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    1. She took a few minutes to compose herself, wiped the rain and tears away from her face

    2. Sammy paused to compose himself

    3. He walked to the front of the room, it was only a few feet but he needed a few seconds to compose himself

    4. While I wait for the washing to finish – both the clothes in the washing machine and the boys with the cars – I try to compose a shopping list

    5. She struggles to compose herself

    6. I shall compose an ode to your beautiful blue eyes, I think

    7. He wished to compose letters to his sisters and to his parents and White Feathers before sailing tomorrow afternoon on the tide

    8. ” He knew that was only stalling, but gave him a bit more time to compose his answer

    9. He put his glasses back on and adjusted his tie, trying to compose himself

    10. She was given a few moments to compose herself, before

    11. compose herself before continuing

    12. She did compose herself enough to come out and face him, but she was wary

    13. to compose her thoughts – her mind racing with the

    14. ’ Jean took a moment to compose his argument

    15. Josephine took another moment to compose

    16. As the price or exchangeable value of every particular commodity, taken separately, resolves itself into some one or other, or all of those three parts ; so that of all the commodities which compose the whole annual produce of the labour of every country, taken complexly, must resolve itself into the same three parts, and be parcelled out among different inhabitants of the country, either as the wages of their labour, the profits of their stock, or the rent of their land

    17. moment to compose himself, wiping his damp eyes and

    18. Of all the different substances, however, which compose this second sort of rude produce, cattle is, perhaps, that of which the price, in the progress of improvement, rises first to this height

    19. Though it is late, therefore, in the progress of improvement, before cattle can bring such a price as to render it profitable to cultivate land for the sake of feeding them; yet of all the different parts which compose this second sort of rude produce, they are perhaps the first which bring this price ; because, till they bring it, it seems impossible that improvement can be brought near even to that degree of perfection to which it has arrived in many parts of Europe

    20. Since this is the case, it has been observed, with regard to every particular commodity, taken separately, it must be so with regard to all the commodities which compose the whole annual produce of the land and labour of

    21. which compose the fixed capital, bear this further resemblance to that part of the circulating capital which consists in money; that as every saving in the expense of erecting and supporting those machines, which does not diminish the introductive powers of labour, is an improvement of the neat revenue of the society ; so every saving in the expense of collecting and supporting that part of the circulating capital which consists in money is an improvement of exactly the same kind

    22. compose long loving letters to each other

    23. the compose images never seen

    24. As the capital of an individual can be increased only by what he saves from his annual revenue or his annual gains, so the capital of a society, which is the same with that of all the individuals who compose it, can be increased only in the same manner

    25. Such are the people who compose a numerous and splendid court, a great ecclesiastical establishment, great fleets and armies, who in time of peace produce nothing, and in time of war acquire nothing which can compensate the expense of maintaining them, even while the war lasts

    26. He knew she played the harp, but had no idea that she could also compose music

    27. ” She cleared her throat and recited, “It's not a Naud verse; they don't actually compose verse themselves

    28. ’ Palman paused, cleared his throat as if to compose himself

    29. His own and the neighbouring countries supply him abundantly with all the costly trinkets which compose the splendid, but insignificant, pageantry of a court

    30. I walked down Nelson Street which was the next one along To General Gordon Street so I didn’t have much time to compose my thoughts

    31. Alexia could not think how to compose herself either

    32. Although I don‘t question the advantages of time; nevertheless, I can‘t help feeling that our ―personal‖ interactions have been compromised somehow; have become less intimate and perhaps less cordial operating in an environment where the ―letter‖ writer has become a quasi extension of the apparatus it utilizes to compose its ―letters‖; such mediums of thoughts and emotions flowing together, whose spontaneity no longer provides sufficient time to assimilate what‘s been written

    33. I took a few deep breaths to try and compose myself as I held onto the sides on the basin looking down into it as if a solution would pop up through the plughole

    34. � She stopped to blow her nose and compose herself

    35. She was constantly going through the same phases: Sorrow and then anger; then a faint sliver of hope would dawn upon her and recollect her thoughts, compose herself somewhat

    36. He tried to compose himself, not allow any more of his fear to show itself

    37. She sat down to compose a letter that, if mailed in the morning while she was yet ‘alive’, wouldn’t expose them by its postmark

    38. Tukaram and fulfill his urge and compose for him, a hymn in the praise

    39. These compose the human society to build gigantic interconnected global network that it acts 24 hours in any region of the world, without the protectionist impediments of nationalist barriers and trash of tributary laws or of patrimonial possessions

