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    1. You can try to attune to that feeling or energy as the focus of your meditation

    2. A prayer can be described as a focused effort of a person to attune to the higher consciousness of the Divine Source

    3. With a newly calm acceptance he let the headband attune itself to begin the immersion process

    4. If only they could develop a measuring tool fine enough to bring into our three-dimensional world some indication of this Presence, they might be able to extrapolate a source that they could attune their understanding toward

    5. had asked me to attune her too and thanked her for her

    6. Reiki/Seichim Master but that I can attune her with all the

    7. he asked if I could attune him and I did

    8. And to attune the old to the new world, he conceived a home for the aged

    9. I want you to go ahead and ask these questions of one another before you begin your development: Are you happy? What are you thankful for? What was a happy moment or situation that you both experienced together? What was a funny moment that you shared or experienced separately? These things, though they may not be answered with subjects of spirit or the creator, will attune your mind to the wonderful energy and love and joyous feelings that emanate and radiate unwaveringly on our plane

    10. These entities will begin to attune themselves to you and have begun to work on this process in subtle ways within your energy system

    11. with so we can attune our discussion to the actual points, rather than be confused by the noise of obscurantism

    12. “ This holy water will cleanse your heart and soul, thus allowing God to attune your will to his

    13. ‘This holy water will cleanse your heart and soul, thus allowing God to attune your will to his

    14. " This holy water will cleanse your heart and soul, thus allowing God to attune your will to his

    15. She heard the Captain murmur something else and the Ensign ramble into a long spiel that Fern could make no sense of, no matter how acutely she tried to attune her ears

    16. "How can I attune to the earth element? I browsed the Earth section of the Dreamer's Handbook, but there's nothing about attunement in there

    17. So, how do I attune to earth?"

    18. In what follows person tries to attune his organism by such way that communicate with external world with the help only one chakra – seventh, complex

    19. For a long time I used to attune myself so as to delight in those shapeless improvisations which form the subject-matter of the works of Beethoven's later period, but I had only to consider the question of art seriously, and to compare the impression I received from Beethoven's later works with those pleasant, clear, and strong musical impressions which are transmitted, for instance, by the melodies of Bach (his arias), Haydn, Mozart, Chopin, (when his melodies are not overloaded with complications and ornamentation), and of Beethoven himself in his earlier period, and, above all, with the impressions produced by folk-songs,—Italian, Norwegian, or Russian,—by the Hungarian tzardas, and other such simple, clear, and powerful music, and the obscure, almost unhealthy excitement from Beethoven's later pieces that I had artificially evoked in myself was immediately destroyed

    1. Then it is relatively quiet, and the mind can be more rapidly attuned to the higher states of consciousness

    2. Smiler rarely ventured down into the burrow world of rabbit Marwan, preferring to leave others more attuned to the rhythms of nature to tend the sick foreign heathen in the basement

    3. ‘No, but I am attuned to your moods

    4. ‘The ones in the sleeping rooms are attuned to the conscious state of the occupant

    5. Carl seemed more attuned to Wil through that connection, while Adem seemed more closely tied to Jean’s emotions

    6. Holding the sword, she was more attuned to the mind of Druantia through the kigare

    7. A dimensional shift greater than before, now the enemy was attuned to detect the previous quantum signature

    8. their senses are so much more finely attuned than ours, and also because their noses

    9. One must only be attuned with Mother Earth

    10. As some sort of invisible clock ticked away and everyone seemed to be attuned to the dispositions of its hands, I saw Steve had closed his eyes and was repeating the same thing, over and over:

    11. He felt he was attuned, his soul resonating with the earth below his feet, the sky above and the stone all around him

    12. By the end of the day, however, his ear had attuned so that he was scribbling the responses to his questions without difficulty

    13. For many eons of time he remained in the incubator of the natural world, slowly gathering the limited resources that were attuned to his ever-changing ability to manipulate

    14. She is attuned to the balance in all things

    15. Pigeons and swallows were trudging along stained rooftops lazily and even rats seemed attuned to the curfew, fleeing purposefully back into their shadowy nests wherever there were people left to harrow

