gently removed the keys from Uncle Hobart's grubby hand and led him back to the metal detector which discordantly rejected him for the second time

    31. "Yer'll 'ave ter fergive 'im," he continued, doffing his cap at the attendant

    32. The attendant nodded understandingly then turned his cold, haughty, stare back to me

    33. The attendant took the sodden cloth square and gingerly placed it on top of the can when I had finished

    34. Loath as I was to see the end of my best handkerchief, which held special memories of a trip to Southend when I'd been a teenager, I nodded silently, watching the attendant as he glided silently away with the grace of someone who'd spent many hours training in contact sports

    35. But before I could elaborate on my story, the attendant had grabbed me in an arm-lock and was marching me out of the room onto the landing

    36. "And be thankful I haven't called the police!" the attendant barked after me as I landed in a painful heap on the pavement

    37. The attendant finally tore his gaze from the girlie magazine he was reading, noticed my predicament and rushed out to help, pushing down the window, releasing my head, for which I was grateful

    38. Then, after asking the attendant to keep an eye on his stuff, he headed off to find somewhere to stay

    39. We completed all the necessary paperwork and followed the attendant and Sharon to her room

    40. He gives the authorization to the flight attendant and then sneaks out of the hotel and boards the jet before it leaves for Washington

    41. The attendant at the rental agency stated that the car had over a hundred miles on it for that rental, and was dropped off at the company's outlet at the Baltimore airport

    42. � Steve and Linda looked at each other and after conferring for a moment, Linda turned to her brother Vinnie and asked him to call for the forensic attendant who was on call that morning

    43. Smith-Hughes before dinner had contacted his flight attendant on his jet to expect a passenger named Petersen for the return flight to Washington

    44. With the baseball cap and dark glasses, the flight attendant didn't recognize him and they left him alone in the rear of the plane on the flight back to Washington National that night,� Steve �elated very carefully and in a firm tone

    45. I told the gum-smacking girl attendant about the problem, but I had a feeling that they weren't going to fix it

    46. When she arrived at her office less than an hour later Susan prepared to hand it over to the car park attendant

    47. ‘Take my car, chum,’ said Susan to the buildings car park attendant, as she climbed out of her sports car

    48. The young man who was her attendant looked very young perhaps no more than 20

    49. He told the attendant behind the counter that he wished to place a transatlantic call, gave him the number, and was told to have a seat on one of the benches in the lobby

    50. Bruiser offered an apology to the drive thru attendant, “Don’t pay any attention to old boy about that “THEEZ NUTZ” business – he’s a nut job

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    Synonyms for "attendant"

    accompaniment attendant co-occurrence concomitant attendee attender meeter tender accompanying collateral consequent ensuant incidental resultant sequent present attending menial aid orderly nurse follower disciple footman outcome result consequence effect

    "attendant" definitions

    someone who waits on or tends to or attends to the needs of another

    a person who is present and participates in a meeting

    an event or situation that happens at the same time as or in connection with another

    being present (at a meeting or event, etc.)

    occurring with or following as a consequence