    40. 01 Income of participation of the team that will elaborate Usuarist Projects and to obtain adhesion of individuals and corporations to compose the C oordenational 343

    41. to compose the Administrative Management and the substitute

    42. that obtain to form the teams for Area of Activity to compose

    43. Management, that is, with the other teams that compose the

    44. To understand how the innovative Coordenational Structure operates, imagine that this new structure is a piano, whose keys of the piano represent the Areas of Activities with its musical notes that represent the interaction of thousands of organizations to compose the score of an event or the music

    45. The pianist’s fingers symbolize the execution of the Usuarist Projects when they compose and they play the score

    46. Also, it liberates the companies of the dependence of financial loans to pay wages, to levy taxes, to compose working capital, to do investment and to pay its suppliers

    47. Simultaneously, this act validates its educational activity, also it validates the “Activity State” of that graduate person to compose its income FIXABLE

    48. He would read just one chapter to compose his mind

    49. She was trying to compose herself after the shock I assumed

    50. I paused for a moment to wipe away some tears and try to compose myself

    1. stay calm and composed in the mist of chaotic

    2. I have just finished the third book of the series “Sandra Anderson - Astral Fantasy”, which is composed of four stories

    3. They are the only things other than me and the androids that can actually move anything composed of atoms

    4. "Not what is composed only of electrons, like all the souls which remain on that ship

    5. Luray had also been told about electricity and might get something of an image of how they could be composed only of electrons

    6. tissues that, far from being homogeneous, are composed of a multitude of tissues, which

    7. The soldier then composed himself and waited for his escort to come and lead him out to his place of execution

    8. Katie is pale but composed; Abi is starting to cry

    9. composed of countless little energies that are doing

    10. them isolation are the nightmares composed by media: deserted island

    11. soldier then composed himself and waited for his escort to come

    12. There’s an account of the funeral a few pages on … unlike Bunty to be so descriptive … flowers, music … Philip looking haggard but composed

    13. Chrissie clenched a fist round the tissue in her pocket and composed her face into its usual amiable nothingness

    14. Kemberra gritted his teeth and his muscles tensed for a fraction of a second before he composed his face into a very good approximation of a look of bewilderment and asked, “Who’s Teshi?”

    15. the person who composed it was trying to show how

    16. With his fingers he stepped to the keyboard and composed a message

    17. On the northeast Arabian peninsula (next door to Saudi Arabia), this is one of the smal est countries on earth, mostly composed of desert, although there is a natural deep harbour

    18. He closed his eyes and composed himself

    19. At a height of forty standard feet the winch began groaning under the pressure, the massive brentwood timbers that composed the frame bending as it inched its way upward

    20. Secondly, they have been misled by the slovenly manner in which some ancient statutes of assize had been sometimes transcribed by lazy copiers, and sometimes, perhaps, actually composed by the legislature

    21. The country gentlemen, who then composed a still greater proportion of the legislature than they do at present, had felt that the money price of corn was falling

    22. But masses are composed of individuals

    23. composed of slaves and free men, where the position of

    24. When we talk of any particular sum of money, we sometimes mean nothing but the metal pieces of which it is composed, and sometimes we include in our meaning some obscure reference to the goods which can be had in exchange for it, or to the power of purchasing which the possession of it conveys

    25. of the metal pieces of which it is composed, but to include in its signification some obscure reference to the goods which can be had in exchange for them, the wealth or revenue which it in this case denotes, is equal only to one of the two values which are thus intimated somewhat ambiguously by the same word, and to the latter more properly than to the former, to the money's worth more properly than to the money

    26. language, we know that it was composed from the

    27. considerate and composed during the whole episode

    28. After he composed himself, Howard explained that it

    29. I composed ten songs during those monsoons, all dealing with

    30. composed by rulers and ruled

    31. I cleaned my tear-streaked face, composed my expression as best I could, and went to him

    32. The whole capital of the country being augmented, the competition between the different capitals of which it was composed would naturally be augmented along with it

    33. Thinksandthings paused as he composed the message in

    34. These last were composed chiefly of the proprietors of lands, among whom the public territory was originally divided, and who found it convenient to build their houses in the neighbourhood of one another, and to surround them with a wall, for the sake of common defence