    16. Their visual acuity is so poorly attuned to this Presence that they cannot even point out with any certainty a direction where it may be found

    17. ’ Their visual acuity is so poorly attuned to this ‘Presence’ that they cannot even point out with any certainty a direction where it may be found

    18. For many eons (ages) of time he remained in the incubator of the natural world, slowly gathering the limited resources that were attuned to his ever-changing ability to manipulate

    19. They will become as the late night television programs, only speaking to those who are inherently attuned to such information

    20. By the time Ganook came to visit the next spring, Carlotta and I were so attuned to each other, that we would anticipate what the other needed and finish each other’s sentences

    21. to education is attuned to the child’s

    22. They predict that the process will only continue to grow and become more powerful, will be well attuned to the Internet, and will be propelled by “the winds of economic and social discontent

    23. For some reason Elle could make sense of the meaning and was attuned to it

    24. people are more naturally attuned to it than others - but Hypnotherapy can help us to recognise and listen to our

    25. Attuned for the moment to the prevailing political tide, Babeuf found employment within the revolutionary

    26. attuned to taking safety precautions, and more

    27. As one continues in the habit of utilizing visualization in meditation they become more attuned to their inner

    28. attuned to dealing with that particular pain; the other was that if all I

    29. Only my unique state, combined with being highly attuned to him from eons of observing him before our fight, allows me to ascertain that much through the impressive Wards around Serminak

    30. And, at that, the portion of the war they had been allotted was mostly controlled tactically and strategically by unknown persons of dubious ability situated over the horizon in lofty offices more attuned to political than military realities

    31. “The times and the seasons spoke of it, and Johan has always been attuned to the needs of the land

    32. “And while they have thrived in their professional careers, they have not likely been attuned to the use of quantitative methods as will be demanded in the first years of the EMBA Program,”

    33. attuned the deep hum of the river around the station

    34. The belief is that the ancient Indian sages of the Himalayas knew that each soul recorded every moment of its existence in a ‘book,’ and that if one attuned oneself then one could read that book

    35. He was also acutely attuned to any clues that the audience’s attention span was drifting significantly

    36. There is something sacred at the bottom of the bottle of this medicine Taken in short bursts it causes side effects of migraine & sleeplessness Hold it in, choke it down, & please look around for anyone who’s sleeping here I don’t have any sympathy for those not attuned to the radio’s buzz This shit makes your heart stop

    37. delusions so that individuals can be attuned to reality,

    38. I have been blessed to have been attuned as a Master to

    39. As he already had a liking for Uncle Fred, in a sense, he was already electromagnetically attuned to him

    40. They struck with a horrible rhythm, and perforce her swaying, writhing, spinning body attuned itself to their rhythm

    41. sensitive and carefully attuned to the needs of their fathers and, as a result, of men and children in general

    42. He and Skeets were like brothers and so attuned that ones attitude mirrored the other‘s

    43. She was earth attuned, which meant the frailty of wood when faced with fire

    44. There are many who will give correct information but it is important to have thorough knowledge of the deck of choice and ensure that this deck is attuned to your vibration

    45. highly attuned senses, are proficient hunters, devoted to their

    46. They are fully aware and attuned to the surroundings

    47. -The bird should be active, energetic and attuned to its

    48. that Emacs users might be more attuned to the Stallman

    49. While not exactly attuned to the "sociopolitical" side of the Stallman agenda, Torvalds nevertheless appreciated the

    50. Although the South African public is more attuned to the

    1. The gas most likely attunes us to it, although it could be something else

    1. Directing energy to them will allow and aid and assist in opening them, attuning them, and filling them with energy so that the entire energy system shall be operational and function at the highest capacity, with its greatest good and full potential being used

    2. Instead of attuning to the historical Jesus, we

    3. ‘Don’t worry,’ said Roopa as though attuning her mind to Raja Rao’s proclivities, ‘if you don’t show up in time, he would drag you all the way to the altar

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