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Attention en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He pays her no attention.
  2. He had all my attention.
  3. Move my attention to the.
  4. So he was paying attention.
  5. The attention span of an.

  6. No one paid any attention.
  7. Pay Attention to These Two.
  8. Their attention was on Pam.
  9. She paid me no attention.
  10. He moved his attention to.
  11. And it wanted my attention.
  12. The noise took his attention.
  13. OK, you have my attention.
  14. He was paying attention too.
  15. She paid no attention to me.

  16. What you give attention to.
  17. Nobody paid attention to me.
  18. He got my attention for sure.
  19. Pay attention to the heart.
  20. She quickly came to attention.
  21. Cory paid no attention to Jax.
  22. Good, we got their attention.
  23. Now Chica had their attention.
  24. The soldier came to attention.
  25. No one paid attention to him.

  26. Again, he held their attention.
  27. No one paid any attention to.
  28. I looked at it with attention.
  29. You gave them scant attention.
  30. This Could Use Some Attention.
  31. Nobody paid her any attention.
  32. Pay attention to that intui-.
  33. Jesus surely got my attention.
  34. I had their full attention now.
  35. Parker had his total attention.
  36. Their attention turned now to.
  37. It needs attention and proper.
  38. No one was at attention but me.
  39. He shifted his attention to her.
  40. His attention is on the inner.
  41. But he did get their attention.
  42. And pay attention to the weight.
  43. His attention began to move in.
  44. He listened in focused attention.
  45. Sam turned his attention to Ruth.
  46. He turns his attention back to.
  47. This caught the DI’s attention.
  48. I became aware of her attention.
  49. This drew attention towards him.
  50. So you drew the cop's attention.
  51. Ma wasn’t paying any attention.
  52. Their race caught his attention.
  53. Sam turned her attention to Jack.
  54. Pay attention to the background.
  55. Pay attention to how you respond.
  56. Don’t hold firmly to attention.
  57. Pay attention to what I'm saying.
  58. Give the same attention to this.
  59. She had their undivided attention.
  60. I didn’t pay attention to them.
  61. The moon vies for some attention.
  62. This caught his dad’s attention.
  63. Pay as much attention to this as.
  64. That was to draw your attention.
  65. While coaching, pay attention to:.
  66. Hes in need of medical attention.
  67. Nobody paid any attention to them.
  68. Tony was paying attention to the.
  69. He hadn’t been paying attention.
  70. I said, "Yo" to get his attention.
  71. I should have paid more attention.
  72. Then he turned his attention away.
  73. You paid attention to her lecture.
  74. The bird sketch holds my attention.
  75. He drew her attention to the lids.
  76. We can then pay attention to what.
  77. The kid listened in rapt attention.
  78. Nate crashed to attention once more.
  79. The weary footman pays no attention.
  80. Who wants that kind of attention?
  81. The other Marines came to attention.
  82. Ares smiled, enjoying the attention.
  83. You Sir, I request your attention.
  84. Your health still needs attention.
  85. Don’t pay any attention to him.
  86. Halirit turned his attention to her.
  87. Why didn’t I pay more attention?
  88. Meditation is simply about attention.
  89. He had the attention of all the folk.
  90. Her attention came back to her hero.
  91. When your attention is off a thing.
  92. One woman focused Dan’s attention.
  93. I did not pay much attention to her.
  94. But they weren’t paying attention.
  95. The giant bookcase drew her attention.
  96. A movement below caught his attention.
  97. This got our attention immediately!.
  98. His body demanded her full attention.
  99. He turned his attention back to Aidme.
  100. This received both men’s attention.

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