    35. Nerissa composed all this in the poet’s style, then the lair of Polyphemus and the music-loving brigands, too

    36. She resolved to set down all the verses she’d composed

    37. But he liked the poem that she’d composed those long years in the cave

    38. After a moment of silence he gave the signal to the musicians who stood on the four steps in front of the image and they started playing a sacred song that they had expressly composed for this event

    39. She seemed more composed and at ease

    40. ” Crissy and Helez put their heads together and composed a few moves for Helez’s ‘strip dance’

    41. The trade of the corn merchant is composed of four different branches, which, though they may sometimes be all carried on by the same person, are, in their own nature, four separate and distinct trades

    42. The last third of the book was composed of pure light, but a light with differing degrees of substance

    43. The councils, which, in the colony legislatures, correspond to the house of lords in Great Britain, are not composed of a hereditary nobility

    44. That administration is necessarily composed of a council of merchants, a profession no doubt extremely respectable, but which in no country in the world carries along with it that sort of authority which naturally overawes the people, and without force commands their willing obedience

    45. composed of negative and positive energies, electrons

    46. Everything is composed of energy

    47. will be composed by Mr

    48. Nations, on the contrary, which, like Holland and Hamburgh, are composed chiefly of merchants, artificers, and manufacturers, can grow rich only through parsimony and privation

    49. After the second Persian war, accordingly, the armies of Athens seem to have been generally composed of mercenary troops, consisting, indeed, partly of citizens, but partly, too, of foreigners; and all of them equally hired and paid at the expense of the state

    50. The disheartened and frequently defeated African militia joined it, and, at the battle of Zama, composed the greater part of the troops of Annibal

    1. Ricci composes himself, takes Ahmed firmly by the shoulders and looks him directly in the eyes

    2. Patrice nods as she composes herself

    3. around the world that composes our end result

    4. “That’s a hell of a pipe,” Ren composes herself

    5. If asked to relate directly to his emotions, the narcissist intellectualizes, rationalizes, speaks about himself in the third person and in a detached "scientific" tone or composes a narrative with a fictitious character in it, suspiciously autobiographical

    6. Who composes the human of such faultless composition?

    7. The higher the quality of Configuration of the focused-by-You Form (that is, the lower the coefficient of density of Energy-Plasma that composes it), the less dense Time Flows may be projected on it, and, therefore, the more “bits” of Information “the processor” and “the video card” of the “computer” you use are able to process for one moment; this will fill this moment with much more content than it would happen in lower-quality Formo-systems

    8. plan, then the structure of information that composes this master plan could in itself be the

    9. recur with, in a narrative of which that Practice professedly composes the

    10. I imagined, indeed, that you would have been cloyed and tired with uniformity of adventures and expressions, inseparable from a subject of this sort, whose bottom, or groundwork being, in the nature of things eternally one and the same, whatever variety of forms and modes the situations are susceptible of, there is no escaping a repetition of near the same images, the same figures, the same expressions, with this further inconvenience added to the disgust it creates, that the words Joys, Ardours, Transports, Extasies and the rest of those pathetic terms so congenial to, so received in the Practice of Pleasure, flatten and lose much of their due spirit and energy by the frequency they indispensably recur with, in a narrative of which that Practice professedly composes the whole basis

    11. Silence composes the nerves; and as an unbroken hush now reigned again through the whole house, I began to feel the return of slumber

    12. I wish to soothe him, yet can I counsel one so infinitely miserable, so destitute of every hope of consolation, to live? Oh, no! The only joy that he can now know will be when he composes his shattered spirit to peace and death

    13. Can the sun be angry with the infusoria if the latter composes verses to her from the drop of water, where there is a multitude of them if you look through the microscope? Even the club for promoting humanity to the larger animals in tip-top society in Petersburg, which rightly feels compassion for dogs and horses, despises the brief infusoria making no reference to it whatever, because it is not big enough

    14. All that seems so unimportant, and yet in these seemingly unimportant acts, in our aloofness from them, in our readiness to point out, according to our strength, the irrationality of what is obviously irrational,—in this does our great, invincible power consist, the power which composes that insuperable force which forms the real, actual, public opinion, which, moving itself, moves the whole of humanity

    15. From that time on Maupassant no longer does what he did in his first two novels,—he does not take for the foundation of his novels certain moral demands and on their basis describe the activity of his persons, but writes his novels as all artisan novelists write theirs, that is, he invents the most interesting and the most pathetic or most contemporary persons and situations, and from these composes his novel, adorning it with all those observations which he has happened to make and which fit into the canvas of the novel, without the slightest concern how the events described are related to the demands of morality

