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    1. “Toulouse Auberge,” he

    2. diff erent matters,” replied Auberge

    3. Auberge had arrived at the Inn and was seated in his customary

    4. Branan came down the stairs, Auberge was no further ahead with

    5. Turning once to glance behind him, he noted that Auberge was

    6. don’t smell heavenly,” said Auberge, rubbing his hands

    7. much of a meal there,” said Auberge

    8. pistols at the ready, and Auberge positioned himself at the window

    9. Auberge tilted the hat to the back of his head

    10. ” Auberge appeared to have it all fi gured out,

    11. Auberge,” said Crispin, after they had found

    12. “Vocation?” asked Auberge through the froth of ale that coated

    13. Auberge slapped his palm on the table

    14. Auberge was quite pleased with himself

    15. Auberge rubbed his temple

    16. Auberge felt the vibration from the train now as they paused

    17. It was a damn nuisance having Auberge along in the fi rst place,

    18. Somewhere in England, Toulouse Auberge was waking up

    19. Perhaps the train had stopped while he was asleep, and Auberge had

    20. Auberge to emerge from one of the train cars

    21. Well, you know the Auberge, it used to be

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    auberge hostel hostelry inn lodge