    16. And afterward he composes music of his own on this theory, in conjunction with another still more erroneous system of the union of all the arts

    17. But why is it necessary to know, on this occasion, whether the President did call for these powers or not? The inquiry composes no part of the resolution; it is neither expressly mentioned nor glanced at; and why this inquiry is raised, I confess I am utterly at a loss to know, unless it was to prove that the President of the United States had a knowledge of the instructions, and that they restricted Mr

    1. While composing text on my computer, I create a reality: the text itself

    2. One must realize that the various systems composing this world are copies of larger systems, one inside the other, culminating only with the ultimate one that is the Universe

    3. “You mentioned composing a long epic in the Cave of Loizos,” Homer said when she

    4. Dena was composing the communique and muttering as Jista was explaining

    5. Hendersen is composing does not really

    6. Parmayan was composing himself

    7. She threw herself into the task of composing a letter that would say it all, including even the possibility of a mutually beneficial shared future, so much more concisely than attempting to stumble through it face-to-face

    8. After composing his thoughts, the General went on

    9. They even faked up some ancient texts with my name all over them,” said Hartle, composing his thoughts While the temptation to spill his guts all over the place was very high, this alien kid had no common terms of reference

    10. Composing a compelling letter of accusation was no longer necessary: that would be wonderful news for her, but it left him wondering who provided the police with their information of when and where to capture Mike red-handed – Caroline?

    11. At last only that part of her body composing her chin, nose and cheeks, as well as her forehead were out of the water

    12. Annie was composing cantatas on Christmas and Easter themes to librettos by Cecile, a gifted writer

    13. He did a double-take, his eyes popping open, before composing himself and coming over to greet me with a kiss on the cheek

    14. We were driven to Cape Town CBD; we stopped in front of a beautiful modern building, architectural art composing of glass and steel

    15. After composing himself, he continues with a serious face

    16. his throat, composing himself a bit before speaking

    17. or if he was composing it on the spot – but whatever it was, it

    18. Then he would return to his composing

    19. spent his travel time composing a new album based on the inspiring and profound

    20. Everyone stopped what they were doing, including the one composing a ballad

    21. I could have spent a lot longer composing this letter --- I could have included a better

    22. From very young she gave free rein to her imagination composing short stories for children

    23. Our basic building blocks for composing

    24. While composing the letters, Robert had conjured up a picture of the headmaster; recalling conversations, turns of phrase, the letter written to his parents, and harangues from the stage at assembly

    25. I think that the methods of composing headlines explained thus far, gives the

    26. You should imagine when composing your copy, that you are sitting in their

    27. Another way of composing a powerful P

    28. The matter which we have just described as composing His


    30. Composing himself, he thanked her for her concern for him

    31. out after some 20 years of composing and lacked the

    32. not composing in their native language

    33. of young poets composing in the traditional style

    34. keep on composing free verse poetry, why force conformity with

    35. Candice began the rudimentary stages of her writing, at the age of thirteen, composing essays

    36. It was similar to the four lines above except that he used woman instead of idea, Santa’s reindeer instead of technology and her instead of the last my, thus composing a Christmas blues number

    37. He did the voices on cartoons such as Hey Arnold! and Garfield, composing songs for those feline episodes

    38. Composing the limbs as decently as I could, and averting my eyes from the pathetic, innocent looking sex, I wrapped it- him in an old blanket

    39. emerges from the building blocks of neurons (nerve cells) composing the brain

    40. He finally got over it and grabbed the handset of this telephone, composing an internal number

    41. My understanding is that they are part of the 144,000 composing all

    42. Closing that line and then composing the satellite telephone number of Nancy Laplante, Moore then waited with growing dread as the connection was made and the phone started ringing at the other end

    43. Zach hissed a curse, ground his teeth and nearly slammed his phone into the table before composing himself again to continue the conversation

    44. "Captain Thane," Picard began, composing his words carefully

    45. “I shall come to that now,” said Bwonqa, composing himself

    46. into relevant productions - arched vanity composing late into the night excited rolling

    47. (b) In the second place, the mode of forming, composing, and electing these Houses of Laymen appears at present far from satisfactory

    48. ‘I was only trying to measure,’ said Roopa, composing herself readily, ‘my friend’s fortune in the making

    49. Composing himself, Charlie’s father continued with his story

    50. “What was more, Rathi was the neighbor’s neighbor,” he continued after composing himself

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